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Tom Cruise: Post Divorce Announcement Helicopter Ride

Tom Cruise: Post Divorce Announcement Helicopter Ride

Tom Cruise takes a helicopter to the set of his new movie Oblivion on Saturday (June 30) in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The 49-year-old actor was back to work just a day after his wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce, seeking sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri.

PHOTOS: Check out Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ hottest red carpet moments through the years.

Interesting fact! All three of Tom‘s marriages have ended when his wives were 33-years-old. Tom was formerly married to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise taking a helicopter ride…

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tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 01
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 02
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 03
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 04
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 05
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 06
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 07
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 08
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 09
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 10
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 11
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 12
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 13
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 14
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 15
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 16
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 17
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 18
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 19
tom cruise post divorce announcement helicopter ride 20

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  • bahha black sheep

    that’s a beautiful helicopter

  • somali girl

    Did they divorce to promote whatever their work? Why am I commenting I hate these boring couple.

  • sookie

    he and Travolta can be together now

  • Une fille de Montreal!

    C’est vrai que c’est bizarre , 33 ans chacunes!!! Tom cruise doit être très manipulateur !

  • Bar

    no one cares about TC. Geez Jared!

  • Nuttier than a fruitcake

    He divorces them by 33? 3 marriages @ 33. Maybe he thinks he is the Antichrist and somehow 666 works into this. Wouldn’t surprise me with his ego and fact that he’ s nutty with his religion.

  • poop

    she’s finally free!!!!!! Take Suri and run Katie! Run far away from the crazy gay midget.

  • dani

    Well maybe the answer to his marriage/divorce dilemma would be to marry someone more age appropriate–he is nearly 50, what about someone in their 40′s? Oh wait, that wouldn ‘t go with his Top Gun image would it?

  • Suri

    Tom to Oprah : “i’m in love” ( jumping on couches) 5 years later…..BAM divorce..

  • plez

    Post separation or post divorce request not post divorce

  • sadie


    can’t u read?

    It says. Post divorce announcement. geez

  • Nic

    If their marriage was a sham to begin with, then this divorce could also be staged or orchestrated to create more buzz. For Tom, it’s always just about publicity regardless if it’s good or bad.

  • TMI

    hoo carez

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  • Just a fan

    Look at this link, Suri is a paparrazi magnet and she is usually very photogenic in pictures and they sell magazines. Do you think Cruise is
    going to let Katie take Suri away from him??? Not without a fight.

    I think we all know there was a time period (2005 thru 2011) that Cruise’s career took a dive and Suri’s cuteness and walks in the park,
    or seen walking in or out of their New York apartment or shopping for
    a doll, dance class, restaurants, etc., kept Cruise and Katie in the celebrity blogs.

  • Simmer

    Lay off the poor guy, geez, whatever problems he has, he’s received courtesy of others! I mean call a spade a spade. He’s given his ex’s
    far more than what they’ve given him. Nicole Kidman was a nobody in
    this country(oz) and America before she hooked onto Tom Cruise, after
    taking him off Mimi, and then sells their kids to him for half his fortune. I still remember the pap photos of her punching the air after signing off on them at the lawyers office. What a ho. They knew the benefits marrying a powerhouse like Cruise would afford them. And what’s the deal with saying Suri isn’t his, she looks just like him. ( exact same nose) Haven’t they been together 7 years? The 7 year d-ITCH strikes again!

  • nlrvb

    in this situation, i don’t like Katie. she used him for her career, but clearly her career didn’t go anywhere, instead his went downhill! I hope Tom gets joint custody of his daughter.

  • ib

    can he just come out already?? no one is buying him being straight.. anyway, its convenient that this comes out when his movie does. Well played Thomas, well played.


    I feel bad for Tom. Katie is a second rate actress who used him. He can do much better then Katie the Frump.

  • Hamlet

    He once married a woman OLDER than he was a and a woman only five years younger than he was, #8!

    Do you really think anyone would go through that much trouble for PR, #12?

  • Just my opinion

    Look at this link:

    Suri is a paparrazi magnet and most of the pictures are focused on her NOT Katie. Suri appears photogenic and pretty in most of these pictures and has several fan websites. Katie appears in the picture and gets free press by being with Suri. If Suri’continues to be photogenic and she gets older she could easily be the muse for a children’s or teen clothing line or get into the entertainment business. The camera likes her. Surely this fact is NOT lost on Katie or Cruise. Katie put Suri into this mess. I don’t think Suri is Cruise’s child but I don’t think that matters anymore. He has been her father for the last 6 years of her life. Katie played with fire, made a deal with the devil and now wants out. I bet if Suri wasn’t around Cruise would have no problem dumping Katie so fast her head would spin but that’s not the case. Suri will be in the middle of this custody fight for years to come. Cruise has millions to spend in court. I think Cruise learned a lot of lessons with his divorce from Nicole Kidman. Of all three wives I think Nicole Kidman who was a relatively UNKNOWN in the United States when she got together with Cruise, will be the one that made out like a bandit in the divorce. I think Katie’s divorce net will be like Marla Maples divorce from Donald Trump. The one that walked with millions was Ivana Trump, by the time Marla Maples and Donald divorced she walked away with less money and had to keep a lid on their life together or lose money. I think the same will happen to Katie and she will incur the wrath of Tom Cruise’s influence in the entertainment business. This is not over by a long shot.

  • Just my opinion

    #19 – Yes, Tom Cruise’s first wife was older than him but she was also younger at that time. She was 31 years old which is still relatively young when they got married. She was the one that introduced Scientology to Cruise. Nicole was only 23 years old when they got married and was actually living with another man when she hooked up with Cruise to star in Days of Thunder. She dumped her boyfriend to move to the US and be with Tom Cruise. Katie was 27-28 years old when they got married. So the youngest here was Nicole Kidman but she was not a naive 23 year old, neither was Katie. Fame and fortune is a drug very few actresses will reject. All these ladies used Cruise to get on the fasttrack to an A list career. In my opinion, Mimi Rodgers did a great job in the 80′s movie “Someone to Watch Over Me” and then her career stalled and faded away. I think Nicole Kidman is the one that thanks to Cruise’s connections in the entertainment industry and her talent was able to achieve an A list career. Katie had Cruise’s connections but did NOT have the talent to have an A List career and she has certainly had opportunities one after another but hasn’t worked out for her.

  • @Bar


    So, you consider yourself the spokesperson for every person on the planet? Speak for yourself and let others speak for themselves.

  • Just my opinion

    Interesting article from the New York Post (here we go):

    Best supporting actress – How Katie Holmes was cast for the part of Tom Cruise’s wife

    Read more:

  • KissThis

    Tom is too into himself and what’s going on in his weirdo head to hold a relationship/family together. He’s too selfish.

  • Mia

    I Used to think that katie was the victim …but the way she’s managing the divorce is pretty NASTY …she knew he was into scientology when she married him !!!!!!!! Why ask for sole custody? Suri seems really happy when she’s with her dad …it’s CRUEL for both the father and the daughter to try to separate them. Just my opinion

  • Mia

    I feel sorry for him …despite his many flaws, her sure gave her a lot of love, a daughter and they spent some good time together …how can she cancel everything like that ..can the love she felt for him and the love she received be denied like that? …she could have managed things in a less aggressive way! To ask for sole custody is to ask for war …is that the child’s best interest?

  • Mia

    @simmer : WELL SAID !!! …I agree!

  • Simmer

    @Mia: why thanks Mia.

    I’ve never really understood why everyone dislikes Tom to the degree
    they do. He can’t help being under the control of the ‘organization’ he’s
    a member of. And his talent is amazing! Far greater talent than his ex’s!
    All of them.

  • @

    Whatever anyone thinks about Tom Cruise and his personal beliefs and behaviour, he nevertheless is an icon. He is probably THE most famous of all movie stars, ever. That will not change, irrespective of the movies he now makes, and even if he goes completely downhill (which is doubtful). Tom does NOT need publicity! Especially not of the negative kind. He must have had something going for him as a man if Nicole stayed with him for 10 years, and would have for longer had he not blindsided her with their divorce. From what I can see, this divorce is instigated by Katie. Perhaps their personal relationship was not the same as his was with Nicole. If he is gay, it is completely understandable that that would be kept under wraps because of his movie image; in Hollywood, throughout the decades, there have been many gay actors who kept it under wraps; they may even be obligated to by the studios! We simply can not compare our lives to the lives of
    movie stars. Their world is surreal, and just about every move they make is dictated by the contracts they sign. Yes, we can contemplate, but not one of us is qualified to state an opinion as fact. Yes, Tom has had kookie ideas and his ‘religion’ is controversial, but I really think that everyone is simply going too far in trashing this man. He serves a certain purpose; provides income and work for MANY people/families, and I feel he does deserve SOME respect. We do NOT know all the facts. We do know that the women who he has been involved with have benefited enormously through their association with him, and it is really quite dis-ingenious to now lay it all on Cruise’s doorstep.

  • @simmer


    well said! agreed!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Just My Opinion,Nic, Just a fan, I agree with ya’ll.
    This was a sham, set up from day one. I cannot feel sorry for kaite Holems, a lil, fading meidcore tv show actress. She got what she wanted.
    Tom got waht he wanted…a bread to fend off rumors, a stab at nciole kidman, pr , so amzing( I want to barf on that word, the one-word of Tom and Kaite), ehhhh.
    Kaite should take her tens of millions and raise that feral kid properly. Shr cannot act. PR, public vibes, industry contacts are not there for kaite. Tom career took a dive after divorcing Nicole and is stilll, not white-red hot like it was. he is older. How many action, dventure movies can he make. No substance, jsut action-adventure.

  • annie

    @just my opinion
    sorry but all that article suggests to me is that katie holmes was decieved, by a man she loved, and scientology.
    if this is true, she didn’t know she was being set up , did she?
    maybe after being told over and over by the media that she was picked from a list of potentials….one day, maybe after a couple of years and a one baby, she asked herself what the hell am i doing in this relationship, but was scared to get out.
    does the media or scientology or TCrealise what this sounds like, if it’s true

    he deceived her, he acted a role just like in a movie only he played with a real persons feelings and life, that’s what that article says, actually it was around the time of Mortons book that Katie began to show strain and loss of weight.
    honestly if all this is true it’s sickening, the most sickening thing i’ve ever heard, imagine her mum and dad reading this stuff.

  • anonymous

    Tom was hardly “blindsided” by the divorce announcement. He and Katie weren’t even living in the same building when she filed.

  • Mia

    @ annie: if what you wrote is true ….then what do all those extra milion dollars she’s asking for have to do with all this???! …it sounds more like “let me get as much as I can from this situation” rather than “I’ve bene deceived so i have to run away” ….and after all his mother, his kids, his sisters and nieces all love him so maybe his not the monster your picturing. Katie knows there’s a lot of money involved and that’s a big temptation !

  • Abby Saw

    Heard he was in Buffalo

  • Lindsay


  • tim

    I think katie is jealous about the sucess of michel william-and realise that this relatiosship have to end to get some movie rolles

  • PuPr

    Katie was naive. Tom is controlling. Suri is in the middle. What is crazy is Nicole kidman never really got to see her adopted kids once Tom divorced her. What person does that? Tom because he thinks his way or they highway. Let’s hope this does not happen in suri’s case. Katie will have a difficult time in this battle. She made her bed.

  • Gszdzfxzfxfffxfx

    That’s just your very personal opinion. Kidman chose to live in another state and her adopted kids chose to stay in CA because they were already going to school there …so maybe it made it difficult to see eachother often but it was Kidman’s choice !! You comment like you ‘re part of the Cruise family …how can you make assumptions like that???!!!! Katie is not native at all otherwise she wouldn’t be asking for extra milion dollars, ecc.

  • PuPr

    @Gszdzfxzfxfffxfx: Katie must be very careful. I think she was planning this for a while. Tom pull his kids away from Nicole so she should be concerned for Suri. Money is not as important as custody in this divorce.

    From an article “Holmes’s parents originally wanted her to avoid marrying Cruise, a tipster told The Scoop magazine in 2006, but then changed their minds. “If she walks now, Tom will fight her for custody of [Suri], and Katie can’t outlast him in court,” an insider told The Scoop in 2006. “She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that.””

    B strong Katie and good luck!

  • Gszdzfxzfxfffxfx

    Yeah right! … then why stay with him for this long ? ..she was more than happy to marry him when she did it …she couldn’t help smiling all the time

  • PuPr

    @Gszdzfxzfxfffxfx: “and Katie can’t outlast him in court,” an insider told The Scoop in 2006. “She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that.””

    Just quoting an article. Believe whatever you want.

  • ToMtom
  • Andy

    Katie is afraid that she gets disconnected from Suri. That’s probably the very reason why she is fighting for sole custody. I mean look at Nicole Kidman. At first, they were granted joint custody of their children, but eventually, her children got disconnected from her because of constant brainwashing from the CoS. Katie should know, she lived with Tom for 5 years and has witnessed Nicole’s relationship with the kids if there is even really any. Katie’s advantage is that she has learned from Nicole’s experience whereas Nicole had no idea that, even after 10 years of marriage, Tom would do such a thing to her with her children.

  • yep

    I wish the best for Suri! Tom’s other young adult children seem to be normal young adults! Children need both parents if at all possible!

  • Predictable

    From Crazy Days and Nights…

    When it comes to a decision as to whether I believe Katie Holmes or COS about whether Katie is being followed, I am going to lean towards the side of Katie. The thing is, even if she is not being followed, everyone knows Scientology does that kind of thing so it just makes them look bad and makes Tom look worse since he is second in charge. This is going to be a very public divorce battel and the average person who has no idea about the crap that Scientology pulls are going to be very enlightened. If they are following Katie, they are going to look awful for doing so and will get caught. If they are not following her, they are still going to look awful because the media will bring up every story of how COS has followed people before.

    One of the favorite COS tricks is to hire a detective agency who then hires the people who follow someone and COS can deny they are following anyone. Oh, or SeaOrg people who “on their own initiative and without the knowledge of COS follow someone.” That is always a favorite. If COS does their usual dirty tricks stuff, they will end up losing a lot. It would also be nice if Katie didn’t tell them a lot of secrets about herself so she could spill about them.

  • Anonymous

    Tom Cruise seems like a very nice guy ..he’s always respectful in interviews, etc. …too bad he’s into scientology …I guess nobody’s perfect!

  • ladyantistupid


    I think she found out how “Kooky” and dangerous that “cult” of his is and has been planning this a while.
    Hope SHE gets main custody and is the one who makes the decisions on how to raise Suri. Scientology is dangerous for children and Katie surely knows this.

    I think he should have partial custody but Katie should make the decisions on how Suri is raised. He is gone most of the time anyway.