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Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Lunch with a Friend!

Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Lunch with a Friend!

Gabriel Aubry holds hands with his cutie pie daughter Nahla as they step out for a bite to eat at The Grove on Tuesday (July 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 35-year-old Canadian model and his 4-year-old daughter enjoyed lunch at Woodranch restaurant with one of Nahla‘s friends!

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Last week, Nahla‘s mom Halle Berry took her to the doctor’s office for a checkup.

10+ pictures inside of Gabriel Aubry and his daughter Nahla going to lunch with a friend…

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gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 01
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 02
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 03
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 04
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 05
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 06
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 07
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 08
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 09
gabriel aubry lunch with nahla 10

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  • Sam


  • s

    Love to see this father-daughter duo. Such a beautiful girl!

  • Cho

    Look how happy she looks to be with her daddy and her friend.

  • jaspisgirl

    oh she is cute and she has a super-hot daddy

  • Sayer

    Somewhere right now, Halle is reeling mad.

  • llws88

    Halle is a hater! Gabriel and Nahla are just to cute together :)

  • Um ok….

    It’s funny now that Halle wants to take nahla out of the U.S. This guy is crying foul and is trying to look like a great father where was this good fathe when he was yelling in fronton his daughter and attacking the nanny this guy is a psycho and Halle needs to take her daughter far away before he snaps

  • chocolate cookie

    @Um ok….:

    wow!! you were there to witness that??

    what i witness firsthand is halle out and about all the time..cant be too terrified of the public and paps..

    youre ridiculous..have a seat.

  • Heather

    Love Father and daughter moment

  • megan

    so cute! he seems like a great dad!

  • fkdnv

    sorry, but for having two gorgeous parents, this little girl ain’t cute :/

  • grrrrrr

    BerryCrazy got herself a Euro-gigolo ask poor Kylie Minogue.
    What she’s done to sabotage a father daughter relationship is despicable.


    SO AWESOME to see these two together. I mean come on-you have to be a blind freddy not to see that this is all so natural .

    Most of all the story of this is on daddy’ s little girl’s face. YOu dont have to be friggin einstein to see the truth here and that HALLE IDIOT should really go to France on her own-nobody wants her here anyways-now that isnt hard to figure out. She STINKS!!!

  • huggy bear

    how come NAHLA is not CRYING? but when she with her Mother of the year Halle she all crying and pointing at the Paps , she is more happy with her dad,

  • April

    This guy is lower than KFed. He is a lazy good for nothing turd and taking money from this kid mother to live on. What a sleaze. Talk about a dirt bag, he wrote the book. Take you kid and run Halle like Katie did.

  • April

    Pardon me Jared, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to write T>U>R>D. Ok, I will just call him a piece of sh!t and be done with it. As for Aubry, he should get a job and support his own kid. Freaking moocher.

  • huggy bear

    April are you HALLE BERRY ? just saying you are very personal,

  • yeee

    she should tell her dad to cut that hair

  • April

    @huggy bear: No more so than you. I just tell the truth as I see it. No self respecting man would take money from a woman to raise his kid. Your argument doesn’t make sense. Are you Gabriel Aubrey? See how silly that sounds.

  • Elaine

    @fkdnv: You are a sad rock!

  • tana

    this is quite possibly the most beautiful child that’s ever lived.

  • Get rid of child support

    Hey April let’s get rid of Child support all together and make the ex wives
    Work fo a living! who needs to pay those bums ex wives. Just like Katie
    Holmes should get nothing in Child support and dividing the assets should go to Tom gar Katie off her fat butt. Wow the man Gabriel is
    Not asking for much! Both Katie and Gabriel are pigs for asking for
    Child support. Get rid of it make it a law that the wife has to work and
    The ex husband os free of his kids !


    Should Gabe spend time with his daughter Of Course, should he take money from ex to fund the visits NO
    GA is a gold digging WH0**

    No one takes his pic unless beautiful Nahla is with him

  • huggy bear

    April you are the one that don’t make sense . Read the LAW that the way it is who make the most money pay if Gabriel was working for more money than Halle he would have to pay up , We women want to me equal in every thing , and how do you know he don’t work let me know, thank you

  • Day

    Team Gabriel! Halle Berry is insane.

  • Jpda

    Halle let her abuse that happened to her as a child and as an adult dictate every relationship that she was ever in, until THIS guy.. he really didn’t put up with it anymore and isn’t afraid to make HER look bad..

  • vany

    If it’d be the other way around, no one would complain. Women want equality…so here it is.
    Plus…considerin the lies Halle made up…Gabriel deserves child support more than ever. She made him look like a violent unfit father…which he is clearly not.
    He fights for his daughter, while there are thousands of men out there who don’t give a shit bout their children.
    I hope the judge will see through Halle’s lies and stop her from movin to France, so that Nahla will be able to grow up with her father and won’t turn into her mother..

  • selective memory???

    Lest we forget? For all of the gold digging /K-Fraud comments on JJ and other sites –many folks forget she pursued him (as with most men she’s been with) –Google/fact check the facts in early articles of how they met with Halle admitting it took a lot of work because he is/was supposedly shy. So, how can Gabriel Aubry be a gold digger when she pursued him? He’s not that slick, please.

    RE: her paying him support for their child–security, etc does cost. Bottom line she didn’t have him sign an agreement in case of splitting up. She probably thought they didn’t need one-then the lies began.

    Has he become a gold digger? DNK The Family Court judge probably got tired of her antics and wanted to set example.

    Karmic retribution of how she’s lied/treated Aubry and the exes-probably,—she finally found someone to call her on her stuff.

  • Yvonne


    Hey April, have you been stepped all over by a man thought your so hateful towards a man that you dont even know…… Every man is a individual one man can be crummy doensn’t mean the next is… with that attitude maybe your attracting the jerks….. let go of your anger and you might attract a rather nice guy!!!

  • Alex

    There is absolutely nothing attractive about a proud GIGOLO supporting his child with money earned by his child’s mother. If Gabriel Aubry was paying Halle child support and not receiving nearly $250,000 yearly to support “HIMSELF” or the father of Halle Berry’s child “HE” would be
    a non story period. No one knows what kind of man or father Aubry is accept those with knowledge of his true character and background. And no one knows how Aubry conducted himself, after, his relationship ended with Halle or any other woman. Putting Aubry on a pedestal for fathering a child and making him above reproach simply to hate the mother of his child is ignorant and obvious. if Halle or any other woman truly did NOT want a father in their child’s life they have the option of going to a sperm bank or adopting . Obviously, Halle suffers from low self esteem because she makes poor choices and has always dated or married beneath herself and ended up with abusive, unfaithful men who sued her for alimony or felt entitled to her wealth.

  • huggy bear

    Alex, is Halle Royal, does she have blood in her ? Alex, halle is not better than gabriel be carefull what you say about people,. having more money don;t make your somebody. showing you body in sex part she play in those move sleeping with every man she work with doesn’t make her better than any body she is not better me.