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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.

“This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. [Her] primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest,” the 33-year-old actress’s attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, tells People.

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The two, who tied the knot in November 2006, have one child together, 6-year-old Suri.

This was the first marriage for Katie and Tom‘s third. He was previously married to Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two kids, Isabella and Conor, and Mimi Rogers.

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  • Vivian

    It’s amazing how many people just decide to divorce instead of working at it…

  • wakeupNsee

    I don’t believe any of this that he was blindsided. He’s trying to avoid looking bad. But, she was always in it for the money. No love match there.

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • Samina Kaja

    I hope this means the paps will leave Suri alone now. That girl needs to grow up away from the cameras. She’s at an age now where she won’t remember alot being 6, so it’s not too late.

  • lafamepoma

    Scientology is the cause of the divorce

  • Tom

    Not shocked at all

  • Keyshia

    I knew this to be happen, but not this early.

  • Stable Isotopes

    Maybe Katie takes a step back and leaves Suri at home for a while. I know the paps won’t stop taking pictures of her especially not now.
    Also, hopefully Tommy is feeling the karma when he did the same to Nicole. Ouch!!!

  • Luiza

    I wonder how will be the day after Brangelina’s split….

    I mean, I don’t wanna this to happen but…

  • abbimorgan

    comadre marta can marry with tom cruise he’ll be pleased

  • lulu

    katie new boyfriend is : shea martin a publicist

  • From Lainey Gossip

    Just a few quick hits from phone calls I’ve made so far:

    -Her public play will be to paint him as a workaholic, taking job after job and having no time for family. This certainly helps her on the custody side of the argument.
    -He was asking her to reconsider and wait another 6 months. She told him she’d think about it but, with support from her family, went for it anyway, and stopped taking his calls two days ago.
    -There’s a rumour going around that I can’t lock down that she wants new staff around her and doesn’t want to be spied on anymore.
    -Tom was papped on set in Iceland the other day but there’s some confusion now about where he is. No one can find him.

    Will let you know more as I do.

  • zzzz

    Hamlet is spending the day in bed, curtains drawn, surrounded by soggy tissues, lol.

  • kary

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Josh

    Stepford Katie is finally free!!!

  • heather

    OH well another one bite the dust

  • Josh

    Katie and Suri better run!

    Those $cientolofreaks are probably already planning their murders.

  • Dieter

    JARED !!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SAD ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!! None of his ex-wifes ever complained about TOM !!!! HE IS WORKING SO HARD !!!!!!

  • Yumi

    OMG She did the same thing Tom did to Nicole… he was blindsided just like Nicole… that’s karma

  • Angelica

    What ?! They’re getting divorced , no offense but I thought that they were good together and Katie would be Tom’s soulmate and last wife but now the fairytale ends. What’s with celebrities these days ? T_T

  • anon

    It must be very confusing* for little Suri. I have a feeling though that she was always more her mother’s child than her father”s. Nevertheless, always sad when couples with small children separate.

    *not interested in snark nonsense or other “internet” foolishness.

  • anon


    Funny thing is EVERYONE has been predicting THAT since forever. You people need to take a break from THAT, especially when this has nothing to do with Angie and her family.

  • Shannon Collett

    Tom appeared to be very controlling and Katie had enough it seems, it was recently reported Katie had went back to smoking and Tom was giving her a hard time, also recently she was at an event where Joshua Jackson was attending and Tom made arrangements for them not to be on the red carpet together at the same time as Joshua Jackson and his love Diane Krueger, it has been reported that Tom is insanely jealous of her ex Joshua Jackson and doesnot let her talk to any of the old cast from Dawson’s Creek, if this gives you any idea how she had to live, I knew it had to be a matter of time, now Katie can go back to being more of a carefree person without Tom looking over her shoulder and scolding her like a little child, the only one who was treated like a child was Katie not Suri by Tom, kinda crazy don’t you think???

  • Josh

    I think Katie made the right decision not to renew her bearding contract with Tom for another 5 years. Tommy Gurl would have found some way to screw her out of the money for the second 5 years like he did Nicole.

    This way Katie will get as much money as Nicole got but in only half the time.

  • Shannon Collett

    His former wife Nicole Kidman had to sign an agreement regarding not talking to the press about their relationship, I assume Katie signed something too, so we will never really know what kind of shenanigans Tom has pulled!

  • karl

    People act like they can tell the future, so retarded hahaha

  • brenda

    Well I’m assuming it’s one of 3 things and that’s too bad. I actually liked them together. So, he cheated, touched their child or pulled a Woody Allen.

  • someguy

    I take it Romeo-Hamlet-Mr Orange and yorick brown on imdb will now change his nickname.

  • someguy


    There are reports Katie does not want Suri raised in Scientology.

  • Bookenz

    Kelly Preston is next.

  • Josh

    Who do you think Tom’s next beard will be?

    I’m betting on Blake Lively.

  • joseph jager

    I’m shocked but I’m not shocked

  • Its true

    Anyone who is shocked by this is a moron. It was a 5 year contract. The divorce was decided on before they ever got married, BUT the whole custody thing is a surprise. I think Katie grew a backbone and decided to screw TC by filing in NYC and asking for sole custody. This could be interesting. Do you know how much Sh*T she has on him!?!? I know he has stuff on her too (the whole contract thing), but lets face it….she could out him as gay. People already dislike him. This could be the final nail in his coffin.

  • jaspisgirl

    on my my my my prayers go out to the family and broken fans !!!!!! and has someone heard something about mr.hamlet??????? i am very concerned,his fav.couple is done.i hope he will find something new worth his love. ha ha ha

  • Hamlet, are you OK?


  • Asami

    That’s so heartbreaking. Aww.

  • Deanna

    Get ready to meet your real father Suri!!!

  • Joeyraw

    I am not surprised. I think he is a weirdo and a control freak. His interview with Matt Lauer s finally showed his true colors. Feel sorry for the little girl, but I am sure she will be better off without him around full time. Good for you Katie go and be happy

  • yay

    angie and brad are next! wooo hoooo

  • Mann

    He works way too much, the guy goes from movie set to the next movie set. The same thing with Jonny Depp, they never take any time off between films to spend time the family. Then they are “surprised” when the wife or girl friend wants to call it quits. It’s not enough to bring home the bacon if you are not around for emotional support.

  • jay

    I believe will be seeing Katie and Josh jackson in pictures very soon. hmmm. Suri meet your real daddy.

  • sharyllee

    I ma not half surprised and yes half surprised. I think all of Tom , Katie and Suri are not grown up.. Do not spoil Suri tooooo much.. let her have her normal childhood. .

  • wakeupNsee

    The Tomkat circus is finally over. I have never seen a more Fake couple in all of Hollywood. Don’t know what I’ll do for a good laugh now.

  • Mary

    @Eresyn: Yes… I heard years ago that he was gay… and he had contracts with ‘unknowns”…. he would make their careers and they would make him look “ungay”… This confirms it to me!

  • Ryan

    time for katie and pacey to hook up

  • Something was up…

    Lately, Katie started to dress differently… more casual and much less artificial. That was a sign. She was breaking lose from the dress code.

  • tinkerbell

    I’m glad for Katie. This was supposedly a step up for her to marry Tom Cruise…but the Scientology crap and his control freak ways are too much. Good for her to break free. She should be able to dress how she wants.

    Her career has actually suffered being with him.

    I think there was love at the beginning…but Tom has some sugar in the tank and that complicated things. Scientology is crazy though.

    Whomever said Tom should hook up with John Travolta is correct though… instead of saying “Free Katie” they should be saying “Free Gay Travolta/Cruise”—this was all due to come out and I think it will with Tom later. Bottom line, they shouldbe able to be you they are and still be actors….its ACTING, not p laying oneself.

    John has been acting really gross amount to sexual harassment the crap that he pulls.

  • tinkerbell

    @Josh: I would not be surprised if Lively was next. She is as golddigging as they come and supposedly she has been seeing some A-lister behind Ryan’s back.

    Kelly will wait a little six months or so then do the divorce thing….to spare John. They are good friends supposedly after all.

  • Happy Jacky

    Sorry, but if you get involved with a weirdo like Tom Cruise and even have a child with him than you must be dump an idiot or driven by opportunism. Never liked either, feel sorry for the kid though!

  • floretta50

    The Brangies!