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Anderson Cooper Comes Out: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay'

Anderson Cooper Comes Out: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay'

Anderson Cooper has officially come out as gay.

The 45-year-old CNN host wrote a piece for his pal Andrew Sullivan‘s column for The Daily Beast.

“The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,” Anderson wrote.

“I have always been very open and honest about this part of my life with my friends, my family, and my colleagues,” Anderson added. “In a perfect world, I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business, but I do think there is value in standing up and being counted. I’m not an activist, but I am a human being and I don’t give that up by being a journalist.”

Head on over to The Daily Beast to read the full piece!

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88 Responses to “Anderson Cooper Comes Out: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay'”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:


  2. 2
    nonya Says:

    it’s about freakin’ time!!

  3. 3
    .?? Says:

    What is up with these men coming out as gay? Are there any straight men left in Hollywood?! This is the end of the world!

  4. 4
    the truth Says:

    LOL. Another one comes out. Someone ought to lock that closest up. ;) Kidding, what ever rocks his boat out I guess.

  5. 5
    wereqryan Says:

    Nothing new here. Nonetheless, congrats to Cooper.

  6. 6
    Marianne Says:

    And no one is shocked.

  7. 7
    AJ Says:

    Wasn’t he already out? I barely know him and EVERYONE knew he’s gay. Ah well congrats to him. I guess it has been a while.

  8. 8
    Lola Says:

    I like Anderson, but this is hardly a surprise.

  9. 9
    sltooo Says:

    finally my little silver fox!

  10. 10
    Ryan Says:

    major score for the gays.

  11. 11
    mlllllllllllle Says:

    No Way ! lol

  12. 12
    blah Says:

    we all knw it, well his partner is one lucky guy, cuz he is gorgeous

  13. 13
    Ha! Says:

    No sh*t? Still love you Anderson. :)

  14. 14
    Mimi Says:

    Once a week somebody has to “come out”, and it must have been Anderson’s turn. Congrats!

  15. 15
    yes Says:

    Not a shocker, good for him for making it official.

  16. 16
    Bella Says:

    No way I had no idea

  17. 17
    Paul Says:

    Did he really need to admit this?

  18. 18
    Gorge Says:

    His boyfriend is a hunk!

  19. 19
    somali girl Says:

    ****** get back in the closet. Homosexuals need to stay in that closet. We don’t need to know about your filthy lifestyle. Yuk

  20. 20
    pauline Says:

    No kidding

  21. 21
    sarafina56 Says:

    Congrats Anderson…..and well said…

  22. 22
    ozzie Says:

    we already knew this didn’t we?

  23. 23
    Rachel Says:

    It used to be a joke when someone said, “All of the good guys are either married or gay.” Now, not such a joke…. haha. It’s about time these fabulous men and women stood up for who they are and are able to live their personal lives (not that it’s any of OUR business) out in the open. When Adam Lambert came out right after Idol, I was thrilled. Why should a man have to spend the most exciting years of his young life pretending? He shouldn’t!! Adam has faced so many obstacles in his career because of his honesty, but I don’t think he regrets it at all. How can you when you spend Saturday night on stage with Queen in front of 250,000 people in Kiev, Ukraine?
    Have a great life, Anderson, you’ve earned it..

  24. 24
    Kirsten Says:

    That’s great! I think everyone knew this but I never cared. Who you love is your choice and he is a great man either way.

  25. 25
    parktil Says:

    @somali girl: and the tard enters

  26. 26
    Teri Says:

    Kinda did
    sooo many people were bashing him for not being “officially out”
    I don’t understand why? its none of our business
    none the less if coming out makes him more comfortable than yay!

  27. 27
    JJP Says:

    Surprise…!!! Eerrr….

    No, seriously; well done on being honest.
    I look forward to the day when such a thing won’t even be an issue worth mentioning. I guess with every person coming out, we’re moving closer to that stage :)

  28. 28
    Maggie Says:

    Awesome news, Anderson. Best of luck to you and the lucky guy!

  29. 29
    somali girl Says:

    every *** that comes out should be hanged.

  30. 30
    718 Says:

    Worst keep secret ever!

  31. 31
    Rocky Says:

    Always knew. Congrats AC. You did it on YOUR terms. Yay!!

  32. 32
    Susan Says:

    No news here. Moving on.

  33. 33
    chy Says:

    @parktil: I know you’re only commenting to, what you consider to be, a negative comment, but when you call someone a “tard” you are also making a negative comment. Isn’t there anyway to defend a group of people without making fun of another.

  34. 34
    ankh Says:


  35. 35
    Meghan Says:

    @somali girl where’s your humanity? You are a bigot and will be embarrassed 30 years from now when being gay and gay marriage is as acceptable as blacks using the same bathrooms as whites. People like you make me sick

  36. 36
    Helen Says:

    Seems everybody in Hollywood gay

  37. 37
    deadpool Says:

    Didn’t he already come out as gay?! Isn’t this like the third time he comes out?! Why was I under the impression he was gay and already came out???

    I don’t like it when people mess with my head -.-*

  38. 38
    SPONGEBOB :p Says:

    Well said, you’re still a great journalist!!!!! I’ve always admired you as a person, you’re fair, intelligent, compassionate, good looking, rich and very professional. That’s your choice in life and most important thing is that’s what makes you “happy” so live your life to the fullest!!!!!!

  39. 39
    just so Says:

    Way to go Anderson!

  40. 40
    theresa Says:

    it’s not like those of us living here in NYC haven’t known this for years.

  41. 41
    Tawny Jones Says:

    The fact is, we all knew creepy jerk Cooper was a weirdo. Why does he brag about it? He is pathetic.

  42. 42
    Manny Says:

    Gee like that was a real surprise…

  43. 43
    carla Says:

    @somali girl:
    Ignorant people like this ‘somali girl’ make me sick!

  44. 44
    Whatever Says:

    So he realized that his talk show is a flop and that coming out won’t hurt his career anyway. Where was he comingout ten years ago? He was thinking about his career instead.. Whatever!

  45. 45
    M Says:

    Wow, I am so shocked. :rolleyes:

    No one ever thought he was straight.

  46. 46
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    The man has class and this was done in a gentlemanly way. One day, hopefully, this won’t matter at all.

  47. 47
    Tom Says:

    Maybe a celebrity should come out and it be shocking. Most of the time it’s obvious but congratulations Anderson!

  48. 48
    Rio Says:

    THERE IS value in his statement,
    happy for him :D

  49. 49
    Sarah. Says:

    Ow, I thought he was already out.. But good for him doing it officially, I guess. :)

  50. 50
    MJ Says:

    I’m not surprise at all because the first time I saw Anderson, I can tell that he is gay. It’s about time to come out. Why hide? It will be so hypocrite for him and any Hollywood men who are telling other people not to discriminate gays and yet they are still hiding because they don’t want people to know that they are gay. Hopefully, Georgia Clooney will come out in the closet also. For me, it’s easy to tell if a guy is gay no matter how hard he tries to hide it, just look at the mannerism. So, Georgia Clooney better come out while it’s not too late yet.

  51. 51
    curt Says:

    It was a well written piece. I understand why he wanted to keep it private and I also know why he has finally confirmed it. Now I can finnaly support him for being honest. He may not know but this will be an inspiration to people everywhere.

  52. 52
    S Says:

    no really?! I had no idea. LOL. Good for him, it’s about time.

  53. 53
    Tina Says:

    In other news, grass is green and the sky is blue. Lol!

  54. 54
    The Real Emma Says:

    This is barely even news Anderson, we know already, lol. But seriously I’m sad that he felt that he needed to do this, it is personal and he has the right to keep his sexuality private, like everyone else.

  55. 55
    Tina Says:

    Anderson Cooper is gay. In other news: 70% of The Earth’s surface is water. There are 12 months in a year. Smoking is bad for you. Obama is currently the president.

  56. 56
    Sean Says:

    Your turn Seacrest!

  57. 57
    Toddler Says:

    Can Zac, Ian, Henry be far behind now?

  58. 58
    bobbi Says:

    Gorgeous and gay!!!

  59. 59
    baha Says:

    the fact is, i don’t care.

    like… really!!! why do gays have to show off their gay and pride so publicly? ridiculous. it won’t make it any better or special. if your gay. well… too bad. but don’t rub it under our heteros noses.

  60. 60
    Helen Says:

    So who will be next ? Let’s make a guess

  61. 61
    ozzie Says:

    (grabs his soap box)

    i think it’s very important at this point in history for as many famous people as possible to come out to let gay youth that are killing themselves by the truckloads to know they are not alone.

    (glares at several people at the top of the young hollywood list)

  62. 62
    Tony Says:

    The question remains: Anderson a top or bottom?

    Judging by his giggles, I say passive bottom!

  63. 63
    Pooper Says:

    Now if only he could get his “fans” to watch his dead in the ratings shows..

  64. 64
    Ramone Says:

    @baha: yet we have to watch white trash heteros on a daily basis destroy the sanctity of marriage, wear awful clothes, make stupid comments on blogs and look generaly like schlubs. if you don’t like it too bad, get used to it sweetie!

  65. 65
    Guy Says:

    Um…he already came out…i remember because I did a paper for English and read one of his books for it and decided to look him up. In a statement he said (don’t remember it word for word) he said that he didn’t know why it was so interesting (his orientation). So maybe hews overlooked, but he already came out…..

  66. 66
    Delurking Says:

    Good 4 Cooper but don’t think this is news to the rest of the world.

  67. 67
    Me3 Says:

    Who cares? So glad you announced your sexuality. Fact is… I’m heterosexual. Um… So what?

  68. 68
    Morgan Says:

    I don’t think it willl make any difference to people, except maybe the thousands of weeping females with their fantasies dashed over the “Silver Fox”.

  69. 69
    t Says:


  70. 70
    Carry Says:

    why are people congratulating him?

    I mean, I love the fact that he came out, but it’s not like it’s some kind of celebration

  71. 71
    some say tomato.. Says:

    Wonder why he chose this moment to open up about his sexual preference? Possibly a special someone wanting a commitment of sorts? Whatever the reason I’m proud to live in a Nation where a person can declare their lifestyle without being killed as in most middle Eastern countries, India and Africa.

  72. 72
    love the fox Says:

    Actually I thought everyone knew but him lol!!! congrats you georgeous fox.

  73. 73
    tinkerbell Says:

    nahhh! what tipped you off Anderson??? Always the last to know.

    Everyone knew and NO ONE cared. That is the problem. The public DOESNT care anymore. But the suits who dish out money and media contracts do. Hence the tragedy that is John Travolta….and Katie Holmes….

  74. 74
    elin Says:

    Good for u Anderson,Congrats !

  75. 75
    dooliloo Says:

    aaand Bill Cosby is black! well DUHHHH say the worst kept secret perhaps? but yeah congrats! At least may be you’ll give Tom Cruise and John Travolta enough strength to come out too!

  76. 76
    Monica Says:

    @The Real Emma: I totally agree with you!! Why did he need to admit this? It was just personal! I’ve always heard many people, gay or homophobia, blamed him, saying he didn’t officially come out. I wish he didn’t come out under compulsion. Anyway, if it makes him comfortable, I’m glad. Good luck, AC!

  77. 77
    echo33 Says:

    good for him…and we’ve already know it
    and now people will forget about the mistake CNN made on the health care….

  78. 78
    Me2 Says:

    Nothing that we didn’t already know. But , congrats anyways Mr. Cooper

  79. 79
    Jenna Says:

    Gee, what a suprise – NOT! Anybody always knew/suspected and guess what? Nobody gave a damn. It’s fine.

  80. 80
    Mari Says:

    Whooo LOVE HIM!!!

  81. 81
    Maha Says:

    Thing is, he was never “in the closet”. He just never made a big deal of his sexuality.
    And now I’ll always be concerned about his safety whenever he goes abroad for projects, namely the middle east.

  82. 82
    OMG Says:

    Thank you, Anderson and you do good work. Now, do great work as great journalists are few in this country anymore.

  83. 83
    LOL Says:

    This is not news. This is just a reiteration of what everyone already knows. When Tommy boy and Johnny T come out that will be news.

  84. 84
    OMG Says:


    well said and no one cares if he’s gay. (except that he’s one fine looking man off the female market) well, maybe some uptight “take us back to the 1950s” type of people/politicians do.
    Love unconditionally, people. You never know who your loved one might born to be. A child or grandchild is a terrible treasure to waste.

  85. 85
    offtheproperty Says:

    I don’t think he will truly be happy until everyone else is gay, too.
    That’s the only bad part about it. That and the fact that he and all other gays will never know true love. Only true obsession. Which they seem to love.

  86. 86
    Dramamama Says:


  87. 87
    JHON Says:

    omg hes hot! congrats :D

  88. 88
    Patrice Marie Says:

    Anderson: You are a true professional! Friendship, respect, and living a good, and honest life– are what counts. Sexual orientation does not “define” any human being! Hearts have to be bigger than our “private parts”( to last in this life) ! God Bless- Patrice Marie

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