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Alec Baldwin: Morning After Wedding with Ireland & Hilaria!

Alec Baldwin: Morning After Wedding with Ireland & Hilaria!

Alec Baldwin, his new wife Hilaria Thomas, and his daughter Ireland sit in a park the morning after his wedding on Sunday (July 1) in New York City.

The next day, the happy family went grocery shopping in the East Village neighborhood.

Alec recently took the cover of Vanity Fair‘s August 2012 issue, which hits newsstands July 5!

“I thought, I’m probably never going to meet somebody like this again, and so I decided I would get married,” Alec told the mag. “And I am getting married—which is kind of mind-blowing to me.”

10+ pictures inside of Alec Baldwin spending time with his family…

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alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 01
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 02
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 03
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 04
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 05
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 06
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 07
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 08
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 09
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 10
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 11
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 12
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 13
alec baldwin morning after wedding with ireland hilaria 14

Credit: TNYF; Jackson Lee; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • V

    Where is Kim Basinger anyways? Is she still alive?

  • Lola

    It must be weird when your wife and daughter look like they’re the same age.

  • It

    Ireland is very tall ! (and beautiful)

  • ilikeitmore

    I WANT to have sex every day,please contact

  • Gossipgirl

    Guess he was too cheap to go on a honeymoon.

  • Jennifer

    Wow. Spending the day after your Dad’s wedding with him and his new wife can’t be at all awkward . What a weird outing…

  • Tate

    She looks about 12. The wife that is.

  • SansaStark

    The “happy family” went grocery shopping????? Jared do you actually write this stuff or do you use an intern?? Please say it’s an intern! Ireland looks utterly miserable in all these photographs. And “Mrs. Baldwin needs to stop trying to look like she’s 17. I mean in one photo, her striped dress is falling off her shoulder!

    She obviously has a need to prove something. I mean, she’s sitting on her hubby’s knee in her short shorts, while his 17 yr old daughter sits on the other side of them pretending to look at her friend’s phone, looking horribly uncomfortable.

    I think the newlyweds should have gone on a honeymoon or something so they could grope and pose to their heart’s content and leave Ireland out of it.

    Maybe Alec’s trying to send a message to Kim Basinger thru these photographs, ” Look at me!!! I still go it!” Hah.

  • Mikaela

    @SansaStark: U said everything!! She looks miserable in the pics…

  • rhymes9

    Ireland is gorgeous – looks just like Kim B.

  • Lynn

    The wife wants to be Snooki, and the daughter wants to be Miley, right down to the bun on the top of her head. What is the matter with this world?

  • Gillian

    I dont find their daughter so beautiful.

  • Pepper

    Women wore their hairs in buns in the summer long before Miley was even a thought.

  • lori

    Why on earth would a 20-something marry a 50-something hothead who is clearly having a mid-life crisis? Oh, that’s right, $$$$$.

  • snake

    The daughter is a GIANT!

  • dress shoes w/jean shorts?

    Alec’s new girl reminds me of Kim Kardashian, especially in pic#11, where she’s wearing the dress pumps with jean shorts, sticking her as* out and feeling it up in the street, just trashy.

  • someone

    Ireland doesn’t seem very happy in the main pic…she looks just like her mother….very pretty girl

  • http://none Jen

    I’m sorry but the hell is the wife wearing? With all the money they both have now, you’d think she’d be dressing the slightest bit better. You don’t wear pumps with jean shorts, you just don’t. And you certainly do not wear them with a shirt that’s too long so you think it’s appropriate to wear as a dress.

    His daughter is gorgeous though.

  • Jelly Bean

    Only one thought came to mind when I looked thru the pictures, Alec is a pathetic middle age man who is trying so hard to prove something. Not sure what. And the daughter is a train wreck waiting to happen because she looks miserable even when she smiles. And the new wife, well her 15 minutes of fame will be up soon. Alec, what are yo doing man???

  • Katherine

    His daughter looks miserable. That is not a picture of a happy family.

  • Pasquale

    Ditto Lola.
    Alec never looked so old.

  • LG

    Very pretty Ireland. Looks like her mom. Of course, she looks uncomfortable. She’s being photographed by paparazzi after being in the center of a polemic situation as a child.

  • kate

    She’s 16 years old she does not have to be there, if she did not want to be there. She is obviously uncomfortable about being photographed.

    By her being there, it is obvious she is close to ther dad, and new step-mom.

  • serena

    Ireland doesn’t look as good as her mother. She looks good but not that much.. Why are they all looking so miserable? It’s the day after their wedding!?

  • porquenon

    Hilaria comes from money so she doesn’t really need his. Alec wants at least one more child – one that he’ll be able to be a fulltime father for without the crazy that is/was Kim Basinger. I see Hilaria going down the Katie Joel “lifestyle” celebrity route as soon as she pops the first baby which will be asap.

  • believe

    In all the pictures the new wife is yakking on the phone. I hate people like that. You are together with a group and walking on the street, but someone pretentious has to be talking on the phone. So rude.

  • Me3

    Grandfather to that girl on his lap? Creepy!!!!!

  • Um ok….

    @porquenon: She comes from money my ass! She’s using him because her yoga money can’t pay the bills

  • Gia


    And Ireland looks 28, haha

  • Gia


    She is too tall. Not so beautiful to me.

  • Gia


    She is not beautiful

  • Gia

    Ireland is EXTREMELY tall. Being so tall is not elegant / feminine and in my opinion she’s just average. Kim Basinger is very pretty and sexy even now that she is 58.

  • Gia



  • punned

    Whata Hilarias family….

  • lw

    ahahahaah Hilaria thought she was the young hottie. Not so! Glamazon Ireland is gorgeous!

  • ex nihilo

    just have a feeling that baldwin will be charlie sheen-level crazy when what’s her face the new bride is done with him in a few yrs…

  • itstrueagain

    No class wife. Who would sit all over her husband, when his young woman daughter is with. Hmmm…why would she marry him….hmmmm. show business is certainly a crock. Good luck, Ireland, in all you do. Get home, get normal.

  • Lex

    @Lynn: Yes because Miley Cyrus was the first person to ever do that with her hair — I was doing that with my hair before Miley was ever born. In ballet class.

  • Lex


    Do you really have to say the same thing 20 times? You don’t think Ireland Baldwin is pretty WE GET IT. Now go take a long walk off a short pier kthxbai

  • porquenon

    @Um ok….:

    Your ass then because she does come from money and doesn’t need his. She needs his name and connections to become a lifestyle celebrity and he needs her 28 year old ovaries to birth his babies.

  • Dee

    I agree. Ireland does look uncomfortable (and like her mother). These old men are pussy-whipped and hope that marriage will last, but the old men look like their wives’ fathers, not husbands. Ugh.

  • inopop

    That is so weird. I thought his wife was his daughter. Gosh I would hate to be in the same situation as Ireland.

  • Blather

    Alex’s wife looks disinterested…they both do. The new wife has her cell phone glued to her ear. So rude! Ireland looks miserable.

  • TAST

    It looks like a man with his children…what do they talk about anyway?

  • teri

    Ireland looks like her momma Kim, just stunning. Alec on the other hand….I just remember him saying that Ireland was a filthy pig and all the mental abuse he did to Kim. Just sad.It’s because the guy has money to buy all these young girls for his enjoyment.