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Stacy Keibler: Floral Jeans at Bagatelle!

Stacy Keibler: Floral Jeans at Bagatelle!

Stacy Keibler rocks a pair of floral patterned jeans while grabbing dinner at Bagatelle on Friday (June 29) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress recently made a guest appearance on the hit TBS sitcom Men at Work, which just got picked up for a second season!

TBS placed another ten-episode order for the show, which will air in 2013. We hope that we’ll see more of Stacy on the show!

Earlier this week, Stacy went shopping at Armani Exchange in the Soho neighborhood of NYC and played games at the Nintendo Wii U preview.

FYI: Stacy is wearing a Michael Stars tank.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Danuu

    She really is making the most out of this relationship isn’t she?

  • Danuu

    Proof that little old Stacy is paying for her appearances here: she was with Torrie Wilson who doesn’t get a mention and is cropped out of the pics.

  • paula

    you are Clooney’s girlend – you are actress and star, and you can find your pics on JJ. what is going on?

  • jaspisgirl

    @ nr.1 yepp,time is running away

  • Jo

    I thought Stacy was spending her Summer in Europe? After Tom and Katie splitting George and Stacy breaking up will hardly be worth mentioning. Love the pants on Stacy you need to be that tall and lean to get away with wearing them. What is with that ring on her finger?

  • FuzzyNavel

    Enough with this gigantic Famewhore! I’d much rather see the Kardashians than this Stacy Keibler freak.

  • OCD

    At first I thought, why does this person like a streetwalker?

    Then I realized this is Stacy Keibler and it made total sense.

  • Daisy


    Torrie Wilson is dating Derek Jeter. She should be in these photos unless there is an agreement to promote Keibler. Stacy Keibler: The fameho that will end the career of George Clooney and trample everything else in its Godzilla-like path.

  • Daisy


    Sorry, meant to respond to this comment about Keibler obviously being promoted. It does definitely make me feel better that no one as fugly as Keibler will ever truly be famous no matter how much surgery she does on that trainwreck of a face. Fugly face and absolutely no talent but famewhoring. I especially love how she is practically going bald and her fake cheeks are the size of grapefruits. Just beyond a joke and this dumbass overexposure will kill Clooney’s career, that is 4 sure.

  • CH

    Another day, more fake staged photos for famewhore Stacy Keibler. Surprise, surprise!! Maybe you can up your appearance fee again, Stacy.

  • @ the armchair critics

    I don’t know this woman from a bar of soap, just what appears in my face online, but really, most of the comments I hear that people make about her are really beyond the pale!!

    I bet that anyone who would find themselves in her position would also make the most of what has come their way. Clearly she makes the effort with regard to keeping her body etc in shape (after all she was in an athletic kindova career pre Clooney), which I am sure is much more than most of the armchair critics do themselves. It is very easy to sit behind a computer and make random critiques; but honestly; what has this woman done to harm or offend YOU!! Get down to the gym yourselves, find someone as gorgeous as Clooney to gadabout with, THEN offer your ‘judgement’, where it may have some credence!

  • Love The Shoes

    And so it begins. Although it’s pretty early in Gorgeous George’s nornal girlfriend cycle “the GF being photog’d alone in multiple times and in succession” is the first sign that it won’t be long. Yeah, they’re still a couple but the winding down process has begun. Wonder who’s next up at bat.

  • Snickers

    @@ the armchair critics:

    Why don’t you learn English armchair critic? Perhaps then you would learn the meaning of the word hypocrisy since you know nothing about the kind of shape people are in (ie, Armchair Critic, much?). And FYI, I just got back from the gym and am in excellent shape but, unlike Stacy Keibler, do not look like a total drag queen. And I mean that as no insult to drag queens, who are usually far more attractive than Stacy Keibler.

  • E.L. Fudge

    To the naysayers: Stacy Keebler is quite simply “Uncommonly made, uncommonly good”

  • NYC chck


    torrie is dating A-Rod not Jeter and she was probably cut out the pic because she looked a hot f-in mess.

    I actually like those jeans on Stacey. she makes them look better then other chicks that have worn them.

  • Amy

    Enough with her already. She’s been with Clooney for over a year now and all she has landed are a few promo gigs and a few small parts on bad TV shows/movies. My biggest problem with her is that she is a huge hypocrit. She talks about how she takes care of her skin, but then obviously tans (bakes her skin) to the max. I don’t believe that is all spray. Then she totally goes against her healthy living mantra by pimping bagel crisps which are as healthy as eating potato chips. And with George, she looks/dresses like the President of the PTO but minus-George, she looks/dresses like a hooker. Someone (George!!!!!) please make her go away.

  • Milano

    @NYC chck:

    That’s right, it is A-Rod Torrie is dating, I thought so but then when I saw Jeter’s name I was not sure. Guess that shows that Torrie is not a total fameho like Stacy and is not ho’ing herself out to the media every chance she gets. Stacy is an out of control opportunist and a ridiculously unattractive person inside and out. She also entirely looks like a man in drag with those masculine arms and shoulders and even her legs looked masculine in those shorts she took photo ops in yesterday. But that first photo of Stacy here is Drag Queen City. I mean, sweet Jesus, the width of Stacy Keibler’s shoulders is enormous!!! And it totally looks like she is a guy wearing a wig!! Just beyond freaky.

  • LollyGirl

    Stacy Keibler — the drag queen wrestler escort from famewhore hell.

    And those are the Keibler highlights!

  • Sanfran

    She is a Z-lister with or without Clooney. Her claim to fame is as a female wrestler, DWTS contestant and club promoter. Could Clooney have picked anyone more bottom of the barrel than Keibler.

  • scarlett

    You can just here the wind whistling between her ears. No brains whatsoever.

  • SunnyDays

    I’d rather see Kim Kardashian’s jacked up face too because even though it is freakish at least in it’s jacked up state it is more attractive than Stacy Keibler’s. I mean, I seriously practically threw up just now looking at Keibler’s fugly face!! What is it with those enormous disgusting plastic cheeks? And I’ve seen less of a receding hairline on guys in nursing homes. And do not even get me started on her manly man body!

    Enough is enough with the Daily Stacy Fugly Keibler Publicity Show! I am seriously starting to think this fugly freak being forced upon us every day is one of the signs of a freaking impending Apocalypse!

  • Sydney

    No, JustJared, doing a guest appearance on some lame TBS show does not make Stacy Keibler an actress.

  • Fashionista


    Stacy Keibler is so bottom of the barrel the Clooney PR team had to make a new bottom of the barrel just for her. She is skeevy beyond belief. If George Clooney wanted to be a national joke — and he must have — hey, Mission Accomplished George.

  • sk8rgirl
  • @Snickers


    We kneel at the altar of YOU!

  • SnowWhite
  • OKAY?

    Stacy is wasting her time bearding for George Clooney. There are YOUNGER and RICHER men out there. Being with George is not gonna get you anywhere .Look at his exes. Look at Katie Holmes. Stacy you are GORGEOUS! Don’t wast your beauty years on someone who thinks he’s still the sh!t. If you wanted old you should have gone with Hamilton. He actually likes you a lot.

  • OKAY?

    I can’t stand the men in Hollywood who will come up with these contracts and use women to cover whatever. George is over the hill. people are on to him. I don’t mind arranged relationships where the men want to give their women a leg up and some shine in the media but George is not doing that. I don’t think he cares for her. What a cold heart he has. All that charity work and this Obama thing? Clooney is the biggest fameho out there.

  • anon

    Some of you are so stupid. I hope that Stacy cuts her ties with George because what’s the sense of being in a relationship where you are to be promoted when the boyfriend doesn’t allow you to speakand his “fans” don’t like you? Fuq that.

  • StacyTrannyKeibler


    There is even a bulge in the pants!! I am rolling on the floor laughing!!!


    Anon apparently you have not heard or read what Stacy says. She comes off like a total dingbat. Then again that is par for the course with George’s taste in women that he shows publicly. She looks like she is a bit hung over and just rolled out of bed. Her face is puffy and bloated. Wow! She looks far from put together. Looking like a true train wreck and stressed. Karma has that effect….

  • Kikicohen

    @@ the armchair critics: This is a site where people are allowed to express their OPINIONS. Period the end. If you don’t like what people have to say, positive or negative about a given person, it’s probably not the place for you.

  • KissThis

    For some reason I think she looks so manly looking…

  • yep


  • Kiki Cohen

    @sk8rgirl: Thanks for the entertainment! I didn’t realize just how bottom of the barrel Clooney’s
    choice of girlfriend was- truly makes me ? His level of intelligence

  • CrayCrayKeibler

    @Kiki Cohen:

    There are tons of degrading videos online of Stacy Keibler but it seems that most people think she was some sort of athletic wrestler rather than engaging in something one step below soft porn and denigrating herself and all women for years in the WWE. The idea of her being an actress is a joke and at least most people seem to get that and see her over the top famewhoring but everyone should watch those videos online to see what she really did in the WWE for years to get a true sense of who she is.

    Oh, and I love how Cray Cray’s PR people and hangers on to the Clooney gravy train come in and hit the thumbs down buttons on everything people say here as if that makes an influential difference when 99% of the critical comments about her are so detailed and well thought out and the positive comments are as vapid and clueless as Cray Cray Stacy herself is.

  • ReadytoWear

    Well, I don’t know about 99% of the critical comments about Stacy Keibler and George Clooney being well thought out ;) but I think people are understandably over this whole thing at this point and it shows and people know when they are being played and have a right not to like it and express it in various ways. And I totally agree with Kiki that this makes you question George Clooney’s intelligence because he wants to make intelligent films for an intelligent audience but those kind of people are the ones who have a zero tolerance level for someone like Stacy Keibler. And I am younger than her, but intelligent people of all ages do not respect women who do not respect themselves OR the guys who think women like Stacy Keibler make great publicity escorts. (Sorry, George … )

  • ReadytoWear

    Just wanted to add that I think this will be George Clooney’s jumping the shark moment and people will say, “Remember when people used to like and respect him?” “Oh, yeah, that was before the Keibler PR stunt.” And, yet, someone right now — as I type this — is planning more staged PR photos for George and Stacy for next week. Sad… :(

  • Charlotte

    He picks up women, who are willing to do everything for money and fame. They do not even care, for what they are famous as long they are mentioned in the yellow press.
    Then he parades them around like: Hey, look, I am so powerful, I can buy me one of these, please adore me for this!
    They try to do their” job” while he is watching them fail and making fun of them, even in pĆ¼blic.
    He is watching them digging their own grave, when they think being the wonderful persons they are, they do deserve all of the media attention they get as his girlfriend.
    It does not bother him when they are being ridiculed in public, de facto this is what they deserve.
    So he is not to blame when the public crap has its end, because these women were just wannabes, hookers, fame*ho*es and nothing serious at all.
    But he can happily do what he wants, only a small piece of dirt is left each time and will stick to him, like true love.

  • Michelo ARTISTA
  • Michelo II
  • Kikicohen

    @CrayCrayKeibler: Actress, she is not and wrestler, she is not. Soft porn captures it. Her parent’s must be so proud-
    Anyhow, although I’m not in the Hollywood industry, my gut tells me Clooney and his PR team did not anticipate the level of dislike and mockery toward SK, when he originally went into this contract. This is a respected Academy award winning actor who is hobnobbing with the POTUS!!!! It is mind boggling that he is gallavanting around with the likes of this woman. His personal, intellectual, and political stock, is falling faster than the US economy….

  • Kikicohen

    @ReadytoWear: But WHY, WHY?????I do not get it

  • Davida Rochelle Kanter

    @Kikicohen: 23619874″>Kikicohen: what don’t you get, Kiki gnome?
    That it’s all for photo-ops in gossip magazine and affiliate marketing & advertizing? Ooooooo, you don’t know that, huh??
    @Michelo- jeans look amazing on the model in the 2nd link you’ve attached.
    I didn’t realize they’re meant to be skinny jeans with Stacy big-boned giant wears them. I guess, she’s no ectomorph & can’t pull it off :-)
    do they come in extra long sizes for Marfan syndrome giants?

  • Phys Major

    hi, Davida! Great posts! i’ll give you a pay rise: some hand-me down designer bags I don’t want….HAHAHAHAHA
    My posts are as good as Winky’s, don’t you think??
    You do as you’re told!
    When I say jump, you listen to big bad Kirstie!!!
    So, now I’m grooming Maria Menounos for you.
    The Giant has proved a FAIL FAIL.
    And can’t even entice you with a BLOW JOB coz the hoo’ker has no lips!!
    Plus an ugly potato face of a giant ain’t your thing.


    @Michelo ARTISTA: Yes, I’m here to flog the threads. Sell labels, photo-ops & tabloids online & press, you name it, all media sales for me, Stan & Network! Big BUCKS!!!
    And you will be our billboared poster-boy for defective hoo*kers like Canalis, Keibler …. & even plain, goofy Maria Menounos…..whether you like it or not!!
    No time for non-conformists!!!

  • Davida Rochelle Kanter

    @Phys Major: Well, I have no lips and a round potato Teutonic cranium because like Stacy I have German ancestry. But I can still try to give blow jobs. I may not be able to get a strong grip for suction on the shaft but that’s not all you need to give good head.
    Many men I’ve entertained after they’ve seen my bikini shots on my Davida Rochelle facebook profile, complain at first that my thin lips scrape the shaft so I try to deep throat instead.
    Stacy might be able to being such a big woman as she has a big thorax, head, etc.
    We’ll have to ask Geoff Stults as George has never been intimate with her.

  • Phys Major

    @Davida Rochelle Kanter: Oh, shut the fcuk up, you delusional old saggy seat-filler / extra!!!!
    I’ll sack you if you don’t stick to what’s scripted.
    My concern is how to make Clooney warm to Menounos!
    The cavedwelliing, paranoid, non-conformist alcoholic may resist my orders!!
    I need advertizing revenue, appearance fees, photo-op sales!!
    Matt Damon’s NOBODY former single-mum barmaid he found in a Miami strip bar makes a helluva lot more in product placement and sporadic photo-ops than the hoo’kers I’ve sourced for George these last 5 years!!

  • Kikicohen

    @Davida Rochelle Kanter: You are one hateful, bitter “human”- no need for the snarkiness