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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Lemonade Lunch

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Lemonade Lunch

Kate Bosworth and beau Michael Polish wrap their arms around each other while leaving Lemonade on Thursday (June 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress recently expanded her JewelMint brand with a new collection called Boutique featuring bags and belts.

“[My stylist Cher Coulter] and I design every piece – from design concept to first samples to production,” Kate recently told Fashionista.

“I’m a big fan of our current envelope metal clutch,” she added. “I love being able to change out the multiple straps to compliment different looks.”

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth leaving Lemonade with Michael Polish

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kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 01
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 02
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 03
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 04
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 05
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 06
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 07
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 08
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 09
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 10
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 11
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 12
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 13
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 14
kate bosworth michael polish lemonade lunch 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • How original

    They’re hanging on again for dear life. Must mean they called the paps again. No normal couples look this desperate.

  • Eresyn


  • WTMF

    Is this her new job? Being papped? At least it’s something she’s finally good at.

  • kan223

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  • sinca

    Is this all they do? Go to restaurants and hang all over each other? How do they make money directing and acting in small movies no one cares about?

  • Fashionista

    I love the envelope metal clutch! I also adore her dress – a perfect little summer dress.

  • Actually…

    The cut of that dress is horrible; I don’t see how it would be flattering on anyone. And I’d comment on her work, but.. what work? If her job is to be a walking hangar, could she at least do a better job picking out her clothes?

  • lori

    The story about Alexander Skarsgard and Anne V has got to be killing her! LOL

  • yep

    perfect summer dress!

  • rachel

    Nice outfit.

  • creep alert

    eewww he is soo creepy looking…he looks like a peeping tom

  • chelle

    Please pass me 2 freshly sharpened #2 pencils…. SO I CAN GOUGE OUT MY FREAKING EYEBALLS!!!!! Jeez this twit needs to get a clue! She is trashy and skanky with obvious taste for sh*t when it comes to fashion and design.

  • Mari

    Oh, it’s Kate B….AGAIN! What a surprise.

  • Macy

    Again hey? All they ever do is go for lunch and shop. Get a job!

  • DailyNightly

    “I’m a big fan of our current envelope metal clutch,” she added. “I like to imagine that someone is actually sending me a fan letter and I can actually wear it for the world to see”.

    Note to Molish: Stop shaving the beard off. It doesn’t do you any favors.

  • rada

    ugh, these two.

  • Lilla

    Again? Really? If she did something productive with all of her free time, like, oh I don’t know… charity work or getting a job, I could see her getting all of these posts. But going to lunch/dinner, again? No.

  • Jeannie

    I wonder what his ex wife thinks about the media circus his life has become.

  • mforman

    These two are truly a joke. All they do daily is go to lunch, cling to each other and call the paps on themselves.
    Wow what brillant careers the two of them have.
    I love how she keeps pushing that she designs pcs for JM, she doesn’t, everyone knows she doesn’t, so she really should saying it.

  • Tulip

    @Jeannie: His ex wife is a make up artist and understands the world of celebrity. If the paps didn’t know where Kate lives, they wouldn’t be able to find her so easily. Unfortunately, she lives in a canyon in the Hollywood Hills where several celebrities reside and the paps wait toward the bottom of the canyon for any one of them to drive by. The celebs are then followed all day. My friend lives in the same canyon and sees exactly where the paparazzi park and wait. I know some of you want to think the paps are called but that’s not true. It’s a real invasion of their privacy.

  • Jamie

    @Tulip: *cough* Naive*cough*

  • Blackcat9

    @Tulip: Give me a break! Kate is coming out with a line of handbags and BELTS called “Boutique” and two days in a row we see Kate wearing BELTS! Yeah! She’s calling the Paps!

  • Actually…

    @Tulip: I just had to laugh at the idea that someone could make a day’s worth of wages by selling pictures of Kate Bosworth.

  • Lois

    They cling to each other like flies on sh!t.

  • Lois
  • Jeannie

    @Tulip: I grew up in Beverly Hills & have family & friends in the entertainment business, I know how these things work., You’re right, the paps do sit outside & wait for celebs to come out of their houses & follow them everywhere. I agree that it’s an invasion of privacy. i know that you are a fan & I absolutely respect that, but no one, other than some fashion blogs, really care about her anymore to warrant multiple posts of her doing nothing. It’s not a secret that her team calls the paps. For the sake of argument let’s say she’s not calling them, you can avoid the paps if you really wanted to, like not going to Lemonade, which is a pap spot.

  • Peapo

    He needs to stop with the pomade in his hair. I saw a picture of him woth his hair normal and kind of wavy and it was a BIG improvement. No hot stud but at least he looked okay. She on the other hand is becoming a stick figure with bad clothes drawn on. A coat hanger for ugly dresses, jewelry and those same brown booties. Which SURPRISE she’s not wearing today. She must be branching out,getting experimental. I can’t even remember one movie she was in. Somebody help me.

  • Peapo

    Wow, her And her stylist decide what she is going to wear. That means TWO people are responsible for how badly she dresses. Just INCREDIBLE!

  • Whycantipost


    Hhaahhahahaahahahaha, she will only be getting hatemail xD

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: In some cases she doesn’t have to call the paps-when you hang out at places like Lemonade and Joan’s they paps are usually there waiting for you (Even if they might not know who she is). It’s not like they’re going to hang out at their house waiting for her, she’s a D list actress and a low-level ‘fashion icon’ These pics are probably very cheap.
    She’s making sure she gets papped so she can promote her JM stuff. It’s her job now. And if she has to call the paps, then she will.

    She’d been papped a couple of times last week, but JJ never posted them, with two posts in two days, JJ’s check must have cleared.

    The dress is better in length, at least it covers her knees. Alas, she’s uncovered her chest area, which also isn’t attractive.

    @DailyNightly, I actually prefer MP without the beard, he looks years younger. He needs to stop with the Brylcreem, though.

  • Uhm

    Wasn’t there a bit of a fumble in the claims that she and Cher do all the designs for the jewelry when a design student posted somewhere (facebook, twitter, her blog, wherever) about how her stuff was being used for Jewelmint? And why do they walk like this? Almost every shot we see of them is with their arms all over each other, walking in the most uncomfortable positions. Who does that?

  • ladybug

    @Uhm: There was a claim by a woman that she did most of the actual designing.

    “[My stylist Cher Coulter] and I design every piece – from design concept to first samples to production,” She’s also used the term ‘curate’, also used by the founders of the Mint family. Is curating really the same as designing, isn’t it more of an overseeing type deal?

    As for the poses, a couple of posts ago Actually… posted this youtube clip of them from their last visit to NYC. Notice how normal they walk when they don’t know they’re being papped:

  • thighmegatampon

    I saw her jewel mint stuff sold on gilt one time and thought it looked pretty cheap and crappy.

  • donnadew

    She looks dirty and hung over again. And he has to stop with the bear grease in his hair. It makes him look like a race track tout.

  • Macy

    What I noticed is absolutely nobody is bothering to even look at them,like they do when other celebs walk down the street and get stopped for photos, etc. It’s obvious that people either don’t know who they are, or don’t care.

  • mforman

    You know what I just realized, whenever the creature used to mention Cher it was always, “my best friend and stylist”, now all of a sudden she just says “my stylist”, I have said it before and I will keep saying it, their personal relationship is gone the way of her relationship with Kat C, this famewhore doesn’t have friends because she doesn’t know how to be one. In her mind all that matters is herself, she is a self serving void of a person, who uses people for what she can get and when she can’t get anymore just moves on.
    I think Cher had it with her and her behavior after last years Coachella, things seemed to change then.
    Also, the creature designs nothing, Cher at least on the JM website shows us her journal with the drawings of what the pc looked like when she drew it and then what the pc finally looked like. All KB does is put her name on the website and cover herself in the pcs. Also lets face it the JM commercials are the only work she can get anymore.
    The paps and gossip sites are not interested in her in the least. The ones that are she pays, such as JJ and PopSugar, even the Fashion Police have stopped mentioning her, the last time they did was when she had the blue hair nightmare. The two famewhores either call and hope paps will show up or they go to places that are pap hangouts. I mean seriously do you really think a pap was just wandering the streets of NY and happened to end up as the same place as the two of them. A telephone call was made and money was paid.
    The way they cling to each other is just getting more and more disgusting, but if you notice they always make sure one of them is showing their “special rings”, but it is enough already, I have never seen any woman so desparate that she clings to a man like he is a lifeline, I don’t know if I should pity her, laugh at her or be scared for her because something is definitely wrong with her behavior and men.
    We have all seen it throughout the years, and now it is the worse ever.

  • AG

    Look at her hair, closely I mean?! She is seriously screwing with her body (lack of FOOD!) if she is balding like that in her late twenties & her face looks so OLD (second to last picture I think?) I’m 3 years older & I’d be terrified if I’d looked so unhealthy then! Before you call me a jealous fat ‘Skarsgård fangurl’ know that that is so far off the mark it’s not funny…:-)

  • ladybug

    @AG: That’s what I’ve been noticing with her hair, when it’s not really styled for an event, you can see how unhealthy it looks. Whether it’s nutrition, or coloring, or both, she should just cut it off and start over.

  • Mandy

    I adore Kate. She’s beautiful, talented, and down to earth.

  • mforman

    You guys are so right her hair is just getting worse and worse as is the fact her hairline keeps moving back and back. I have colored my hair for years so I do not think it is that, I think that the fact this creature has never lived a healthy lifestyle is destroying her hair and it is only getting worse. Also her hands are horrible. You hardly see close ups of her hands and she never wears any type of nail polish on her fingers because she doesn’t want to draw attention to them. When her and the hobbit are showing off their “love rings”, she makes sure you see the ring, but it is not a close up photo.
    Her body is taking nutrition from whatever source it can, each time she is shown doing the only thing she does lately like going to lunch or running errands she looks at least 10 to 15 years older than she is. KB can get all the botox, face peels, lip injections, etc., it isn’t going to help, her body is starving, I really think this is the worst she has looked since the time she lost all that weight when OB dumped her. I think her body has had enough, but what is scary is she thinks there is nothing wrong and that she looks great, because in her mind she is perfect and the only people that are close to her are on her payroll, so they wont say anything.
    Of course when she is made up for the red carpet events she buys tickets to get invited too, they try and do the best they can; they add hair extensions to her hair and they put on alot of makeup, but even that is starting to fail, especially when they pull her hair into that bun.
    The scary part is, she loves the fact we are writing about it, because we all know she reads these posts and to her if she is talked about that is awesome.
    Seriously, why do you think she has no friends or people close to her, unless they are on her payroll, after all how much can you expect people to put up with, especially if you are the only one in a suppossed friendship that tries.
    I know I have said it before and I will always repeat it because I cannot believe she actually said it, “I wont let anyone or anything stand in my way”, she really is just a self serving void, who cares only for herself and for what she can get out of people.
    Her reputation in HW is garbage, she is box office poison and nobody wants to work with her; the only work she has lined up are her JM commercials, that is until even they get tired of her nonesense.
    Next time they release a JM commercial, which should be soon, read the comments about it on the JM facebook page, they aren’t positive. JM customers want to see the jewelry, not KB dancing around the desert or trying and failing to act in a BW nightmare.
    I know it would be great if she would just go away from these sites, but in some way, I enjoy laughing at her and her nonesense, it really does bring a smile to my face, to see what a joke she is.
    Yes, I am an AS fan a really big one, but I have disliked her since Blue Crush, and I am not fat or crazy, I just see people for what they truly are and she is a disgusting creature who loves herself a little too much.

  • Tulip

    @ladybug: I didn’t say paps hang out at her house. I said they hang out on a side street at the bottom of the canyon. Several celebs live in the canyon and the paps wait for them to drive by. Residents have to drive down that road to get into Hollywood. The other side of the canyon is the San Fernando Valley. Do you think when the paps get pictures of Orlando Bloom mountain biking in some remote area he’s called them? No. He also lives in one of the canyons in Hollywood and the paps do the same thing there.

  • Whycantipost

    And as soon as she really loses her hair she is gonna complain about it online/tv etc, giving her once again attention.. Oh beeh

  • Eresyn

    Her awful hair is the proof of malnourishment. The only way to revert that is to eat healthy, or in her case, just eat. i’m afraid that she’ll end up bald. I hope she can see this before it’s too late. And yes, i’ve said this before and others have said it as well: she needs to cut her hair and start all over again!

  • chelle

    @mforman: In all fairness, I color my hair as well but I bet neither of us go every other week to do so. I am a natural blonde and only do highlights…..every 4 or 6 months!

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: You didn’t say that they did, but you implied it-or more precisely you implied that a lot of pap shots occur because of where she lives. But most of her pap shots aren’t near her house, they’re when she’s out and about. She doesn’t have to call the paps when she’s at places like Joan’s or Lemonade, because they paps hang out there. But when she’s walking to a business meeting?

    “The first thing Kate gets accused of (constantly!) is of being a famewhore, i.e. someone who seeks fame for the sake of it, having no good reason to be getting papped all over the place since, until very recently, she had absolutely zero going on in the career department. So the rumors fly that she, or her PR team, calls the paparazzi to catch her running errands, or going to the movies, to keep her in the public eye. (If you think for a minute that celebs don’t do this, let me disabuse you of that notion: I have a friend who started out as a pap photog and when I proclaimed my disgust for the stalkerazzi, he gently informed me that 99% of the time the tips he got were from the star’s PR team.) ”

    Orlando Bloom? Well he could call them. But OTOH, even though he’s not had a successful movie in years he’s still famous, both for previous movie roles and being Mr. Miranda Kerr. So he’s still more than a little higher on the Fame Scale than his ex.

    A lot higher, actual. She’s got to promote her fashion stuff, so when she’s not actually at fashion events (where she doesn’t seem to wear a lot of JM) she’s got to drum up attention. It’s not her film career that’s going to do that, since she’s got nothing going on, so call the paps-JJ and Pop Sugar will post of her pap shots, even if no one else will. It’s a living!

    @chelle, simply coloring her hair shouldn’t damage it, should it? I’m under the impression that bleaching does much more harm than coloring it. I could blame high humidity-since that plays havoc with hair-but it doesn’t matter if she’s in LA or NYC, her hair doesn’t look healthy.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: She definately bleaches..since isn’t she a brunette or at least very dark blonde? so that is one strike. And no one on this planet that is sane can tell me she is healthy. She seriously looks like if you blew on her her bones would shatter. (just look at that disgusting example of what she calls her chest) I’ve seen starving abused animals look healthier than she does. So the malnutrition is a second strike. I also think she may be one of us poor people that have naturlly thin fine hair ( I do and I hate it) so the punishment she puts on her head and body makes me wonder why does she actually have any hair left at all? She looks like some of the junkies that come through the ER, and I’m not saying that out of spite or to be mean. The meth heads and the crackho*es look like her….emaciated and disproportionate. (bobblehead)

  • ladybug

    @chelle: “naturlly thin fine hair” Just like she’s ‘naturally slender”? :)
    I think she does have naturally thin hair, but like her being naturally slender, it still shouldn’t look this unhealthy.

  • Lois
  • ladybug

    @Lois: Looking at her pics from before 2006 is sad-she actually was a cute and healthy looking young woman.

  • mforman

    @chelle (#44)—I see your point about the hair thing, but let me tell you I have put my hair through hell and back, between bleaching it and straightening it, and let me tell you my hair looks very healthy and my hair line is just were it should be. Each time we see photos of her hair it looks more and more damaged, thinner and receding. It must just fall out in handfuls. I just do not know why one of her many hair stylists don’t suggest cutting it and maybe some treatments, I wonder if even they realize at this point it is a lost cause.
    The creature truly has to be the most unhealthy looking person in HW and like I have said before, in her eyes she is the hottest thing around; you can tell by the way she just talks about herself and walks around with that disgusting smug look on her face.
    @Tulip (#41)—-You did imply that about the paps, but seriously even you have to realize something is weird when the two famewhores are in NYC just walking around and just happen to be on the same street as the two zlisters, I mean come on now, someone called them and told them exactly where to be. Of course in HW, there are known pap hangouts, but those do no include her meetings, going to run errands and the outside of a day spa. KB makes these calls and hopes a pap will show up and then acts all surprised, her act is getting so old and tired.
    The PDA has just gotten completley out of hand and it is so obvious they are both doing it for no other reason then to make us all sick to our stomachs and get us to talk about it on these posts, which we do. I mean why do they both walk around making sure one of their fingers are showing with those ridiculous rings and clinging to each other like they are drowning, it is just crazy and not attractive.
    I honestly cannot wait to see what they are going to pull come August, the “one year anniversary”, even though we know that relationship began a long time before August. One can only hope that she did change her sheets, but honestly with her we all know she probably never bothered, she probably just turned over her pillow or switched sides of the bed.