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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.

“This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. [Her] primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest,” the 33-year-old actress’s attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, tells People.

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The two, who tied the knot in November 2006, have one child together, 6-year-old Suri.

This was the first marriage for Katie and Tom‘s third. He was previously married to Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two kids, Isabella and Conor, and Mimi Rogers.

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209 Responses to “Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split”

  1. 1
    dobbi Says:

    I knew it!

  2. 2
    lauren Says:

    i wonder if katie was fed with tom’s crazy ****?

  3. 3
    Triangle Says:

    Wow. She must’ve really hated Rock of Ages.

  4. 4
    uh Says:

    Not even a little surprised. There have been rumors for months about them splitting up. So i guess this is going to dominate the news for the next couple of weeks. sorry Syria, you’ll have to wait your turn.

  5. 5
    Demitasse Says:

    She’s been seen all over New York for weeks by herself with the kid, and he is always on location workng. Un huh. Not surprised. I thought something was off weeks ago.

  6. 6
    Eresyn Says:

    Her contract is finally over…

  7. 7
    ariana Says:

    he is really old for her. shes 33 only.

    but i didnt know this would happen.

    maybe she should have more kids and marry a younger guy so suri can have a little sibling.

  8. 8
    julie Says:

    I thought they were nice together. Forget all the scientology bullshit and rumors are rumors, he might genuinely be a very nice guy. I liked them together. But it also isn’t difficult to notice that she devotes almost all her time to Suri and the girls are like attached together. It’s beautiful. I am sorry for the nice lovely family but he better not tear her away from Suri if that’s what he did with Nicole. I think Katie has more rage in her than that and I don’t want her to lose the daughter she obviously loves more than anything else in this world. Also, she’s a classy lady so I don’t expect dirty laundry but still I hope it’s as nice as this can even be. Quite shocking. Did not expect it.
    And please, hold the robot Katie and brainwashed Kate and contracted Kate comments to yourselves. There’s a beautiful, innocent six year old girl invovled who doesn’t need your mean comments about her parents flood the internet she is once gonna google.

  9. 9
    flo Says:


  10. 10
    .... Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how people on this site were right about their split! And it was obvious. Katie attended none of Toms premiers recently. And what was his recent interview with Playboy where he declared how he loved his wife?! Liar!

  11. 11
    Uiye Says:

    This day has come!!

  12. 12
    Elisa Says:

    OMG, I didn’t see that one coming at all !
    What the hell ?!?! O_o

  13. 13
    Effy Says:

    Not surprised. You RARELY see pictures of them together anyways. I hope Katie goes back to her old ways, when she actually looked and acted put together.

  14. 14
    Cynthia Says:

    what a surprise!

  15. 15
    LINa Says:

    I just hope that at least one of them leaves sience tologie and takes care of suri instead…

  16. 16
    .... Says:

    And what is up with these actors? First Johnny Depp, now Tom Cruz. Who is next?

  17. 17
    Ha! Says:

    I guess her contract was up. She needs to run with Suri. He might try to take her…

  18. 18
    Jen Says:

    Maybe this will be a good thing. ever since they’ve married, Katie has been giving me Britney vibes. Someone who seems depressed and just kind of lost – like physically she’s there but mentally she’s somewhere else.

  19. 19
    hm Says:

    @….: who’s left??

  20. 20
    Olivia Says:

    what a surprise…

  21. 21
    leelee Says:

    Did the brain washing juice finally wear out?

  22. 22
    Ugh... Says:

    They’re never together for one. So no one is surprised. Now Katie can be happy, young and carefree again and Tom can be WEIRD with some other woman his own age this time….. Very happy for Katie!

  23. 23
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Run Katie, run! Far far away from that psycho! And take the kid with you, maybe she’ll have a chance then.

  24. 24
    Eresyn Says:

    I wonder who will get custody of Suri?????? (yeah, i know, Tom :/ )

  25. 25
    Brad's Hair Grease Says:

    Angie, this news is shocking. If Tommy Girl and Katie can’t make it, what does this say about us. I’m starting to doubt us, especially after my magical night with MAGIC MIKE. Angie, answer, quickly.

  26. 26
    TomKat Dies Says:

    Come out of the closet already, Tom. If you’re getting married for image purposes, trust that your image will be much improved if you just embrace your gayness. There’s a whole community who would welcome you with open arms into their team. Think how happy you’ll be if you can just stop living a LIE! You’re not that young anymore, just think how many years you have left in this world. Enjoy yourself. What’s money and fame if you live in misery?

  27. 27
    teri Says:

    Hopefully Katie and Suri can start a low key lifestyle…staying out of the public eye would probably be a sweet change for both of them! Other celebs are able to do it for their kids and their careers do not seem to suffer.

  28. 28
    NBTT Says:

    I already saw that coming, it was just a matter of time. I wonder that it lasted so long.

  29. 29
    Justin Aniston Says:

    This is how it went down! HAHA!

  30. 30
    LOL Says:

    i wonder which actress hes going to marry next. I call milla kunis. Get him girl. but on the real.. it’ll be some C list actress from no where. I’ll be waiting for the news.. or he could just come out of the closet already… i’d probably like him a lot more if he did.

  31. 31
    TO HAMLET Says:

    Well Mr. Know-it-all


  32. 32
    Mamabear Says:


    Just because they are divorcing doesn’t mean Tom doesn’t love his wife! Sometimes people can still love each other but they just live together.

  33. 33
    scarlett Says:

    Run Katie run, don’t look back! Oh and squeeze as much cash as possible out of him, he deserves to stung after all the crap he’s been putting on screens recently.
    Sadly it’ll probably mean Suri will become even more of an over indulged brat.

  34. 34
    MisterV Says:


  35. 35
    baloney Says:

    ha. i knew it!

    Is Mr Know it all ( Hamlet) hiding now? LOL

    I dont think it was all Katie. She’s a bimbo. Tom probably met someone and wants more kids. Who knows…and who cares?

    Hamlet…..feeling like a fool huh? LOL

  36. 36
    anch Says:

    @Justin Aniston: Now that is funny

  37. 37
    M Says:

    Shocked :rolleyes:

  38. 38
    contract up Says:

    Now she can marry a straight guy!

  39. 39
    Brad's Hair Grease Says:

    Angie, where’s my bong. I’m trying to digest this new Tommy/Katie news. George is not taking it well.

  40. 40
    danielle Says:

    There have been rumors floating around for the last year. Should be no surprise to anyone. They have been apart more than together. Now Tom looks like an idiot after his little “how happy we are” speech a few weeks ago.
    Maybe Katie will morph back into a normal person now.

  41. 41
    nats Says:

    ” Triangle @ 06/29/2012 at 1:17 pm:
    Wow. She must’ve really hated Rock of Ages…”

    jajajajajaja, love it

  42. 42
    Well, well you do say! Says:

    Hmmm, I am surprised they lasted this long. I just hope katie can get out of the Scientology trap with her daughter. Maybe now Katie can start looking her age and not like a depressed older woman. It’s not too late for Suri neither.

    Watch your back kate because Tom has the money and pull too make you look bad so I hope you lawyered up with the best of the best!

  43. 43
    solecito Says:

    Not surprised, I haven’t seen a picture of them together since the Vanity Fair Oscar’s Party back in March. I’m a big Tom Cruise fan and wish them both the best.

  44. 44
    ivy Says:

    This is interesting but not at all surprising news. After all, how much Scientology brainwashing can one person put up with and not break? It will be interesting to see the agreement they work out regading custody. There is no way Tom is going to let his” L Ron Hubbard reincarnate” have a normal life and go to a regular school.
    Tom is a very odd guy…mabe in the closet, maybe just nuts but for sure very odd. My sense is that little girl is going to need some serious counseling in the future. And as for Katie, I can only imagine what she is thinking and planning.

  45. 45
    Sammy Says:

    Do marriages even last anymore? I thought they were doing fine. As long as Brad & Angelina are still together, i’m happy. I hope beyonce and jay z are not next along with victoria and david.

  46. 46
    Anon Says:

    What’s with the surprise? It was reported when the got together it was a contract relationship. This is right on target with the reported 5 year timeline, give or take a few months.

  47. 47
    um Says:


    the contract was up but Katie was asked to stay around for the Rock of Ages movie promos. well that’s over and now she’s out. UGH Good riddance to TomKat.

  48. 48
    Kenny Says:

    Katie’s contract expired. Katie was swept off her feet while engaged to Chris, when Tom sent a jet to pick her up. Tom is like John T, Will Smith, and other hollywood men who have mansion parties in L.A. for men only. See how John is in the news for sexual harrassment of men? These guys are marrying women to keep up the image so other women would want them. They cant come out of closed because their fanbase is women, so they have to keep up the illusion so their pockets are not affected.

  49. 49
    Megg Says:

    I don’t know why anybody is surprised, it was a fake relationship that always had a preplanned ending. The contract was for 5 years.

  50. 50
    anon Says:

    Is Tom Cruise talking applications for new beards? Where can I apply?

  51. 51
    yes Says:

    Good for her, he’s crazy as hell.

  52. 52
    joel Says:

    TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! Can’t believe it wasn’t so magic after all!!! Would LOVE to hear Kaitie’s story…hope she tells all

  53. 53
    danielle Says:

    Well hopefully TMZ can ferret out the details. I’ll be crass and say I want to know the inside scoop!!!

  54. 54
    Amanda Says:

    Finally she came to her senses.

  55. 55
    Gigi Says:

    LUCKY TOM!!! Congratulations!

  56. 56
    Gossipgirl Says:

    @julie: Thank you!! I am so effing tired of the hate on this and other websites! Anyone would think that they know the couple’s business. People get divorced in Hollywood every week. No need for the bile and bitterness. Best of luck to them both.

  57. 57
    ace11 Says:

    Im still convinced Suri is Chris Klein’s….

    The divorce case should be wild

    im sure he is going to after Suri….

    Finally she can devoid herself of the scientology garbage and get back to normal

  58. 58
    Caroline Says:

    Really? OMG! pense q ella iba a quedar embarazada in any moment en vez de separarse..

  59. 59
    sarafina56 Says:

    @dobbi: I knew it too she was always on her own with the daughter…..

  60. 60
    Good For Katie! Says:

    I see tall, real men in her future!

  61. 61
    Mara Says:

    Sad for them both, and for Connor and Isabella and of course Suri. Katie, as a fan, I’m thinking of you and wishing you much happiness in the future.

  62. 62
    All right Says:

    His first wife is Mimi Rogers who is 20 years older and introduced him to
    Scientology! Who cares about Conner and Isebella she is on her own
    With her boyfriend!

  63. 63
    diana Says:

    I never understood them as a couple, anyway…

  64. 64
    Ashley Says:

    That’s so sad. I liked this couple.

  65. 65
    Wild Cat Says:

     ~ stop deleting my messages… control freak!~
    Freedom of Speech – 1st Amendment
    @the REAL LMAO
    I’m not Krista- another one of your ruses.
    I said, he probably enjoyed boning her because he actually did… whether he admitted it …or not.
    She was pretty back then.
    But Stacy Keibler – big, potato-head ugly giant freak with legs like Hulk Hogan,
    -straight from the sewers of Baltimore,  now living in EYETALY no less…
    -10 year career highlight rubbing fecal remnants off her asss onto wrestling ring ropes….
    I don’t think so…

    Clooney is ambiguous in his publicity bogus relationships.
    Never publicly admits…  Zero chemistry.. Whole world is laughing at the  spectacle …. which is undermining his brand.  And she’s not making money for you losers. The theme is too washed up and old.
    Not a deviant like Quasimodo busted-sphincter Travolta who learnt to love c*o*c*k so he can get a part grunting on Welcome Back Kotter..

    We’ll see who wins this war of attrition, dipshit…
    In the meantime,
    Here’s your consolation prize:

  66. 66
    LongIvy Says:

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  67. 67
    joel Says:

    TOTALLY SHOCKED….really thought she loved this arrangement. Can’t believe they pretended to be so happy. Not so magical after all!!!!

  68. 68
    Laís Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!=((( omg im so sad!!!!
    they are perfect together!!!!

  69. 69
    LongIvy Says:

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  70. 70
    R Says:

    Finally! she’s still so young, live with a coward gay, forego having a sexual and love life , even with all the money and comfort, it is never worth the trouble. We live only once, damm!

  71. 71
    lulu Says:

    the fake marriage is over !!!

  72. 72
    Bad Girl Says:

    Just saying: Brad and Angie still going strong!!!
    Wishing Katie and Suri the best.

  73. 73
    Frenchy Says:

    At least Katie is out while she is still young. I think after a few missteps, Nicole Kidman married well with Keith Urban imo. If she’s mentally up to it Katie can find an authentic relationship..

  74. 74
    Jan Says:

    I called it a yesterday on this blog. I said tom and Katie have not lived together for a long time, that they were separated. And that Tom had grown tired of her.

  75. 75
    anon Says:

    Not really a surprise. Any guesses on who’s next? I say Miranda and Orlando, Nicole and Keith, or Sacha and Isla.

  76. 76
    Susan Says:

    I’m honestly surprised she stayed with him as long as she did.

  77. 77
    Jan Says:

    @lauren: #2
    lauren @ 06/29/2012 at 1:16 pm

    i wonder if katie was fed with tom’s crazy ****?
    No, Tom had grown tired of Katie.

  78. 78
    The_Bug Says:

    Believe me : The next Mrs. Cruise will be olga kurylenko. Trust me i got one friend in iceland that told me Tom Cruise is all over her like in 2005 he did for Holmes

  79. 79
    Lully Says:

    My only and last reaction will be : who will be Tom The Scientogist’s next target

  80. 80
    Annie Says:

    Katie learned the hard way – fake-marrying Tom didn’t get her the Hollywood/Broadway stardom she was craving, just a lot of misery, rules and regulations and a kid she wasn’t allowed to say no to. You need some skill and talent to really stay at the top in acting these days – just look at Nicole: her career really took off AFTER she left Tommy, not before. The public wanna see talent, not a manufactured Stepford wife. Whether Katie will now dissappear into obscurity or start rebuilding some credibility remains to be seen.

  81. 81
    Jane P Says:

    Tom is tired of her. I have been saying this for awhile.

  82. 82

    Maybe he and Johnny Depp will get together (just kidding. Johnny is good, creative weird; Tom is bad, psycho-scary weird.)

    I knew this would happen: there has to be a good reason why wives flee this man the day the contract is up. There are plenty of lilac wedding relationships that last long-term because the gay guy is sweet and nice and the wife is happy with this love, but no one remains with Tom – no one. And you have to ask why.

  83. 83
    denikse Says:

    Tom finally got rid of weird Katie.

  84. 84
    Daria Says:

    I never have cared for her. I think she is a cold fish, self-absorbed and a whiner. He, on the other hand, is positive and wants to get on with living. I hope he can find a woman deserving of him. He makes the best movies. He’s truly talented and awesome. He needs a positive woman, not a sour whinebag.

  85. 85
    Helen Says:

    Maybe she is tired of carrying Suri all the time 

  86. 86
    ck Says:

    Boy..gonna be REALLY interesting wiht the paps and Katie in NYC now…

  87. 87
    denikse Says:

    anon @ 06/29/2012 at 2:12 pm #75

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Not really a surprise. Any guesses on who’s next? I say Miranda and Orlando, Nicole and Keith, or Sacha and Isla.
    Miranda and Orlando next, followed by Nicole and Keith. Keith will tire of Nicole soon.

  88. 88
    Holly Says:

    @Eresyn: Ha! Thanks for making me smile

  89. 89
    makes sense Says:

    now , we KNOW who that guy was with whom she was holding hands with a couple weeks ago. HER BOYFRIEND.

  90. 90
    jenn Says:

    Katie just mopes around NY, to be seen by paps. This marriage has been estranged for years.

    When Katie moved to NY with Suri, that is when their separation started.

  91. 91
    icecold Says:

    Katie is divorcing him because Tom announced that he .doesn’t need more kids.

  92. 92
    LisaT Says:

    Most likely she is tired of his scientolgy ways. She did not grow up in this cult group so it would be hard for her to raise a child that way. She has looked unhappy for awhile now. I Hope she becomes happier once she has left him.

  93. 93
    wakeupNsee Says:

    I wonder if Suri will call Tom’s 4th wife mom. Tom demanded katie to file so he wouldn’t look bad. There is no way that gold digger katie left him.

  94. 94
    Jane Patton Says:

    Daria @ 06/29/2012 at 2:18 pm #84

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    I never have cared for her. I think she is a cold fish, self-absorbed and a whiner. He, on the other hand, is positive and wants to get on with living. I hope he can find a woman deserving of him. He makes the best movies. He’s truly talented and awesome. He needs a positive woman, not a sour whinebag.
    I totally agree. Katie has no life in her. Tom needs a woman with life. Katie’s life is totally wrapped around her child. The man in you life needs attention too. If you do not give him any attention, and spend all you time with the kids, he will look elsewhere.

    A word to you girls. If you want to keep your man. You have give him attention. Take time from the kids to pay attention to your relationship with your mate.

  95. 95
    Leslie Says:

    Hes an engomaniac. Hes addicted to himself and work. She got tired of it. Good for her/ Now she can cash out and find a better partner.

  96. 96
    Jessica Says:

    Good for Tom. Now he can find a wife who is not wrapped in herself.

  97. 97
    Leslie Says:


    Hmm. Isnt he filimg there as well? SOMETHING Musst have happened to get her fed u enough since she put up w him this long

  98. 98
    From TMZ Says:

    Katie Holmes is the one who filed for divorce and Tom Cruise was “blindsided” by Katie’s legal move … TMZ has learned.

    We know Katie filed the divorce docs in New York on June 28, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She is asking for sole legal custody and “primary residential custody” of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

    We also know Katie is asking for a “suitable amount” of child support.

    Katie also asks for a division of property in her divorce docs, although we know there was a significant prenup that is based on California law. Katie makes no mention of the prenup in her filing.

    We’re told Tom is “very sad” and “did not see this coming.” We’re also told there is some “nastiness” here, evidenced by Katie’s move to get sole legal custody.

    Katie’s divorce petition was filed anonymously, without names.

  99. 99
    sue Says:

    Not a big fan of either one of them, but divorce is always sad. A family torn apart. Life is to short for all the hate!

  100. 100
    The_Bug Says:


    Trust me something is happening between Tom and Olga you will see and remember me :) this will be like Brad and Angelina all over again

  101. 101
    Vivian Says:

    It’s amazing how many people just decide to divorce instead of working at it…

  102. 102
    wakeupNsee Says:

    I don’t believe any of this that he was blindsided. He’s trying to avoid looking bad. But, she was always in it for the money. No love match there.

  103. 103
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:


  104. 104
    Samina Kaja Says:

    I hope this means the paps will leave Suri alone now. That girl needs to grow up away from the cameras. She’s at an age now where she won’t remember alot being 6, so it’s not too late.

  105. 105
    lafamepoma Says:

    Scientology is the cause of the divorce

  106. 106
    Tom Says:

    Not shocked at all

  107. 107
    Keyshia Says:

    I knew this to be happen, but not this early.

  108. 108
    Stable Isotopes Says:

    Maybe Katie takes a step back and leaves Suri at home for a while. I know the paps won’t stop taking pictures of her especially not now.
    Also, hopefully Tommy is feeling the karma when he did the same to Nicole. Ouch!!!

  109. 109
    Luiza Says:

    I wonder how will be the day after Brangelina’s split….

    I mean, I don’t wanna this to happen but…

  110. 110
    abbimorgan Says:

    comadre marta can marry with tom cruise he’ll be pleased

  111. 111
    lulu Says:

    katie new boyfriend is : shea martin a publicist

  112. 112
    From Lainey Gossip Says:

    Just a few quick hits from phone calls I’ve made so far:

    -Her public play will be to paint him as a workaholic, taking job after job and having no time for family. This certainly helps her on the custody side of the argument.
    -He was asking her to reconsider and wait another 6 months. She told him she’d think about it but, with support from her family, went for it anyway, and stopped taking his calls two days ago.
    -There’s a rumour going around that I can’t lock down that she wants new staff around her and doesn’t want to be spied on anymore.
    -Tom was papped on set in Iceland the other day but there’s some confusion now about where he is. No one can find him.

    Will let you know more as I do.

  113. 113
    zzzz Says:

    Hamlet is spending the day in bed, curtains drawn, surrounded by soggy tissues, lol.

  114. 114
    kary Says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  115. 115
    Josh Says:

    Stepford Katie is finally free!!!

  116. 116
    heather Says:

    OH well another one bite the dust

  117. 117
    Josh Says:

    Katie and Suri better run!

    Those $cientolofreaks are probably already planning their murders.

  118. 118
    Dieter Says:

    JARED !!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SAD ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!! None of his ex-wifes ever complained about TOM !!!! HE IS WORKING SO HARD !!!!!!

  119. 119
    Yumi Says:

    OMG She did the same thing Tom did to Nicole… he was blindsided just like Nicole… that’s karma

  120. 120
    Angelica Says:

    What ?! They’re getting divorced , no offense but I thought that they were good together and Katie would be Tom’s soulmate and last wife but now the fairytale ends. What’s with celebrities these days ? T_T

  121. 121
    anon Says:

    It must be very confusing* for little Suri. I have a feeling though that she was always more her mother’s child than her father”s. Nevertheless, always sad when couples with small children separate.

    *not interested in snark nonsense or other “internet” foolishness.

  122. 122
    anon Says:


    Funny thing is EVERYONE has been predicting THAT since forever. You people need to take a break from THAT, especially when this has nothing to do with Angie and her family.

  123. 123
    Shannon Collett Says:

    Tom appeared to be very controlling and Katie had enough it seems, it was recently reported Katie had went back to smoking and Tom was giving her a hard time, also recently she was at an event where Joshua Jackson was attending and Tom made arrangements for them not to be on the red carpet together at the same time as Joshua Jackson and his love Diane Krueger, it has been reported that Tom is insanely jealous of her ex Joshua Jackson and doesnot let her talk to any of the old cast from Dawson’s Creek, if this gives you any idea how she had to live, I knew it had to be a matter of time, now Katie can go back to being more of a carefree person without Tom looking over her shoulder and scolding her like a little child, the only one who was treated like a child was Katie not Suri by Tom, kinda crazy don’t you think???

  124. 124
    Josh Says:

    I think Katie made the right decision not to renew her bearding contract with Tom for another 5 years. Tommy Gurl would have found some way to screw her out of the money for the second 5 years like he did Nicole.

    This way Katie will get as much money as Nicole got but in only half the time.

  125. 125
    Shannon Collett Says:

    His former wife Nicole Kidman had to sign an agreement regarding not talking to the press about their relationship, I assume Katie signed something too, so we will never really know what kind of shenanigans Tom has pulled!

  126. 126
    karl Says:

    People act like they can tell the future, so retarded hahaha

  127. 127
    brenda Says:

    Well I’m assuming it’s one of 3 things and that’s too bad. I actually liked them together. So, he cheated, touched their child or pulled a Woody Allen.

  128. 128
    someguy Says:

    I take it Romeo-Hamlet-Mr Orange and yorick brown on imdb will now change his nickname.

  129. 129
    someguy Says:


    There are reports Katie does not want Suri raised in Scientology.

  130. 130
    Bookenz Says:

    Kelly Preston is next.

  131. 131
    Josh Says:

    Who do you think Tom’s next beard will be?

    I’m betting on Blake Lively.

  132. 132
    joseph jager Says:

    I’m shocked but I’m not shocked

  133. 133
    Its true Says:

    Anyone who is shocked by this is a moron. It was a 5 year contract. The divorce was decided on before they ever got married, BUT the whole custody thing is a surprise. I think Katie grew a backbone and decided to screw TC by filing in NYC and asking for sole custody. This could be interesting. Do you know how much Sh*T she has on him!?!? I know he has stuff on her too (the whole contract thing), but lets face it….she could out him as gay. People already dislike him. This could be the final nail in his coffin.

  134. 134
    jaspisgirl Says:

    on my my my my prayers go out to the family and broken fans !!!!!! and has someone heard something about mr.hamlet??????? i am very concerned,his fav.couple is done.i hope he will find something new worth his love. ha ha ha

  135. 135
    Hamlet, are you OK? Says:


  136. 136
    Asami Says:

    That’s so heartbreaking. Aww.

  137. 137
    Deanna Says:

    Get ready to meet your real father Suri!!!

  138. 138
    Joeyraw Says:

    I am not surprised. I think he is a weirdo and a control freak. His interview with Matt Lauer s finally showed his true colors. Feel sorry for the little girl, but I am sure she will be better off without him around full time. Good for you Katie go and be happy

  139. 139
    yay Says:

    angie and brad are next! wooo hoooo

  140. 140
    Mann Says:

    He works way too much, the guy goes from movie set to the next movie set. The same thing with Jonny Depp, they never take any time off between films to spend time the family. Then they are “surprised” when the wife or girl friend wants to call it quits. It’s not enough to bring home the bacon if you are not around for emotional support.

  141. 141
    jay Says:

    I believe will be seeing Katie and Josh jackson in pictures very soon. hmmm. Suri meet your real daddy.

  142. 142
    sharyllee Says:

    I ma not half surprised and yes half surprised. I think all of Tom , Katie and Suri are not grown up.. Do not spoil Suri tooooo much.. let her have her normal childhood. .

  143. 143
    wakeupNsee Says:

    The Tomkat circus is finally over. I have never seen a more Fake couple in all of Hollywood. Don’t know what I’ll do for a good laugh now.

  144. 144
    Mary Says:

    @Eresyn: Yes… I heard years ago that he was gay… and he had contracts with ‘unknowns”…. he would make their careers and they would make him look “ungay”… This confirms it to me!

  145. 145
    Ryan Says:

    time for katie and pacey to hook up

  146. 146
    Something was up... Says:

    Lately, Katie started to dress differently… more casual and much less artificial. That was a sign. She was breaking lose from the dress code.

  147. 147
    tinkerbell Says:

    I’m glad for Katie. This was supposedly a step up for her to marry Tom Cruise…but the Scientology crap and his control freak ways are too much. Good for her to break free. She should be able to dress how she wants.

    Her career has actually suffered being with him.

    I think there was love at the beginning…but Tom has some sugar in the tank and that complicated things. Scientology is crazy though.

    Whomever said Tom should hook up with John Travolta is correct though… instead of saying “Free Katie” they should be saying “Free Gay Travolta/Cruise”—this was all due to come out and I think it will with Tom later. Bottom line, they shouldbe able to be you they are and still be actors….its ACTING, not p laying oneself.

    John has been acting really gross amount to sexual harassment the crap that he pulls.

  148. 148
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Josh: I would not be surprised if Lively was next. She is as golddigging as they come and supposedly she has been seeing some A-lister behind Ryan’s back.

    Kelly will wait a little six months or so then do the divorce thing….to spare John. They are good friends supposedly after all.

  149. 149
    Happy Jacky Says:

    Sorry, but if you get involved with a weirdo like Tom Cruise and even have a child with him than you must be dump an idiot or driven by opportunism. Never liked either, feel sorry for the kid though!

  150. 150
    floretta50 Says:

    The Brangies!

  151. 151
    Aswald Says:

    Boring. Which couple is next to split? Not even Adele’s pregnancy news is ‘news’ to me today. Oh well.

    Blake Lively and Tom Cruise getting together sounds a little interesting though.. like people I hate together should end up together kind of interesting.

  152. 152

    Tom needs to stop marring Catholic girls and find him a nice space alien.

  153. 153
    for the shippers Says:

    @….: My money on the next Hollywood split is Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. She is so into herself and they never spend any time together. All she does is talk about her pregnancy, how she gave birth naturally, despite she was induced and how wonderful her kora products are – sure for the rich – they are overpriced and there are other organic products that are far better.

    She does nothing to protect her child and uses him as an accessory. Orlando is hardly seen with her and when he is, he looks bored out of his mind. Sad thing is kids always suffer.

  154. 154
    Lily Says:

    I’m actually surprised that it lasted this long! They were never seen together anymore, I respect Katie for putting up with him and his weird Scientology crap all this time I’m sure she was paid a huge amount of money and she was living a very luxurious lifestyle but we all could see that she was miserable. I’m also surprised about the sole custody thing, it’s gonna be interesting if they go to court and all the dirty details start coming out, on the other hand it would be the best for Suri if they can work things out peacefully.

  155. 155
    MICHELLE Says:


  156. 156
    Leilane Says:

    Oh my God, I’m feeling so sad about that, they were a lovely couple and seemed to really love each other. Still do not believe that it may be true, it is very sad, really!

  157. 157
    bita Says:

    mr. jackson and suri

  158. 158
    Lily Says:

    @bita: OMG! And I always thought those rumors were BS but after seeing this pic………………

  159. 159
    bita Says:

    the way katie was

  160. 160
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    @Annie, Shannon , samina, ya’ll beat me to and I agree.
    LOOK, this farce was a deal from day 1. Kaite married Tom and it was amazing and she ,so amazingly amazing , had her atty. father fix,set up her divorce papers. Kaite was set, besides a shet boat load of money, acting,producing jobs. Thing is, she is not talented and the Tome and kaite show has been so weird, amazingly weird from her always sticking out her tongue to smile, and the Sciencfictionolgy cult and having that feral kid run around in NYC in winter in 50 degree weather with no proper clothing and eating sweets be pimped for their pr and eating sweets and carries a blanket with her, stopped drinking from abotel about ,maybe a yer a or two ago. Weird. Kaite ‘s career is washed up. She does not have the chops like Nicole Kidman who was before, during and career and personal life took off like gangbusters after divorcing Tom, plus Nic had public support and pr and had fans, contacts.
    Kaite should diovrce, raise that feral kid out of the spotlight and sit back and count her tens of millions from Tom. Maybe just produce things. She cannot act. Diovricing Tom is not going to work out for her like Nicole Kidman. Nicole was never stepford crazy, amazin crazee and stuff like Kaite.

  161. 161
    Munchking Says:

    divorce in Hollywood every week? its 24/7 business

  162. 162
    Trina S Says:

    No Surprise here. All we ever saw was pictures with her and Suri alone.

  163. 163
    Stay Single, Tom Says:

    Tom had the woman he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch for… but it still did not work. Time to throw in the towel. I don’t believe his marriages will work……………..I love Tom Cruise the Actor. Hope he does many more great action films, but for marriage, well, I’ve always thought he is sad about something in his past. I wonder if he was abused by a male as a kid. There is just some depression underneath his surface, like he’s been a victim once. I think Scientology is something he felt he needed to overcome that pain. God doesn’t seem to be emphasized much like in Christian religions. Scientology seems to be more about learning life skills. I think Tom should have had therapy. He could be bisexual. Or he could just be unhappy, which seems more likely to me. I think he should just make films and surround himself with his children and grandchildren to come. Forget relationships with women altogether and find peace within. Until he finds peace, his relationships will suffer.

  164. 164
    Christina Says:

    After seeing “Brave” last week with Suri, I guess she became really inspired

  165. 165
    lucy Says:

    TomKat Dies @ 06/29/2012 at 1:30 pm

    it’s very obvious that Tom does not want to be welcomed by the gay community which he has no intention of joining. don’t forget what happened to the last person who claimed he is gay. Tom not only sued the man who made the claim but also the magazine involved for mega dollars and won. in any case, how do you know he’s living his life in misery? i have no doubt that in a year or so there will be another woman in his life.

  166. 166
    mary Says:

    i’m not surprised by this divorce. there’ve been rumors that Katie and Tom are not on the same page when it comes to raising Suri. Tom wants to have Suri home schooled but Katie wants Suri to go to school like other kids. but the fun part will be whether Tom will let Katie have sole physical custody without a fight. For Suri’s sake I hope these two people come up with a fair custody arrangement that allows Suri to have both her Mom and Dad. Let me tell you, as a child of divorce it’s no fun having both your parents fight over you like cats and dogs.

  167. 167
    SnowyNightBird Says:

    I expect lots of juicy gossip to come now that they’re finally divorcing!

  168. 168
    annie Says:

    i have followed katie since the ice storm.. dawsons creek
    katie changed after a couple years of being with tom, she looked depressed, and like she…. she was dazed a lot of the time, and thin
    somehow asking for full custody of suri and living permantly with katie, sounds sus, there are things katie doesn’t seem to like.
    i think katie stayed , as a lot of women do for their kids, but in this case suri’s dad was not around anyway.
    i’ve said it a lot of times, katie is not pretentious, and found it somehow hard imagining her with VB or Jlopez, or the people that they hung out with , when they first married, she came into his world and hers just disappeared.
    she went into scie to please him, she was infatuated with him, and when tom falls he falls hard
    but big actors have big egos and that scie thing a few years ago, must have devastated him, which must have been horrible for everyone involved.
    and now i’m going to say it, that in all honestly i think his role in Rock of Ages went too far, just listening to Julianne H go on about the hot lap dance she gave Tom and said it over and over, not to mention the photo spread he did with topless models…..first time in my life it actually made me think that maybe tom was sleazy, he has a wife, kids , and he’s 50.
    sorry but he took that role too far , not that it paid off either.
    i’m sort of sad , because i liked them together, but i don’t think things have been good for a long time, nor do i think that he’s going to let her go that easy .
    of course nobody knows whether there is a 3rd party involved or not, puts a different angle on things, if there is.

  169. 169
    Petrika Says:

    FORGET STUPID SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM!!!! I never believed TOM that he loved her, BUT I had no doubt that Katie had real feelings for this man. I feel very bad for her and wish her all the best! COME ON KATIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! BE STRONG!!!

  170. 170
    Moh123 Says:

    He deserve it, after what he did to Nicole Kidman

  171. 171
    margot Says:

    LOL! she left him in the exact same way he left nicole. How does it feel now Tom!!!???

  172. 172
    tina x Says:

    who cares ?

  173. 173
    jraffer Says:

    @TomKat Dies:

    Why does everyone assume Tom is gay. Just keep your hate and jealously to yourself.
    If you read any report about TOm you know that he is a nice dude, that treats everyone around him well, see Anil Kapoors interview, or Russel brand recently

  174. 174
    dani Says:


    Annie, there is a third party involved: SCIENTOLOGY. There is every chance if she doesn’t get granted sole custody that Tom will do his best to finagle Suri away through the cult as he did Bella and Connor from Nicole.

  175. 175
    Megan Says:

    Now, I hope people will stop referring to Nicole as a bad mother for not seeing her kids with Tom. There is really a thing as disconnection in Scientology. Otherwise, Katie would not put so much effort to get sole custody of Suri. Katie does not want shared custody because she is afraid that Tom and scientology will brainwash Suri and eventually disconnect from her just like what he did Bella and Connor from Nicole.

  176. 176
    Caroline Says:

    Am wondering if Tom is going to keep Suri, if he does … She f***ed.
    I’m happy for Katie Holmes, she’s finally puting an end to this madness !

  177. 177
    Bunny Says:

    So glad she finally dumped him. Tom started to get all scientology crazy concerning Suri now that she’s getting older. Katie put up with a lot of shite, but this is where she finally said, enough is enough, when it came to her child. I don’t think any judge would give tom custody if he/she saw the jumping up and down on the couch. Man’s a phucking loon.

  178. 178
    Hmmm Says:

    Hmm, first Johnny, now Tommy – wonder who’s next?? Don’t these kind of things happen in 3s. Anyone like to predict???

  179. 179
    Marly Says:

    Men suck. They never put family first. It’s always their ego and you know what. I hope he doesn’t get custody. He’s too old to excuse playboy behavior.

  180. 180
    tinkerbell Says:

    @for the shippers: I’m actually with you on that, but its not because I dont like them.Orlando always looks unhappy…he got kind of roped into that….

    I’malso thinking once Gisele and Tom Brady arent the cutest people in the room anymore (when he and she retires) they wont like each other so much and its splitsville. Not that I hate them either, its just predictable.

  181. 181
    Ashley Says:


    Everyone in Hollywood knows he’s gay. It’s an open secret. He dated his own stand in once.

  182. 182
    If Tom Is Gay... Says:

    How come not one photo out showing his past male lovers. Not till this very day! You know how the gays get angry, rally themselves and OUT people when they are tired of the lies. They don’t care that it is Tom Cruise. Andy they could provide the proof anonymously, like sending photos to TMZ or something. Look what’s happening to John Travolta! They’re getting interviews and everything on that man, but even I knew that John was messing around with other males all his life. They also outed Clay Aiken with no problem. They dogged Kevin Spacey with no shame, caught him at parks with his younger lovers, and then he moved away. JUST GIVE US SOME PROOF WHY DON’T YA — before you keep saying everybody knows the “secret” in Hollywood. I don’t think he’s gay. Most likely bisexual. I think he’s confused and his problems are deeper than just his sexual identity, but everybody focuses on that.

  183. 183
    sara Says:

    next split will be brangelina

  184. 184
    Ashley Says:

    @If Tom Is Gay…:

    If you want to be in denial about it, fine. I’m just stating the truth.

    It’s like how some fans of Matt Bomer and Zachery Quinto didn’t want to believe they were gay.

    Tom will not come out of the closet b/c he’s older and is afraid of how it will affect his career. That’s why he keeps hiring beards.

  185. 185
    sally Says:

    wow.. big news.. but what about Suri? She is so poor..

  186. 186
    someguy Says:

    Romeo/Hamlet is here

  187. 187
    TMI Says:

    abut tyme

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  188. 188
    KissThis Says:

    Saw this coming 8 years ago! They were always such an odd couple and he’s a nutcase so that wouldn’t help much. I truly feel sorry for Suri though. She may grow up to be quite a screwed up girl.

  189. 189
    LaCroix Says:

    Srsly could care less about private lives of these people. He made her career she was a C actress before he put her on the map & now when she realizes the Scientology is too much she divorces him (if this is the case). I may not agree with Tom Cruise but at least he has the guts & nerve to stand up for what he believes in. Cant say that with many other actors nowadays..

  190. 190
    nnnnn Says:

    i hate katie holmes.
    poor suri

  191. 191
    Rosemary Says:

    they have always reminded me of Rosemary’s baby main characters…Rosemary & Guy Woodhouse. Run Katie run…

  192. 192
    LOVE ofBRANGIErocks!! :-) Says:

    In your dreams!! hahaha
    Angelina and Brad’s love is stronger than Hurricane Katrina!!! LOLS
    so sorry for Suri but happy that Katie H. finally woke up from her nightmare..and for as long BRANGELINA’s world is fine, ALL IS WELL!!!!! hahaha

  193. 193
    blair Says:

    poor suri………

  194. 194
    Capoeira Moves Says:

    @Triangle: I KNOW RIGHT! The hair. omg.

  195. 195
    I can I will I do Says:

    @Brad’s Hair Grease:
    The only Chinny chin chin will give birth to is PSYHCOs like you … Who are so obsesses with Angie and Brad 24/7 even on the tomcat threat you have to bring your mummy dearest Chinnifer number one obsessions!!!

  196. 196
    I can I will I do Says:

    @Brad’s Hair Grease:
    The only Chinny chin chin will give birth to is PSYHCOs like you … Who are so obsesses with Angie and Brad 24/7 even on the tomcat threat you have to bring your mummy dearest Chinnifer number one obsessions!!!

  197. 197
    Jesica Says:

    As long as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are together, that’s all it matters ! Long live the king and queen of the World……

  198. 198
    Jessica Simpleton Says:

    That’s okay, Katie will find someone else to be with and will be happy. Mimi, Penelope and Nicole have all found someone else to settle down with and they’re all very happy, while Tom continually ends up alone to search for the next young, naive bimbo to brainwash, control and convert to his wacky religion. Even his kids look miserable. Women need to get wise and stay away from him.

  199. 199
    anon Says:


  200. 200
    HOwmuch Says:

    How much did she get after 5 years? Millions probably.

  201. 201
    Chris Pine Says:

    Her contract is up and decided not sign on for another year.

  202. 202
    XENU'SDICK Says:


  203. 203
    XENU'SDICK Says:

























  204. 204
    SOS for Brad'sballs Says:


  205. 205
    miapocca Says:

    @All right:

    she is not even 10 years older…come one..exaggerate much

    she is only 7-8 years older and has young children…she was a bombshell too….great body!! but Cruise was ignoring her sexually

  206. 206
    miapocca Says:

    The only thing I am excited about is the possibility of very JUICY gossip, if the **** hits the fan..ahahahah

    The two people involved and the Brat they calla child, I couldnt care less..they made thier bed and they must now lie on the thorns..Suri is already damaged as is Leah Remini ‘s bafoon of a spoilt brat!

    Scientology Killed JET TRAVOLTA!! and it was not investigated AT ALL!!

  207. 207
    really Says:

    suri’s burn book is going to hear about this

  208. 208
    ALIX Says:

    Not surprised. She’s better off. Sad for the little girl.

  209. 209
    Still NO PROOF! Says:

    I repeat, where is the proof that Tom Cruise is gay? Where is it? I want hard, concrete evidence and not gossip. Give me photos. Give me interviews. It’s so easy to tell people they are in denial… and then you don’t tell me anything new, just the same diatribe. I have no problem accepting Cruise as a gay man. No problem at all, so I would not deny it if you had something juicy. Show me a face of someone he has been with. Or someone who will come out and talk like Travolta’s lovers have done. That’s all YOU idiots have to do to get someone like me to believe it…. but you still can’t give the public that. SUX!

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