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Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga's 'Florabotanica' Ad!

Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga's 'Florabotanica' Ad!

Kristen Stewart is fabulous in an over-the-top floral dress in her ad for Balenciaga‘s latest fragrance, “Florabotanica!”

The 22-year-old star of the Twilight film franchise describes the fragrance as “natural” and “very alive.”

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Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of American Fragrances for Coty Prestige, said “Florabotanica” is a “game-changer.” She also talked about the visuals in the ad, saying that the flower is “not just a pretty flower, but a pretty dangerous flower. [Designer Nicolas Ghesquière]‘s vision is to twist and turn the heritage and make it something of today.”

The fragrance hits select stores in September and will be available nationwide in October.

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Credit: Steven Meisel
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  • http://none Jen

    I just – what?

  • lol gtfo


  • Brillant

    A corpse in the jungle.

  • hap

    Kstew isn’t exactly the first person that comes to mind when I think of Balenciaga, but good for her I guess. Though that is a very awkward pose and makeup job. It’s like she’s standing in front of a green screen and they just cut and pasted her in.

  • Creed

    What a terrible ad.

  • Jan

    So basically she’s getting paid an insane amount of money for just standing there doing absolutely nothing.. Awesome.

  • Jenna

    It looks very tomboyish and her.

  • Danni

    This ad looks like it’s geared towards young kids. Definitely doesn’t attract women and scream sexy and seductive. I think it plays perfectly to her teen Twilight and now Snow White fanbase

  • JLI

    I like Kristen a lot but that is an awful ad. I’d sue Balenciaga for putting me in a 2008 dress and making this an awful ad.

  • blue

    Kristen Stewart has the best *dead eyes* in Hollywood, no lie. She should get an Oscar for it.

  • Jenni

    I think this perfume is geared toward kids. I don’t know. It looks very edgy and so Kristen and kiddish. It doesn’t look like it’s geared towards adults at all. Maybe that’s the point? If so, it’s pretty cool.

  • wilder

    i think it’s cool how Nicholas went back to the archives and used that dress from the 08 collection. it works really well with the ad. it’s very Balenciaga. like they said, it’s a twist and turn in the heritage. it’s definitely going to be popular

  • ninja

    WTF is this ad?

  • Cho

    At lease if they wanted to photoshop her in the ad they could of photoshopped her other foot to show the shoes fully….this ad sucks…she looks like she always look when she attends events just awkward.

  • mojojo

    Why does Kristen look like a corpse? I’ve got nothing against the girl but I blame the marketing team and makeup/hair crew for this mess.

  • pan

    i love the look, very edgy and very kristen. that’s definitely one of the reasons they got her. she’s gorgeous and edgy and very balenciaga! LOVE IT!

  • Hayley

    Really? This is the hyped ad everyone was waiting for? Ridiculous.

  • jessie

    This ad is so Kristen. It’s so edgy, boyish, and youthful. I mean it’s totally Kristen. It’s her personality and everything. Great job Nicolas.

  • Sweetjar

    Why does Kristen look so dead in this ad? This is one awful advertisement. Maybe lots of Twilight kids will buy it and that’s probably the point

  • Candice

    The perfume is around 68 bucks. There’s no way I can afford it. I love the ad because it screams Kristen Stewart. It’s 100% her. I wonder if she had any say in how she wanted to do this ad. Pretty cool.

  • coco

    Can someone look this sullen, disinterested, miserable, and depressed? It’s amazing. Kstew is in a league of her own.

  • Joen

    Someone looks seriously excited to be there.

  • Angel

    Christ, look more miserable, could ya?

  • dolphin

    She looks terrible, WTF? I was expecting big things from Balenciaga.

  • woot

    Photoshop her thighs more apart will you?

  • Kool Aid

    This is… not good.

  • xoxoxo

    I don’t get this? Do psycho twilight fans look at this and think BELLA IS NEXT TO THAT BOTTLE I MUST HAVE IT!?

  • Canada

    Kristen Stewart is pretty so I understand that people think that taking pictures of her is a good idea but she just never does anything. She always looks bored and blank so it is weird. Give the job to someone who would actually try.

  • notyourfriend

    and all the haters say amen….

  • blueberry

    I feel like she’s the RING girl sucking my soul in the ad.

  • Deej

    Facepalm. Kristen is a sweet girl but she always ends up looking so lifeless and dull. I know she’s tryin to become a fashionista but she should stay away from this

  • Clam

    @Candice: $60? If you want to smell like Kristen Stewart, just smoke weed, it’s cheaper.

  • awful ad

    That bottle of perfume has more life in it/is more dynamic than Kristin Stewart’s eyes. Also she looks like a corpse.

  • V

    Kristen looks fantastic. Come on people, this is not a cover girl ad. It’s about who Balenciaga is and what they want their brand to be. Balenciaga is a high end fashion company, completely different and unique. That’s what Kristen is, she is unique and different. I don’t know why people are threatened by it. Can’t wait to buy this!

  • Sandy

    D@mn, it’s like Balenciaga is trying to be mean to this girl! They put her in a 5 year old dress and mess up with her face and hair Kristen is a beautiful girl, look at W magazine, if styles properly. This colab could have been epic. Note: could.

  • Bookworm

    WHYYYYYYYYYY do professionals INSIST on making her look godawful? Really, the girl has nice features they can work with but it seems they’d just rather make her look terrible. Who thought this was a good ad to put out into the world?

  • aloy

    Wow this is bad.

  • Cluebot

    She looks like Robert Pattinson. God they look too much alike

  • Mila

    Stewart looks dead. Physically and emotionally.

  • V

    Clearly people don’t know the difference between couture and cover girl. It’s obvious Nicolas, the photographer and creative team were going for a certain look. That’s Balenciaga for you. Funnily, whatever Kristen does whether it’s movies, magazines..interviews she will never be good enough for all you haters out there. I wonder who’s lacking..those like you who find faults in people? Or those who dare to be themselves and accept they’re different.

  • V

    @Danni: Balenciaga isn’t about sexy and seductive. Do you see her rolling around in sheets? Balenciaga is a fashion art house.

  • Josh

    Nuke it from orbit.

    It’s the only way to be sure!

  • R

    “Florabotanica”?What a glamorous name! it looks like one of those cheap cologne you buy at the drugstore around the corner.

  • R

    @Clam: so true! loooooool

  • LaCroix

    This ad does NOT make me want to buy this fragrance.. and um who the hell would want to smell dirty, greasy haired & emotionless. Great Ads Balenciaga! FAIL!

  • verity

    Haha, I actually laughed out loud when I saw’s terrible!

  • v

    Haters please go watch die fangirls die by kingsley.

  • leelee

    Are the trying to advertise to zombies?

  • http://justjared saira

    When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of the movie, “A League of Their Own.” Remember the news reel scene when they introduced Marla Hooch? Waaaaaaaaay back!!!

  • LTavares2012

    hahahahahahahahahaha. “A corpse in the jungle”. I like it. A fragrance for “dead people”.