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Katie Holmes & Suri: Late Night Ice Cream!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Late Night Ice Cream!

Katie Holmes holds tight to her daughter Suri as they head home after getting ice cream on Tuesday (July 3) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress, who recently filed for divorce from husband Tom Cruise, shared the dessert with her 6-year-old daughter.

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Katie is currently in the midst of filming a yet-untitled drama inspired by Russian writer Anton Chekhov‘s short story “The Seagull.” The flick, which is slated to hit theaters next year, explores a family confronting the volatile and fragile nature of love.

FYI: Suri is wearing a Milly Minis dress.

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  • Truth

    Normal women who go thru a divorce and custody battle keep low and save it for the court.
    Tom is not normal.
    Cos is scary.
    KH needs the media to reveal the crap so she can keep Suri.
    The other side will play very dirty.
    She will have to put through Suri some stuff to keep her.

    Unfortunately, KH will always have to look over her shoulders. For her life.

  • annie

    yes now they can go and draw up another list of contenders for tom to choose from. next.
    she must have felt very loved , reading that.
    honestly i can’t get over it, it sounds so disgusting.

  • If true, sick

    From crazy days…Throughout the past few months when I told you that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a private custody sharing agreement going on while Katie pondered Tom’s $5M one year offer to stay married, Katie was also worried that Suri would not be returned to her as promised. There were several times where Katie had to be out of town while Tom had Suri and she always feared that Suri would not be there waiting when she got back. Her biggest fear was when she went to China last month. Katie knew she would be gone over a week and that Tom would figure out that Katie was there simply to get a huge paycheck which would help when she left Tom. It was right before going to China that she decided she would not take Tom’s offer. She thought the bodyguards that came with her would somehow sense her decision and tell Tom and Suri would vanish into Scientology somewhere and Tom make some kind of announcement about SeaOrg. Apparently about six months ago Tom decided that Suri should start doing more intensive Scientology stuff to prepare her for life as a leader of COS. That is when Katie said no and that she was leaving him. Then Tom made the offer and that was where everything kind of stood until last week.

  • Kate

    In ny before a custody trial forensic psychotrists are court appointed to do an evaluation of both parents and the child . They also talk with teachers , nannys , ect . The evaluation is confidential and only given to the court , parents do not get a copy . In some cases they can read it in the court . They make a recommendation as to how they feel the child’s best interests will be served . This is a long process . In ny courts do not give joint custody to fighting parents . They will give joint decision making granting on party with the final say . Katie’s lawyer know theses forensic tests are required in ny and the ny courts feelings on custody , so I’m certain that is why she filled in ny . It was a smart move if it works , but if it doesn’t and this divorce is moved to calf , she has over played her hand . As for suri , the comment that she is autistic is ridiculous and was made with no knowledge what so ever . The little girl is constantly everywhere in NYC and seems just fine . She always seems to be out doing fun things with her mother , I’ve also seen them at the Chelsea piers and she seems like any other six year old child . She also seems very smart and aware because I have seen many pictures of her giving the photographers funny faces . I think they should try marriage counseling and try to save this marriage . Maybe they can both make some compromises to keep this family together .


    Katie looking radiant these days

  • kate

    Still carrying that big @ss girl She will be carrying Suri in her arms when she in a teenager. She is going to break her back carrying that big @ss girl. She is almost 6 1/2. The child is a spoiled diva already. And Katie is weird.
    Such a strange woman. Taking a child out late at night just to get ice cream.
    I don’t care what you fans of her say. Katie is WEIRD! And she is training her daughter to be WEIRD!

  • dee dee

    I want katie and joshua moment

  • Lin

    I have noticed the content of men haters in the US. Whenever there is a divorce.. The men are the ones who are trashed by American females. The American women try to make the women involved in divorce a saint.

    Everybody say how weird Katie and expressed it, UNTIL Kate filed for a divorce, then all of a sudden she is the hero of these men haters.

  • EllieC

    Katie has to be very public right now because that is her best way to fight Scientologists. They are truly frightening and desperate, and Nicole Kidman mistakenly chose to keep silent out of fear or career ambition. As a result, she lost her kids. KH is obviously not willing to lose Suri and is fighting as a mother should. In this case, using the media to expose how corrupt Scientology is is her best recourse. The courts won’t simply keep Suri from TC because of “religion,” but Scieno is a cult and the more that is exposed, the better for everyone.

  • just so


    Tom doesn’t believe in counseling outside of the cult. I totally believe this is a preemptive strike by Katie to keep Suri out of the hands of CoS.

    Do you honestly think whether it is CA or NY that Tom wants anymore publicity on his fanatical devotion to this cult? Do you really think that the cult leader David Miscavage wants cult secrets out there for all to see? Katie may have signed a non-disclosure contract before marriage, but she knows in a court of law both she and Tom will have to reveal the truth or face contempt of court charges and jail time.

    Do you really think Cruise wants everyone to know what a controlling a$$ he is? Do you really think Cruise wants his private business out there for everyone to pour over?

    i don’t think so.

  • Jessica Simpleton

    @TWPUMPKIN: I think YOU are an idiot!

  • Jessica Simpleton

    @Go Ask Alice: No, she didn’t know the full extent of it, idiot. No one knows how bad they really are because that cult is so secretive. You obviously know nothing.

  • you know who

    Maybe that little girl can dress like a normal wearing sneakers, jeans, etc.

  • lucy2

    Gotta love Jared for putting the Katie/Suri and Josh/Diane stories side by side in the “top stories” bar.
    Yep. Mouth, nose, brow, crease in the forehead…we know who your daddy is :-)

  • lucy2
  • eggs

    I’m surprised by the number of people saying the Katie is famewhoring her child. If there’s anything I learned about Katie these past few days is that she has been hatching this plan for awhile now and the paps are a big part of it. The only way she can win is to make this a public fight not only to gain the public’s favor but also as protection. Who knows what might happen to her if she hides in a cave and “they” find her? At least in NYC, she is being protected by the paps. “They” won’t do anything to her with the world watching.

    @Kate: Thanks for the info on the forensic evaluations in NY. Hope the gamble works for Katie and her team.

    PS, I noticed that negative posts about “The Church” are being thumbed down. Creepy!

  • lucy2

    You’ll see a pattern with the CULT on these sites. They are allowed mass access to computers early on Sundays and on some holidays. Once the un-brainwashed population wakes up the votes start to level out.
    Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the US!! :-)

  • Ella

    so sad!!! katie tom and suri were so amazing together!!

  • Kate

    Your welcome , but I guess only time will tell how far in advance that katie planned to make herself a ny resident before she filed . But in any event the process of forensics are daunting , very unpleasant for everyone involved . They ask the most personal questions you can ever imagine that have no bearing on custody . Many people have complained about these evaluations and claim it is just a way for these doctors to make money , the cost is around 20k and the parents must pay . Also , suri will be immediately appointed her own lawyer by the court who is suppose to ensure her best interests are be considered . (paid by the parents ) . The lying and viciousness of the lawyers and all parties is truly unbelievable . Divorce court is very different than any other court because lying is ok , you will never be held in contempt for it . Again , I hope they can work something out for the sake of their adorable little girl . Once you start in this awful system it is almost impossiable to get out ! Plus , these lawyers love to make lots and lots of problems and fights because it keeps them employed !

  • facts

    Tom and katie
    The fact is katie holmes has no look, no talents, very calculated and ridiculously vain compared to her rivals. she pretends to be a sweet girl. what a joke! she uses the cheap sweetness to gain favors for herself Only. It is hard to see the real thing through false pretty appearance.

    She loves suri he doesn’t?
    She thinks something is bad for the kid he thinks it’s good. But only what she thinks is important?
    The fact that His two older kids are balanced and well-behaved given their circumstances has proven that he is a very good father indeed.

  • paleezzzzz2

    The Paps are 100% worse now for Suri than they were before the divorce. So, when this is all over, Suri will be pretty tramatized if this is what katie will put her through to keep her from TC. Poor child

  • paleezzzzz2

    I wish Suri could divorce Tom and Katie. They’re both nuts. If Tom loses, I wonder how long before he asks for a paternity test.

  • Fruit

    WOW. This is CRAZY!! I read some of the comments OMG. So much HATE against TOM. I have met him and he is a really nice person :-) and Katie has nothing better to do in her life to be honest. All she has is Suri so she is going to fight for her. And WHEN THEY BOTH GOT MARRIED It was such a BIG DEAL. He proposed to her in PARIS, infront of the Eiffel Tower (WOW , SO ROMANTIC. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT) <<<
    Ughh MARRIAGES are like frkng JOKE for these stupid CELEBS. SERIOUSLY. CAN THEY LIKE NOT TAKE MARRIAGE AS A JOKE. EVERY husband and wife fight but then they also LIKE MATURE/ADULTS talk it through and settle it down. This is just stupid crap. Getting DIVORCE for ONE RETARTDED SHIT. IS STUPID. TOM CRUISE is a busy guy but I do NOT think he is whatsoever CRAZY. He is a good person and he does not ACT CRAZY. I am sorry but Katie Holmes u are a useless person and have nothing better to do with your life. I feel sorry for Suri though. Poor child.

  • CF98

    Tom wouldn’t do that seeing as how he probably knows the kid isn’t biologically his anyways.

  • Mick

    Miscavige joined Scientology in 1971 when he was 12 years old.
    Miscavige is married to fellow Sea Org member Shelly Miscavige, who, according to Lawrence Wright in The New Yorker, “disappeared” in 2006, and “her current status is unknown.” Wright’s sources allege that her disappearance occurred after she “filled several job vacancies without her husband’s permission.” His sister, Denise Licciardi, was hired by major Scientology donor Bryan Zwan as a top executive for the Clearwater, Florida-based company Digital Lightwave, where she was linked to an accounting scandal. Ronald’s daughter Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of David Miscavige, remained in the Sea Org until 2005, and since has become an outspoken critic of the Scientology organization.

    Miscavige is extremely close to actor Tom Cruise, and served as best man at Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes. He also joined the pair on their honeymoon.

  • Go Ask Alice

    @Jessica Simpleton:

    You are a really idiot. there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Why don’t you go buy it.

  • JennG

    If people are appointed by the court to talk to nannys,security guards & people close to the family,all those people are scientologists.So that might back fire on Katie.I hope she has some dirt on Tom ,I know I would have some type of insurance for myself in that way.I can see this turning into a Gloria Vanderbilt type of child custody battle.I hope when it’s all said & done she takes Suri & moves back to Ohio & tries to give the little girl a normal life surrounded by her family.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Sea Org

    from wikkipedia. Read for laughs. Read and scratch your head that people actually believe and follow this cult stuff. Very sad. Lets say , those folks don’t live like Tom Cruise.

    Read all about Church of Scientology on line. That is some wild, unbeeliveable, sh it!!! Funny shet and very sad shet too.
    What a strong, worldwide CULT.
    Crazy stuff .

  • If true, sick
  • Truth

    @Kate: “think they should try marriage counseling and try to save this marriage . Maybe they can both make it work”

    She is running for her daughter’s life from a cult. Not going to happen.

  • Love The Shoes

    I don’t care what anybody says, Katie’s just as freaking weird as her soon to be ex-husband. God forbid anything ever happens to her before the kid is legally an adult because she’s got her so isolated from everyone and seemingly anti-social that Suri might be front page news 24/7 come the teen years. I bet the child has a hard time interacting with other kids. There’s being overprotective which in this day and age, you cannot be and especially in the life they live, but obsessively overprotective is a whole other story and I think Katie is there.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Kate: I Totally Agree with you Kate. Katie is as strange if not stranger than Tom to me and I have always thought so. It’s like she wants to embarrass him. She acts like she hates him and has for a long time and just played the game until someone said “it’s time Katie.” Don’t you think her doing it his birthday week was like a purposeful adding insult to injury. Also, I believe with all my heart she wants Suri to never see him and that’s with Katie there or w/o.

  • Love The Shoes

    @sara: I think some of you have been seriously hoodwinked. Stuff is really starting to sound like it was Tom and not Katie who innocent one here. Time will inform us all and i think Katie is going to be outed as a bonafide sneaky beyotch who had this all planned from day one.

  • Just My Opinion

    Here is a video where Katie is saying she’s tried Scientology and it helps her. Its 4 minutes and 40 seconds and she says “its really wonderful and she’s bettering herself. Fastforward 5 years and she’s filed for divorce from Tom Cruise and doesn’t want anything to do with Scientology.

  • Just My Opinion

    Go 4 minutes and 40 seconds INTO the video and you will see Billy Bush from Access Hollywood interviewing Katie and asks her if she’s tried Scientology and the sessions and she reponds “she’s “tried Scientology and it helps her.” She says “its really wonderful and its bettering her life. Fastforward 5 years and she’s filed for divorce from Tom Cruise and doesn’t want anything to do with Scientology. And Katie was NOT some young naive girl. She was 28 years old when they got married after living with Chris Klein for 5 years. She was no innocent girl. She saw the opportunity to become Cruise’s wife and become a big movie star. Only problem is she didn’t have the chops (talent) to launch into an A List career.

  • someguy

    @Not in love with Tom

    Step away from the e-meter.

  • FrG

    I don’t know why I feel sooo bad for Katie and Suri.
    Suri seems so sad here, she doesn’t have the face of usual.
    “Late night ice cream” >> It’s like Katie didn’t care to go buy an ice cream even late for Suri to be less sad…

  • eggs

    Whatever CoS tried to do to Suri must be terrible. Her mama is throwing down: “Katie Holmes Files Emergency Motion To Make Divorce Public”

    And for those saying she’s just being overprotective, there is no such thing as being too zealous when it comes to your kids.

  • Xiolablu

    Don’t be surprised when Katie and Josh have a lil reunion of sorts in the next year or so.

  • yeee

    hopefully lil suri can live in a a scientology free world. those people are all kinds of crazy

  • Elle

    Hopefully Katie will still be able to save the poor child from her delusional father. I feel for Isabella and Connor, who unfortunately were not lucky enough.

  • Truth

    @eggs: This has to be public. Nicole got nowhere privately. This is very calculated on Katie and her father’s side. Rightly so. Tom and his groupies do not want exposure.

    Good luck Katie.

  • Conquerthefear
  • Truth

    @Conquerthefear: another way to ensure the trial stays in ny and Tom isn’t blackmailing or threatening her for custody.

  • tinkerbell

    free katie holmes!
    free suri cruise !
    free tom cruise !
    free john travolta….

    from scientology….please

    just because it attracts rich people doesnt mean its not a cult
    whatever ron l hubbard intended this isnt it….


    Shame on Katie Holmes. There is no proof that Tom did anything to force her to do anything she did not want to. For the past six years all Holmes could say was “He is the most amazing man I have ever met!” She dated Joshua Jackson and Chris Klein and never got pregnant but within weeks of meeting Cruise she gets knocked up. Every picture I have seen of Katie Holmes in the past five years she is shopping with Suri. I don’t agree with Scientology but Katie knew what she was getting into. Now She has created this big drama like she is some poor abused princess that was so brave and saved little Suri from the big bad space ship! Give me a break! Katie is playing the press like a big piano. Did Tom’s first two wives get beamed up into a space ship never to be seen again? Hell no. People get divorced everyday. I think it was really low to do it the way she did. If I see one more picture of Katie and Suri out in public trying to dodge the paparazzi while getting ice cream I think I will puke. Goback to your parents Kaie and stay there.

  • TMI

    dat kyd haz potental now dat thom iz gone

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  • ellie’

    I really liked them together…so sad…

  • FruitnNuts

    @TWPUMPKIN: U must be a cos member.

    Katie Holmes stayed in NYC most of the time other than Tom’s location shoots since Jan 2011. My spec is She was planning this divorce for a while to gain sole custody of Suri. She played Tom well. She was naive before she truly felt the pressure for Suri’s education. Not anymore. More power to her.


    @Jesica Simpleton

    My opinion does not make me an idiot. Your comment to me makes you a complete assh@le though. LOL