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Matthew McConaughey: 'Lion King' with Family!

Matthew McConaughey: 'Lion King' with Family!

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila take their kids to see The Lion King on Thursday (June 28) at the Minskoff Theatre in NYC.

The 42-year-old carried daughter Vida, while Camila held onto Levi as they posed backstage with actors Alton Fitzgerald White and Adam Jacobs.

Earlier in the day, Matthew signed autographs outside the Live! With Kelly studio after promoting his new movie Magic Mike.

Camila, meanwhile, took the kids to the Central Park Zoo.

10+ pictures inside of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves out in NYC…

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  • Tiana

    @DNA TEST: what and ignorant ass comment.

  • Mikey

    Those children are average at best and not pretty they did not take after Matt much.

  • Pamela

    Mixed race kids are cute.

  • Dawn

    Salli Richardson ws the prettiest woman he ever dated but he said she was too high maintenance for his outdoorsy taste.

  • Marina

    Stop talking about race, we are all human! The kids are lovely, just like their parents.

  • Pete

    Vida is so cute!!!!

  • Hollyweird Couples Are Cursed

    Wonder how long they will stay together since Hollywood couples are divorcing with increasing frequency lately. Three to five years seems to be the span of time such couples stay together.

  • LLK


    Camila has strong African genes. Their kids are adorable! The people saying that they are ugly are simply jealous of this beautiful family.

  • Jackie

    I think Camila is beautiful and those kids are extremely cute!

  • hmm..

    @DNA TEST:

    Upset that he chose a woman of color???

  • Zia

    I love the lion king!!! Levi is so cute, he is a little mini Matthew. Vida is really beautiful and Camila is just gorgeous!

  • kelly


    Wow you are a complete dumb/a/ss. She is of african descent from Brazil. She wouldn’t be the first black woman he’s been involved with. He was engaged to Salli Richardson and also dated Janet Jackson. Now go jump off a cliff.


    The kids are soooo Cute! Camila is beautiful
    funny how the fat ugly mean hags never miss an op. to say something disgusting

  • Lana

    @woa: she’s indeed brazilian, and there’s no point in trying to figure out which is her “race” simply because brazil is the most mixed country there is, and that mixture sometimes results in this beautiful caramel color of her skin. Not that people should be picking who they marry based on their descent, if you actually think that he “wouldn’t marry a black woman in hollywood” then you’re a moron, skin color shouldn’t be factored in the process of choosing a life partner!

  • K

    @Lana: Well said!

  • Li

    Again… Why are Americans SO OBSESSED with race (GENETICALLY, RACE DOESN’T EXIST IN HUMANS ),skin colors,…?
    Definie somebody by skin color (PHENOTYPE, IN GENETICS) is so shallow! It comes from backward minded people (and who has no true knowledge of genetics)
    @woa “Camila is black???? … Isn’t she Mexican or Brazilian?” : Do you suppose she is Mexican or Brazilian by her skin tone? Why? People in US usually get the Notion that all Mexicans look the same ( like Mexicans from indiginous heritage) and call this look LATINO ( Latin ISN’T a Ethnic term, IS A CULTURAL TERM. BRAZILIANS DON’T HAVE A SPECIFIC LOOK, We can be of all colors, brazilians can look like Asian, Arabic,….. Brazilian people was formed by mixing of various ethnic groups….. and this is Beautiful!!!!!!! Diversity is beautiful!!!!!!
    @kelly: In Brazil, people with the same skin tone as her are not called black. The one-drop rule doesn’t exist in Brazil!

  • kelly

    @Li: I didn’t say she was “black”. I said she is of African descent. I then referred to the person saying that he would not date a black woman and went on to mention him dating Salli Richardson and Janet Jackson, who are black. Why don’t you read more carefully before critiquing someone’s comment.

  • Holly

    I personally think Levi looks JUST like Matthew. Vida looks more like her mom, only paler. They’re lucky kids, both are very beautiful.
    And FYI a little genetic mixing is only healthy, inbreeding is what’s genetically damaging.

  • Black and White

    I don’t undestand why the look/ the skin color of his wife and kids and their supposed ethnicity are under discussion! These discussions and measurements of human skin colors are based on subjective categories! Phenotype = Genotype + Environment. There’s only a small part of DNA that’s involved in specific differences between ethnic groups. Things like eye shape and color, skin color and hair texture take only the TINIEST FRACTION of DNA. The final color of the skin is affected by all these factors: size, number, and distribution of melanosomes (organelles responsible for synthesizing melanin), as well as the type(s) of melanin (2 types) contained within them. Melanosomes are regulated by MULTIPLE genes AND environment. Some of the genes linked to pigmentation: TYR (chromosome 11), MC1R (chr16), SLC45A2 (chr 5), SLC24A5 (chr15), SLC24A4 (chr14), IRF4 (chr6), ASIP (chr20), KITLG (chr12), HERC2 (chr15), OCA2 (chr15) and others. Restrict Genetics to “one dominant gene and one recessive gene” is for preschoolers, this type of comment ” strong African genes” or strong caucasian/asian/… genes has no sense

    “Modern genetics suggests that the crude bases commonly used to define ethnic categories are weak, if not useless. Genetic differences among ethnic groups, if measured carefully, could be useful (e.g., if different ethnic groups respond differently, on average, to a particular medication), but roughly grouping a person into “black,” “white,” “Asian,” and “Hispanic” groups does not allow anyone to make reliable predictions about that person’s physiology or behavior.” Dennis C. Chang
    Clarion Healthcare Consulting,
    HHMI predoctoral fellow

    The amount of melanin produced in the skin should only be relevant to dermatologists!!!!!!!
    SLC24A5 gene

  • Brad’s Hair Grease

    Now this is a wholesome family unit. They are MARRIED like folks with kids are supposed to be.

  • Aga

    I see more Matthew in Vida. Levi looks just like Camila.

  • diane

    I’m getting more and more suspicious that she’s pregnant again. She’s been wearing all these loose clothes which I can only assume are meant to hide the baby bump.

  • somali girl

    What happened to matt? He looks weird lately that face…. strange

  • patyatav

    @Li: Some of the most beautiful and outstanding models worldwide are from Brazil and diversity is what makes them beautiful! Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Ana Hickman and I could go on forever… Like most, not to say all people who hate just for the sake of it, having race, sexual orientation or any other excuses, HATERS are almost always people who come from disfunctional families and have very sad backgrounds. They have all their priorities messed up…so don´t waste your time. Let them be and let´s pray to God to help them find peace and happiness once in their sad lives.

  • Me

    I can understand why people, mostly white, rebel against multiracial marriages, because for white is a thread to extinct. Black gens are more dominant than white. None of Matthews kids inheritated his blue eyes and it looks like thier blond locks are a temporary thing. They both are dark skin and black eyed. Soon they are turned to be typical Latino people. Do you really want blue, green, grey eyed people to disappear?

  • Concepcion

    She wouldn’t be the first black woman he’s been involved with. He was engaged to Salli Richardson and also dated Janet Jackson.