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Jaden & Willow Smith - BET Awards 2012

Jaden & Willow Smith - BET Awards 2012

Willow Smith flashes a peace sign as she and big brother Jaden pose for a picture on the red carpet at the 2012 BET Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (July 1) in Los Angeles.

Willow, 11, is premiering her latest song, “I Am Me” tonight. She tweeted about it: “Thanks for the #IAMME Luv! This is for you guys!!!” along with a link to her song – listen below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Willow Smith

This year’s BET Awards are hosted by Samuel L. Jackson and will include performances by Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. The awards show airs live starting at 8/7c!

Willow Smith’s I Am Me
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Credit: Mark Davis, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Jess

    Lol at Jaden trying to act sexy…

  • Marie

    so sad…

  • kan223

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  • mamie

    so young and already so full of themselves. how arrogant can two children look? their parents are clearly the worst.

  • Barbara

    Haha…I see everyone else sees their arrogant expressions too!! They need to get over themselves.

  • casey

    What’s wrong with his eyes?

  • doodle


  • Mann

    I think I’ll talk about the song, it’s Amazing!!! Lol @ Jadens face tho what is he doing…. yuck!!!

  • Carbon Copy

    They have that stupid sad puppy dog look like their father. So sick of them!

  • RCope


  • Owayed

    They are don’t have any talent!!!!

  • sarah


  • Tami

    I like Willow a lot. She seems like a sweety to me and I truly love that song . She is very confident with herself and doesn’t care what Ppl think . Now Jaden .. Ugh.. I think he is a cool kid he’s just a typical teen boy. They don’t smile ! They do this stupid “I’m cool look.” He looks constipated . Lol I remember Will was on some show recently and he said he’s told jaden about that face . Teen boys will be teen boys

  • http://aol Pat

    Pathetic. Just because they are offspring of actors (well maybe just Will, Jada is a no talent)
    they aren’t anything special. Oh, what money can buy.

  • http://aol Pat

    They are trying to much to be their parents. How about just being a kid?

  • Wishful

    He’s going to get wrinkles!

  • AnnmarieZ

    This just bothers’ me so much…..they just want to be famous!!!!! So sad:(

  • Troy


    And you don’t have any grammar skills, so where does that get you in life???
    You people are the pathetic ones

  • porkpies

    how old are these lil kids anywa and posing thug tuff already, omg what on earth have they had to tuff their way thru ?

  • nika

    that song must be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s kinda like Rebecca Black trying to sing some deep song. Her voice may get better since she’s so young but now she doesn’t have the voice to pull off ballad. Anyways it’s kinda weird to hear this little girl singing about how she knows who she is…why don’t they enjoy their youth and come back in couple years???

  • serena

    I’m sorry, what is she singing about??? That lyrics would suit a woman! Not a kid!? What’s next? Pregnant with 16 and retirement with 18?
    Why can’t the parents let them be kids? The greatest time for a human being. I lost all respect for their parents.

  • jaspisgirl

    what are these kids doing on a adult side????? why i am forced to comment on little innocent babies???????

  • http://Gmail EmmalovesJadenSmith

    Wow Jaden looks snazen in thoes zebra pants and the msfts sweater.

  • elizandra

    jaden my cate i love you <3 jaden jada will willow

  • jadenator

    Jesus Christ guys. they’re kids. and LOL, why are y’all so jealous of their fame? yes… they’re the offspring of really famous people, but that doesn’t mean they’re smug. they just have a lot of money. +actually they do have talent. Jaden has been acting since he was 5. i don’t really think any of you could really move when you were 5. +willow can sing perfectly fine, what would you expect from an eleven year old? She’s more mature. And instead of wasting your time hating on them, why don’t you do something more eventful with your life. Jaden + Willow are just being themselves, you shouldn’t hate them for it.

  • Staci C

    @jadenator: @jadenator AMEN!! Couldn’t have said it better myself…some people just have to throw negativity out there instead of focusing on the positives…I choose to ignore them. Willow’s message is clear and on point, regardless of whether or not she’s 11.

    Now maybe I’m stretching the comparison, but when do we knock people for their age. HELLO…either talk about the song, the lyrics, the melody or the voice.

  • cameron

    Jesus christ! for some of you guys, these comments are just hurtful. These are kids and their fashion… What do you expect. For some of the aldults saying they are full of themselves, crap and talentless they are. As a parent, im sure most of you would do the same for your children. These are just kids. pfff Christians my ass! more like judgemental. and its a shame that the teen one has to be the one who has sense. Will Smith put a lot into his career to have a good life for his family, who are you people to say he cant be a good parent and let them do them. The people who are actually saying they like them are getting thumbs down. You can dislike mine if you want, and still be as judgemental as you can and I still dont hope your kids get bashed like this at school!

  • todd

    you guys teach your kids to be themselves but yet you people hate
    on these kids for do the exact same. thats why she wrote the song “I am me” you incompetent aldult dumb@$%’s. and I do hope your kids get bashed like this in the publics eye.

  • todd

    @AnnmarieZ: you sound like an arrogant little prick…. so sad…

  • todd

    @mamie: you sound like your full of yourself and jealous of them that you cant afford that kind of lifestyle for your own kids… who are you to judge somebodys parenting? just because theyre not raised the same way you raise your kid. I like to see you raise you kids with how much popularity Will and Jada have…. So sad.. you need to grow up

  • Ash

    wow, people are really harsh. They’re are so talented for their age and people are obviously not listening to the lyrics because it is obvious that she’s saying whether you guys like her or not (obviously most of you don’t) she’s not going to change for you guys. Why is it so bad that they’re trying to make a name for themselves in this business? Would you guys be so mean if they weren’t the parents of Will and Jada? They both look amazing (as always) and people need to stop being so judgmental. Jealous much? I think so.

  •!/ScrewYoTheories Sherry

    I Think All these ‘Hate’ comments are really dumb. These are children , and half of you are probably adults. -.- What’s wrong with an expression? Maybe it wasn’t the best.. so what? It’s a damn picture , if you don’t like it.. move on to the next one. “They’re only famous because of their parents” … <<< Really ? Um , duhh.. every child born to a celebrity is gonna be famous , but being famous Isn't a talent. Some of their fame comes from their TALENTS, you idiotic twats. Seriously , this jealousy and shit is gettin' sad… nevermind.. it's already HORRIFIC. So.. just politely STFU, and move on.

  • Agnes

    They are so vain, but I have – I have a queasy feeling about it.

  • jadenlover

    well i love them! and you guys are just hateing on their talent. and willow is just being herself and she does not care what other ppl thinks. they are just being theirself. they both love what they do and you guys just commenting isn’t going to change what they love. and willow actuall has a beautiful voice and i think and the ppl that are commenting rude stuff can’t even sing theirself so if i were you i would just shut up and stop being haters! nuff said….

  • Jaden and will

    you ADULTS need to get a life doesn’t mean your poor you have to hate them rich people because they have everything that you don’t. I have dislike every hateful comment YOUR WELCOME SMITH’S

    I respect y’all

  • kagomay

    LAY OFF! If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all! If you don’t like the pictures so much there is a big red ‘X’ in the corner. Use it! And for those who already said something bad i have one thing to say to you. “Kill yoself!” (~_~)

  • Michelle

    All you jealous haters need to stop. This is so sad when people find every reason to criticize others because they have more than you. Will has earned everything he has, so stop hating and get you some of that money, Oh I forgot. You guys have no talent, but typing. So what, if his kids can get paid because of their dads fame, you and yours would too.That’s Hollywood, fame is knowing someone, and they do. by the way, Jada is a good actress and producer. I suggest all you haters find another career so you too can be paid. LOl. Broke asses.

  • sean

    I have personally met and conversed with both Jaden and Willow, I have nothing to say but good things. these two are the sweetest, coolest, most down to earth little individuals I have ever met. Honestly if you have never spoken to or worked with them you have no business posting a negative comment, having no idea who they truly are, how hard they work or the incredible amount of talent they both possess. I couldn’t be more proud of Will and Jada for raising three amazing kids!