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Tom Cruise Turns 50 with Official 'Jack Reacher' Trailer!

Tom Cruise Turns 50 with Official 'Jack Reacher' Trailer!

Check out the official trailer for Tom Cruise‘s upcoming flick Jack Reacher!

The action star turns 50-years-old TODAY (July 3) just days after his wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce, seeking full custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri.

Tom has been working for the past few days on his film Oblivion in Iceland, but he has hopped on a plane back to California, according to Us Weekly.

Jack Reacher, about a homicide investigator who digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims, hits theaters on December 21.

Tom Cruise: “Jack Reacher” Official Trailer

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  • Jane

    Yawn another day, another post featuring Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes drama!

  • Suri is stimming

    Happy Birthday Tommy!
    You must regret the day you signed up with CO$ to contract Kaka Homely as you beard.

  • Luiza

    As a person I am sad because of what is going on with him…
    50 years old and the only thing he has is a bank account full of money. All we want on life is love and I guess he lost it.

  • Yup

    If his PR people are reading this, Just so you know I will never watch one second of a Tom Cruise movie again. Tell him to go back to the Xenu crazies where he belongs. That is all.

  • danni

    yeah, me too, not even Rock of Ages just because he is in it. Never, ever Tom Cruise movie again. He is scary.

  • Suri is stimming

    I don’t watch movies or anything with either TommyGurl or Kaka Homely in them.
    Not a all and frankly nothing to lose.

  • someone

    I just can’t watch a movie where Tom is one of my most beloved characters in a book…he just isn’t Jack Reacher, not in any stretch of the imagination…

  • Leslie

    After Katie gets finished showing TC for the nutbag, cult loving, lunatic he is, the only people who are going to see this movie are a few scientologists and Tom’s mother.

    Good. Karma’s a biotch.

  • solecito

    I know I’m in minority here, but I’m a big Tom Cruise fan. I couldn’t care less about his personal choices. He is a great actor that always delivers in his movies and that’s all I care about. Happy Birthday Tom!

  • danni

    i bet he loves all the media frenzy right now, everyone feeling sorry for him and all. Nobody would know about his birthday without the divorce. And she must really hate him, if she’s divorcing him so close to his jubilee b-day.

  • Gloria

    It could be possible Tom is having a fling with someone else or this could just be a publicity stunt of some sort to get their names in the news. I just don’t trust actors, especially TC. He loves attention anyway he can get it. I was never really a big fan of Nicole’s until Tom tried to humiliate her especially carrying on with Katie like he had never been in love before. He is so fake. Glad Katie got out. It appears from reports she has been planning this a while.

  • Janie

    Jack Reacher character is 6′ 5″ and 220. Tom Cruise is 5’7″ I watched the trailer. I don’t even like Tom’s voice in the trailer.

  • Valéria Muccillo

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Parabéns!!!!! amamos voce !! BRASIL

  • Deanne

    @someone: Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6 foot 5. Tom is a foot shorter. Ridiculous casting just like Rock of Ages.

  • lexy

    Cruise as Reacher? Puke- a- doodle-do.

  • LYNN

    Why are you saying glad katie got out. She was the one saying on opra show she has always love him since she was a teenager and she has always known about him and scientology. I think she thought he would make her a top movie star. Kidman has talent. Katie is a tv actress. I just wonder why did she go there, about sole custody of their kid unless they both know something the we the public do not know. A lot of people thought it was not Tom’s baby when she first got preg It was brought up in these comments….

  • Sassy

    Some people have said they like Tom Cruise but not the “religion” he so steadfastly supports. Because of this, they will go to the movies & buy a ticket to a random show, then slip into the Cruiser’s movie. All because they don’t want $1.00 going into the Cult’s pockets. So, there you go.

    I personally don’t care to hear any of the private details of their marriage, but one can assume it must have been a nightmare for Katie at the end based on how she basically shut the door on him.

    They’re going to have to figure something out because of their young daughter, and it sure doesn’t seem that she took the first step in the right direction.

    One never knows what goes on behind closed doors!

    p.s. Check out Mark Headley’s book, Blown for Good—he’s an ex Cult member and boy does he have some dirt & juice about the Cruiser.

  • Sassy


    If you recall, $cientology really didn’t come into the light until the Cruiser jumped on Oprah’s couch. There is no way Katie could have known very much about the Cult that early on.

    As a Mom, think she may be wondering why Nicole Kidman doesn’t get to see much of her kids at all????

    Check out the South Park episode about the Cult & Tom Cruise. You will think it’s a joke, but it’s 100% dead on. Seriously—-a Spaceman leader named Xenu. “Body thetans” attached to all of us, which you can eradicate with “auditing” which is basically being interrogated whilst holding onto glorified tin cans. You can’t make this $hit up!

  • Celebration

    South Park really a sick cartoon that is not real making fun of other people! Katie knows Y Nicole does not see her kids just like Katie
    She is a catholic too! The reason they broke up was that he cheated
    On her with Penelope Cruz Vanilla Sky! Thank Mimi Rogers his first
    Wife for Scientology! Doubt with his own family and Conner and Isebella
    He is a lost sad Man! To celebrate his birthday it is already dying Dow
    In publicity of the divorce by Dec it shall be gone! Her not wearing her
    Ring says it all

  • jannie

    Cruise is done. After what comes out about him thru this divorce, nobody but a few seriously delusional fanatics are going to want to see his movie. He is second in command of a dangerous cut. Not a religion. A cult. That cult holds people prisoner, is responsible for many deaths, destroys families, etc. and he’s #2 in command. I hope Katie wipes the floor with him and that he never gets to see Suri again, so he can’t induct her into his sick little cult.

    He’s a sick, pathetic little man up to his asss in a sick, pathetic cult. He already made sure he turned Nicole Kidman’s kids against her. I hope the courts don’t give him the chance to do the same to Suri.

    You go Katie. Beat the crap outta the little creep and his cult. Show them for what they really are, and dont be afraid of the scieno goons. The public, your family, your lawyers and your security have your back.

  • Susan

    This man is so full of himself and it’s obvious that he can’t keep a relationship/marriage alive. I’ve never cared for him or his movies and find him very cocky and arrogant. His next gf/wife will be young. Much younger than him. Mark my word. He needs someone to control.

  • just so

    As a Jack Reacher fan and someone who worked in Radio-TV-Film for 20 or so years, I was tempted to go see this to see how they made 5’7″ Tommy look 6’5″ and 220 lbs with an XXXL chest. After viewing the trailer–now I don’t have to go–because they failed big time. Awful. Awful. Awful. Jack Reacher has a deep voice and what I’m hearing is Tom Cruise’s higher pitched voice and viewing a body that, well, looks short. Nothing against short, but Jack is TALL. Lee Child should be smacked for allowing this to happen. He is proud of this. If you go to his website he is defending the choice. Shame on you Lee.

  • Natalia

    @just so: The choice in without defense. He’s just saving face for selling out and cashing in. Are they going to digitally enhance him or make the other actors stand in trenches so that his small status isn’t as obvious.? Tiny Tom as huge Jack Reacher. So ridiculous. When reading the books, the last person I pictured as that character was Tom Cruise.

  • Just my opinion

    I read that Tom Cruise has left Iceland and is headed to California. Surely he is meeting with his attorneys and PR people to see what is the best angle to spin this divorce. This is a strategic game right now to see who looks best coming out of this. If you follow People magazine online they always spin Cruise’s publicity in a positive way, pro Cruise. Surely his publicity people are using their connections to try and make him look good. Tom Cruise’s biggest mistake as far as his public image is concerned was when he fired his PR representative Pat Kingsleys which was around 2005 and hired his sister and then back peddled and fired the sister and replaced her with another PR agency. But it tooks 4-5 years for Cruise to RECOVER from the terrible advice of his couch jumping appearance on Oprah, the Matt Lauer interview, Brooke Shields, etc. Clearly he was influenced by his Scientology handlers and they isolated him from the reality of the public’s opinion toward Scientology. By the time Cruise GOT IT, it was too late, his career had CRACKS in it. This last installment of Mission Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol brought him back to a successful box office status but now he has to be very careful how he handles this divorce and custody battle for Suri. But the same goes for Katie. People distrust Scientology but she can’t cry she’s afraid of Scientology for Suri when there are videos where she is saying Scientology “helps her.” She can’t back peddle now. I think Katie USED Cruise for his connections and was in awe of his celebrity and wealth and was excited she was chosen to play the part of his wife. She probably thought I be with him and become a big star. She FLOPPED at everything he helped her get as far as her career is concerned because she is ordinary, she was “cute” in Dawson’s Creek but I really doubt she is going to be a great actress. There are a lot of talented actresses in her age range that are competing for roles that Katie will NEVER get. I really doubt it. She lived a BIG LIFE, LUXURIOUS, FASCINATING, and THEN the SCIENTOLOGY PART for the price of being married to Cruise.

  • starsh

    @Natalia: Not only do I pcture him when reading the books now, I find I cant read them any more. he’s ruined the books for me.

  • Mayanktaker

    Happy B’day to the Star of Rock Of Ages … Who still not aged. :)

  • yep

    Happy Birthday!

  • greg

    The force-feeding continues.

    After the audience and I who saw the trailer for Jack Reacher stopped laughing, I realized a few things. One: HE IS NO STEVE MCQUEEN. Then, I realized I had seen someone trying hard to sell their “star” as someone so tough, it would make Dirty Harry die of laughter–HE IS NO CLINT EASTWOOD. Then, I recalled another cringe-worthy piece of “reporting” from a few weeks ago, that he was planning on remaking The Magnificent Seven, with himself in the lead role, and realized–HE IS NO YUL BRYNNER.

    But whatever his camp wishes to force-feed us, there are still plenty of cinema-goers who are not going to spend a dime on this “comedy.” BTW, another spin piece on him being the “highest paid” last year–is that salary or earnings (makes a difference considering others were paid higher salaries)? And who went to see MI4, mainly China! Rock of Ages bombed.

    Lesson learned: question! Don’t be afraid to laugh!

  • Jan

    I”ll watch this movie if Jimmy Cagney is going to be in it.