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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Parisian Dinner Party!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Parisian Dinner Party!

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson hop into haute couture at a dinner party celebrating the Berluti Menswear Spring/Summer show on Friday (June 29) in Paris, France.

The 35-year-old actress and her 34-year-old partner took in the fashion show with the vice president of Louis Vuitton, Pietro Beccari, and fashion icon Antoine Arnault.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Last week, Josh and Diane attended the 2012 NHL Awards! Josh got to present an award at the ceremony, then the couple headed out to dinner at Scarpetta.

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Credit: Eric Ryan; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • http://tomandkatiedevorce bethann

    wow no one did not see this comming

  • Birch

    These two again, they sure love having their pictures taken don’t they. Why isn’t he out promoting his latest film? I guess attending a fashion dinner is more important than his career. Diane is looking lovely, at least attending this dinner relates to her career.

  • http://tomandkatiedevorce bethann

    tom cruise you can do better

  • http://tomandkatiedevorce bethann

    hey tom cruise has a say in this too

  • Naty

    ugly woman…. yuck….

  • Bella

    Wow, he’s one hot man. She looks a little too old and cold for him.

  • Jakie

    Does she think crossing her stick like legs makes her look better? This woman is too thin! I remember back when she used to be so beautiful, I think the hard partying, binging and purging as well as the smoking has caught up with her. It’s a shame when a flower starts to wilt, I think she’s past her prime.

  • Dione

    This chick is not good looking-She’s way too skinny-No has curves. has the sullen look still is an awful actress

  • Paceylove

    she is really old for him

  • Carl

    Way to go Josh!! He doesn’t have to worry about making movies or finding his next job, all he’s got to do is keep her happy. Why should he have to earn his own spotlight in the acting world when he can just use hers. If he has no problem as being seen as an accessory or as the partner to a famous model, I don’t see why others should. Keep up the good work Joshua Jackson, keep her happy and don’t concern yourself with your career.

  • Vikious

    she should eat something

  • Karen

    Her legs are ugly.

  • CCrider

    Diane looks perfect!
    Loooooove the outfit! Very summer-y chic…

  • Deanna

    Isn’t it ironic that on the day Katie Holmes files to divorce Tom, he is half way around the world with Diane? Wasn’t he just seen in LA the day before with Busy Phillips? I’m just saying, I think it’s more than just a coincidence.

  • itziar

    she is beautiful but she looks sick in these photos.

  • Kelly

    I really don’t see why she’s famous, I’ve seen her acting I know it’s not because of that. I have at least 10 friends who look similar to her, some are even prettier. The only difference between my friends and Diane is the fact that she lived by herself at the age of 15 in Paris doing WHATEVER she had to do to become famous. I’ll take my friends over her any day, at least they are smart and trying to make the world a better place by using their brains.

  • Joey

    Hey Josh maybe you can go and claim your daughter now, Suri deserves to be raised by her real Daddy. We all know you and Katie had a fling before she married that nut job. Suri Jackson has a nice ring to it.

  • bell

    Isn’t it ironic that on the day Katie Holmes files to divorce Tom, he is half way around the world with Diane? Wasn’t he just seen in LA the day before with Busy Phillips? I’m just saying, I think it’s more than just a coincidence.
    It´s Josh and Diane´s last opportunity to be seen and photographed together before they split ways and go back to work. I don´t think J. Jackson is interested in Katie though. She has so many problems. He has his own problems. But interesting theory.


    Sharisse theron and Marion Cotillard is the same age, and are more beautiful and more successful than her

  • bell

    @BEATRIZ: they are more beautiful because they are happy. Diane often looks like she´s hurt and is about to cry.

  • anon


    Charlize and Marion are actually talented and beautiful on the inside and outside. Diane could only hope to have half of their talent, beauty and grace. Her name shouldn’t even be brought up at the same time as these women, compared to them she is a nobody.

  • lucy2

    aahhhh…yes Joey, the day is finally coming for the truth to come out about Suri! It’s been waaayyy too long, and that poor kid needs some major therapy and assimilation into a normal world(with kids and everything).
    I don’t believe that there are any romantic feelings left from Josh for Katie. His heart was broken when she hooked up with Tom…more because of his loss of a very special friend than whatever other dynamics surrounded their relationship at that time
    I’m willing to bet that Josh is breathing a huge sigh of relief that Katie has finally gotten out of that mess, whether or not their friendship can ever be even remotely repaired(I say NOT since I think Katie sold Josh’s daughter to Tom).

  • lucy2

    …oh and btw…Josh s looking reeeealy good lately!! :-)

  • asimilated

    This woman looks horrible, does she ever smile. She doesn’t look healthy, I think she’s bulmic or something. She’s really getting old, she’s looking older than her reported 35. Once again she’s at a fashion show, those are about the only gigs she can get. Sure she can be a judge at Cannes, they pretty much had to ask her to do that since she was on her knees begging for the honor.

  • Lucyinthesky

    @Bella: don’t let the whole “german” look deceive you, Diane actually seems like a fun person to be around when you see some of her interviews! I think they’re a lovely couple.

  • Polly

    @bell: @Carl: I’m not hating on her or anything, but Joshua has much more of a career then she does! He’s been the male lead on the TV show Fringe for what 4 years now? And by the way Diane is not a model, she’s supposed to be an actress… although we might forget that sometimes because she hardly ever works.

  • no future

    male lead on fringe? hahahahahaha!
    you mean those 2 or 4 lines josh says on a weekly episode on fringe.
    the truth is , his 4 years on fringe were a waste of his time. he was hardly in it.
    the only thing he took away from that show, is his weekly paychecks.

    the showrunners really f*cked him over. they never ever gave josh something really good to do on fringe.
    i’ feel really sorry for josh, i dont see a good future for him in hollywood. maybe he can go into politics. at least he can use his intelligent for something good.

  • please


    but Joshua has much more of a career then she does
    again: hahahahahaha!

    if people took like 10 seconds of their time and go to imdb and look up to diane kruger films, you might see that she makes 2 to 3 movies a year in france.

    SHE MOSTLY APPEARS IN FRENCH MOVIES. she is very respected and loved there. she films with the best directors in france.

    you know, america is not the only country who makes movies.

  • Karen

    He looks tired of being her accessory.

  • bell

    the only thing he took away from that show, is his weekly paychecks.
    Not true. His real father left him and his fringe co-star John Noble is like a father to him now. Actually the whole cast and crew is like friends and family to him. That´s as important as money and career. More important, actually.

  • no future

    and after almost a decade people still call josh , pacey.

    oh yes, he is the man…….not.

    for example :

    oh look, it’s diane kruger and pacey.
    peter aka pacey on fringe.
    katie is not married anymore now she can be with pacey.
    i just saw dian kruger and pacey in that restaurant.


  • diane kruger french actress

    joshua jackson ………pacey

    enough said

  • pacey forever

    michelle williams: nominated for 3 oscars, people refer to her real name.

    katie holmes: soon to be ex-tom cruise: she is still young, wordly known; will walk away with a lot of money after the divorce.

    james van der beek: stars in a comedy, dont trust the b*tch in appartement 23. critics LOVE his performance, and its renewed for a second season. there are some people that say that james can get a emmy nomination next year. if he will get a nod from the emmys , people will start calling him james instead of dawson. AND that took james only one year to convince the world he is different from dawson, because he can act.

    and then we have one left-over: joshua aka forever pacey: six years with diane and 4 years in fringe and people and critics still call him pacey. WHY? because he acts like sh*t.

    after fringe, its back to RIP JOSHUA JACKSON.

  • Alice


    You mean the interviews where she comes off as foul mouthed, self absorbed,vapid and totally stupid? Yeah, I’ve read those interviews and that is why I can’t stand this woman. She’s not even a real model anymore and her acting stinks up the screen. She is now nothing more than a has been!

  • Karen

    Series such as Fringe, Breaking Bad, homeland of the game, Thrones, Game of Thrones give more recognition and credibility to an actor than any unimpressive European films that she does

  • what are you talking about?

    @pacey forever: You do realize that except for Michelle Williams every other Dawson’s Creek cast member “description” you did is absolutely wrong right? And about Katie Holmes being somebody because she married and is divorcing Tom Cruise, I still respect Joshua more then I respect her even if he doesn’t have as much money… at least he actually works! PS: Joshua Jackson has been Joshua Jackson and not Pacey for a long time, but Dawson wil ALWAYS be Dawson.

  • Agatha

    Diane is a model and will always remain a model, no matter how many roles she gets in the future.

    She’s not an actress and will never get the full range of skills a true actor needs. is a wannabe with no talent. she not an actress of Hollywood, and acts like she does. She goes attention for fashion, her revealing clothes or her private life but not for acting.

  • pacey forever AND EVER


    right,right, that’s why i never see josh name mentioned when they talk about fringe. it’s all about his other 2 cast-members the critcs care about.
    he is just an eye candy on fringe.

    pfff, and what’s with joshua’s hair, it looks like a wig. cant he medel his hair right.
    and why does he always wear that same blue suit.
    oh no, i gues fringe paychecks are running out?
    what a loser

  • pacey forever AND EVER
  • pacey forever AND EVER

    why is it that joshua, who has so much charisma, freezes when he has to act.
    if only he could use his charisma into acting.
    george clooney does it.

  • bell

    pfff, and what’s with joshua’s hair, it looks like a wig. cant he medel his hair right.
    and why does he always wear that same blue suit.
    I guess you should blame Diane for it : she said that she cuts his hair and also decides what clothes he wears.

  • Erich

    both are awful actors

  • CF98

    Even though Josh/Katie are never going to reunite I do find it interesting that we see these pics the same day the news of Katie’s divorce broke. Hell I’m surprised nobody has asked his reaction to the news if he has one that is.

    Wonder if its connected(conspiracy theorist) she’s attractive but she needs to eat(I don’t get the waif look of any of these actresses.

  • Plateme1

    @pacey forever AND EVER:

    His two castmembers get talked about the most because THEY PLAYED DOPPLEGANGERS! if Josh had a double to play, he wouldn’t be ignored.

    BTW, it’s not Josh’s fault that people are too damn stupid to understand that Josh is not Pacey.

  • Steph

    I’m embarrassed for both of them. Diane no longer holds youth or beauty to be considered for roles in Hollywood and can only do fashion shoots with the aide of lots of Photoshop. Josh has lost all his backbone to his relationship with this woman. He may currently be working on a floundering TV show, but he isn’t the reason for it’s cult success. He’s got his head so far up her backside that he can’t see his career is in jeopardy. They are both sad caricatures of their former selves.

  • pacey forever and ever

    one thing will happen for sure if josh insist to stay an actor.

    5 or 10 years from now, josh will be so desperate, that he will take a role in an crappy tv-show, playing the dad to some teenage kids.

    or he always can go do some reality show.

  • Plateme1


    Josh controls his own career, idiot.

  • pacey forever and ever


    first you have to have a career first , to be able to control it.

  • Sarah

    So sad because up until Fringe became “the Anna Torv Show” I was a dedicated viewer. Now it’s like I’ll catch it if I’m home or if they replay it, but always turn it off if there’s no Peter within the 1st 15 minutes.

  • padey forever and ever


    it suprised me that anna never actually mentioned it, but FOX offered her an 2-picture deal.

    so anna is just taking her time, enjoying her free time.
    she knows that 2 movie deals are just waiting for her, why would she stress now.
    joshua has nothing, not on fringe and no movie deals waiting for him.
    anna has it all planned out, it will not suprise me at all, if she becomes a big movie star after fringe.