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Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!

Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!

Katie Holmes is a beauty in blue while taping an appearance for Project Runway: All Stars at the Parson’s School of Design on Monday (July 2) in New York City.

These are the first pictures of the 33-year-old actress out and about following the announcement of her split from husband Tom Cruise last week.

Just three days ago, Katie filed for divorce from Tom and has since fired her old security team because they were too close to him, according to TMZ.

Katie was spotted with a new security detail today of 5-6 bodyguards.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Holmes & Yang Color-Block Camp dress from the Fall 2012 collection and Roger Vivier shoes.

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131 Responses to “Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!”

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  1. 101
    marzipan Says:

    Well i would just like to say PAYBACK IS A *****. Lets see how Mr TOM CRUISE feels if /when he does not get to see Suri or have mucgh input into her life. Just like what he did to Nicole Kidman.Karma. No religion has the right to prevent or stop children from seeing their parent. I do not feel bad for you at all . You are ruthless and a control freak. Katie Holmes looked misreable for years . Also guess what stopping telling the world you were shocked by the divorce. Hello when you tell the world that you are not intending to have any more kids and Katie doesnt turn up for your movie premiere, YOU KNOW.

  2. 102
    Jan Says:


    Totally agree with you Amy. She knew beforehand so that means that she is not as innocent as she is making out to be. We always knew there was a 5 year contract so just before, get cold on Tom and then shaft him!

  3. 103
    just sayin Says:

    I remember when all the bloggers were saying run Katy run when she was about to get married to tommy boy! you make your bed you gotta live with the consequences. She was living in a fantasy world and she finally snapped out of it. Luckily she is very young and only lost five years of her life to scientology! She tried it and didn’t like it and does not want her daughter in that situation…gd for her.

  4. 104
    Elena Says:

    So glad to see Katie finally jumping off of that crazy train and hopefully getting back to how she used to be during her Dawson days. She always seemed a little sheltered and naive to me, but clearly she’s no idiot and luckily she learned from Nicole Kidman’s mistakes. The fact that she’s playing the offense in this situation only confirms what I always suspected about TC, that he’s a control freak who cares about his “religion” above all else. I mean, how strange was it that after he and NK got divorced she was NEVER seen with their two kids? I’m guessing TC railroaded her legally and psychologically isolated the kids from her (really, when has a father ever gotten complete custody of the children after a divorce unless the mother was a drug addict or mentally unstable, two things NK clearly isn’t). It’s Scientology policy to completely cut off anyone outside of the “church”, they call it “disconnecting suppressive persons” but it’s really isolation. Obviously Katie realized that if she didn’t fight TC tooth and nail that this is what she was in for with Suri. It’s a good thing she’s willing to do whatever it takes, and that she got out before Suri was old enough to be fully indoctrinated into that nutty “religion”.

  5. 105
    Lauren (BestTrendz) Says:

    For anyone going thru this,it is the most painful phase of life.

  6. 106
    Deb Doodles Says:

    Who will get Suri? Is Suri really Tom’s…well … that’s what ppl are asking

  7. 107
    Coach Says:

    Happy for her

  8. 108
    just so Says:

    @Hamlet, aka romeo, Mr Brown yadda yadda–

    Gee Hamlet after DEFENDING Katie for the last five or so years, you certainly have shown your allegiances are with Tom. Now suddenly she can do nothing right.

    I applaud her for getting out. She learned from Kidman’s mistakes. She is taking on the cult. You do realize they will do their best to indoctrinate this child and take her from Katie like they took Isabella and Connor from Kidman. Kidman made a mature and very hurtful personal decision not to put her kids thru a public and very ugly battle. Her kids were older and she has said several times that she hopes one day they will be in her life. You can tell by how she won’t answer anything about Xenu or say anything bad about Tom that she has been threatened.

    Katie has seen what the cult has done to Bella and Connor and she wants more for Suri in terms of living a life. I’ve seen documents from Xenu and they would have taken this child at 6. They can deny it all they want, but unless TomKat was receiving special favors (which Tom has from the time he joined), Suri would have a rough time ahead of her.

    And Hamlet, all you have to do is go to YouTube and google Tom Cruise Scientology to see what his commitment is. It is total and unwavering. Andrew Morton in an interview (also on YouTube) said that he felt after all his research that if Tom had to choose between Scientology and his kids if they decided to leave, he’d choose Scientology.

  9. 109
    RUN KATIE RUN!! Says:

    @marzipan: Cruise is “furious” over Holmes’ divorce filing and bid for sole legal custody of Suri. She wants to be in charge of how Suri is being raised and not Scientology education. Problem is – There will be a big battle and whatever time he will have with Suri willto be manipulate Suri to his beliefs. This is a slap to his faith and they will not go away even after the divorce if Tom does not have Suri. Poor Katie, they may wear her down. Run out of money for protection or worse. Tom wants the child all to himself! Look how secretly she did all this. She makes good money to raise Suri well but does she have enough to protect her. Nothing is wrong with Tom’s other kids yet see how he pushed away Kidman. Something is very off.

  10. 110
    blondie Says:

    Taking children on a ship?
    How gross does that sound?
    It should be investigated by the FBI.

    I love Tom, but….in this case, I am behind Katie all the way.

    I think that her mother’s instinct is sending a warning signal to her.

    Tom can move on to someone who is willing to put up
    with this sort of BULL. IMO.

    I think that Scientology loves money and power and controll.

    Dictators in a nutshell.

  11. 111
    blondie Says:

    I guess that Katie said:

    Not MY child, you won’t!!!!

    No by the hair
    of my chinny chin-chin.

  12. 112
    LOL Says:

    First kelly preston marries her idol then he turns out to be a perverted wacko. Then katie marries her idol and turns out to be another wacko minus the perverted part. I guess the lesson here is becareful what you wish for.

  13. 113
    cindy Says:

    @ 25

    I saw her walking into a shop in Sherman Oaks, CA followed by a big, black well-dressed smiling security gaurd…what a tool!
    I remember thinking “She hates this.” I don’t even know her but I could sense her embarassment, depression and unhappiness at the sitiation.

    And then a month later. Divorce. The thing is, Tom, goes all over town without security, so he’s obviously got huge trust issues.

  14. 114
    Co$ Says:


    Really? Obvious Scientology troll is obvious. They are littering any forum with nasty comments about Katie. And this is the way they will play it in the press as well. I won’t believe a single story about her that comes out. They will slander her.

  15. 115
    Hope Says:

    Team Katie. That said I remember all too well how she was almost boastful that Isabella and Connor were calling her Mum. I bet that really hurt Nicole Kidman given that she was forced to seperate from them after being labelled a Supressive Person by the CoS. That is the only ***** in her armor for me.
    I hope this is the beginning of the end for the Xenu-crazies. Even people who don’t know much about them are reading up on them now – and are suitable horrified.

  16. 116
    Co$ Says:

    Anyone needing to see how nuts this “religion” is, go to the well-respected The Village Voice and see their articles on Scientology. They have posted some excellent articles well worth a read. I think Katie got lovebombed at first by her idol, then slowly came to the realisation of what he really was. A nasty freak just like David Miscavige, the head of Co$, whose wife Shelly has been missing since 2007 by the way, last seen at her father’s funeral – escorted by two burly bodyguards. The Village Voice has it all.

  17. 117
    kellydumbfounded Says:

    l can’t believe people actually like Tom Cruise lol, even before he got married he was a dickhead.

  18. 118
    gee Says:

    She’s looking so bright! I’m glad she’s looking happy, I always felt she settled down young so maybe now she can go out and experience life a bit more.

  19. 119
    Jokergurl Says:

    She looks relieved.

  20. 120
    theBisback Says:

    Oh please….this is all PR…Katie has filed in NYC and had to move out of Tom and her Apartment (which by law would have been seen as an extension of their California home) and into her own apartment to establish residence in NYC. Note her high heels, have you ever seen Katie on the Street looking like this? No becaue most movie stars (which she is not) don’t dress like this on a NYStreet, most are dressed down like Katie usually dresses. I think she is playing to that crowd that doesn’t like Tom for some reason. I have a problem with a woman who leaves with the child. Tom was mistreating or abusing Katie…her dad is a lawyer, she could have gotten out of that marriage anytime she wanted. She knows Tom is going to fight her filing for sole custody. He has two adopted children, she thinks he is going to give up his biological child. She didn’t even tell him she wanted a divorce? I have a problem with that. I think its underhanded because I think she wanted him to leave to do the film and she could take the child. I like Tom and I am liking Katie less and less.

  21. 121
    theBisback Says:

    @Marie: Taking control of her life? People most of what you have heard about Scientology is heresay. If this so -called cult was doing anything illegal they would have been closed down years ago. But the rumors about Scientology for years. Katie’s father is a lawyer. She did not go into that marriage as some ignorant love struck girl. I am sure her dad reviewed the Prenup and I am sure if there were issues about Scientology that was all discussed. So this idea that she was somehow living this closeted life is ridiculous. Heck, I have friends, who have to ask their husbands to make a purchase. I am sure Katie could buy what she wanted. We always saw her and her daughter in NYC alone while Tom was making film. I have no doubt she paid her a sum before they were married and the prenup was built around plateaus, i.e. a child, 5, years, 10 years, of marriage, etc…She has her own clothing franchise….so what is thisbull about poor Katie???She was married to one of the richest actors in the world …bull!

  22. 122
    theBisback Says:


    what a dumb statement. Free from what? Stop making this woman a victim. She married this movie star….what didn’t she know about? There had been rumors about Scientology forever….and her dad is a lawyer…please.

  23. 123
    theBisback Says:


    Of course her lawyer told her to get her own security..she is filing in NYC althought their legal residence in California…she needed to create a whole life that has nothing to do with her home or life in California in order to establish a legal residence in NYC….I doubt the security were Scientology…geez you people are brain dead. You still believe the media? how naive are you?

  24. 124
    theBisback Says:

    @itziar: Oh really…she has a smiling photo with Tom two weeks ago….this is pure adulterated Public relations…Katie is playing into the Scientology craziness hoping to create enough public adulation that somehow the court will allow her to have Suri….It’s all a load of bull that she somehow was held against her will….at any level. The girl’s father is a lawyer…he reviewed the prenup…and nobody forced her to get married. She is a victim like Donald Trump doesn’t have his hair colored.

  25. 125
    theBisback Says:


    Oh…you think Tom wasn’t aware he was marrying women taller than he was? Check Nicole…she was always in heels when the event required her to wear heels. If her height was a problem Tom would have married shorter women…don’t you think? Geez you people are really as dumb as your posts.

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