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Miranda Kerr Reveals Skin Care Routine

Miranda Kerr Reveals Skin Care Routine

Miranda Kerr rocks a pair of red and black pumps while heading to her car on Thursday (June 28) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Aussie model has been busy updating her Kora Organics blog with skin care tips.

“I also exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week, I mask 2 to 3 times a week and recommend you leave the mask on each time you use it for as long as possible (I sleep in mine!!) and I use the Recovery Eye Gel Cream morning and night before applying my moisturiser,” Miranda wrote.

“We are committed to your results and love to hear from you so please share your stories, successes and challenges with us,” she added at the end, before signing off with “much love.”

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  • yawn

    I wish there was a way to block this woman so that when I visit jj, I won’t see her posts…

  • Chiara

    Is that even her? Since when does he have blonde hair?

  • lol

    @Chiara: Oh it’s nothing, just trying to look good for her paparazzi friends. She probably dyed her hair yesterday

  • mlllllllllllle

    Tomorrow, Miranda will talk about her teenage diarheea, and how to fix it.

  • scarlett

    This is like the third post in as many day with this woman talking about her skin. Seriously. can we make it stop please? So patronizing and she’s clearly just trying to sell her products. Boring.

  • Sharon

    Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have the MOST ADORABLE BABY BOY on the planet. He is just precious.

  • donnadew

    She sleeps in her skin mask? No wonder Flynn doesn’t have a sibling.

  • hope

    Ugh again…..? Looks like JJ’s check went through.

  • Gillian

    I’ve got nothing against Miranda, but why the hell does she have to be here everyday. It’s not like she’s that big of a deal…

  • Mary H.

    I thought sleeping in skin masks were bad for you….and is it really necessary? I’d be a bit scared to wake up to that first thing in the morning, to be honest.

  • flop

    Her and her flop skincare line. She earned 4 million in the past 12 months. More than 60% of the money is from her VS paycheck. Probably 10% is from other non vs related campaigns.I heard her products are expensive, yet still it’s not making her bank.

  • Lia

    There she is … AGAIN , I can’t anymore , why is she here ? Please post interesting news ! Not a pretentiious vs model !

  • maria

    she is like a doll ,very beautiful

  • three cheers for the shippers

    @Chiara: Her hubby always said he preferred blondes so perhaps she is trying to keep him.

  • three cheers for the shippers

    @Gillian: she thinks she is and pays the paps off so we get to see her insipid smiling face 24/7

  • Nico

    I eat Jimmy Johns and drink beer twice a week. I’m way hotter than her

  • flop

    lol oh Miranda.@Gillian: she thinks she’s famous

  • rhymes9

    She has way too much time on her hands to “mask and exfoliate 2 to three times a week”!!

  • YAY!

    Hey dumb@sses.
    Ever heard of the scroll bar???
    If you don’t want to see her, why did you click on the thread??

  • dawne

    Did she go to the Jennifer Aniston school of fameho’ing? Aniston it’s constant about diet, four hours of exercise a day, facial lasers, skin care and god knows what other shallow shite. Could we have threads on people who are making an artistic contribution of merit?

  • stop

    @dawne: Don’t insult Jennifer Aniston. At least she’s extremely famous. Kerr however is only famous in Australia. Oh and a few websites.

  • @18

    That’s like saying that she has too much time on her hands if she has time to brush her teeth.
    Her skincare regimen probably takes less than ten minutes.
    Maybe if you put ten minutes aside for skincare, you wouldn’t be so bitter about her glowing skin.

  • ha ha

    WTF, another miranda kerr skin care post?! JJ obviously is being a paid sponsor for this nonsense! This is like the 3rd one its so redundant she says the same damn thing!

  • Dieter

    I just totally creamed my jeans just by looking at her face !!!!!!!!!

  • her

    Her fans are not denying that she calls the paps? So all the rumors are true? This just made me dislike her

  • ;(

    Who CARES Miranda? Go home, and shut up!

  • @25

    No, it’s just that her fans haven’t got here yet. You see, her fans have actual, productive lives and don’t have time to stalk celebs across the internet 24/7 like you pathetic, lonely haters.
    That, and the idiotic notion that she calls the paps isn’t worth the time it takes to type a response.
    But since you asked so nicely (eyeroll)….
    A gorgeous, successful model married to a gorgeous, successful man doesn’t have to call the paps. As that delphidiot proved, the paps camp out at their apartment, waiting for them. If they were called, they wouldn’t have to do that. A hater admitted it. Why are the haters denying it now?
    Hypocritical losers.

  • Lana

    @@25: I’m not saying she calls anybody neither am I denying that she is gorgeous and so is her husband (who I have a huge crush on) but she’s not famous or interesting enough for her gorgeous little face to be subject of daily posts.

  • hmmm

    Don’t these people who are whining about Miranda’s multiple posts realize that they only have themselves to blame?
    Whining = posts = hits = advertizing money for this site = more threads. Simple math.
    So keep on complaining if you want to see even more of her.

  • tbh

    She has to be calling the paparazzi. Her husband isn’t that famous, he isn’t constantly followed by the paparazzi. No one currs about him now. Not since 5 years.
    And I don’t know anyone who knows Miranda. I don’t know but I wouldn’t call her famous..
    True, they’re both successful, but in no way are they that famous. Sine when did success=fame?
    For argument’s sake, lets say they’re both really famous, it still doesn’t make them the biggest celebs in the world. The biggest celebs in the world don’t get half as papped as Miranda.
    Why would everyone (except her fans) say she calls the paps? Are u implying everybody hates her? Even at tFS in her thread, people are saying it sure looks like she calls them. At Bellazon too, the issue was discussed.
    Even the BIGGEST FAMEWH*RE in the world, Kim Kardashian doesn’t get followed by the paparazzi at this rate. But at the rate Miranda is going, she’s more of a famewh*re than Kim these days.
    I don’t expect u guys to admit this. After all, u are her fans. But please don’t deny, the odds are against her. The world doesn’t revolve around her, so it not like everyone is against her, hating her. This is coming from someone who enjoys seeing her street style. I;m not a hater. Just a realist.

    Miranda truly is the epitome of Famewh*re.

  • sookie

    she so beautiful.. i wish i was look like her

  • preach

    @tbh: enough said. thanks. we live in the real #preach

  • @30

    Only haters use the term “famewh@re”, so your argument is invalid.
    But I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself.
    Please explain why MULTIPLE paps quite literally, camp out in front of their apartment if she is calling them?
    Come on, explain.
    And more celebs than Orlando and Miranda are papped regularly. It’s just that this site posts all of the pics that they can find, because haters like you will post ad nauseum. Posts make money.
    Are you haters really too stupid to understand that?

  • preach

    @@30: hi there, ever wonder they are camp outside her house because they have an appointment with her? SHE CALLS THEM, THEY COME AND WAIT FOR HER TO COME OUT. SIMPLE. NEW YORK IS FILLED WITH CELEBS, THEY ARE NOT THE MOST FAMOUS, AND CERTAINLY ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT

  • @34

    Wow, you’re an agry one, aren’t you.
    If they only had to wait a few minutes for their so called “appointment”, why would they have to set up chairs?
    And for that matter, why would there be more than one pap at a time?

  • someone

    show us your skin without any makeup, otherwise I won’t buy this BS plus, even i’m not an expert, i know exactly how unhealthy to sleep with a mask on your face

  • Wendy

    Stupid Peppe accusing Her. Whist is Her fault? That justjared did photos of Her And added something she said once? Paps do photos then jj adds something. HER FAULT IS WALKING DOWN THE STREET? You are Boeing

  • Wendy

    Stupid People accusing Her. Whist is Her fault? That justjared did photos of Her And added something she said once? Paps do photos then jj adds something. HER FAULT IS WALKING DOWN THE STREET? You are Boeing

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