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Katie Holmes & Suri: Late Night Ice Cream!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Late Night Ice Cream!

Katie Holmes holds tight to her daughter Suri as they head home after getting ice cream on Tuesday (July 3) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress, who recently filed for divorce from husband Tom Cruise, shared the dessert with her 6-year-old daughter.

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Katie is currently in the midst of filming a yet-untitled drama inspired by Russian writer Anton Chekhov‘s short story “The Seagull.” The flick, which is slated to hit theaters next year, explores a family confronting the volatile and fragile nature of love.

FYI: Suri is wearing a Milly Minis dress.

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  • lauren

    i wonder how she feels know that she is breaking freeeeeee

  • Truth

    Good luck Katie and suri. The truth will set you free.

  • sara

    Wishing the best for these two! You can tell how much Katie loves her daughter. It’s so sweet. I really admire Katie for finally breaking away from her controlling husband and doing what’s best for her daughter.

  • SusanC

    I wonder what time this pic was taken?? I wonder if Suri talked to Tom Cruise today and wished him a Happy Birthday? I read he was flying to California today. I guess to share his birthday with at least some family. (Mom, Sis, Connor and Isabella) I also read he pleaded with Katie to come back and when she refused “they had a big fight’ gee, no kidding, their getting DIVORCED!!!! She’s over you Tommy, get used to it!! If all this stuff is true, how she planned her freedom from this nut, well, I have a new found respect and admiration for Ms. Holmes!

  • anna

    @bahha black sheep: Se puede ver facilmente cuanto Katie ama a Suri, y nada pasa con las piernas de la pequeña, Katie solo trata de protegerla de los flashes de los locos paps. Porfin volvio Katie, ella se ve sumamente feliz con como estan las cosas ahora, recobro su libertad y ahora es muy feliz con su hija.

  • CF98

    I heard Tom is in NYC well his people anyways so that’s why Katie took Suri out in public

  • sara

    People are so stupid, always criticizing that Suri is carried too much. It is perfectly understandable that a 6 yr old would want to hide in her mother’s shoulder when there are a bunch of strange men around, yelling things and flashing cameras. She probably walks more when there are no papz around. You just don’t see it because: no papz = no pics. Get it?

  • WhatATool

    Keep protecting your daughter Katie from those SciFi Nuts. Nicole did not fight for her 2 kids poor Isabella and Connor

  • SusanC

    @bahha black sheep: I understand the ‘wedding vow- for better or worse”. But if you think your child’s life may be in danger……all bets are OFF.

  • LH

    @sara: Exactly! This kid is growing up under “special” circumstances. People should stop judging. Better to carry a 6 year old than to have a bunch of flashes on her face all the time. And I guess she is trying to use this public exposure as a way of protection.

  • limelight

    And ofcouse she can finaly wear heels again.

  • namers

    @ha ha: @sara:

    I do agree. I can’t even imagine how blinding it must be to be subjected to all those flashes. I’d see yellow spots for days.

  • No this is not sarcasm

    Scientology is WATCHING. I hope nothing happens to Katie and Suri.

  • Eva

    Good luck to them.

  • Yes

    I have changed my opinion of this woman… Whether she getting money or not , she broke away from that crazy person. I can’t even imagine the life she’s lived and she’s still so young. I hope she enjoys her life with that sweet beautiful girl and stays in the city. Maybe she will get a country house they can go escape to. I would definitely be amping security up… Tom is totally nuts. She looks so good too.

  • L

    Leave them some compasion..

  • WAlterBisho[

    I do admire Katie’s decision to break free from Tom, but didn’t she know what she was getting herself into? He’d been an avid supporter of Scientology before she met him, it was no secret

  • blake

    If I were her, I wouldn’t go out for a while because TMZ reported scientologists are following her. How creepy is that? I’d be scared out of my mind.

  • Pippa

    Wow! How quickly the comments on here have done a 180!

  • bahha black sheep

    @Pippa: it is funny, if tom comes out as gay short man tomorrow and denounces his faith, people will congratulate him…its a fcuked up world

  • bulloney

    Katie married the man and had his child!

    She knew what she was getting into….but, did it anyway.

  • CF98

    If you believe TMZ according to the prenup Katie doesn’t get anything but what she came with.

    So I guess does that mean Suri too?

  • bahha black sheep

    @CF98: i believe tmz, but she was already allegedly being paid a salary in the millions to be his wife…she was already paid handsomely

  • hmmmm

    why is she exposing to children to those crazy paps? Really she needed ice cream and could arrange for someone to bring ice cream to her new apartment? she’s going to be one of those wives who puts child in middle of divorce.

  • Kate

    Tom is not a murderer . Katie knew when she married him he was a scientologist and converted for him . I do wish her all the best but all this drama is created by her . moreover , I’m certain her action will be moved to la because she has not been a legal resident for a year . Therefore , I believe she should have handled this differently.

  • bahha black sheep

    @Kate: i agree…if she has problems with tom, save it for divorce court…don’t have your people leak your dirty laundry publicly…reeks of desperation for attention…and looking for a payoff….just keep quite about it

  • Lulu

    She kinda know what she was getting into; but not aware of the extent. I
    hope the best for all three, especially the kid.

  • Kate

    I don’t think Katie is out for a money grab , I do believe her fears for her daughter are geniene but I do believe her case will be heard in calf and Tom will be granted joint custody therefore doing this so cold will come back to haunt her . She will not be able to keep her completly away from Scientology . Plus as suri gets older she may very well choose toms lifestyle over Katie’s , sad but true . I wish all of them the best of luck . Suri is so adorable , just precious!

  • BEBE

    why everyone blame katie to married tom ?

    well, there’s a possibility a women or a human being makes a mistakes and the answer is of course. We all can , sadly we were created not being an angel or a saint people.
    what katie holmes sees in tom in their beginning relationship maybe not deep as now, or not scary as now. everyone will be blindsided by love, and more younger the person is, the more stupid it become.

    katie makes mistakes, but now she hope she wanted to make it better, lets hope she did it.
    There’s always a reason why she always hold closed her daughter, and now we know why lol

    let her do what she thinks the best for her and her daughter but as a fans of KH and TC, now i am thinking big of katie more than tom, and i hope suri can have her peace back.

  • Anna

    I really am wishing the best for Katie and Suri. Katie keep hold of your little girl and dont let go, a mothers love knows no bounds.

  • Hamlet

    Do you always believe everything you read, #6?

    But what makes you so sure that this divorce is a good decision and Cruise was bad husband and father to begin with, #18? You don’t know them.

    Must she do that ALL the time, #28? It is HER life and she had the right to take her daughter out in public.


    Katie knew what he was when she married him. She used Tom. I think Katie is a spoiled brat.

  • joel

    She’s feeding the kid sugar to show Scientology who’s boss. Their school has a low sugar policy. HAHAHA! Katie 1 / Scientopoop 0

  • Marta

    I pray when Katie gets her divorce she moves far away from all the media attention.
    Suri deserves a normal childhood. It makes me sick to see this little child hounded by paparazzi.

  • Eva

    @hmmmm: so you’re suggesting that Katie Holmes shuts her kid indoors for the rest of her life? She’s probably trying to give her some semblance of a normal childhood.

  • BEBE


    why you hate katie so much, what are you?

  • Go Ask Alice

    @ Marta makes the most sense here.
    I am NOT NOT making fun a child.
    Kaite married Ton Cruise knowing full aware of what the Chruch of Sicenbtology is, and how the public preceived him for that, the Nicoel Kidman divorce, miscarraige, flight, leaving her kids, and how she met Tom, was summoned that is.
    Kaite Holmes married him.
    Good for her to break free now and for the sake of the innocent 6 yr. old child.
    Holmes needs to get ehr divorce, quick, fast ,easy. Take what money she signed for , not worry about 100 million or 50 million or $25 a mnth for Suri.How many millions does one need>
    Next, sorry, but soemthing is wronf with the child. Hair neve rcombed. Suir’s shoes . Rodger Vittere’s , somthing like that , special ordered and sized ,cost more than I earn i a year. The child never look right. Dresses right. Has no school. Is she autistic? If so,then good for Kaite to get her out and get her help and right schools .Scientology doesn’t believe in any of that and look at what happened to John Travolota’s sons?
    Suri is carried like a 2 yr.old always. She carries a blanket.She wears thing clothes, no coats, etc. in cold weather, jsut got off the baby bottle not too long ago, is bratty in the sense,look she is sitting on the ice cream window…. something is off. YES, Scientologyficiton holds that the child is a mini adult and the child leades crap…crazy sh it.
    Something is off. YES, the child has people, welll not acutally people, but,, those hounds, well, that is an insult to hounds, dogs, ugh, those ugly, vivicous papaarzzi screaming ” Suiree”e, Over here. Suurrrriiiiiiiii!!!!Suir. Kaite , Look at Suri’s underpants are showing. Are you a baby Suire?Hey,Kaite, let Suri walk? ” and worst.
    Kaite and Tom have put that child out in the paps lense since day for pr from late night plays, adult plays, on sets, always talking about her in interviews, leaving tghe helicopter pad, on the plane, heleicopter, etc. The horse has left the to speak. Suri is named and known as well as Tom Cruise. Curise did do this to his other kids.I think Nciole Kidman can get some credit there. Those kids can have a life of at least going shopping, getting on a plane without paps and people knowing them. Suire is as well known as Obama and Romney!!!!!
    that child, can she go out with a nanny and not be photographed or is she too well known. Kaite can never take her out because seh is too well known. How can this child get a child’s life?
    School, freinds, Disneyland with her mother, cousins, grandparents?
    Kaite needs to keep her out of the press and paps lense for a good year. maybe just don’t go out anywhere with her child.
    Sad, but true.
    This is not healthy for this kid. It is not normal.
    So sad.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Sorry, I need an edit button.
    I am home sick with a cold too.

  • Pippa

    @joel: I find that hard to believe when they have been feeding Suri sugar since she was old enough to chew. On the Oprah interview inside Tom’s Colorado home, Tom says to Oprah, “This is the sugar house.”

    I DO agree with the person that said, “they could have easily had the ice cream at home instead of going out to get it. And no, I dont’ expect them to stay in the house forever, but come on! , A few days after announcing the divorce? You’d think she would lay low. Not our fame-wh*** Katie. And she thought she had a lot of paps following her before the divorce….she’s screwed now! And so is poor Suri, the pawn in all of this.

  • jaspisgirl

    i think: the price for this life was getting to high for her. at the beginning it was a kind of game .being married to your childhood-idol.she knew who and how he was. please, she was 27 years old or so.there was internet and his story with mrs.kidman was told over the whole globus. so what was the deal????? love????? ok yes but she must have known that there will be problems when there will be kids.soooo no i do not feel that sorry for her,because she was an adult who makes choices,but i feel sorry for a little six-year old,that nobody ask ,if she wants to be part in this game of adults.

  • annie

    gosh up until a few days ago, a lot of you guys hated her and suri.
    ,now you admire her…what changed, she’s still katie holmes and suri is still suri.

  • jaspisgirl

    @annie i still think it is to late for a six-year old to have ice cream and i still think she does not have enough friends of her age (suri i mean) and i still think she is spoiled but the reason changed, i think now both fight for suri and the one suri likes more will win. and i hope both adults know that she is needing there protection and love and not only their money and names.

  • Not in love with Tom

    I have a idea let’s have the comment page make a movie of all your
    Fake comments about the you see Suri being victimized by the church the last 2 years No! She has been doing the same things
    As she does now! No nutso’s here! Only the comment page! Why
    Not go after the catholic church the perverts who molest children
    Boys and get away with it! They are the ones that should be condemned. Suri has lived a normal life never was influenced by Tom
    Or the church…She wants a divorce she is not happy in the marriage!
    Most divorces start that way until they go to court keep your made up
    Bull to yourselves! Go after the catholic church instead

  • sanha

    nice post,,blog walking n comment my blog friends,,,,thanks

  • Rosalie

    Amazing how a few days ago, everybody was bashing Katie for carrying Suri all the time. Let me rephrase that…everybody was bashing Katie, no matter what she did or what she wore. Looks like the magic word here is “divorce” Perhaps it will teach people to stop judging…at least before knowing what is going on in other people’s lives.

  • Katia

    Suri’s eating habits are weird. What time was it?

  • yep

    I wish the best for Suri. Say what you like about Tom however his other two young adult children seem to being doing fine. I wish the best for all and especially Suri.

  • YAH~

    I have gained a whole new respect for KH, she was strong and brave enough to break free from her bully of a husband (I am totally convinced that he is a BULLY!) and do what is right for herself and most importantly for her daughter, she is being a good mom, putting Suri’s interests first and being extremely protective of her little’s girl’s ultimate soul in keeping her far, far away from what is a Cult. I hope and pray that she succeeds in getting sole and physical custody of her daughter and that she also demands supervisied visits when the little girl is with her loony father, no doubt that TC will try everything in his power to brainwash little Suri and turn her against her mother, just as he did to his kids with Nicole Kidman. I hope that this Divorce will finally expose the so-called- “Church” of Scientology for what it truly is, a very dangerous, evil Cult!

  • Jenna

    Why does she have to feed her kid ice-cream in the late evenings?? Suri seems to be living on candy, cake and ice-cream. It’s all she’s ever pictured eating. And again with the carrying…

  • just so


    You know Hamlet, you come on this board and criticize everyone. When someone says something you want to follow up with you tell them to post a link. You are too lazy or incapable of doing your own research.

    What makes you think this is a bad decision? If you bother to look up scientology and kids you would know why Katie wants sole physical custody. It prevents Cruise from putting this child through Xenu-hell by enrolling her cult programs.

    Don’t be an idiot Hamlet. DO YOUR OWN Research!!!! Katie is divorcing Tom most likely for a lot of reasons. He has a reputation for being very controlling, putting Xenu before family and everything else in his life, for being a fanatic about xenu, and for being a workaholic. Mimi Rogers said he liked to live like a monk w/ regards to s-e-x, but she didn’t want to.

    Maybe Katie woke up one morning and said “I don’t want this life” and decided to do something about it. Maybe she wants more for Suri than to have her every move audited by the cult, her every thought criticized.

    Do YOUR OWN research Hamlet about Xenu. And maybe, just maybe you’ll see why Katie wants to leave.