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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson Cheer on Spain's Win

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson Cheer on Spain's Win

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson cheer on Spain during the Euro 2012 Final on Sunday (July 1) in Kiev, Ukraine.

The couple got very involved in the game, with the 35-year-old actress throwing her hands in the air during Spain’s multiple goals. The team defeated Italy 4-0 to win the game.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Earlier in the weekend, Diane and Josh, 34, attended the Berluti menswear show during Paris Fashion Week and took in the fashion show with the vice president of Louis Vuitton, Pietro Beccari, and fashion icon Antoine Arnault.

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Credit: Jean Catuffe; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • a

    I think he’s starting to lose interest in her. See pic 4. I hope they break up soon, for good.

  • Sarah.

    They were there? I’m jealous!! Such an awesome game. I mean, 4-0!! Way to go Spain. 3rd big win.

  • Betty

    For some reason I can’t really see Diane as being a ‘real’ sports fan. We see her a tennis matches and hockey award shows? She must be there as part of some promotional deal or shopping around for a newer elbow accessory.

  • omg

    Joshua cant see because of Jose Campos

  • mara

    She supported Spain ’cause Italy beat Germany in the semis! LOSER!!!

  • irene

    @omg: haha omg i hadn’t noticed.

  • db

    @mara: Sounds like the loser was you – or at least the team you were pulling for. And by the way, Italy was completely outclassed by Spain.

  • Adam

    Blimey – even her soccer fan acting is bad…

  • ankh

    @db: look who’s the sore loser now?

  • alexz

    Spain FTW!

  • Azohia

    Vendettta a Luis Enriqueee!!

  • loli

    She’s german, he’s canadian . Don’t reaaly know why they support Spain so much … But really cute couple btw. I used to have a crush on him when I was a teenager :)

  • mara

    @db Euro matches are not simple football games, it’s a national pride moment for all of us, I barely believe she has such this love for Spain, fake loser! By the way, my comment was on her not Spain, which is the biggest team around!

  • flora

    They always looks they’re having so much fun and she is adorable.

  • Maxime

    I don’t think American people understand what soccer (or football here) means to us, europeans ! Even if I don’t enjoy football, the important competitions are always a moment when you support your country, when you have a proud patriotic feeling ! It’s kind of a religion here ! So quite normal for a German woman to enjoy it, even if her team was not there .. I would have gone to see the match even though I’m French !
    And it’s good that she is teaching her boyfriend to like this sport which is not very popular in North America compared to Europe

  • carome

    España (L) Campeones de Europa 2012 (L)

  • poop

    @alexz: they already won you idiot..too late to cheer.

  • FitzpatrickClinton

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  • FitzpatrickClinton

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  • Chris

    $10 says that if you asked her who the team and captain are she will reply with, ‘Joe Namath of the St. Luis Bluejays.’ She has no idea where the hell she is, only that a camera is there for her to ‘pose’ for.

  • FutbolFan

    Yeah kind of stupid to cheer for Spain so much if you are German and your country was in the Euro cup. I wonder who she would’ve been rooting for had it been Germany vs Spain in the final? Sure, I was rooting for Spain on Sunday, rather that home. If I was in Kyiv to watch the games in person, I’d pick the day my country team was playing in order to watch them. That’s what normal futbol fans do. Diane just looks stupid here.

  • Marieke de Graaf

    I’m Dutch and I was supporting Spain as well. Gotta support SOME team when your own team fails to succeed..

    Also: used to like this couple, LOVE them now.

  • ju

    I think she’s jealous and possessive she took him to Europe to estrange him from Katie. sad she is alienate him from friends at a difficult time

  • xx

    Pacey and Joey should be together again!!

  • flora


    I think she rooted for Spain because Italy defeated Germany. I also think she’s a genuine soccer fan. She’s supported Germany at the World Cup in years past.


    wow what happened to her…. she look old. Its sad she was pretty when she was younge

  • willanka

    That’s real emotions! And I don’t know why people are so surprised she cheers on Spain. She probably supported Germany and France, but both teams didn’t make it to the final. So she likes Spain more than Italy for whatever reason. That’s her right. I also supported Italy in the final and I’m from Poland.

  • Lia ESP

    SPAIN IS THE BEST FOOTBALL TEAM OF THE WORLD!!!!!!, they won Euro 2008, World Cup 2012 and Euro 2012. American People don’t know what real football is , “soccer is not football”, sorry.

    These pics have been killed by Jose Campos, It’s funny.


  • Pixie

    I can’t believe people here think she was actually cheering for a team and knows anything about the sport of soccer.

  • bell

    I think she rooted for Spain because Italy defeated Germany. I also think she’s a genuine . She’s supported Germany at the World Cup in years past.
    @flora: Diane knows Nothing about soccer and she Doesn´t support German team. She was asked recently if she knows who Bastian Schweinsteiger is and she said “No”. He plays in German national team btw and is very popular. Every german kid and of course every german soccer fan knows that name.
    “Genuine soccer fan” ? HA-HA. Please…They want us to believe that Diane´s a sport fan, it´s good for her image. She´s a fashion chick, NOT a sport fan.

  • heh!

    @Pixie: It’s a conspiracy! She’s just posing, just like him. No way in hell would people, who enjoy fashion shows, have any diversity in tastes and activities.

    Clearly they’re not looking at the game, but at the camera. They are not enjoying themselves in the least. What is he doing there anyway? Shouldn’t he be doing something else, like preparing for Comic Con or working in Fringe?

    These two are so fake! See how she doesn’t smile or move in her seat, she’s just posing. I give them 2 weeks max., before they break up. She didn’t look or smiled at him during the whole game!

    / mode hateful and delusional off

  • flora


    You can like both fashion and sports, I do. What a weird thought to think that people can only like one thing or another. I don’t know anyone in my life who is one dimensional like that. All I know is that she has supported the German team during the World Cup in the past. Maybe she follows them casually?

  • flora


    Are you seeing the same pictures I am? Because in just the few pictures here, she is both (1)moving and (2)smiling at Joshua. They are also not looking at the camera and are clearly reacting to what is going on in the game. I don’t even know what you’re looking at honestly. It’s fine if you don’t like them, but at least try to ground your dislike in reality. It’s super weird, otherwise.

  • diane kruger french actress


    how do you prepare for comic-con???

  • bell

    All I know is that she has supported the German team during the World Cup in the past. Maybe she follows them casually?
    Which World Cup was it? 1982? LOL
    Schweinsteiger plays for German National team since 2004 and she still has no idea who he is. No, she doesn´t follow them at all.

    I´m not saying that you can´t like both fashion and sports. You can. But Diane Kruger is not a sports fan. This sudden “interest in sports” appeared just recently. It´s part of her PR. She was at that game to get her pictures taken. She knew that the camera was on her. She always knows when there is a camera and she just posed.

  • S.

    Cara Diane,
    l’Italia ti ha sbattuto fuori dal mondiale e questo è un dato di fatto. E’ inutile che tifi Spagna perchè la situazione non cambia. Noi abbiamo vinto e voi avete perso!!

  • diane kruger french actress


    why do you hate her so much? i like her a lot. she is very good to josh.
    what, do you prefer joshua with katie holmes? LOL

    diane said many times that josh taught her to live more and work less. since being with him, she changed, not only does she like fashion, but she learned to love life in general and be more open to other thinks, for example sports.

    what kind of woman do you feel is right for josh? i want to hear your thoughts on that, since you like to hate a woman like diane so much

  • bell

    @diane kruger french actress: I never said I hate Diane. LOL
    I just know that she pretends not just on screen but in real life as well.

    “diane said many times that josh taught her to live more and work less. since being with him, she changed, not only does she like fashion, but she learned to love life in general and be more open to other thinks, for example sports.”
    This fairy tale was written for her by her publicist. LOL

    “a woman like diane”? What kind of woman is she ?

    And reg. Josh… He knows better what woman is right for him.

  • sylvia

    José Campos en Just Jared??? Lo último que esperaba ver en mi vida…

  • N
  • FE

    She’s usually criticised for being awful actress,.too thin and consequently looking like a corpse

  • heh!

    @flora: I was being sarcastic. I knew there would be stupid comments like these and I was mocking them. I should tell my mother that she should not be allowed to enjoy a football game, unless she proves herself to be knowledgeable. Being in a crowd and getting caught in the moment is clear sign of being a fake. I must inform her immediately. I must be a fake too, because I’ve enjoyed many a concert and I don’t know the name of the musicians or songs.

    You wait till a future post, when someone whines about her never smiling or not being enough into him.



  • flora


    It was the World Cup from a couple of years ago. I have no idea how big of a fan she is, just that she was openly supportive of Team Germany. I think soccer is probably the only sport she actually enjoys, the rest of the sporting events she’s attended recently are more to be with Joshua, especially the hockey related ones. Also, it is possible to like a sport casually and still have fun choosing sides when you’re in attendance at a game.

  • lafamepoma

    yeah i’m Spanish and happy to win Italy, although we love each other very much, this Sunday were rivals

  • Dramamama

    Italy CREAMMMED AND SUNK GERMANY. That was the Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ITALY!!!

  • MalibuStaycee

    like some already mentioned: Americans will never understand this football thing. I am German and was cheering for Italy. You just HAVE to support a team, and since Germany wasn’t in the finals, you have to chose. At least that’s what I do and I know a lot of people supporting a team that isn’t “theirs”. But whatever, right?! Do I necessarily have to be Spanish, Italian, French etc. to support that team? NO, I don’t!

  • Euro

    @MalibuStaycee: No offense but your reasoning why Americans don’t understand Euro football is inane and simple minded.