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Olivia Munn Pole Dances for Bethenny Frankel

Olivia Munn Pole Dances for Bethenny Frankel

Olivia Munn makes an appearance on Bethenny, airing Tuesday (July 3).

The actress, who turns 32-years-old TODAY (July 3), was challenged to a pole dance competition by host Bethenny Frankel during the episode. Olivia attempted to master the pole, but slid down it gracefully instead.

“I would say good to quite good. We kind of like became kids. We had this shower scene that you don’t get to see,” Olivia said of her Magic Mike sex scenes with Channing Tatum. “We have like, you know, we have our little parts covered…ish. And we get up and we’re just kind of joking and improving and we just go ‘cheers’ (bump their groin area together). ‘Cheers!’”

Olivia is getting some great news today. Magic Mike debuted to stellar numbers at the box office and her HBO drama The Newsroom was just renewed for a second season!


FYI: Olivia is wearing an Armani Exchange dress and Sole Society shoes.

Olivia Munn Pole Dances for Bethenny Frankel
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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • Sean

    This isn’t even the raunchiest thing she’s done. We’ve seen the pics Olivia ; )

  • Danuuu

    Pff, the skank can’t even pole dance properly.

  • Delilah

    Pole dancing? She has just slipped down the pole, smiling as if she couldn’t herself believe she was doing it.
    She’s soo superficial.

  • The Muffin Man

    What a pathetic excuse for pole dancing you cannot even call that pole dancing, you call it sliding down a pole, pole dancers actually do moves on a pole not just slide down slowly then smile like a douche. Was not even worth posting that video.

  • Elo

    What an amazing uplifting show
    im glad Bethenny is raising the bar

  • emma

    You people ! Of course she didn’t pretend she was actually pole dancing, she was being HUMOUROUS with her awkward face and lazy move !
    Chill !

  • awalker

    Magic mike was a huge hit over the weekend with great reviews for her performance. She debuts on her hbo series the newsroom sunday night and it ‘s renewed for a second season monday morning, & today is her birthday. That’s one hell of a week for Olivia. Congrats to her and all her success. So well deserved. Oh and Happy birthday. :)

  • kathryn

    anything to get attention

  • ha ha

    Just another low rent, casting couch git

  • Gossipgirl

    She is dumb and her comments were incoherent!

  • SandersGordon

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  • Olivia in Sweden

    Looks like Joel has taken Olivia to his home country Sweden.

    oliviamunn (@oliviamunn)
    7/2/12 7:01 PM
    Its my birthday!!!! In Sweden right now, but celebrating everywhere. So I’ll be accepting bday wishes for 2 days. Kthxbye!!!

  • awalker

    Quit giving my comments thumbs down, ok? It’s not my fault you can’t see how perfect Olivia is. I bought her a gift for her birthday again for the 8th consecutive year, maybe she’ll finally realize I’m the lifeless stalker she’s always wanted. Don’t you guys buy gifts for your internet/tv girlfriends? If not, you should, I can tell she’s wearing down and will eventually love me like I love her. She was the best thing about Magic Mike and The Newsroom, everybody knows that. Her acting is Oscar worthy, and her comedic talent is unmatched! I can’t wait until her a$$hole boyfriend dies in some horrible accident..fvcking thief..Olivia is mine! Her type isn’t blonde hair blue eyes actor with money, she prefers obsessed stalkers who tell her that everything she does is perfect..a shell of a human being who lives only to worship her. Sorry for rambling but those thumbs down really grind my gears. Why can’t everyone be as pitiful as I am? There’s no way that Olivia and her various boyfriends laugh and make fun of her creepy stalkers. They have the utmost respect for people so lifeless that they lurk in the shadows everywhere she goes. Oh btw Happy Birthday Olivia!! Kthxbai (yes, I even imitate the way she talks and types).

  • awalker


    The funny thing about this post & some of the others you’ve done as me is your trying to make fun of me for stalking Olivia while stalking me on this blog. It’s cool, i guess you need something to do in your life to feel like you’ve accomplished something important. It’s not really creative but whatever floats your boat. Post away.

  • awalker

    Who is this asshole pretending to be me? Grow up. Anyone who DOESN’T stalk Olivia Munn is a loser, get it right jerk. Kthxbai!

  • Vacation together
    Kinnaman shows Sweden for girlfriend

    ON LOCATION IN SWEDEN Now Kinnaman show off their home country for his new girlfriend Olivia Munn. Yesterday the couple landed at the airport. Photo: ALL OVER PRESS
    Landed at the airport with new love, Olivia Munn

    Joel Kinnaman brings his Hollywood Fling Olivia Munn home to summer Sweden.

    Last night, the couple landed at the airport.

    - They kissed and were very cute together, says an eyewitness.

    It was 16 degrees and still light outside when Joel Kinnaman, 32, and Olivia Munn, 32, came to the airport last night. The couple has been in Paris for two days.

    - We just went to Paris on a wonderful surprise trip for my birthday! It is the first time I’m here! I’m so excited, writes Olivia Munn on Twitter.
    Kissed by the gating

    An eyewitness said that they behaved very loving towards each other at the airport in Paris.

    - They showed up just before boarding and kissed and were very cute together.

    According to sources at E! News has Kinnaman and Munn been a couple since Christmas. She showed, amongst other things in Hollywood Swede’s side when his film “Lola Versus” premiered in New York for just over a month ago.

    Actress Olivia Munn has had roles in movies like “Iron Man 2″, “Date Night” and “I do not know how she does it.” She has also appeared on television in “The daily show”.

  • work it baby

    The Munn PR persona still in full throttle. She should stick to that and playing the publicity bf [relationship] what she does best. She promoting him more now so it trickle back to her but he in it for the fame. 2 famewhores now not just 1.

  • Ouchiwawa

    She sucks at pole dancing & is frumpish. She is better at ewwwy photo ops and twitter wh$ring for publicity with her alter ego. Her bf is a chump like her too now working it and her for fame.

  • marina

    maybe if she poledanced she would lose some weight and look youthful

  • marina

    she better at sucking & publicity seeking in sneakily way; look out for engagement soon too cos its been planned since day 1

  • Gordie

    She is dating the guy from Killing,, boys using her for fame.

  • Gordie

    The new KB and AS but Munn has got a willing partner in Joel working it as far as it can go for publicitie. Joel would do anything for to keep attentions even marry a cheapo wh$re/he not being toyed with like AS was.

  • Trish


  • Gem

    She is pretending to be cute and keeping up the act that is winning her his fans and has kept her followers. Journalism remember? Sister can play long ball and both sexes.

  • No white

    Stop wearing white Livia!!!! It makes you look fat and oranger. Little round orange.

  • LoL

    Her bf is rat Kinnaman who wants to be a brother n brothers like skan&y mamas for image to look rappers

  • Krey alor

    Bones brought her to Sundvalls Gatufest and friends see her acting a role she rehearsed very good; if you understand what I say? Some Joel friends want to say but not saying so leave it to take natural course; there is hope he gets bored or see she bring not good things for him in longer run. All just smile and not help her promote herself through his achievements hoping he wake up there is better things and not worth this type.

  • @Krey alor

    what does your name mean?? Just curious…