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Stacy Keibler: Nintendo Wii U Preview!

Stacy Keibler: Nintendo Wii U Preview!

Stacy Keibler attends a preview of Wii U hosted by Nintendo on Wednesday (June 27) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress, wearing a Jay Godfrey dress, played Just Dance 4 with actor Corbin Bleu at the event, where guests also got to check out the new Wii U GamePad.

Stacy is back in the States after enjoying some time in Europe.

Earlier this month, she joined boyfriend George Clooney at his Italian villa in Lake Como, where the two enjoyed boat rides and dinner dates.

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler at the Wii U preview in NYC…

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stacy keibler nintendo wii u 01
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 02
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 03
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 04
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 05
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 06
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 07
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 08
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 09
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 10
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 11
stacy keibler nintendo wii u 12

Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Wire Image
Posted to: Corbin Bleu, Stacy Keibler

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  • Lola

    Why is this woman famous again?

  • ewww….. big giant freak!!!

    Ugly beast of a woman. Her legs are more bulky than Hulk Hogan’s.
    And her face is like a big bland potato with a massive pen*is vein thing happening in the middle of the football field forehead.
    No lips, broken-nosed.. tiny wrinkled eyes. Gross!
    Bald too. Thin sickly hair.
    No wonder no fashion or cosmetic house wants her.

  • Leo

    Actress?? She used to rub excrement on wrestling ring ropes for 10 years to entertain uneducated factory workers, McDorks burger flippers & gas station attendants.
    Her only routine in her repertoire was bending over and gyrating a fat Zepplein-sized rump on a rope.
    A face so bland & fugly that she only can emphasize her gigantism inflicted size.

  • davidarochelle

    she looks like Charlie Brown from the Peanuts.

  • Chinese Whispers

    Clooney’s never even slept with her.
    They keep separate rooms. What’s wrong with him?
    Gay or Impotent?
    She’s a classic beard: not beautiful, trashy past dependent on his limelight, fame-hungry ho, looks old-and-used-up.

  • Chinese Whispers

    The Italian tranny who was her predecessor, Ela Canolli or whatever was also very ugly and defective.
    Like, Clooney selects the runts of hookerdom refuse as his publicity escorts.

  • Baltimore Gutter trash!

    Man, her big chunky fat legs are like tree trunks.

  • notyourfriend

    She’s an actress bcuz her boyfriend is an actor? well then i’m pilot…

  • tiffany

    She looks amazing in green


  • ya gotta be kidding me

    Her knees are just so disgusting.
    And there’s slabs of loose fat on her upper inner thighs. Just too massive big to be a woman.
    Gross face!!!

  • davidarochelle

    @tiffany: I know right. I’ve been trying to advertise all the clothes she wears everwhere, but it’s proving a mega fail fail fail… Now I have to find her a slot on DWTS to get rid of her.
    Not even the fedoras are working. Oh, well, the next publicity escort I source for George will have to be more…. marketable.

  • tiffany

    @davidarochelle: I know, Kirstie. Maybe you should launch a laxative range through Organic Liaison for bulimics. I mean the slimming pills have been said to have a placebo effect.
    Get Stacy to promote Organic Liaison for you.
    Kelly Preston can’t keep lying that she lost her pregnancy fat using your pills when no one ever saw her preggo :-O

  • Barf!
    Very unattractive face and totally trashy.
    She can’t laugh convincingly at all. Looks FAKE. Phony hoo*ker!
    As fake as her George Hamilton tan.

  • Eric Holder

    lame lay… Too big. Takes up most of the bed and flattens you if she rides on top.

  • Joanna
  • Luigi Cabrini

    @Chinese Whispers: Oh, Elisabetta Canalis was totally a filthy ugly horse.
    Stacy may not be beautiful and too big, but Canalis was toxic defective w*h*o*r*e.
    She had a face like a man, sick thin hair, deformed lips like hemorrhoids trying to squeeze a massive turd out…..putana!!!
    George Clooney calls Canalis a Horse.
    He said the dirty crooked-legged prostitute who had an*al sex with all the NBA reject exports in Milanese nightclubs (and some sub-Saharan Africans too) tried to give him this maggot-cheese from her island as an aphrodisiac.
    She tried everything to get him to sleep with her.
    He did… but only after he took coke and was so drunk he thought she was Krista Allen.. or Angelina Jolie in a dream….. Woke up & freaked out when he saw the gelding beside him.
    Then he told her he’s bisexual and Waldo Sanchez is his true love. Just to get the fcuk away from the diseased Sardinian hoooker.

  • Luigi Cabrini


  • Kikicohen

    @Chinese Whispers: How do you know??

  • lost his charm

    because I find Stacy so unappealing and way too big for a woman. Like, a wrestler valet cheap bimbo, I just can’t take George Clooney seriously.
    All the causes he advocates puts me off.
    And I’m put off the brands Stacy promotes coz she’s …. tacky & not pretty.

  • Kikicohen

    Why in the world does Clooney pick these women out of ALL the smart, successful, beautiful women out there- celebrity and otherwise??? It really makes me question his intelligence. And for any men out there that are getting ready to answer “it’s all about sex”; I go back to my original question- he can still have sex with beautiful, intelligent, substantive women- Brad Pitt found one- IMO.

  • Chinese Whispers

    @Kikicohen: 3 souces:
    1. Stan & I go for runs together in Beverly Hills. He mentioned….
    2. Cindigirl – a chubby mature East Coast blonde who works for him, further confirmed when we did lunch. She has just been … massaging George’s ego and was drained from him…
    3. I saw GC & the Giant together in Cabo. Clooney’s condo is near mine.

  • Rose Tattoo

    @Kikicohen: exactly!! But Clooney doesn’t have sex with Keibler.
    He’s a very insecure man. To the point of paranoia.
    Very timid and it’s all a front.
    He wants the world to think he’s in a relationship. Hires ugly, defective and dispensable Z-lister bimbos and wastes his time….
    The ones he sees privately are beautiful women, but he lies to them that the public eye will be too intense for them and they need to be shielded. That way he plays them and keeps it discrete.
    In reality, he just hasn’t found real love.
    Or prefers misery…

  • Kikicohen

    @Chinese Whispers: Wow,wow,wow
    I can tell from all the pictures of them together that there is zero chemistry- SK seems almost scared of him and he doesn’t seem attracted to her. Thx for sharing.

  • Joanna
  • Kikicohen

    @Rose Tattoo: Oh my- ok, I just lost even more respect for him.I knew this SK deal wasn’t real- there’s NO chemistry and she looks actually scared of him in many of the pictures.
    Question though: do either his public “girlfriends” or his private “girlfriends” know about each other???

  • Chinese Whispers

    @Kikicohen: yeah, God bless, honey! It’s true, SK has zero chemistry with him Can’t act & it’s all so premeditated.
    EC was even worse. She was overdoing it; a cocaine-addict and very moody. George despised her immensely but didn’t want a time-bomb explosion of a drug addict.
    Maybe one day he can stop the the baloney portrayal of the Alpha-Male chauvinist womanizer the world has come to know… and meet a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman who COMPLETES HIM.

  • Jealous old ladies

    Oh please, heifers. If he’s not having sex with Stacy he must be gay or the other blind item about his injury is true. There is a blind item about clooney that says he is attracted to African American men. It said He hit on a security guard that is not gay and almost got beat up but his people paid the arrican american security guard off. The blind also says clooney likes s&m bondage. And there is another blind item that I think is him it say that he cannot have sex because of an injury he has on his back or something.

  • Jealous old ladies

    The blind item came frm Lainey gossip smut event. She revealed blinds and stuff.

  • Rose Tattoo

    @Kikicohen: the private ones are just lays… He booty calls them after midnight when he’s drunk in his usual insomniac mood… Drives over with a baseball hat pulled over his brows…Hits the skins… Tells the he’ll call… Then lies that “management “is NOT allowing him, blah blah..
    The idiots wait…

    The contract wh*o*r*es dare not ask. He dangles the contract like a carrot to a starving gelding and keeps telling them that if “they do as they’re told and the response is good, then the hoookers will get more mileage as the publicity girlfriend” and all the trimmings.
    But he hates them. Considers them defective hoookers who have a price. Hates them for agreeing to deceive the world.
    He always thinks in terms of money… & power.
    He’s a control freak. Even imposes weight loss so fashion designers can provide labels for monetary revenue.

  • Jealous old ladies

    @Rose Tattoo: clooney has a secret black boyfriend.

  • Looselipz

    Clooneys been in the closet too long….the bimbos are starting to all look alike.

  • ali

    average looking . very tall though .

  • yep


  • Poppy

    I don’t know what is worse: the chipmunk cheekbone implants, the enormous forehead, the way her thighs hang inappropriately out of that dress, the utterly fake veneer smile or the the overly vapid fame hungry look in her eyes.

  • Poppy

    Upon further reflection, the worst probably is the overly vapid fame hungry look in her eyes. I feel like she could vampire the soul of out anyone or would do literally anything if she thought it could get her more public exposure.


  • George’s Ghostwriter…

    Clooney doesn’t respect the famehos. It’s a Catch-22. He despises them for agreeing to this. And he selects the ugliest & most desperate options from the hoooker shortlist. Sick puppy.
    True he never sleeps with Keibler.
    Must suck for her having to live a lie, day in day out.
    Not being able to give a scoop to her wrestling trash-can girlfriends.
    To pretend you have a boyfriend…sigh….
    Oh, but George told her that it’s no different to acting on celluloid. That she’s taking on a role: the character of George Clooney’s “girlfriend” in the public eye. And they’ll be a good team.
    Then the deranged alcoholic wonders why he never won Best Actor Academy Award.
    Only Best Supporting for his efforts to gain weight in Syriana…
    Almost as good as Russell Crowe’s…. but not quite…

  • deuce

    very plain to ugly big butch woman. Veins all over her masculine legs. This is SO fake…

    @Poppy – I’d say it’s her cheap The Waltons TV show inbred looks that stand out the most. She’s just SO plain & bland.
    No wonder George looks so unhappy. Mismatch from helll.
    Men don’t like big tall women in bed. Too intimidating.

    Until he falls in love, he’ll be faking it trying to conceal misery.

  • Jo

    I heard they split last month but are still pretending to be a couple so Stacy can make more cash it’s the only way she get’s any work. Stacy won’t be going back to Lake Como. George didn’t want her to be in London with him so she shows up in New York to famewh*re herself out while people will still take shot’s of her thinking she is still George’s “girlfriend”. You are right they haven’t slept together for a very long time that is why the pregnancy rumor was so funny. Stacy is looking skinny and stupid these days.

  • Kikicohen

    @Rose Tattoo: Oh boy- this sounds absolutely pathetic – but I believe every word
    The guy seems so sad and disingenuous as well. SK is as vapid as they come- just an empty shell

  • DRP

    Look, It’s Kermit the Frog!

  • DRP
  • lara
  • Thalia

    @Jo: they’ve never slept together…period.
    Maybe he “tried” her out when she visited him at the Dorchester in London on July 28th last year. He’s a very promiscuous man and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t sample her before he green-lit the bogus relationship. He said at the time he wanted to wash “Sardinian mud off his boots.”
    Maybe he discovered that Stacy was such a lame lay and too big & bulging for his ego as he likes to dominate in bed. Wanted to sample a big blonde wrestler & was rendered limp-dic*ked thereafter.
    He may have… or maybe never did and gave her the excuse that this is just a PR arrangement where he’s “helping her out.”
    IMO, he did at least once and then told her they’re just “buddies,” he’s injured or …… Waldo.

  • observe his demise

    @DRP: KERMIT THE FROG on Big Bird’s Body.
    Maybe they can get her a part as Big Bird promoting Bagel Crisps at shopping malls.
    No one else is giving the ugly trashy butch freak any commercial work.

  • Gnome Exterminator

    @Thalia: they haven’t broken up. Jo who posted above reeks of Clooney PR strategy:
    *drops innuendo that he IS sleeping with Keibler.. or used to to make it sound legit.
    *then the supposition they broke up… only so we can see more photo-ops in a few weeks when the monstrosity of a giant will be back in Como.
    *and then again in Greece.
    The useless PR network do it all the time. The gnomes…
    Brain-dead and useless unimaginative parasites.

  • Thalia

    @Gnome Exterminator: yep, I see what you mean.
    Dumbest PR on the planet…”Oh the pregnancy rumors were so funny..”
    A: Yes, dumbass, coz 1. He’s got a vasectomy. 2. He doesn’t sleep with Stacy.
    “Stacy is looking so skinny & dumb these days…”
    A: She looks massive & menacing with awful legs like Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan. Will never look skinny because of her bone frame and her massive face which is hereditary. Dumb? Oh, yeah, before she looked like a nuclear scientist.
    Seriously, Clooney is the dumb one for having such a defective PR team. And the pusssy can’t see it.

  • Daisy Dukes

    I just saw this photo of her in NY yesterday looking like a trailer-park resident out of My Name Is Earl.
    Who are the desperate PR kidding??
    They try to promote the length of her legs. But they’re awful. So many were scoffing at the ridicule it wasn’t funny.
    Legs full of masculine muscles, defective knees, snake veins.
    Looks like she’s packing a di*ck in her shorts too.
    He he…

  • What a joke!

    @Daisy Dukes: oh, that is gross! Yuck!
    As if her big bald head wasn’t unattractive enough… The body is hideous.
    No red-blooded hetero-male would want to make love to a (wo)man built like a Cyborg Terminator Giant.
    Probably why Clooney left Italy so soon. You should have read the ridicule. They gave him a hard time about Elisabrutta for 2 years….
    Then he introduces another beast.
    He’ll lose the big gun contracts like Nespresso, Omega, the banks, cars, suits in no time.
    The man is associated with bad taste.

  • the REAL LMAO

    @Luigi Cabrini… “but only after he took coke and was so drunk he thought she was Krista Allen.. ”

    Oh I thought I recognized your crazy azzed shite!

    KRISTA ALLEN! I just KNEW it was YOU but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that the old “porn hooker” Emmanuel who Clooney WOULDN’T EVEN ADMIT TO DATING much less SLEEPING WITH was the one who was acting like a “nutter” posting shite about Clooney ALL OVER THE INTERNET!

    And I was RIGHT! ahahahahahahahahaha