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Tom Welling: West Hollywood Walk!

Tom Welling: West Hollywood Walk!

Tom Welling tries to keep a low profile while talking a walk on Tuesday (July 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor stopped at Bristol Farms to pick up some fresh groceries.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Welling

Tom has stayed out of the spotlight since he ended his run as Clark Kent on the hit CW series Smallville last year.

Earlier this year, Tom stepped out to attend the 11th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas. We hope Tom gets to play lots of golf this summer!

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Credit: JLM; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • florence

    is he still acting? I miss him!

  • Milena

    I miss him so much! So good to see him again!

  • Ale

    Yay!! God, I miss him, Tom come back to work! =)

  • Sugar

    Whoever this is, he’s hot.

  • jazzmen

    well hello there stranger ;)

  • Just saying

    He is so gorgeous!!! I miss him, he is so private… NOT an famewh0re!!

  • Tom’s fan

    Glad to see the normal Tom, and NOT the crazy, Scientology freak Tom Cruise!! Hehehe!!

  • Isadora

    I miss him so badly! I’m glad that he finally went out for a walk… Miss Smallville so much :( Wondering if he will get any work soon, wanna see his pretty face again!

  • Guy

    Wow, Tom is really hot, I like alot!!

  • Justine

    Why no wedding ring? I’m sure it’s no big deal but…why no wedding ring?! Is there something we don’t know? Is Tom available? If so, sign me up! (If not, well, I wish he and his wife the best!)

  • Donte


    That’s a good question? Where is the wedding band. July 5 will be Tom and his wife’s 10th wedding anniversay, so where is the wedding band? He’s not filming so he doesn’t have to take off the ring for work. Tom and his wife are rarely seen together but I haven’t heard of any divorce news yet, so I assume they are still together. A married couple do not have to be joined at the hip but they should be seen together sometimes. Their marriage seems a bit strange to me, I’m just saying!

  • mmmm

    Now THIS is a Happy 4th of July gift to JustJared fans!
    That face!
    That gorgeous, gorgeous face!

  • srs

    I heard he was concentrating on his production company for now, which is tragic, because that hotness needs to be in front of the camera, not behind it!!!
    Tom – your powerful hotness does my sex drive no good if our eyes can’t properly bask in you!!! Get back on screen!!!

  • WoodKarina

    just as Shawn replied I’m amazed that someone able to earn $6843 in a few weeks on the computer. have you seen this site link(Click on menu Home more information)

  • Earl Grey

    Donte, you continue to show up in every Tom Welling thread, like a bad penny. The fringe of Welling fandom is a scary place. It almost makes me pity stars. Almost. The adulation and the money make it all worthwhile, I guess, but the fans are scary.

  • Earl Grey

    But I don’t mean to blame all fans, just the scary fringe. But that minority really sucks up all the limelight, so that I forget that it is just the fringe and most fans are quite lovely.

  • Earl Grey

    And that fringe even made me forget what I came here for!
    Which is to drool over Tom Welling and say
    This man is mighty fine!

  • xoxoxo

    Thank you Jared, for the latest Tom pics!
    Always much appreciated!

  • reeven

    LOVE U TOM!!

  • lissa

    I miss him so much

  • Jo

    Where’s his Gabriel Aubrey? Did they break-up?

  • jasmin

    He seems so shy. The sexy shy guys really push my buttons. YUM

  • KissThis

    omg…. just love him. Sexiest. Man. Ever. So did he get divorced?

  • Independence Day

    That face is inspiring fireworks in my vagina!
    This post needs an exploding ovaries gif

  • Independence Day

    The vayyjay is tabooed from JJ and now my post looks x-rated! LOL!
    I see how it is!
    Mr Hotness is bringing the panty sweat, and now it’s getting all NC-17 up in here!

  • ha yes

    well, he certainly starts a party in my panties

  • Carmen

    Love you Tom¡¡ COme back soon, pleeease¡¡

  • margot


  • laura

    Tom Welling is a handsome: TOM come back on my television……..PLEASE ! I MISS YOU!

  • lydia

    I love TOM WELLING is a good actor!

  • shweta

    love yu tom..m from luck i got a chance of seeing ur show smallville as v dont ve facility to c al the channels of US.. i saw ur shows thru online…u ve done a great job..:) please come back on big screen..

  • Jae

    Tom Welling, Happy 10th wedding anniversary to you and Jamie! Now can you please get back to work in front of the camera? We really miss you!

  • Donte

    @Earl Grey:

    Earl Grey, I’m just pointing out the obvious, if Tom Welling doesn’t want women to know he is married that’s fine with me, just saying!!!

  • Earl Grey

    Few married people wear rings anymore. Poor Tom. Getting harassed by a stalker over jewelry! The fringe in fandom is a scary place.

  • Jackie

    Well Hello Tom Welling! We have missed you! Come back on screen soon!

  • Donte

    @Earl Grey:

    That may be true, if indeed he is still married. When was the last time you seen Tom Welling with his wife anyway?

  • Lucas


    Well you have to stop and think of how rare it is to see Tom himself since he is such a private person. If it’s so rare to see the famous member of the couple, then it’s very normal to see his not famous wife. We don’t really see him with any of his siblings or parents, should we assume they don’t get along or have a close relationship or something?
    As for the ring, we men know that wearing wedding rings doesn’t keep women away, if anything it only attracts them even more. Every couple is different, some people wear it all the time others don’t. Have great day everyone and hope you all had a great 4th of July!!!

  • Dr. Watson

    Well, I heard something on twitter 3rd hand about him being spotted in Martha’s Vineyard. If he is spending time in the place he got married – on his anniversary – then they must still be together. No other reason to spend that -particular- date at that -particular- location.

  • amber

    Helen of Troy is green with envy over that face. We need to see that face more often! The abs are pretty nice too.

  • College Student NY

    Also he NEEDS to be casted as Christian Grey if they ever do make a movie out of ’50 Shades of Grey’ He’d be perfect for that role.
    btw, I loved him in Smallville!

  • Lucy

    Why so hey oyt just go ahead and annouce Tom Welling as Finnick Odair in the Hunger games and Christian Grey in Shades of Grey! He would be perfect for both!!

  • smallvillefan

    It’s good to see Tom’s latest pictures. My eyes are blind ,can not see any beautiful face other than his now :) Forget all those man in the sexiest man list, Tom definitely has perfect dna.

  • Mirka

    Oh, great those divorce rumors again. They show up every now and then ever since he got married, only for us to hear of Tom and Jamie still being together. You can cleary see (in the last pic) the mark his ring leaves on his finger so obviously wears it. Besides Jamie herself has been spotted without hers and she is right beside Tom while he wears his so in the pap pics….I wish those rumors would just stop once and for all!

    PS> He look very hot when his upset in those pictures!!!

  • Mirka

    By the way what I meant to say is that Tom looks hot while upset in the photos in THIS Just Jared article.

  • tizzy

    Doing super zoom right now, looking for evidence of ring tan line.
    Result: Inconclusive.
    Brouhaha continues for another day.
    Note to Paps: Get better shots of Welling’s hands next time.

  • siria

    I want Tom Welling on my television ! Tom is fantastic in the role of villain

  • Donte


    I don’t think you’ll see a ring tan line, because I haven’t seen a photo of Tom Welling wearing his wedding band since Regis and Kelly over a year ago.

  • Mirka

    That’s right Donte. YOU haven’t seen it, which does NOT mean he hasn’t. You don’t see him every single day of his life, none of us do. So how can you judge, based on a paps photo set, that he hasn’t worn his ring ever since Regis and Kelly. Ever since Tom got married he sometimes wears it and sometimes doesn’t. Jamie herself has been seen without hers and she and Tom are in the same photos holding hands. Maybe, just maybe they themselves don’t read much into it when the other does not wear it 24/7. Tom and Jamie were never the couple we see together all the time, so not being seen together doesn’t mean anything in their case. We all know he is a private person when it comes to his personal life and specially his family. Just because he doesn not give his fans a month to month report on his marriage it does not mean something is wrong. It means he is keeping his life to himself.

  • Christopher

    Not everybody who’s married wears wedding rings, amles or females. Jensen Ackles wife has been seen at times without hers and they are still married. I believe some of you girls are just wishing too hard here. Those rumors about Tom surface all the time, and time and time again we hear of them, or see them. Last time someone come with thos illy rumors was last year when Jamie did not show up at Smallville

  • Christopher

    Continue: 200th episode party and wrap party and everyone went, “Oh my God they are not together anymore.” And then what happens a month later, Tom AND Jamie do a radio interview together and talk about their life, about how they met, about wanting to start a family and so on. Maybe Tom just isn’t a jewelry kind of person. That’s all. Like Mirka said, if they were seen together all the time and he wore his ring 24-7 and all of the sudden they/he just stopped, then we could argue there was a problem, but they were never that kind of couple. It’s not like she just dissapeared. There is a group photo of last year at a restaurant and Tom and Jamie are cheek to cheek in of of the photos and Tom doesn’t have his ring on and she does. She obviously doesn’t have a problem with that.