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Kate Bosworth: New Jewelmint Fashion Film!

Kate Bosworth: New Jewelmint Fashion Film!

Kate Bosworth and her beau Michael Polish are cute as can be as they hold hands at LAX Airport on Monday (July 2) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress and her director boyfriend caught a departing flight out of town.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the day, Kate tweeted the newest Jewelmint fashion film!

“In our July @jewelmint film I am By Your Side. ‘TULUM’” Kate tweeted. “Yes, @michael_polish and I shot this film in Tulum, Mexico. We felt the tropical feeling reflects the months @jewelmint pieces.”

Bigger picture inside…

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kate bosworth michael polish hold hands lax 01

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  • WTMF

    “Yes, @michael_polish and I shot this film in Tulum, Mexico. We felt the tropical feeling reflects the months @jewelmint pieces.” That’s code for, ‘we wanted a free vacation’.

  • Kinnamanfan

    How is a commercial for JewelMint considered a film? Does she actually think she’s creating art?

  • WTMF

    @Kinnamanfan: In her head, probably yes. This is the only type of “film” she can get nowadays anyway.

  • bahha black sheep

    Kate marry me

  • The Brain

    Seriously, another story about this brand. What’s the reason it’s covered time after time here? No one cares about this girl, this brand or her lack of a career.

  • AG

    Meanwhile ‘real’ actresses are contemplating what ‘real’ films they want to star in next…you know, the kind that aren’t always bombing at the box office or go straight to DVD…

    But have fun on your holiday Kate!

  • HillVirgil

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  • Ford

    Urgh she is so irritating

  • ladybug

    “are cute as can be ” How does JJ write this without throwing up?

    And this ‘fashion film’, it looks like a badly done vacation home video.

  • YvetteW

    Does Polish know the difference between photography and film making?

  • Amelie

    This is the first Jewelmint ‘film’ I’ve watched, and how I wish I could have those 4 minutes of my life back. The video is just…not good in any way. Also, KB’s hair looks so unhealthy–frizzy, broken, just nasty. She should go back to the bob she had a few years ago. It looked much, much better.

  • notpretty

    kate you’re not pretty and hot looking so there’s no need to show us your meh body. no one except your boyfriend molish wants to see it. and what is it that you’re always doing with your lips??!!

  • Jeannie

    I know she has nothing else going on, but do we really need another JM post? Or KB post for that matter.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Just clicked on post out of curiousity to what’s up with AS ex and I have to say I enjoyed the JM short.

  • gemma

    The short is great! Kate looks great. I love the earrings she’s wearing with the orange bikini.

  • connie

    I bet Tulum is more fun with Alex:)

  • Eresyn

    That video is just insufferable…Please, make it stop!


    Hasn’t somebody hooked this chick up with Tom Cruise?
    The two have so-o-o-o much in common!!
    She’d sacrifice herself on the Scientology throne just for a shot at anything remotely resembling a Hollywood career.
    Those Scientology matchmakers aren’t looking in the right gutters for a willing victim ..I mean life mate for their members!!

  • KittyKat

    I like the song that is played in the video. Does anyone know who or what group sings it? As for the jewelry, i’ve seen better at the boutiques at the local mall.


    @kittykat: The music is Sade. A fabulous choice for the video. I have some JM pieces and I get a lot of compliments.

  • Fashionista

    Very chic look.

  • Macy

    These videos have become increasingly stupid. They’re not clever in the least, nor do they showcase the pieces in interesting ways. The first video of her in the hotel room did it the best, with a necklace hanging off a lamp, etc. But these last ones are her standing around with her mouth hanging open. It doesn’t make me want to buy any of it.

  • Texas Swede

    Sorry guys but this commercial is the best one yet.[but that is not saying much, maybe I should say truthful] It actually shows exactly what MP sees in KB. Did anyone notice the number of cr-tch shots where the wrist jewelry is off to the side and sometimes out of focus but the cr_tch is in perfect focus? Or the number of butt shots with no jewelry? Or the number of shots of her walking away with no jewelry? He is not showcasing the jewelry at all. But he is showing the world just what he thinks of her and how much control he has over her. He can get her to appear absolutely ridiculously goofy, dress like a teenager, and let him film and display it for the world to see. All the while convincing her it is art.

    Not to mention getting comped vacations all over the world while doing so. Maybe he is not at stupid as we thought. Maybe his visionary talent is in an area other than filmaking.

  • No mystery

    I can almost smell the desperation in that video.

  • marry

    she’s as skinny as every, no muscle tone at all, just skin and bones. Nasty. I’d rather see a bit of meat on a girl’s body with some muscle than someone who looks so thin you see bones.

  • What a joke

    How sweet !!!!!!!!!! These two brainless twats again, doing nothing as per usual

  • Whycantipost

    mforman; I am still laughing hysterically, but KB just posted a picture called ‘creature comfort’, no idea if it is painful coincedence or that she reads these posts.. Either way, I am laughing my ass off! ahahhahahahahahaaa *yeah I know, childish, blaaaa*

  • Jeannie

    @Whycantipost: I just saw that! Hahaha!

  • ladybug

    @Macy: “These videos have become increasingly stupid. They’re not clever in the least, nor do they showcase the pieces in interesting ways. The first video of her in the hotel room did it the best..”

    How sad is that we can now look back at the first couple of JM commercials and think that those were the high point of artistry, compared to what MP is filming now.

  • What a joke

    I actually thought that mp was advertising Kate for sale raising funds for his next film project lol the way he got butt and crotch shots of her and her ridiculous posing and then the dreaded bikini shots forget about the crapmint that there supposed to try and advertise and sell
    Kate is the supposed unique selling point of this crapmint stupid commercial . :)

  • tw

    i can’t watch another video of kb. pleez jj just drop this couple and save my eyes

  • ladybug

    @What a joke: I’m not really understanding the advertising motive in using Kate’s butt to sell jewelry.

    “i realized that the moment i see kate wearing some of the stuff lets say kirsten dunst wears on daily basis, it just looks so fake and “trend-ish”. it crossed my mind upon seeing these wonderful brown sandals. or those marant boots, kruger wears them 24/7 and they never stand alone, they’re always a part of an outfit, but with kate all i can think of when i see them is “marant! marant”" and it looks so forced, like she wears them for the sake of them being marant. for some reason and this is just my (minority) opinion, in the last year or tad more, she totally lost that naturality to her style. everything looks carefully planned and picked out for the sake of the clothes, not herself. it’s like metaphysics not pure personal style. sorry if you can’t understand what i wanted to say…”

  • Jeannie

    @Macy: I agree with you on the first video. I felt like it at least showcased the pieces.

  • Macy

    They’re also getting longer, for no real reason at all. They could have showcased all those pieces in half the time, with a better storyline. There wasn’t any story to this at all other than prancing and staring.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I’m sure that KB’s bikini shots were very important to the storyline, but we’re just too jealous and fashion-challenged to understand it! :)

  • mforman

    “As cute as can be”, JJ must have gotten a bonus to write that. I mean come on, we post about them only going to lunch, so now we get one of them at the airport. Make them stop.
    @Texas Swede—I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was waiting for her to start jogging on the beach with no shoes in her bikini and him filming her butt there too. I really feel bad for Cher, because the JM pcs I have gotten I do like and Cher’s comments are amazing, but I thought the Coachella commercial was bad and self serving, but this one takes the cake. What the heck is going on, does she not realize how desparate and pathetic they both look.
    You are so right with the way he “directs” her, stop with that stupid kissing into the camera, that ridiculous dancing and all the rest, but like she has said he is a visionary, if he is a visionary director, god help all the people who truly love film, because these two are worse than ever, and may I add neither one has anything lined up. It is not just us, but all of HW that is laughing at these two.
    @whycantipost (#28)—-I just looked it up, thank you, I will be childish with you because I cannot stop laughing, also what about her calling “Big Sur” master class, who wants to lay money on that film never getting released or if it does to maybe two or three theaters.
    I can see them saying that nobody understood what they were trying to do with the film, or some crap like that.
    We have always believed she reads these posts and just her using “creature” is too much, of course it is probably just a weird thing happening, but oh my goodness, that is just too funny.

  • Lois

    “are cute as can be”

    Seriously? Shouldn’t that be something you say about Justin Beiber and his GF?
    Anywho, I’m loving the outfit; it worked well for me in the “90′s

    @ladybug: It’s sad that she doesn’t even seem to understand she’s alienating the fashion crowd at the FSpot and elsewhere. After fashion, what else does she have?

  • Macy

    Yes it’s totally important to get a tan while you’re on a free vacation “filming” promotional material for things you don’t really design even though you’d have everyone believe you do. LOL

  • Alexandra

    Are you serious – Kate has a remarkable sense of fashion! Her outfit at the airport is the best! Who cares if she wore something a few people at TFS didn’t like?! Overall the posters at that site love her style.

  • Macy

    It did. They had interesting lighting that focused on them, and used them as props to the set almost. Now she just stands there and touches her hair, arm, etc while she walks around with her mouth gaping open.

  • mforman

    @Lois—If she loses these so called fashion blogs, it truly is over for her. Cher will no longer be able to get her clothes to borrow, there will be no more weird Vanessa Bruno ads, or things such as that. To be honest I think she has already lost alot of these fashion blogs and sites. I realized it when Fashion Police stopped mentioning her at all, at any of the events she buys tickets too, so she can walk the red carpet. I mean she befriended George K. and Kelly O, when they were talking about her and saying positive things, but right after Joan R made that comment about her blue hair, (that she tried to flush her head down the toilet when AS dumped her), Robin B, another famewhore got that video totally pulled, so you cannot see it anymore.
    @Alexandra—I am sorry but the tide has turned for her and it isn’t in her favor. People and it is just not us posters have had it with her and her disgusting creature behavior. If you go to Celebitichy and read the comments after she is spotted on a red carpet, you will see they are not good. You might like the outfit, but I think you are alone.
    If she loses the fashion blogs, who knows what she will actually do, because according to the JM facebook page and the comments made about the last commercial, their own CSR’s have said they are going to bring their customers concerns to the next advertising meeting. I am telling you this, because other things have been mentioned like this and they really do bring them to the attention of the proper departments because changes are made. JM customers wrote in about how much they missed Cher’s comments, well the CSR’s said they would bring it up at the next meeting, they did and guess what Cher is once again writing her comments, so this is going to get interesting.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: Well, after fashion she can always become a champion equestrienne!

    @Alexandra, it’s a cute outfit, but it looks sort of impractical for actually flying in. And is it her sense of ‘remarkable fashion’ that you like, or Cher’s? Because KB can’t seem to step out of her house without Cher’s help.
    And if you read that fashion blog, they seem to be not as enthusiastic about her or her fashion sense as they had been.

  • Surfer Girl

    Love Kate! Love the video!

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Some of the comments on that site are pretty funny. One person commented that she was dressing better lately & said something along the lines of it’s almost as if she knows she’s going to be photographed. Well, that would be because she does! People should give credit to Cher, she’s the one that dresses her…for everything.

    @Macy, you’re right about the lighting in the first video, it really showcases the pieces.

  • :)

    Cher Coulter‏@CherCoulter

    Just watched “Tulum” soooooo beautiful @katebosworth !!! I wanna go on #SummerVacation

    Yeah they are the outs. NOT!

  • ladybug

    @:): Ah, yes, tweeting that you like the video promoting a line of jewelry that you design proves that you’re not on the outs with the face of the line.
    Do I think they’re on the ‘outs’. Perhaps not. But I’ve gotten the impression over the last few months that they’re not as close as they were. Perhaps we’re wrong and they’re still best buds.

    @mforman: “Big Sur” master class, who wants to lay money on that film never getting released or if it does to maybe two or three theaters.”
    In January he tweeted that he was hoping for Cannes. At the time of Cannes he was still working on sound. A year after the film was finished. I think he’s also tweeted that perhaps he’ll try for Sundance next year.

    Kat Coiro’s been busy, but she’s not worked with KB in year, after working on three projects from 2010-11.

    Black Rock might be released in October, per an interview with Mark Duplass, who wrote it and whose wife directed and starred.

  • ladybug

    Per her Twitter she and the life partner are now in Berlin, presumably for their fashion week. I’m sure JJ is eagerly awaiting the opportunity for new photos.

  • Big Sur is still not happening

    so it STILL NOT RELEASED Shows you how bad it is. This chick needs to just go away, it’s getting from bad to worst for her. The desperation to STAY not even relevant just STAY in the spot light is so sad. I can’t even laugh at her. She looks like a complete fool and the dude an even bigger fool. Isn’t he an director? Shouldn’t he be doing movies not this crap. I give them 6 months before they break free. She is not getting anything from this media she is putting out there and he is not making any movies.

  • Wrong

    @#49: I’ll bet Big Sur is brilliant. MP is a very good filmmaker and has won several awards. I absolutely loved FOR LOVERS ONLY.