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Kim Kardashian: Stephane Rolland Show with Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian: Stephane Rolland Show with Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian stuns in Stephane Rolland while making her way into the designer’s show with boyfriend Kanye West during Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday (July 3) in France.

“Just left the Stephane Rolland Couture show! His clothes are so next level beautiful!!!” the 31-year-old reality star tweeted.

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“Hopped off the plane in Paris, now in a Stephane Rolland fitting! Can’t wait for his couture show tomorrow!” Kim tweeted the day before while trying on her gorgeous dress.

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at a fashion show…

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kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 02
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 03
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 04
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 05
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 06
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 07
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 08
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 09
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 10
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 11
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 12
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 13
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 14
kim kardashian stephane rolland show with kanye west 15

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  • Sonia

    I like that she doesn’t wear so much heavy make up as she use to
    heavy eye shadow, eyeliner, false lashes, extensions,etc
    as for both of them ,I’m tired of seeing them everywhere, jared, E!
    especially since all their pictures are the same
    them walking like that with that blah face,lol
    they should smile at least one, but thats just my thought ;)

  • boo!

    She has really changed since she started dating Kanye. Her hair is different, her makeup is different, her overall style is different. I like the lesser makeup, but Kim don’t make Kanye turn you into his personal Barbie doll just so you can say you have a boyfriend. Don’t lose yourself in this relationship because it really seems like you are…

  • amy

    She did a porno, had a guy literally pi-ss on her in the porno, did some naked picture and now look at her. She’s a multimillionaire. Umm, seriously they think young girls are gonna work hard and stay in school.

  • jamsonstill

    Both phonies! A match made in Heaven, Useless information!

  • Justin Aniston

    I thought they just got back to L.A. from France, and now they’re back already?

  • mimi

    if the 2012 apocalypse happens… i blame them

  • anon

    How long have they been dating? I’m sick of them already. Can you imagine the trash talking when these two break up? E will probably do a Kardashian special on the breakup and fallout.

  • Dee

    She will always be trash because she based her whole “career” in a porno video. No matter what she will never be taken seriously

  • lisa

    Is there a vagina on her dress?

  • jmo

    She is not smiling cause she knows she looks stupid here.

  • ashole

    That is the ugliest dress i’ve ever seen!

  • speaktruth

    Gosh please just stay in America. We don’t want to further embarrass ourselves by having you Kardashaskank run around France. No wonder they hate us.

  • midgetpornslut

    bad reporting ..
    they arrived right before the end of the show ..
    FAUX PAS bigtime ..
    paris fashion rags refer to them as” bimbos” NOT popular ..
    cheap , offensive ….sorry ..L.A. is not paris

  • midgetpornslut

    maybe he’s channeling tom cruise ..heeheeheee svengali of piss-smellin’ sluts hahahaa

  • NotAGirl

    HAHA, this is the only fashion they would let this talentless tramp in.

  • Anne

    EEEwwwww, she’s still sporting the same hairstyle that she had at the BET award show. Gross! I hate, hate the whole Kardashian family. America must be so stupid to watch their crappy show.

  • cal

    @Anne: a lot of americans actually hate the kardashians but still watch the show for the trainwreck factor. she’s pretty well hated in america. i think there was a poll done on it actually.

  • rach

    It was widely reported over the fashion outlets (WWD etc) that they were late and held up the start of the show for almost an hour, which even by fashion show standards is ridiculous. Eventually they had to start without them and they only arrived in time to see the finale. Rude, and disrespectful. I don’t know who they think they are, it’s disgusting.

  • Ava

    @boo!: Totally agree with what you’re saying. Have you also noticed how her hair has looked all “sasha fierce” album cover? Hair slicked back and straight, all the time?

  • Pat

    What is that thing growing on her dress? Fungus?

  • Loling

    Kanye got famous when he started rapping about how his got in a car accident (that he caused) and got his jaw wired shut. Big woop. Then he got stupid famous when his drunk azz snatched a mike out of Taylor Swifts hand. She got famous when she did a porn and leaked it. These two are Gettho Trash inside and out no matter how much money they flash.

  • Bri

    Love them together, they don’t care about the haters and they know they are fabulous!

  • Katherine

    What in the world is she wearing? Its horrible.

  • boo!

    @Ava: I know! She’s been wearing her hair like that since Cannes. Listen, Kim Kardashian is beautiful with a realistically hot body. But the change since she’s been official with Kanye is so drastic, I don’t know what to think. She’s usually incredibly independent (which she has said was the downfall of many of her relationships), but lately she’s attached to the hip with Kanye. She didn’t even go all out like this for her husband (maybe because he spent time where there weren’t many cameras). Either way, she has a signature style and she hasn’t been looking like that lately. There was nothing wrong with her and there isn’t anything wrong with her now. The sudden change is just jarring.

  • Marta


    I think it’s a jellyfish.

  • elle

    lolto the lady that has her eyes on kim on the picture where theyre watching the show

  • Xtincta


    She was never peed on that was a rumor that started when the tape was released. If you watch the tape you’ll see he doesn’t pee on her.

  • Love The Shoes

    There is an adjective that is seriously overused on gossip sites and it’s “stunning” or “stunned.” KK is NOT stunning in that dress! She looks look someone got arty with some paper mache and stuck it on her like a corsage. When Angelina wore something similar during awards season, SHE was stunning. KK is short and hippy, that dress is for someone not short and hippy and I’m stunned no one told her.

  • Cookie_Monster

    It’s the first time I see Kim change herself when she’s with a man..The observations are right on, less make-up and she’s smling a lot less…probably the relationship is turning sour as she falls victim to narcissistic abuse by boyfriend.. Kanye has behaved publicly with a narcissistic grandiosity, and you can imagine the balance of power in his romantic relationships. He had been allegedly abusive to ex Amber Rose. Kimmie will probably stay under Kanye’s spell to keep seeking his approval for self-validation as she already proven it’s important what he thinks of her.

  • somali girl

    Kim is on drugs. More like cocaine.

  • Becks25

    Her hair looks like it’s greased back and she rarely smiles anymore.

  • Francois B

    Yeah, what about the show that was an hour late FOR THEM + they arrived just before the end? For someone who screams that she loves Paris and couture, she could have had more respect, same for the newly designer Kanye!

  • Francois B

    @Pat: You probably don’t know the word “Couture”