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Tom Cruise 'Deeply Saddened' by Katie Holmes Divorce

Tom Cruise 'Deeply Saddened' by Katie Holmes Divorce

Tom Cruise is speaking out about his split from Katie Holmes.

Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy,” a rep for the 49-year-old actor told

The 33-year-old actress is “asking for sole legal custody and ‘primary residential custody’ of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Suri,” TMZ reports.

Katie, who reportedly filed the divorce docs in New York on Thursday (June 28), is also asking for a division of property, though the two had a prenup based on California law.

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  • Carbon Copy

    Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming!

  • http://justjared POLO

    WOW!!! why am i not surprised ???

  • tesssa

    her contract is over obvi

  • Elegant Fartz

    Good for her. Now maybe she can get her sanity back.

  • Helen

    I think he would be more saddened if Scientology disappeared! Tom is gross

  • Sweetheart32

    >Oh come on! Who did NOT see this one coming!?

  • LisaT

    She has been walking around looking real sad for awhile now. I do hope she becomes happier once she has left him. She deserves to be happy.

  • Paulie

    I’m sure this came as a great shock to Tom and he was sure she was going to sign a contract extension.

  • nika

    I always though that Tom is gay because Scientology is one big gay coverup! Be out and proud, Tom! same goes for John Travolta who is Scientologist as well.

  • @

    Not surprised at all we’ve been calling it for weeks now.

  • bull

    is this how he’s going to play it? garnering for public sympathy?
    “deeply saddened”
    i wonder how long it took for their publicists to come up with this story. katie projecting an image of strength, regaining her independence. poor, old tom getting dumped for working too hard to provide for his family. blah blah blah


    Yay now he can come out of the closet! good for her!

  • Jane

    I hear Tom was sick and tired of seeing Katie Holmes exploit Suri around like an accessory. He caught Katie calling the paparazzi!

  • dobbi

    He may be sad but he will never be glib.

  • Buzz

    Now maybe we can find out the results of Suri’s paternity test, because we all know it isn’t little Tommy boy. I think he’s gay as well. Who do you think Little Suri’s daddy is?

  • sam

    She’s asking for sole custody. Wonder if Tom will fight that. Glad she’s getting out, she’s looked miserable for a long time. And I think poor Suri will be happier, too.

  • Anon

    It’s about time she got rid of this poor excuse of a man. Maybe now she can go a find a real man. Tom does not deserve custody of that poor child!

  • Lane

    I can’t imagine these two having sex. Maybe Katie was inseminated. I feel sorry for Suri.

  • Samina Kaja

    I hope this means the paps will leave Suri alone now. That girl needs to grow up away from the cameras. She’s at an age now where she won’t remember alot being 6, so it’s not too late.

  • rada

    tom, the first step to happiness is self acceptance. you gotta love and accept yourself first.

  • Charlene

    Re. Little Suri’s daddy, perhaps L. Ron Hubbard: [YIKES!]

  • ~A

    I’ve always thought Pacey was Suri’s dad. I would rather it be Kris Cline’s daughter instead of Tom.

  • Lane

    @Charlene: Wow thank you! So maybe I’m right lol

  • ann

    Sorry Katy. This will be the fight of her life literally!

  • summerbriz

    Katie fights to keep Suri. Nicole allowed Tom to keep their (adopted)kids.

  • Stable Isotopes

    Maybe Katie takes a step back and leaves Suri at home for a while. I know the paps won’t stop taking pictures of her especially not now.
    Also, hopefully Tommy is feeling the karma when he did the same to Nicole. Ouch!!!

  • computergeek

    So does this mean that Katie can finally give Suri the badly need spankings for when Suri throws temper Tantrums? Spare the rod spoil the child. I recommend a nice ferm ping pong…j/k

  • zippy

    ..and now the deprogramming

  • BUB


    ain’t gonna happen like that and you know it.

    Scientology property!

  • elle

    Thanks Goodness!!! NOw I really hope she takes Suri far away from the cameras, to a remote place where people stop following that child around and gives Suri a sense of a real life- I hope people can leave them alone to try to do that and that Katie can be strong enough to say no! and enough! and be assertive to protect her privacy and her child. So glad she is free of that Creep Tom.

  • Hinkley


    That’s horrible.
    I really feel bad for Suri, her life was a circus before, now I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like now. At least Katie has the guts to stand up to Tom/Scientology by fighting for her daughter. More power to her!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Freedom!!!!! You can now Breathe Katie!!!

  • Maggie


    Can’t imagine him wanting custody. My guess would be that he barely even knows the child. As for her missing him, you can’t miss what you never really had. He was never around.

  • Finanas

    Well, that’s sad. BUT guys stop being blind… that’s obvious that she’s her dad’s daughter.


    So sad, Tom marry me :)

  • L.Ron

    The joke is on Katie; when interplanetary ships from Xenu descend on the Earth en masse Katie is now on her own.

  • God

    Tom always loved another one. Even when he started his relationship with Katie but Katie ended fed up with him. At last!

  • BUB


    Unless Katy has already agreed to stay in the fold!!
    Which very well could be the case to keep her daughter. Ain’t happening unless that is the case!

  • Tim

    Tom Cruise is to announce his divorce to Katie Holmes by bouncing up and down on a sofa on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

  • solecito

    People are so mean-spirited it’s disgusting. Stop judging others, we were not part of this marriage and no one but them know what really happened. It’s always sad when a marriage ends, specially if there are children involved.

  • dani

    Hope she has better luck getting the kids away from Xenu than Nicole did. And I wonder if she will now be a suppressive and shunned by the cult and Tom…just like Nicole.

  • http://justjared CH

    Sorry to say, but the tables have just turned on Tom Cruise. Now he will feel what it’s like to be dumped. Not fun, right Tom! I’m still reeling how he dumped Nicole Kidman, and still to this day she has no idea why, and i believe her. I wouldn’t believe Tom Cruise as far as i could throw him. He so full of baloney!!! He’s just not committed to his marriages. He hurt his first wife, and second wife, and now he’ll really know what he put his first two wives through. Welcome to reality Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BUB

    Not if the contract calls for her to remain in the cult!


  • Ziti

    @solecito: So, you must be on this website purely for it’s newsworthy content, not the gossip??? C’mon, everyone knows TC is a weirdo. Get a sense of humor!

  • Ziti
  • Travolta

    A nice hard massage will clear your mind Tom.

  • Ziti

    @Lindsey Lohan etc: I really hope you’re a guy!

  • AAS

    I just don’t get it, he doesn’t spend any significant amount of time with his wife or child. All he seems to care about is making one stupid movie after another. I hope nothing but the best for Katie and Suri.

  • sweetness

    it’s amazing how posters are cheering over his misfortune…and then you speak of karma.

  • BUB

    sinos all coming to Tom’s aid on here I see!