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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Shopping Sweethearts!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Shopping Sweethearts!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are camera shy as they step out to shop for some new furniture on Tuesday (July 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress and her 40-year-old partner, who arrived together in Justin‘s Mercedes, snuck into the store through the back entrance.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Last week, Jen was voted Best Road Trip Movie Ideal Travel Partner in a poll!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux getting ready to shop for some furniture…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux furniture shopping 17

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  • believe

    Whoa. No one stays young forever, even in Hollywood.

  • anna

    yey! love them!!

  • ex nihilo

    she looks busted in that freaking hat. not many have hat face, and she definitely ain’t one of them

  • Janice

    Jen y Justin are so cute! Those pics on te boat are so amazing! Yey, Go je, you are so lucky. Justin is so hot!

  • Emma

    He´s so Yum! a hottie guy.

  • anch

    I dont hate this woman anymore, actually i feel sorry for her. I swear Brad Pitt leaving Aniston is the smartest choice he’s ever done in his life.I think smoking all that weed may have saved Brad’s life or he would of put a bullet in his head while he was with Maniston.

  • Ouch

    I guess he doesn’t help her out of the car when no cameras are around. He looks miserable.

  • stench-of-desperation


  • am opinion

    Jen is fugly. I see why she spends so much time working on her body.
    shell game. Look at the body so you will not notice the fugly face.

  • LeonPhillip

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  • ja

    and this is supposed to be sexiest woman of all time?????

  • ana

    she is really homely when she doesnt have her hair in her face.

  • Sara

    Go Jennifer
    You are nice person and talented and beatiful

    We just like you

  • pumpkin

    she is getting uglier by the minute. why is she making such faces? As if she wasn’t unfortunate looking enough already. Hat doesn’t suite her at all, only women with really beautiful faces can afford that. A woman like her should never go out without make-up. I never understood what Mr. Pitt saw in this creature. Thank god he doesn’t have to look at this face anymore.

  • lyndi

    a natural beauty she aint.

  • MrsKutcher

    how cares about these two anyway she is just a famwhore alwasys complaining about being followed by paps….but call them to make bikini pix from her….and justin looks like a creep…..please she will never get married again or have babies forget it

  • ryann

    She is looking more every day like the actress who played the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

  • pumpkin


    Yes, that’s it, bravo. I couldn’t figure out who she resembles in these pics. Maybe that is the reason she is tanning so often, so we don’t see that in reality she is green in the face. And poor Justin is like Dorothy, he can’t find his way home. He should tap his heels three times and he would be back with Heidi, saved from this ugly witch.

  • FAN

    Who cares,Jared? Go in peace! Couple bored! Whi she uses a hat? New plastic cirurgius?

  • Oh yeah

    Look at pic # 2 jen look like a freaking wrestler.. an ugly freaking female wrestler. They look like a boring old couple ready to call it quits.

  • vavavoom

    WTF is this? Attention to all the fans. These pics are the perfect opportunity to see how incredibly fugly this woman is. It’s time to admit it, accept it and move on with your lives. My eyes are hurting. I have to stop looking and relax, otherwise I will get sick. She is unbelievably ugly, I always said she was no beauty, but these pics are just too much.

  • ana

    jennifer and justin are just a hot coupless
    love them so much and courtney as well

  • Bel

    OMG they look soo awesome! :)

  • Nane

    she’s a bitch

  • Sallyann

    He should have, she didnt make him smoke that crap he did all by himself
    He is stil a wasted looking fool with this idiot he has for a so called woman

  • Jpda

    I really don’t see how dating her has helped his career.. he needs to come up with an exit strategy really quick.. get a model pregnant? come out of the closet?

    Whatever the case, dating Jennifer Aniston is not making him look better but kind of pitiful

  • sea

    She has such an ugly face in these photos

  • http://Ipad Lol

    See Justin is not helping the OLD WOMAN out of the car, he forgot his instructions already.
    Are her arms CHUNkY or what?
    In Justin Mercedes, you mean Jennifer’s car, like the motorcycle she bought for him, he will stay around a while because he can be bought.
    If she promised to help his career, it’s not happening, with the Shitty writing he did for ROA, who is going to pay him to write Bad scripts, besides Ben Stiller.
    Jennifer Is too OLD to make Romantic movies, they’ re better younger actresses, her life’s of bitterness is showing on her face.

  • B

    It looks like her personal pap is pissed at her to put these pictures out.

    Probably went on that whole pr trip to Europe and sat out in the sun to get the pathetic boat pictures and ended up with a lousy tee shirt and sunburn.

    I anxiously await the damage control glamour shots that will come out soon to show that she really isn’t an old hag has been who is getting fatter and uglier by the day.

  • fat

    I really love their friendship, it makes me happy to see how wonderful and strong their friendship is and how they’re always there for each other. :)

  • yep

    Awesome! Love Justjen!

  • ak

    Brad Pitt is one lucky bastard

  • Ane

    no wonder brad left her,she’s so boring

  • Booyouwhore

    All they do is shop, lounge around, and do absolutely nothing together!!! No wonder why all guys leave her, she’s dull!

  • http://Justjarde Guest

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Guest


  • http://Justjarde Tina

    Without makeup she looks amazing

  • Mila

    The woman is simply a truly disgusting

  • http://Justjarde Tina

    Best couple in Hollywood

  • http://Justjarde Jennifer fan


  • http://Justjarde Jennifer fan

    Glowing Jen

  • http://Justjarde Selekton fan suck

    Justin is so hot

  • JN

    she’s absolutely adorable!! and brad pitt left her for a slut!!

  • http://compute LOL

    A blind man could see they were posing for those pictures on the boat, the funniest one was jen checking toyboy hair plugs to see if they took.
    That guy should ease up on the black dye.

  • Pat

    Wow, her photos, while riding in a truck, look so much different than Angelina when she is pictured riding in a truck….vast difference…Jen is just not that attractive…..truth.

  • Josephina

    I typlically don’t go there, but….

    DAAAAAMMMMMMMNNN….She lookey-like-a-man!!!!!!!

    EVERY TIME someone takes an unedited, unrehearsed, non-premiere event, non-photoshopped ad or cover page of ANY magazine….


    This is as good as it gets when she is so “natural.” Aye!!!!!


    Beady eyes.

    Receding lips.

    THE NOSE. The nose.

    The thick neck.


    Please advise: Ticky,… keep workin’ out AND keep the CURTAIN OF HAIR. These candid photos make it abundalty clear why she spends so much time working out and sticking to her daily chicken salads.

  • Tri

    OMG! That face! How can anyone say she is attractive or even pretty? Without her make-up, good lighting & photo shop we see how bad her face is.

    She is busted & plain. There are so many beautiful celebs, but she is not one.

  • lu

    What did I do?
    I don’t know.
    Shes falling,
    falling from me.
    saying things she doesn’t mean,
    or does she.
    So angry inside,
    the things she says.
    so hollow,
    yet have feeling behind them.
    Shallow bitch,
    just trying to provoke jealousy.
    Upon me.
    Well, its not gonna happen.
    Your worse than the last,
    prefer anyone to you.
    Ha! just try to make me jealous, just try.
    You’ll fail, only just piss me off.
    **** off.
    I didn’t cause you harm,
    its not my fault you can’t let go
    of stupid childish love.
    So you do stupid childish things.
    Try to catch the bad side of me,
    well sister, you got it.
    This is me at my worse you dirty ****ing whore.
    I’ve had enough of your bull****, so hollow.
    You just can’t let go,
    but don’t hold on, baby.
    I’ll just drag you underwater again.
    I’ll drown you, just like you drown me with words.
    What did I do to deserve your wrath,
    if anyone deserves punishment, its you.
    Don’t accuse me,
    accuse yourself.
    Look what love has made you.
    A bitch with no resolve or forgiveness.
    Well at least you wont make the same mistake twice.
    So tired of your bull.
    I could care less.



  • JL

    how can you see her make up from the distance like that? Across toned car glass?
    Look at professional (genetic) haters comments!
    ” THE NOSE.” ” THE CHIN” -
    a great observation!
    Good analysis !
    Yes she still has a nose and chin.
    And the ears too.
    How could she wear this hat without the highest permission?
    Next time Jennifer Aniston will call to Josephina to be sure her look is OK.