Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Fragrance's New Face!

Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Fragrance's New Face!

Kristen Stewart has been tapped to be the new face of Balenciaga Paris‘ new women’s scent, Florabotanica!

“There is something natural about it. It’s very alive. I think that as a young person wearing it – considering that I’ve never worn a scent – it kind of puts you on this level of, like, ‘Whoa, check me out,’” the 22-year-old actress tells WWD.

“I’m very lucky that I like the fragrance, because I would have done anything with [Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière],” Kristen added about the perfume, which is due out in September. “And I’m a terrible liar.”

“Even though, yes, it’s an ad and we’re selling a fragrance – I don’t want to sound pretentious – but I want to be part of this art project,” Kristen shared. “I want to be around Nicolas when he gets excited about fabric. I want to see the look on his face when he sees me put on a dress.”

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135 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Fragrance's New Face!”

  1. 1
    BarberRussell Says:

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  2. 2
    stewed Says:

    her quotes are always weird

  3. 3
    melody Says:


  4. 4
    anyone? Says:

    What planet is K. Stewart from?

  5. 5
    Coco Says:

    Ok, Jared you wrote about this news few months ago. We already knew it.

  6. 6
    Lauren Says:

    I gotta laugh at Stewart. She’s turned into a massive famewhore who needs to be everywhere with everyone. Partying and event after event. She’s really full of herself right now. Can’t say it will be a bad thing for her and Rob to go their separate ways. Stewart just refuses to be honest with him.

  7. 7
    annie Says:

    wasn’t she the cool indie girl who doesn’t give a f-uck about clothes and such superficial and mainstream things? god such a hypocrite…

  8. 8
    Cho Says:

    If she is going to be the face of any brand I hope she will show some form of facial emotion..the blah look can only get you so far.

  9. 9
    Lauren Says:

    @stewed: She is weird. She really is a confused and unstable little girl. Her interviews show a very volatile girl uncapable of a sentence without cussing.

  10. 10
    LisaT Says:

    She is very pretty but she hardly ever smiles. She looks pretty miserable in most pictures taken of her. You know the sullen look is way over rated and will only get you so far.

  11. 11
    scarlett Says:

    Isn’t this old news? I can’t decide whats worse, her fronting for Balenciaga or Blake for Gucci. Balenciaga used to be such a great label.

  12. 12
    pan Says:

    here we go with all the negative comments. first of all, people change and people grow up. that is what’s so great about life. everything changes. i’m glad that she’s venturing off into the fashion world. good for her. i already saw the print ad for the fragrance and it looks really cool, very balenciaga!

  13. 13
    :/ Says:

    Um there is thing called A SMILE

  14. 14
    Wow. Says:

    she looks overjoyed…she should settle down a bit.

  15. 15
    J Says:

    EWWWWWW noway .. couldn’t you get like charlize theron…not her…Gross

  16. 16
    Lucie Says:

    Love Kristen!!! Balenciaga and Kristen are a great match! They are not boring and predictable!!! Kristen haters are boring… they say the same ridiculous things about Kristen over and over and over again! BORING!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17
    KIKI Says:

    I think she’s very Balenciaga. I’m pretty sure Nicholas Ghesquière knows what he’s doing! Love the ad for the fragrance! This is old news, but the AD PRINT is finally out and the look of the bottle. Balenciaga still continues to be an amazing label!

  18. 18
    sweetness Says:

    and she sounds rather dumb.They think they’ll gain sales by Twi teens who want to wear what Bella is wearing. Uh women with any fashion since will steer away from this perfume.

  19. 19
    mel Says:

    this fragrance will sell soo quickly and sell millions! i can’t wait! love Kristen and love Balenciaga! Perfect match!

  20. 20
    Sara Says:

    People say Kristen is an attention seeker?! People say Kristen is boring?! People say Kristen is miserable?! Do you know what really is ATTENTION SEEKING, BORING and MISERABLE?? People who say such things about a person…especially Kristen! Get a life losers!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    mel Says:

    @J: Charlize is alrady with Dior. DUH. Kristen is perfect for Balenciaga.

  22. 22
    Liz Says:

    LOL at Lauren!!!! Like you have a clue about her relationship with Rob!!! She wont be honest with him!!! Hilarious! You know nothing about it..but thanks for the laugh!

  23. 23
    Mary Says:

    Perfect match! Can not wait till the perfume comes out!!

  24. 24
    "Whoa, check me out" - Says:

    I don’t stink.
    She’d be better suited to promote a scent found at a 7-11.

  25. 25
    DD Says:

    @Lauren: because you’re part of their relationship right? You’re in the know? You’re soo close to them. LOL. stop making me laugh…seriously.

  26. 26
    Kel Says:

    It is very amusing how the same people come here to comment on every Kristen article..even though they claim not to like her….. and they say the exact same rude things about her all the time! Whats the point?!! It baffles me that people chose to do that with their time!!!

  27. 27
    po Says:

    Kristen Stewart is amazing. All the people who hate on her are secretly jealous and scared to admit it. See how all the haters jump at any second to comment on whatever post that involves Kristen? HILARIOUS!!! Balenciaga definitely picked the right person!!! I’m glad they picked her, this fragrance will sell like no other~! :)

  28. 28
    Lauren Says:

    I have a question for the Kristen brigade and it’s will she hold the same alleged power with the public when there is no more Robsten? And you can say that is why she is still with him. Cake and eat it too. Watch her closely and you can read her contradictions and hypocrisy.

  29. 29
    MZ Says:

    “People have decided how they are going to perceive her. No matter how many times she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling.”

  30. 30
    Jenna Says:

    I love her and wish her well with everything she does!!!! People who come on sites to spout nasty remarks are really losers!

  31. 31
    po Says:

    @MZ: spoken by none other than Mr. Pattinson himself.

  32. 32
    Molly Says:

    She is gorgeous and real! It seems people do not like her because she is not the cookie cutter hollywood puppet…which is crazy!!! That is why she should be praised!! I like her because she is different! So sick of the fake, sickly sweet posers of the World!! Far too many of them!

  33. 33
    kristaa Says:

    She’s the only one who get’s this much comments on JustJared. She has her own fans too aside from the Robsten lovers out there. She stands her own ground just like she’s always had. Kristen is a total babe. Hate on her or not, she’s too cool for all the haters.

  34. 34
    kristaa Says:

    @Molly: well said. Kristen is unique in her own way! Love her!

  35. 35
    Helena Says:

    Lol at Lauren again!! I can not stop laughing!!!!

  36. 36
    Lauren Says:

    @Liz: One day her skeletons will come tumbling out of the closet from overload! Do you really think she’s been faithful?! She is where the story is at! Paps can get her back!

  37. 37
    Sawa Says:

    Love the new Balenciaga fragrance ad! Kristen and Balenciaga go really well. Balenciaga is already a well known fashion label, it will now be even bigger because of her!

  38. 38
    Inarticulate Twit Says:

    She sounds brain damaged.
    {LIGHTBULB} !!!
    Let’s use her as a spokesperson.

  39. 39
    helllo Says:

    JustJared should put the picture of her ad on here! Looks really cool…love the whole look of it too! Very Balenciaga power house fashion label and very Nicholas!!!

  40. 40
    Maria Says:

    Kristen is awesome!!! Stupid haters are stupid haters!

  41. 41
    Lauren Says:

    @Kel: I’m going to make it a time to time thing just to give a little back to the Kristen brigade. I repeat, do you think Kristen has been faithful to Rob?! lol

  42. 42
    Nora Says: really is the same few people who come on these sites to say the most boring and miserable things about Kristen! They are what they themselves claim to hate! Funny that!

  43. 43
    poo Says:

    That’s the face of Imodium AD

  44. 44
    Lauren Says:

    @Molly: She is fake to Robert Pattinson. Do you think she has been faithful?!

  45. 45
    kel Says:

    Fine I’ll bite all knowing Lauren….Prove it…or shut it! Deal!

  46. 46
    helllo Says:

    @Lauren: who knows? what the heck kind of question is that? LOL! And why? do you know if she’s been faithful to Rob? Coz you guys are such bestfriends right? AHAHA

  47. 47
    Jen Says:

    Awh Nicolas loves Kristen!!! They are a great match for this campaign! Look at all the attention it has gathered already!

  48. 48
    Kim Says:

    @Lauren: You’re probably describing yourself? Oh Lauren, please…just give it up. Your words are not wanted around here and nor do we all care!!! :) MWAHH

  49. 49
    Lauren Says:

    @kristaa: We’ll see about that.

  50. 50
    Willa Says:

    I love how uncontrolled her answers are! She is completely honest and you know what she says is coming from her and not from someone telling her what to say…like most celebs!

  51. 51
    melo Says:

    LOVE KRISTEN!!!! She’s cool! LOVE Balenciaga as well! Love their outfits and I’m so glad Nicholas went back to the fashion archives for the dress he picked for Kristen to wear in the ad print!!!

  52. 52
    Katherine Says:

    Hey Kristen. Smile. Its called a SMILE. Why so deprssed all the time? Smile! Seriously the moody girl act is getting old, very old.

  53. 53
    Lauren Says:

    @kristaa: We’ll see about that. @kel: Garrett, Rupert, Nicholas…at least.

  54. 54
    kel Says:

    Is Lauren still here?? Who am I kidding..of course she is!!!!!! Well where else would she be? Still no proof I see!! Hardly surprising!

  55. 55
    pan Says:

    @melo: totally agree, love the whol look of the ad and the dress she’s wearing! Kristen Stewart was the right choice! Young, fresh, carefree and fierce and doesn’t care what other say about her!

  56. 56
    pan Says:

    @Katherine: just because gossip sites post pictures of Kristen not smiling, doesn’t mean she doesn’t smile. So tired of people saying she doesn’t. I mean, all you have to do is look at the other pictures that are posted of her. GEEZ

  57. 57
    Ellie Says:

    When will people learn….Kristen does not care at all about what haters have to say!!!! She is living her life with her hot boyfriend and doing things that she wants to do and she will continue to do that regardless of their hatred!! She rocks! Strong minded girl who will never back down!

  58. 58
    Geraldine Says:

    I just love her!!! Hatred is a waste of everybodys time!

  59. 59
    meg_ Says:

    here are some pics from the ad!! love it! And, i know haters are gonna ask why is she not smiling? well, it’s not the look their going for in some of the pictures. It would look wrong for her to smile in a Balenciaga perfurme ad!!! Kristen ROCKS!

  60. 60
    Lauren Says:

    @Ellie: She’s a cheater and it will all come out when they catch up to her. They owe her one and rather than her quote “freeze to death” she can go to hell!

  61. 61
    belle Says:

    @meg_: Thanks for posting the links to the pics! LOOK at those EYES!!! freakin’ gorgeous! Love the look of the ads! !!!! Kristen is pretty!!!

  62. 62
    kuddy Says:

    @meg_: awesome pics! She looks stunning as always.

  63. 63
    mz Says:


    Dear Lauren, I don’t understand when you think Kristen has time to cheat on Rob. Is it when they’re living together? Or kissing in France? Is it when they are visiting eachother on sets? Or on vacation visiting his family? Is it at weddings that they go to together? Or is it when they do month long press tours together? She only has 24 hours in a day and she spends most of them with Rob sooooo….

    You’re such bad energy. You know nothing about her and are spewing fake crap. Show evidence or drop it.

  64. 64
    Lauren Says:

    @mz: She spends the majorty of time without him and away from him. With those very people she is all too comfortable with. Where’s she staying while she’s in Paris?! lol She wants to keep the Robsten attention so she does just enough with her sweet talking when she is away she is not so good. Watch that one. That is where the story is at!

  65. 65
    Lauren Says:

    @Lauren: When the time comes……lol

  66. 66
    Gorggy Says:

    Kristen Stewart is the best! I love her and I love Balenciaga! Perfect fit! This post is about Kristen and her teaming up with Balenciaga. This is not a Kristen and Robert post, so please, let’s keep it that way.

  67. 67
    BB Says:

    I love Kristen and I love Balenciaga so I’m happy!!!!!!!!

  68. 68
    Lydia Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how nuts some people are!!!! Its quite worrying! Anyway Congrats to Kristen! This is a nice gig and I do not think they could have chosen a better fit for the brand!

  69. 69
    woot Says:

    Kristen Stewart is a fake pretentious fame seeking *****. We’re seeing her true colors now.

  70. 70
    Brooke Says:

    Can you honestly say looking at this picture that she looks excited about this fragrance? She has the exact same facial expression in just about every single picture of her. She also acts the same in every single movie. That’s why people say she’s boring. Change it up a little and at least less people will keep saying it.

  71. 71
    Jackie Says:

    well at least they know there will be no surprises when it comes to the photo shoots, she’ll just be in front of the camera pulling the same exact expression she always has on.

  72. 72
    Narinda Says:

    Boring people with the same boring comments! If people are going to slate kristen for being boring at least have the decency to do it in a non boring way! Hypocrites!!!

  73. 73
    Bee Says:

    There is no denying she’s a pretty girl and she looks great in photos but its the same photo every time.

  74. 74
    Bee Says:

    @Narinda: And what way is that?

  75. 75
    Narinda Says:

    @Bee You tell me!!! I never claimed I was not boring and I never said Kristen was boring so I have nothing to prove! I might suggest being a little creative with comments and not saying the same things over and over again…because that is the definition of boring! The very thing these people are trashing her for! Like I said…hypocrites!

  76. 76
    Millie Says:

    I agree Narinda! It is actually funny how these people can not see their own hypocrisy! They are the very thing they claim to hate! Lol!

  77. 77
    Fi Says:

    Nicolas is not smiling in that picture either!!!!! Funny how nobody mentioned that..its all Kristen obsession!

  78. 78
    Becca Says:

    Great brand. Great girl!

  79. 79
    Dave Franco Says:

    I’m sorry, but that pic makes me laugh. i am sure she’s misunderstood but SMILE more often. You’re a millionaire with no talent – that is impressive feat nowadays. The female Channing Tatum.

  80. 80
    @Dave Franco Says:

    Another person so obsessed with Kristen that you could not even see that Nicolas is not smiling either! Are you really so ignorant as to think money equals happiness? And since when can people dictate to others when and how often they should smile?! Something strange is going on in the World if people think that!!!!

  81. 81
    mz Says:

    @Lauren: yes because she has a job. she usually stays at the same hotels, that have more than one entrance and exit so she can get in and out. are you really trying to say she has a french lover? umm….okay

  82. 82
    Lisa Says:

    I am so sick of people trashing Kristen for no good reason at all! People seem to think it is cool to trash people on line and in life. Its not! I like her! I think she is different and refreshing and very pretty but I certainly would not come on to any article to trash talk someone! I think it is unhealthy and cruel.

  83. 83
    ummm Says:

    y does she looks so depressed in the pic

  84. 84
    leelee Says:

    She looks so happy

  85. 85
    lily Says:

    Kristen is awesome. love the whole team up with Balenciaga. BY THE WAY for the haters who say “she doesn’t smile, she doesn’t like the fragrance” most of the perfume ads don’t have people smiling in it. Charlize Theron for Dior doesn’t smile in her ads, Charlotte Gainsbourg doesn’t smile for her previous work as the face of Balenciaga, Dakota Fanning doesn’t smile for her ad for Marc Jacobs, Gucci doesn’t have people smiling in their fragrance ads, Selena Gomez for her new fragrance, Chanel doesn’t either!!! no one smiles!! but of course Kristen has to be blasted for not smiling. Get a break people. gosh. If people smiled for their fragrance ads, that would be freaky looking. So please…don’t even start.

  86. 86
    juicy Says:

    @lily: agreed!!!!!! COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! Some people just don’t know couture ads to K-Mart ads. LOL! You don’t smile for couture fashion labels when they have fragrance ads. That’s just rubbish!

  87. 87
    Lisa Says:

    These haters are all whine whine whine she’s so boring!! Blah Blah Blah shes so miserable!! Moan Moan Moan she’s so moany!

  88. 88
    Val Says:

    These haters are all whine whine whine… she’s so boring!! Complain complain complain…. shes so miserable!! Moan Moan Moan… she’s so moany!! Thats all they do! Whine, Complain and Moan!!!!! And they do it all the time!! Its pathetic! I feel so sorry for them if that is what they chose to do!

  89. 89
    Claire Says:

    Kristen and Balenciaga is a WIN!!!

  90. 90
    V Says:

    Love Kristen. Jared you know there is a new pick of out there with Kristen and Nicolas but again…you always put bad pics of Kristen up. You are an awful person.

  91. 91
    some girl Says:

    Actually, Kristen is not a fame ***** because she has an acting career besides just modeling. She is going to star in Cali which she is also an executive producer, will have On the Road out in September, Breaking Dawn 2 out in November, and filming Snow White and Huntsman 2 soon…in addition to her stint as a model and face of a highly innovative fashion brand. Advertising brands is part of the young starlet job now a days.

  92. 92
    kahn Says:

    KStew looks like she always has the cramps

  93. 93
    Max Says:

    Beautiful girl is beautiful!

  94. 94
    Aswald Says:

    She seems SO thrilled and enthusiastic in the writeup but the photo says otherwise, hahahahahhaa.

  95. 95
    Zia Says:

    Yeah what she said in the write up is really cute and enthusiastic!!! She seems excited about working with Nicolas and he certainly seems excited to be working with her! Great team! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  96. 96
    LOL Says:

    so the new fragrance is going to be called ‘sulking’???

  97. 97
    Congrats! Says:

    It was a tough choice between a mannequin, a stick, and KS, and our slightly more animated Kristen got the nod. YAY.

  98. 98
    Elena Says:

    Congrats Kristen! Awesome girl who deserves awesome things in her life! She is no hater!!!!!!

  99. 99
    glenn Says:

    hahahahaha i can only imagine her sad/ugly face
    its gonna be the new emo perfume !

  100. 100
    Mark Says:

    @glenn Thats a sad/ugly comment! Just saying!

  101. 101
    DJ Says:

    I think she has a mysterious beauty! It is not in your face and obvious but she naturally very sexy! She just draws me in…kind of captivating!

  102. 102
    @LIL LEZZIE Says:

    Homophobe alert!

  103. 103
    Mona Says:

    I love how Kristen just keeps on getting more and more successful and more interesting opportunities are opening up to her despite of all the ridiculous scrutiny and vulgar comments some ignorant people make about her! Its funny..because it only makes her stronger! Look how many comments are here!

  104. 104
    saw Says:

    I guess people don’t read the posts now-a-days. They just like to comment right away when they see that it involves Kristen. So funny. There is a lot of thought that goes to picking someone to represent a brand. Esp. a power house like Balenciaga. They don’t just pick anyone. They have a purpose (which I’m sure all brands do). They see something in Kristen that is worthy of their fashion house. Nicholas has nothing but amazing things to say about Kristen. You can tell that they are good friends and get along really well. I’m proud of Kristen! She’s no fame wh*re.

  105. 105
    wilder Says:

    kristen is really pretty. good for her that she is doing what she wants!

  106. 106
    kas Says:

    Does she ever smile?

  107. 107
    LaCroix Says:

    One thing is for sure, K-Stew generates alot of negative comments..therefore the majority of ppl who come here do not like her…For someone who swore she would never conform to “hollywood” she sure is making hypocritical moves…

  108. 108
    TMI Says:

    Gotye rox should D8 her

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  109. 109
    Bunny Says:

    Damn, she is sooooo fugly.

  110. 110
    diana Says:

    wow how can someone who looks like she barely took a shower and doesn’t look like she smells nice sells a fragrance? Balenciaga brand sucks anyway…

  111. 111
    Dave Franco Says:

    Nice to see my comment was flagged, for what? For speaking the truth. She needs to smile more. People should SMILE more often. Make the world a happy place. She knows it’s a business, she knows she has critics… all i am saying is be professional .

  112. 112
    LaCroix Says:

    @Dave Franco: Don’t take it personal K-Stew fans are blinded by the truth of things.

  113. 113
    KSTEW SUX Says:

    Forget about smiling..what about this girl doing something positive besides just making deal & profits? Shouldn’t she give back since she is the highest paid actress this year? What has she been doing besides taking? Why doesn’t the KSTEW fans say anything about that? This girl is a disgrace! I never heard of a Top paid actress not being involved in some charities..but all she cares about is Balenicaga deals & making profits for her Twilight movies.. I mean as fans don’t you want to like someone who does good and not be greedy????

  114. 114
    Bennz Says:

    Kstew is a pretty young woman and she’s talented (with the right roles) and smart and I have seen her smile and laugh. She can be charming on some occasions. But she’s just got those times when she just looks so MISERABLE and awkward. And I don’t know why. Perhaps she’s just uncomfortable with certain situations. There are male actors like this. I’m thinking people like Christian Bale, for example who you rarely catch smiling. They just aren’t smiley people. And that’s too bad because it makes her appear spoiled and haughty and churlish when she probably isn’t. Someone needs to be coaching her. Her fans are loyal but some of us are just left scratching our heads as to her appeal. She looks like the kind of girl you see sitting across from you on the subway with her hood up and her face hidden.

  115. 115
    BERENISE Says:

    STEWART says ‘hwaran aaaaaar scwaaaaaaar bhaaraaar whoaah’ and i don’t get it again , could people say what she means? ah whatever..she reminds me of Zaalbar from Kasshyik (star wars) actually Stewart would get an oscar for best actor if she would star a wookie in STAR WARS rather than starrin g Bella in Twilight or Snow White. But that just everyones opinion so don’t get it too deep.
    I don’t hate her cause i don’t know her (you see I don’t watch movies like Twilight ) I just seen a lot comercials and trailers of that trash accidently , however i can’t not to notice her sleepy eyes and strange face expresion – she has expresion of person with autism or serious mental deficiency. Sorry for being honest but she’s ugly after all …

  116. 116
    vlad Says:

    Such a sourpuss…

  117. 117
    Cara Says:

    Who cares if losers hate her?? She is still doing really well and continues to have success with what she wants to do! She has money, a hot boyfriend, a promising career and lots of friends and fans who love her! Haters are irrelevant! They seem to think that hating someone is cool and that it matters in life…it really does not…its just weird and a waste of time!!

  118. 118
    Michelle Says:

    It is the same few people making stupid hateful comments about Kristen all the time!! Trust me…..she has far more people who love and respect her for who she is than people who ignorantly hate her for no good reason! Girl is doing great and will continue to do well regardless of these fools!

  119. 119
    Jesse Says:

    Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. 120
    madeleine Says:

    iamglad she is home safely..and that she and Rob enjoy some peaceful time MIA..never read bogs twitter and tabloids…its only a persons point of towards somebody who they have never met!..comic-con should be fun!

  121. 121
    KissThis Says:

    Oh lord, so over-exposed now. What’s funny is that she acts like she dislikes fame so much, and it’s never what she wanted – but you know deep down she enjoys every minute of it. I don’t believe she represents herself as she truly is.

  122. 122
    Eww Says:

    She looks like she smells of BO most of the time, who would want to buy a perfume from someone like that?

  123. 123
    Frannie Says:

    Awesome, down to Earth girl who is not afraid to be herself! Love her! Can not wait to try the perfume!

  124. 124
    Bennz Says:

    Maybe others have been hateful but I just think the girl needs some constructive criticism. I don’t care HOW successful you are, unless you are the next Meryl Streep, you aren’t going to have longetivity in this business if you don’t play along just a little bit. Right now many of her fans are very young people who are, for the most part, quite often miserable teenagers themselves. But I for one like to see some positivity in my life, someone who can exude confidence and love towards the people around her. She doesn’t do that, I’m sorry. She comes off as being so uncomfortable and upset to be in the public eye and how long are people going to think that’s charming?

  125. 125
    aquarius64 Says:

    I saw the Balenciaga ad with Stewart. Whoever signed off on that photo to be the ad needs to be fired. Dead stare at the camera, hands in the pockets, legs apart, really? The idea of selling perfume is selling sensuality and desire; that by wearing this scent a man cannot resist you, whether it’s floral or exotic. Other actresses who lend their names and images to fragrances don’t smile in their ads, but they manage to strike that right pose that’s inviting, to come in closer, drink in the scent that she’s wearing. Mix that with the confidence she exhudes and you’re hooked. Where is that here? I’ve seen more sensual looks on mugs shots. I’ll give it to Balenciaga-it found a way to cash in on the last vestiges of the Twilight craze by putting up Stewart as the frontwoman to bring the Twi-hards in. The question is: would a major line use her again once Twilight leaves the theaters for good?

  126. 126
    Dawn Says:

    People have been wishing Kristen in to oblivion for a long time…and guess what…. she keeps getting more jobs and more opportunities! Because more open minded people can see her worth! She does not have to fit in to a box of “having to behave a certain way” to be interesting, alluring, charming and successful!! Some people seem to want famous people to be all the same! That is not what life is about at all….it is about a people differences and individuality! Personally I would rather more celebs be like Kristen and less like the typical puppets!

  127. 127
    @Bennz Says:

    I appreciate that you are not a mindless hater at least but for someone who craves positivity from people you can be awfully negative!!!!!

  128. 128
    @aquarius64 Says:

    Not all perfumes are about attracting men!!!! How sexist of you!! Kristen did exactly what Nicolas wanted her to do! Girl can do sexy and alluring (look at allure, W mag, Elle France etc) if that is what they desired…but they wanted something more arty and less cliched! So considering she fulfilled the clients brief and they love her I am sure she would have no problem doing further campaigns with them or others if she wants! I’m sure you will be following her when Twilight is done regardless!

  129. 129
    Lauren (BestTrendz) Says:

    Kristen is a gifted person in beauty and talent and sounds honest too.

  130. 130
    ? Says:

    Who pees in her cornflakes every morning?

  131. 131
    Ady Says:

    @BERENISE: I would love to see how pretty you look in real life

  132. 132
    Laura Says:

  133. 133
    neknek Says:

    oh sweetness! sorry that your fave’s career isnt going anywhere.. go find another starlet to stan.. but then again Kristen will slay all of them.

  134. 134
    made Says:

    I Luv Kristen

  135. 135
    Concepcion Says:

    I’m glad that she’s venturing off into the fashion world. good for her. i already saw the print ad for the fragrance and it looks really cool, very Balenciaga!

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