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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.

“This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. [Her] primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest,” the 33-year-old actress’s attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, tells People.

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The two, who tied the knot in November 2006, have one child together, 6-year-old Suri.

This was the first marriage for Katie and Tom‘s third. He was previously married to Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two kids, Isabella and Conor, and Mimi Rogers.

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  • Aswald

    Boring. Which couple is next to split? Not even Adele’s pregnancy news is ‘news’ to me today. Oh well.

    Blake Lively and Tom Cruise getting together sounds a little interesting though.. like people I hate together should end up together kind of interesting.


    Tom needs to stop marring Catholic girls and find him a nice space alien.

  • for the shippers

    @….: My money on the next Hollywood split is Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. She is so into herself and they never spend any time together. All she does is talk about her pregnancy, how she gave birth naturally, despite she was induced and how wonderful her kora products are – sure for the rich – they are overpriced and there are other organic products that are far better.

    She does nothing to protect her child and uses him as an accessory. Orlando is hardly seen with her and when he is, he looks bored out of his mind. Sad thing is kids always suffer.

  • Lily

    I’m actually surprised that it lasted this long! They were never seen together anymore, I respect Katie for putting up with him and his weird Scientology crap all this time I’m sure she was paid a huge amount of money and she was living a very luxurious lifestyle but we all could see that she was miserable. I’m also surprised about the sole custody thing, it’s gonna be interesting if they go to court and all the dirty details start coming out, on the other hand it would be the best for Suri if they can work things out peacefully.



  • Leilane

    Oh my God, I’m feeling so sad about that, they were a lovely couple and seemed to really love each other. Still do not believe that it may be true, it is very sad, really!

  • bita
  • Lily

    @bita: OMG! And I always thought those rumors were BS but after seeing this pic………………

  • bita
  • Go Ask Alice

    @Annie, Shannon , samina, ya’ll beat me to and I agree.
    LOOK, this farce was a deal from day 1. Kaite married Tom and it was amazing and she ,so amazingly amazing , had her atty. father fix,set up her divorce papers. Kaite was set, besides a shet boat load of money, acting,producing jobs. Thing is, she is not talented and the Tome and kaite show has been so weird, amazingly weird from her always sticking out her tongue to smile, and the Sciencfictionolgy cult and having that feral kid run around in NYC in winter in 50 degree weather with no proper clothing and eating sweets be pimped for their pr and eating sweets and carries a blanket with her, stopped drinking from abotel about ,maybe a yer a or two ago. Weird. Kaite ‘s career is washed up. She does not have the chops like Nicole Kidman who was before, during and career and personal life took off like gangbusters after divorcing Tom, plus Nic had public support and pr and had fans, contacts.
    Kaite should diovrce, raise that feral kid out of the spotlight and sit back and count her tens of millions from Tom. Maybe just produce things. She cannot act. Diovricing Tom is not going to work out for her like Nicole Kidman. Nicole was never stepford crazy, amazin crazee and stuff like Kaite.

  • Munchking

    divorce in Hollywood every week? its 24/7 business

  • Trina S

    No Surprise here. All we ever saw was pictures with her and Suri alone.

  • Stay Single, Tom

    Tom had the woman he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch for… but it still did not work. Time to throw in the towel. I don’t believe his marriages will work……………..I love Tom Cruise the Actor. Hope he does many more great action films, but for marriage, well, I’ve always thought he is sad about something in his past. I wonder if he was abused by a male as a kid. There is just some depression underneath his surface, like he’s been a victim once. I think Scientology is something he felt he needed to overcome that pain. God doesn’t seem to be emphasized much like in Christian religions. Scientology seems to be more about learning life skills. I think Tom should have had therapy. He could be bisexual. Or he could just be unhappy, which seems more likely to me. I think he should just make films and surround himself with his children and grandchildren to come. Forget relationships with women altogether and find peace within. Until he finds peace, his relationships will suffer.

  • Christina

    After seeing “Brave” last week with Suri, I guess she became really inspired

  • lucy

    TomKat Dies @ 06/29/2012 at 1:30 pm

    it’s very obvious that Tom does not want to be welcomed by the gay community which he has no intention of joining. don’t forget what happened to the last person who claimed he is gay. Tom not only sued the man who made the claim but also the magazine involved for mega dollars and won. in any case, how do you know he’s living his life in misery? i have no doubt that in a year or so there will be another woman in his life.

  • mary

    i’m not surprised by this divorce. there’ve been rumors that Katie and Tom are not on the same page when it comes to raising Suri. Tom wants to have Suri home schooled but Katie wants Suri to go to school like other kids. but the fun part will be whether Tom will let Katie have sole physical custody without a fight. For Suri’s sake I hope these two people come up with a fair custody arrangement that allows Suri to have both her Mom and Dad. Let me tell you, as a child of divorce it’s no fun having both your parents fight over you like cats and dogs.

  • SnowyNightBird

    I expect lots of juicy gossip to come now that they’re finally divorcing!

  • annie

    i have followed katie since the ice storm.. dawsons creek
    katie changed after a couple years of being with tom, she looked depressed, and like she…. she was dazed a lot of the time, and thin
    somehow asking for full custody of suri and living permantly with katie, sounds sus, there are things katie doesn’t seem to like.
    i think katie stayed , as a lot of women do for their kids, but in this case suri’s dad was not around anyway.
    i’ve said it a lot of times, katie is not pretentious, and found it somehow hard imagining her with VB or Jlopez, or the people that they hung out with , when they first married, she came into his world and hers just disappeared.
    she went into scie to please him, she was infatuated with him, and when tom falls he falls hard
    but big actors have big egos and that scie thing a few years ago, must have devastated him, which must have been horrible for everyone involved.
    and now i’m going to say it, that in all honestly i think his role in Rock of Ages went too far, just listening to Julianne H go on about the hot lap dance she gave Tom and said it over and over, not to mention the photo spread he did with topless models…..first time in my life it actually made me think that maybe tom was sleazy, he has a wife, kids , and he’s 50.
    sorry but he took that role too far , not that it paid off either.
    i’m sort of sad , because i liked them together, but i don’t think things have been good for a long time, nor do i think that he’s going to let her go that easy .
    of course nobody knows whether there is a 3rd party involved or not, puts a different angle on things, if there is.

  • Petrika

    FORGET STUPID SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM!!!! I never believed TOM that he loved her, BUT I had no doubt that Katie had real feelings for this man. I feel very bad for her and wish her all the best! COME ON KATIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! BE STRONG!!!

  • Moh123

    He deserve it, after what he did to Nicole Kidman

  • margot

    LOL! she left him in the exact same way he left nicole. How does it feel now Tom!!!???

  • tina x

    who cares ?

  • jraffer

    @TomKat Dies:

    Why does everyone assume Tom is gay. Just keep your hate and jealously to yourself.
    If you read any report about TOm you know that he is a nice dude, that treats everyone around him well, see Anil Kapoors interview, or Russel brand recently

  • dani


    Annie, there is a third party involved: SCIENTOLOGY. There is every chance if she doesn’t get granted sole custody that Tom will do his best to finagle Suri away through the cult as he did Bella and Connor from Nicole.

  • Megan

    Now, I hope people will stop referring to Nicole as a bad mother for not seeing her kids with Tom. There is really a thing as disconnection in Scientology. Otherwise, Katie would not put so much effort to get sole custody of Suri. Katie does not want shared custody because she is afraid that Tom and scientology will brainwash Suri and eventually disconnect from her just like what he did Bella and Connor from Nicole.

  • Caroline

    Am wondering if Tom is going to keep Suri, if he does … She f***ed.
    I’m happy for Katie Holmes, she’s finally puting an end to this madness !

  • Bunny

    So glad she finally dumped him. Tom started to get all scientology crazy concerning Suri now that she’s getting older. Katie put up with a lot of shite, but this is where she finally said, enough is enough, when it came to her child. I don’t think any judge would give tom custody if he/she saw the jumping up and down on the couch. Man’s a phucking loon.

  • Hmmm

    Hmm, first Johnny, now Tommy – wonder who’s next?? Don’t these kind of things happen in 3s. Anyone like to predict???

  • Marly

    Men suck. They never put family first. It’s always their ego and you know what. I hope he doesn’t get custody. He’s too old to excuse playboy behavior.

  • tinkerbell

    @for the shippers: I’m actually with you on that, but its not because I dont like them.Orlando always looks unhappy…he got kind of roped into that….

    I’malso thinking once Gisele and Tom Brady arent the cutest people in the room anymore (when he and she retires) they wont like each other so much and its splitsville. Not that I hate them either, its just predictable.

  • Ashley


    Everyone in Hollywood knows he’s gay. It’s an open secret. He dated his own stand in once.

  • If Tom Is Gay…

    How come not one photo out showing his past male lovers. Not till this very day! You know how the gays get angry, rally themselves and OUT people when they are tired of the lies. They don’t care that it is Tom Cruise. Andy they could provide the proof anonymously, like sending photos to TMZ or something. Look what’s happening to John Travolta! They’re getting interviews and everything on that man, but even I knew that John was messing around with other males all his life. They also outed Clay Aiken with no problem. They dogged Kevin Spacey with no shame, caught him at parks with his younger lovers, and then he moved away. JUST GIVE US SOME PROOF WHY DON’T YA — before you keep saying everybody knows the “secret” in Hollywood. I don’t think he’s gay. Most likely bisexual. I think he’s confused and his problems are deeper than just his sexual identity, but everybody focuses on that.

  • sara

    next split will be brangelina

  • Ashley

    @If Tom Is Gay…:

    If you want to be in denial about it, fine. I’m just stating the truth.

    It’s like how some fans of Matt Bomer and Zachery Quinto didn’t want to believe they were gay.

    Tom will not come out of the closet b/c he’s older and is afraid of how it will affect his career. That’s why he keeps hiring beards.

  • sally

    wow.. big news.. but what about Suri? She is so poor..

  • someguy
  • TMI

    abut tyme

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  • KissThis

    Saw this coming 8 years ago! They were always such an odd couple and he’s a nutcase so that wouldn’t help much. I truly feel sorry for Suri though. She may grow up to be quite a screwed up girl.

  • LaCroix

    Srsly could care less about private lives of these people. He made her career she was a C actress before he put her on the map & now when she realizes the Scientology is too much she divorces him (if this is the case). I may not agree with Tom Cruise but at least he has the guts & nerve to stand up for what he believes in. Cant say that with many other actors nowadays..

  • nnnnn

    i hate katie holmes.
    poor suri

  • Rosemary

    they have always reminded me of Rosemary’s baby main characters…Rosemary & Guy Woodhouse. Run Katie run…

  • LOVE ofBRANGIErocks!! :-)

    In your dreams!! hahaha
    Angelina and Brad’s love is stronger than Hurricane Katrina!!! LOLS
    so sorry for Suri but happy that Katie H. finally woke up from her nightmare..and for as long BRANGELINA’s world is fine, ALL IS WELL!!!!! hahaha

  • blair

    poor suri………

  • Capoeira Moves

    @Triangle: I KNOW RIGHT! The hair. omg.

  • I can I will I do

    @Brad’s Hair Grease:
    The only Chinny chin chin will give birth to is PSYHCOs like you … Who are so obsesses with Angie and Brad 24/7 even on the tomcat threat you have to bring your mummy dearest Chinnifer number one obsessions!!!

  • I can I will I do

    @Brad’s Hair Grease:
    The only Chinny chin chin will give birth to is PSYHCOs like you … Who are so obsesses with Angie and Brad 24/7 even on the tomcat threat you have to bring your mummy dearest Chinnifer number one obsessions!!!

  • Jesica

    As long as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are together, that’s all it matters ! Long live the king and queen of the World……

  • Jessica Simpleton

    That’s okay, Katie will find someone else to be with and will be happy. Mimi, Penelope and Nicole have all found someone else to settle down with and they’re all very happy, while Tom continually ends up alone to search for the next young, naive bimbo to brainwash, control and convert to his wacky religion. Even his kids look miserable. Women need to get wise and stay away from him.

  • anon
  • HOwmuch

    How much did she get after 5 years? Millions probably.