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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Couple!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Couple!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler climb off a boat after riding around Lake Como with pals on Tuesday (July 3) in Italy.

After hosting a fundraiser that generated about $15 million for the Obama campaign back in May, it has been announced that the 51-year-old actor will attend a reception for the President later this summer in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event will be hosted by Charles C. Adams Jr., a Geneva-based lawyer, and Matthew Barzun, the Obama campaign’s national finance chairman and a former U.S. ambassador to Sweden, according to the New York Times.

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46 Responses to “George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Couple!”

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  1. 1
    Phys Major Says:

    Back in Como with his big ugly bland beast GIANT MARFAN SYNDROME W’HORE who rubbed her fec’es on wrestling ring ropes as a career highlight for 10 years!

  2. 2
    Greta Says:

    corrupt George Clooney who lies & deceives the world about his private life!!!
    Pretending to be in a relationship with a woman he calls a GIANT RODENT behind her back and with whom he’s never slept!

  3. 3
    Bad Taste Says:

    Stacy Keibler is SO ugly. her face is like the most boring featureless Plain Jane out.
    i’d never buy any clothes she promotes through these staged photo-ops cos she’s too trashy & ugly

  4. 4
    Daisy Dukes Says:

    @Bad Taste: Well, me neither. I find she’s too big boned & has a filthy past, but also too plastic fake with hair extensions from corpses.

  5. 5
    Not impressed with guttertrash Says:

    Clooney’s PR network behind this publicity arrangement made her lose about 20 lbs to promote more clothes for summer but she can’t ever look lithe & elegant like, say a supemodel because she’s TOO BROAD LIKE A GRIDIRON PLAYER naturally.

  6. 6
    alsmarmont Says:

    Um, she’s been photographed in New York. We’re supposed to believe she was on Como, flew to New York, then flew back to Como? LOL. She isn’t Clooney’s girlfriend. She’s just a trashy contract escort. Not sure if Alley is associated with the weird circle from which the contract escorts are lined up, but it seems quite plausible.

    How weird is it that Maria Menounos is now advertising that she’s available and more than willing to be the next escort. Menounos doesn’t actually give a giant rodent’s behind about Clooney. Her real crush is on money and attention, just like Keibler, and just like Keibler, Menounos was on DWTS and also “wrestles” in the WWE. During her brief stint on DWTS, one night they lowered a prop in the shape of Stonehenge to the dance floor right before her dance. There is some seriously dodgey stuff surrounding these women and the circles in which they run. I’d even go so far as to say that they are involved with some very evil stuff.

  7. 7
    Lee Says:

    Stacy fakes it better than Elisabetta. By the way, has she lost weight? She looks skinnier. I think Elisabetta also lost weight when she was with Clooney.

  8. 8
    Davida Rochelle Kanter Says:

    @Not Impressed with Guttertrash…
    She never made it as a supermodel or model of any kind because most agencies rejected her, Kirstie Alley told me.
    Stacy tried when she was in her 20s but they said she was TOO PLAIN, TOO ENDOMORPH OR ATHLETIC ( euphemism for butch & broad).
    So, after rimming Vince McMahon’s asss, rumor had it, she got a part on WWF as a hook*er valet.

  9. 9
    alsmarmont Says:

    She needs to lose several pounds of fat off her pumpkin head.

  10. 10
    Nectar Says:

    These two crazy in love with publicity fakers just warm the heart. No fake hand holding with he and Stacy in today’s photo ops, though. Booo!!! Never fear, though, there’s always tomorrow’s staged publicity op for that.

  11. 11
    Stuart G Says:

    Awful body! No man but factory workers, janitors & McDork’s burger flippers go for ugly trashy cheap bimbos like Keibler.
    Look at those awful shorts!
    And the legs are like Hulk Hogan.
    Mismatch in hell!

  12. 12
    Lee Says:

    @alsmarmont: wow! Im impressed. Do you know the word anorexia??

  13. 13
    Mike'sGirl Says:

    George has officially become an old man who wears boat slippers and color coordinated seersucker. And God forbid he get anywhere near Stacy Kiebler although I am actually with him on that one.

  14. 14
    alsmarmont Says:

    @Lee: I know all sorts of words, including **** off dumbasss.

  15. 15
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Says:

    @Lee: Clooney is a deranged control freak. He treats her like a desperate piece of trash. Dangles the publicity arrangement photo-ops extensions under her nose so a corrupt network makes a % off the dirty ho. Rande Gerber & Kid Rock introduced her to him. there’s oncentives off the wh’ores earnings which have been frugal because she’s ugly & no company wants her.

  16. 16
    Joke of the millenium Says:

    This is the worst Hollywood pairing since Elton John married Renata the Kraut.
    Hollywood Class versus Z-list Ugly Giant defective Trash enterainer wrestler.

  17. 17
    Davida Rochelle Kanter Says:

    the PR want to hook George the Poster Boy for Z-list hoookers with Maria Menounos next, Kirstie told me.
    he’s not in love with Maria, but George never has been in live & sold his soul long ago, so this is it!

  18. 18
    Davida Rochelle Kanter Says:

    I meant George has never been in love with anyone, so this is it.

  19. 19
    AS GOOD AS IT GETS?? Says:

    It’s how ugly Stacy’s face is that gets me. Massive bald man’s forehead & no lips. Sickly thin haired.
    That’s why I don’t believe it. Canalis was like a tranny butch or even like a Horse. Gave him benefit of doubt… Maybe he was depressed and wanted companionship then.
    But KEIBLER is so ugly too. Is he a magnet for defective lame women? Something doesn’t add up.

  20. 20
    Bye Bye, Baby! Says:

    I would never buy any clothes or labels linked to her. This is just another ho…. Bad marketing.
    I like genuine relationships like Matt Damon’s, Brad Pitt’s, & Colin Firth’s, so I’d invest in what their ladies wear.
    Clooney’s short-lived dates put me off the brands.
    Even him.

  21. 21
    robbie g Says:

    Enuff of these anti- Kiebler rants ………………………….. aren’t we just a wee bit jealous that we aren’t playing the part of Clooney in this relationship?

    Having said that, I must admit it seems like Stacy went from D-list celeb to A-lister simply by hooking up with Clooney.

    I admit …. I am jealous!

  22. 22
    Comedy Hour Says:

    Aw God, poor old alsmarmont and her multitude of transparent aliases out again!! *sigh* It feels like you’ve been obsessing fanatically over this relationship for decades!

    What a terrible empty life you must have; you’re here and on imdb 24/7. Don’t you ever sleep?? Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing, it sends you insane after a while. And you, sadly, are living proof of it.

    This is just desperately sad now. Why don’t you find someone you admire the way they are and focus your attention there instead of on a man that will never give you time of day, no matter how much you try and attract his attention. Is George Clooney really worth all this effort??

  23. 23
    Comedy Hour Says:

    Also, if you going to post under so many different names in the hope that people will think it’s all different separate people, then at least make the effort to give each alias a separate ‘personality’. Just to make it a bit less coma-inducing for the rest of us.

  24. 24
    Cookie Monster Says:

    She looks slim and trim despite being a cookie heiress. I guess chasing after the Keebler elves keeps her in shape. My favourite? Chips Deluxe Coconut. MMMMM

  25. 25
    FuzzyNavel Says:

    @Comedy Hour:

    Well, I know right away that this is the crazy old lady Joanna who posts on Clooney’s Open House 24/7 and has thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of posts and goes nuts when anyone demonstrates critical thinking skills about anything. Joanna, POT MEET KETTLE about crazy people and George Clooney and ask yourself that question about it being worth the effort because George Clooney could seriously not care less about an old lady like you which makes you just as crazy as any crazy person, maybe more so with your blind, stupid adoration, especially of a WWE wrestler. And you have no idea how everyone at COH laughs at you behind your back. You really are pot meet kettle pathetic.

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