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Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!

Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!

Katie Holmes is a beauty in blue while taping an appearance for Project Runway: All Stars at the Parson’s School of Design on Monday (July 2) in New York City.

These are the first pictures of the 33-year-old actress out and about following the announcement of her split from husband Tom Cruise last week.

Just three days ago, Katie filed for divorce from Tom and has since fired her old security team because they were too close to him, according to TMZ.

Katie was spotted with a new security detail today of 5-6 bodyguards.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Holmes & Yang Color-Block Camp dress from the Fall 2012 collection and Roger Vivier shoes.

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131 Responses to “Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!”

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  1. 76
    just so Says:

    @it’s over:

    Sometimes you don’t really understand something until you are enmeshed in it. Scientology is a cult. I’m sure she did not understand how pervasive they would be in her life. You do realize everywhere she went she had a minder and all of Tom’s staff spied on her constantly to make sure she was doing what she was suppose to. If you look back at the early pictures of her–she was genuinely in love or whatever with him. And as the months went by those smiles became less and more forced. I’m not a fan of hers, but NO you DO NOT UNDERSTAND what you are getting into with scientology until they have you by the bal-ls and then it is too late! I’m glad she is fighting for Suri and fighting for her freedom. Make no mistake about it–she is fighting for her freedom from a cult that will do anything they can to denigrate her and cut her down.

  2. 77
    BMMM Says:

    Honestly I don’t think that she was trying to take Suri away from Tom. But, I think that this is the only way she knows how. Look — there is something to be said when you want sole legal custody of your daughter. She has been looking like a single parent for some time now, and THE FATHER can’t always rely on the mother to take your daughter everywhere while he shoots wherever he pleases. You can’t be an absent father at the end of the day. This was definitely very calculated on her part — I bet you Tom knew nothing about it. She had to do it this way because she knows that TC can hire the biggest and baddest lawyers ever. He may win the entire thing. She was being smart and dayumm it worked. You just can’t be a skype father at the end of the day. Who knows? Maybe he is a weirdo and into this Scientology crap. He may have been sending Suri away…point is — BOTH Katie and Suri don’t seem to have their own LIVES….they constantly travel because TC won’t compromise and settle down and STOP filming movies. Katie lost her youth and a part of her identity – I’d say. She isn’t the young, sweet innocent Katie anymore. She has become a doting mother (maybe a bit too much). Who is she outside all of this? Who is she besides Suri’s mother and TC’s wife? That’s right. We just don’t know because she’s been hidden in the spotlight for such a long time. I wouldn’t necessarily say that she is FREE, but I definitely think that she can have some of her life back at least. — Enjoy the things that she used to….Perhaps she was naive in marrying TC…he is a big shot movie star and you better be able to keep up with him. He lives and moves on a different level. The minute you stepped in a relationship with him….your life changes.. I don’t think she realized the true extent of that UNTIL NOW. And this is basically saying ….You took the old me away, I don’t know who I am anymore and I want her back. She wants to start over, and have taken the necessary steps to do so. Firing her security that she shared with Tom, getting a new place in a new city, just establishing new beginnings is the direction she is heading into. In a way, she is releasing herself from these mysterious reins that she’s been under for the last five years. All I can say is, I am not surprised and not surprised that it took her this long to realize this. When you’re in love, you want to stay in love and capture that feeling for a while. When it’s over you don’t want to believe that it’s over. Ultimately, I think that Suri was all they had in common —-Tom and Katie — THE COUPLE….was not something that worked anymore. I think she stayed as long as she did for Suri’s sake. That was it.

  3. 78
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    I agre with many of you. Kaite knew all about Tom and Sciencfictiontology before she married
    Too bad she put a child, her child, an innocent child in nthis mix.

    Hopefully , she wil raise her child in complete privacy now. get that feral like child in school, friends, etc. She knew that Nicole was person no grata in Connor and Isabells’s lives. Kaite knew about how, wehre Connor and Isabella were being raised and taught…by Tommys sis and Isabella was in some Sciecntolgoy school in Oregan..
    Katie’s dad ,man smart atty, fixed it at 33 mil year for every year so now, she gets 15 million to start and I wonder what she will get for Suri. Try $25,000 a month.
    I wonder if insipid smiling, stepford wife Kaite is really a con artist.

  4. 79
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    read that.

  5. 80
    Nancy Says:

    She looks so beautiful!

  6. 81
    Hamlet Says:

    And what would this background check on him say, #8? A loving and devoted father, respected actor beloved by all the cast and crew with no criminal record to speak of and a history of humanitarian efforts.

    Why, #17?

    I don’t know about spies but she did do all that, #25.

    Yeah, #29. She is REALLY angry. I can’t wait to hear what happens next.

    Like Holmes didn’t know who she was marrying, #32. Now with that being said, she does look fresh faced and glowing.

    Well done, #40? He was busy making another movie where his family could keep enjoying the life they have obviously been so accustomed to, days before his own birthday, she filed for divorce AND sole custody! She better have a good reason with this lousy timing.

    And I can’t wait to hear what that possibly could be, #42.

    What are you talking about, #56? I’ve posted on the last two articles about this couple. And this one too.

    You’re disgusting, #72

    Scientology had a bad rep but it looks like she had a very carefree life and had plenty of opportunity to bolt, #76. She was even seen wearing her cross before. Maybe Cruise wasn’t as big a fundamentalist as you thought.

    She HAD to do it this way because of her husband’s legal connections, #77? But why SHOULDN’T Cruise get sole custody himself or joint custody? How has he shown himself to be any less of a devoted and attentive parent than Holmes has? It is only recently when he was started filming more than one project a year.

    Yes. This was calculated-COLDLY calculated.

    Holmes has accomplished more while married to Cruise than she ever had before him. Was she co-creating charities and fashion lines and presenting at major awards shows? she certainly looked free and fulfilled to me.

  7. 82
    watcher Says:

    so true hihih

  8. 83
    Effy Says:

    She looks better already!

  9. 84
    Sugar Says:

    they both make millions for doing nothing, the general public is stupid

  10. 85
    lucy Says:

    oh i hope Katie is ready. the same army of lawyers who successfully sued those magazines for saying Tom is gay years ago are going to come after Katie. the Scientology crowd are now busy digging up all kinds of dirt on her.

  11. 86
    Annie Says:

    She really DOES look better than she has in years. Slight cheeky smile instead of miserable/forced grin, cute dress instead of all that old dowdy salvation army gear, hair washed and brushed.

  12. 87
    everleigh Says:


    Oh dear Xenu why don’t you Hamlet go back to xenu and kiss their butts where you belong.

  13. 88
    KissThis Says:

    It looks like she’s forcing her smile to me, but still, she looks better!

  14. 89
    rada Says:

    there’s just a brightness now in her eyes and skin that was missing when she was with tom. i hope she continues to find herself and her happiness.

  15. 90
    Me2 Says:

    You go girl!!

  16. 91
    MrsKutcher Says:

    i hope everything turns out good for her….i know these guys from scientology are crazy and evil…and tom cruise is the second powerfulst guy there….i think katie and suri will not be left alone by the media, cruise or scientology in the near future….with all the money in the world i dont wanna be here!!

  17. 92
    lala Says:

    What a *****! Look at her face, trying to seem a victim. Worst actress ever.

  18. 93
    Old Nutter Hubbard Says:

    GO KATIE! Sane, rational persons APPLAUD YOU right now!

  19. 94
    Old Nutter Hubbard Says:

    I remember “Hamlet” from 3 years ago when I used to visit this site. He/she/it was known as “Mr. White” amongst other names back then. And was posting the same old crap. In those years, i have gone to college, then got accepted into university. Meanwhile, Hamlet sits wasting his/her/its existence posting sycophantic drivel in worship of the cult messiah. What a pathetic, worthless existence.

  20. 95
    Old Nutter Hubbard Says:

    …just goes to show, Tom Cruise and his minions are a bunch of obsessive, whackjob zealots with a desire to control the opinions of others.

  21. 96
    Melanie Says:

    Watch her fly you fools. A father whose a LAWYER and enough of her own MONEY and she’s a gold digger? Give me a break you wannabes. Tom’s a chop, Scientology is a controlling money making cult. Go Katie.

  22. 97
    Jenna Says:

    Wish her all the best! Though I do believe she’s going to have a big fight on her hands over custody for Suri. No way is Tom going to give up that child! Not after spending 6 years of trying to transform her into a little Scientology robot.

  23. 98
    annie Says:

    you know i’m a katie fan but i don’t dislike tom, and i don’t believe he should lose custody of suri, because she is his child, and i believe he loves her a lot
    you say katie is angry…i say she’s more than angry,her actions speak very loudly.
    she’s got rid of everything and everybody, i think she probably took her wedding ring off before the anouncement, they were divorcing,so you have ask why is she then so angry….must be something.
    she’s alone most of the time, for the past couple of years , tom’s been all over the world filming, and katie is really a single mother.
    if she follows him to the ends of the earth, then she has no life, just going from country to country and set to different set
    tom is not your average joe, with a mortgage, to pay off and a family to support with average wages, i think it’s somewhere along the lines of 75 mill, is what i read, so he’s not working to support his family, to keep them in the lifestyle they have become acustomed to, because 1 movie is more than enough to do that.
    for me things havn’t looked good for a while, are you saying he didn’t pick up on it.
    in the jack and jill interview, Adam Sandler, said to katie you’re going on holidays soon . katie said yes in december, i’m going to india, where tom was premiering MI 4.
    maybe she went but she wasn’t at his premiere.
    she didn’t look too happy at the NY premiere either, yet she looked happy in miami when he was filming ROA, and there were some nice fuzzy affectionate pics of them.
    so something has made her really angry, and for some reason i don’t know , but i feel that it’s got more to do than just Scie, although i could very well be wrong.
    is it someone else for her, or did he get sprung somewhere along the line. you know as well as i do, what happens on those sets.
    i know they’re actors and everything but maybe she got mad seeing her husband with topless models, or maybe she got mad listening to Julianne H go on and on about giving her husband a lap dance, that’s all she talked about in a desperately excited way 100 times a day in every interview. listening to all of them talk about making the movie, god you can’t help but wander what did go on.
    was her husband naughty with paula patton, she was more or less throwing herself at him, and wearing especially provacatice dresses just to go to dinner…….yes my imagination runs deep, but i have a niggly feeling that doesn’t go away about this.
    no hamlet, katie kicked him out and everything that came with him, i don’t think she’s scared, she’s angry and i reckon not in a comprising mood, either ….. removal of her ring so fast, says an awful lot.
    somethings up!
    like i said i do have a vivid imagination!

  24. 99
    erin Says:

    Tom is in Iceland surrounder by his family. She’s alone in NYC. It’s clear he’s a family man and she’s a *****. I guess even her family can’t stand her.

  25. 100
    JL Says:

    Forget this Scientology moron!
    You are free and beautiful –

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