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Brad Pitt's Brother Doug Stars in Virgin Mobile Commercial!

Brad Pitt's Brother Doug Stars in Virgin Mobile Commercial!

Check out this commercial for Virgin Mobile Australia featuring Brad Pitt‘s brother Doug!

“Hello everyone, my name is Doug Pitt and welcome to my home. Come on inside, let me take you for a tour,” he tells the viewers. “This is the family living room. This is where I usually don’t get to pick what is on the TV.”

Doug‘s just a regular guy. He washes his own car, pays his own bills, and does his own laundry. You see, unlike his famous bro, Doug‘s never been the star of anything,” the narrator adds.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Doug Pitt’s Virgin Mobile commercial?

Doug Pitt’s Virgin Mobile Commercial
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  • OMG

    Doug Pitt, you are adorable! Good for you, eat your heart out big bro. lol j/k Love the J-Ps.

    Will keep following your good works in helping supply/find fresh water in Africa, great job.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Eeeeeh: There’s nothing in the least bit embarrassing about something that’s obviously tongue in cheek. He’s not trying to be anyone but himself and I thought that was understood but reading some of these posts I’m wondering if people are this lacking in a sense of humor off the net too.

  • deadpool

    @Love The Shoes:

    All I saw was a guy well off and boasting about it.

  • Passing Through

    # 52 Love The Shoes @ 07/03/2012 at 8:29 am

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    They look like identical twins

  • Bye brad

    How do you get around to telling a bald bloke that you think bald dudes are hot? Did it just Come out or did she work her way to it? She certainly isn’t thinking about Brad, right , passing through? Bwhaha

  • who

    Still as hilarious the second time. LOL Love the commercial. Go Doug!

  • Passing Through

    # 1284 QQQQ @ 07/03/2012 at 9:46 am
    I saw that. I thought Del Po would be a tough opponent for him on grass but obviously not. My Boo plays Whiny Murray next. Murray has a really good chance to make the final but let’s see how he manages to screw that up. It’s always something with that guy.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    @BW #41
    Duh I’ve course it’s not his real house/neighborhood.This is a commercial not a documentary.
    Besides no one wants loons like Tamysin to know where they live.

  • Jaxson

    HAHA If some idiot thought Doug Pitt was well off and boasting about it thank God they didn’t show his real home.

  • Doug to be on Today Show

    Here are some quote about Doug Pitt’s commercial. The whole article is at the link.

    While the video may suggest so, it’s not actually his Springfield home, or his car, in the ad. But Morey Mechlin, executive director of Pitt’s Care to Learn foundation, says that the portrayal of Pitt himself is fairly accurate.

    “Yes, he’s a lot like the ad,” she said.

    Mechlin says the ad captures Pitt’s self-deprecating sense of humor.

    “Doug can be a real nerd, just like that commercial,” she said..

    When contacted by the News-Leader on Tuesday, Pitt said that he is scheduled to appear on NBC’s “Today” on Monday, and did not want to answer questions before then|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

  • Premalee

    @Passing Through:

    You are right PT. Roger never make excuses on his games even when he lose. I admire him a lot. I have watched him from day one.

  • As it is

    Go go go lil Bro!!!!

  • Helen

    He is funny and good looking

  • samsam

    for a second i thought it was brad that shaved for a movie role!

  • Passing Through

    # 1350 BW @ 07/03/2012 at 4:11 pm
    Don’t tell the trolls that wasn’t Doug’s real home. They’re driving around Springfield right now looking for it…

  • Passing Through

    # 1357 gracie @ 07/03/2012 at 5:10 pm
    Awww, come on, Gracie. Give ‘em a break. It’s prolly the first time they’ve seen each other in 4 months. LOL! Huvsy reps Putrid so chances are they’re just trying to quieten the rumors that they’re next…

  • Marianne

    He looks like the nerdy version of Brad.

    Funny commercial though.

  • LaCroix

    Dougie could even have a career in the making… ? very cute! Go Dougie!

  • tish

    That’s cute as if Doug Pitt has but one Tv in his home…doubt that.

    What a sweetie ..MAUUH xo

  • lol


  • yolly

    I hope, he will follow his brother’s footsteps.He has the charm & look. I will watch him on Today Show on Monday though, I promised I will stop watching it after Ann Curry left, but for Doug Pitt’s , I will make an excuse just on Monday.

  • yolly

    Go Doug Pitt, whatever you do, we will support you.

  • yolly

    Your nephews & nieces must be excited to see you on tv.

  • MJ

    @Talk mag: Poor troll, keeps bringing up Angie’s past. When did Angie made this quote? I believe this was in her early 20′s when married to BBT, before Maddox came to her life. Angie was no difference from any young immature women when it comes to men. Young immature women when they are in love, they thought the guy that their in love with is the last guy on earth but when they become mature, all of a sudden they got hit and realize there are better men than the one they have, they just need to wait for the right one. And that what Angie did. She divorced BBT and waited for the right man to come and there he came, MR. BRADLY PITT. And we all know the rest of their LOVE STORY. HOW LOVELY, RIGHT?

  • I called it!

    Very cute and funny!

  • gee

    LOVE THIS hahaha, it’s hilarious :)))

  • anonymous

    I wonder if Brad used his brother Doug for inspiration for his character Chad in Burn After Reading…

  • Passing Through

    Woo hoo! Go Roger! That’s def the best he’s played all tournament. Hope he can play that way on Friday!

  • yolly

    I will watch Today Show on Monday because of Doug Pitt.

  • yolly

    OMG, Doug dance like his brother Brad.

  • Passing Through

    # 1569 Jade @ 07/04/2012 at 5:59 pm
    Before I address your point I just have to say that I didn’t realize the original source of the info was Bonnie “Never Met The Truth In My Life” Fuller at That alone makes me question the veracity and accuracy. However, if true, most celebs go the private route just to keep the tabs out of their business but if Tiny Tom is as great a guy as he pretends to be and COS isn’t evil incarnate – then he has nothing to hide and will put up with the looky-loos to gain joint custody of his child, right?
    I think another reason Katie chose NYC over Cali is – look at Halle Berry and her fine ass baby daddy’s ridic custody wrangling? They’re BOTH rockin’ the cray cray and it’s all being played out in a public court. Katie knows Tiny Tom would hate to have TMZ in standing behind him in court live blogging the deets of the hearings. It’s not like the old days where it took hours for the news to hit the streets in the evening paper. Now Tiny Tom has to worry that every little thing he says or she claims is going to wind up on the net before they even finish speaking. He’s got to be scared spitless that he’s gong to have another couch jumping attack and won’t be able to ask Okra to edit it out. He’s got a career to worry about and 2 big movies with about $300MIL in budgets to recoup. He can’t risk the public turning on him, so he has to find a line of appropriate outrage over being kept from his child and the hurtful pride of a jilted husband. In other words – this is Tiny Tom’s big Oscar moment and the camera’s panning in for the close-up. If he sees any couches at the courthouse he’s liable to lose it…

  • Passing Through

    # 1583 WTH @ 07/04/2012 at 6:27 pm
    What does she need child support for? I thought Katie supposedly doesn’t care about the money and just wants out? Pffft.

  • Passing Through

    LMAO at Jared putting up a new thread for Ticky because she’s on the cover of a Spanish edition of GQ. Angie’s on the covers of about 20 foreign mags a month but we don’t get threads for those mags. Anything to make Her Tickness look relevant – ANYWHERE in the world…

  • Hola

    Brad & Angie fan forever