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Zac Efron: Shirtless on Independence Day in France!

Zac Efron: Shirtless on Independence Day in France!

Zac Efron goes shirtless on a private yacht while spending his holiday vacationing with friends on Wednesday (July 4) in Saint-Tropez, France.

The 24-year-old actor opted for a t-shirt and jeans earlier in the day and sported a mustache the he later shaved off.

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Last year, Zac spent the July 4th holiday shirtless at a celebration on the beach with his pals in Malibu, Calif.

Zac attended one of his friend’s wedding last month in New Jersey along with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron spending his Fourth of July in France…

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zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 01
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 02
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 03
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 04
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 05
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 06
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 07
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 08
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 09
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 10
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 11
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 12
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 13
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 14
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 15
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 16
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 17
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 18
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 19
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 20
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 21
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 22
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 23
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 24
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 25
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 26
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 27
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 28
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 29
zac efron shirtless july 4 saint tropez 30

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  • lily

    @lauren: its quit funny that you, of all people, are actually bothered that looly said something you didn’t like about Zac… When you are the one who talks s hit about everyone… psh

  • boom chicka bow wow

    @lily: Well he did go to that trashy chick’s baby shower…I think her name is Tiffany…inbred looking with the tatted up hubby that looks like he buys his clothes exclusively from Ed Hardy. I think she was on some Nick or Disney show. I sorry but that couple is gross. So it looks like Zac is sorta keep it real.

  • lily

    @boom chicka bow wow: I didn’t even knew they were friends, never really saw them out and about in any candid, and yeah, i agree w ya, gross couple…

  • Looly

    Zac is not what he want us to think he is. he is a total player. i bet he coudnt wait until he and vanessa break up so he can get out there and play the field. i will tell you guys one thing for sure zac is gonna be single for a long time . he himself said that he looks upto leo and tom and that he want to be like them. and for sure he is going the right way . i feel bad for him. he was a realy nice guy when he was young. he is a great example of what hollywood and fame does to people. i stil have a little bit of hope for him but at the end of the day he is gonna do what he wanna do.

  • R U sure

    @looly That is not in his pocket it is in the back of his pants , it is not a rag or hankerchief but a shirt , most likely to change later.


    I don’t know if Zac is 100% gay, but his friend in the khaki’s is!

    I’m kinda worried about my man, but what can a woman do, except pray?

  • Tin tin

    @WICKED WENCH How do you know hes friend is gay?

  • R U sure

    WICKED WENCH That’s Justin , he’s not gay he has a girlfriend . Seen them pictured many times.

  • Tony

    According to Vanity Fair, St. Tropez is the most decadent stop on the jet-set circuit. The resort is a wild cristal-soaked mosh pit of exquisite young bodies, gargantuan yachts, Saudi royals, Hollywood stars, supermodels, moguls, and such scene-makers as Sean Combs, Ivana Trump, and Donatella Versace. And I hear a Dame de la soirée costs as much as $30,000 for an evening.

  • R U sure

    @Tony and they had nothing good to say about St Tropez , so now we know where you would go, but I see they went to Club 55, One of the top rated restaurants and Yacht Clubs in France.

  • vic

    i wonder if voile rouge is still around that place was sick

  • sjk

    So glad he shaved the mustache. I love that Zac can go to cool places and meet interesting people. He has always said in interviews how much he wants to go and have adventures all over the world. The cool part of a good friendship is when your friend can be happy for you when you have cool adventures. Their friendship is constant even when others don’t understand. Because Ashley, Zac, and even Vanessa are such close friends, having to be at every premiere or birthday just isn’t necessary to keep their friendship strong. Love friendships that work like that!

  • sam

    Aren’t these the same friends Zac hung out with at Cannes?

  • sjk

    Please, Vanessa is not tacky. Someone with no class would be saying such private things. Give Vanessa some credit why don’t cha?

  • wondering

    he not only shaved, it looks like he’s totally waxed. what is up with that?

  • martine


    i still want his soles all over my face lol

  • Derpina

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA people are REALLY making a disaster in the fact that Zac was not in the “birthday party” of Ashley??? How old are you, people? 13, 14 at most..? He’s going to travel for the first time in a long time, out of work situation, just enjoying his vacation, he works hard and deserves it, absence in birthday parties is normal in the adult world people, deal with it…

  • kami


    i noticed that too. looks like he waxed his body. why do guys do that? matthew mcconaughey said that hurts. ohhhh… maybe zac doing a magic mike strip tease for someone. lol

  • doodle

    Whats the big deal with him..

  • nonya

    HE IS SO FINE!! i wish i had a body like that

  • R U sure

    @sam Yes

  • R U sure

    The look is probably for a film he is going to shoot, at the baby shower on Saturday , he told someone he would shoot about a week.

  • tree

    @R U sure – Can I ask if you know if Zac’s friend is also with him on this trip. He has traveled with him to most all of the places Zac goes, so I thought I would ask.

  • R U sure

    @tree to be honest with you I don’t know. But I did see on another post someone who seems to know more than I do say yes.

  • shanghai

    Think Zac needs to start being seen dating girls!! Hanging out with the boys just fuels the gay rumours.


    @kami: Well he sure did pretty himself up for somebody (-;. I hope that somebody appreciates the haircut, wax, shave, etc. (-;.

  • lei

    i miss Zac and vanessa world.

  • Rachel

    Zac is looking soo hot! And so much better when he shaved his mustache! Hoping that he had a good 4th of July. France seems such a beautiful place.

  • Rachel

    Haha, all the haters here are soo funny! So he’s gone for a vacation in France, big deal? And what is the problem about him not being at Ash’s B’day? First people say that they don’t like their friendship and that Ashley acts all weird in his presence and that Zac should stay away from Ashley and now when he didn’t go people have a problem with that too? And not going to a friend’s b’day party doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her. I actually think he didn’t go because Vanessa was there, like last year Zac went and Vanessa didn’t. I don’t think they like to attend the same events, that’s all.
    And wow, he can’t even be shirtless because people will think he likes to ‘show-off’. LOL.

    Anyone has any idea when he starts working on his next project? We saw him with a script a couple of weeks ago. This year he has ‘liberal arts’ and ‘the Paperboy’ said he was good in both the films so can’t wait!

  • Sunshine

    Looking great Zac!
    Has Just Jared become a fan-fiction site? How people come here and make up stories on people (they don’t know) on their own is HILARIOUS.

  • Marina

    @ comment #15: Ok, You geographic genius, where the hell is a private island in Saint Tropez? Ever been there? I guess not. Saint Tropez is a place for rich people and an urban center for celebs, that’s without a doubt. People there have yachts, mansions and 2 Ferraris in the garage is nothing special. It’s the same as in Monaco or Cannes, just to mention a few of the expensive places. The teens there get at least 300,000 $ as pocket money every month.

    It’s no crime that he’s there. It’s a very nice place and he needs some time for himself, time to think, time to get better.
    Leave him alone. He can do what he wants and that’s the only good thing for him.

  • joseph jager

    hes soooo hot , i want him

  • R U sure

    Alix and Ryan seem to be on the outs too

  • tc

    @shanghai: There are girls on the yacht . There are pics. They are single and having a good time. Stop trying to imply anything other than he is normal.

  • 123notONLYu&Me

    wow shaving your chests… how masculine

  • Markus


    Other than he is normal … You’re even worse than the haters only by saying that ! ffff shameful.

  • Kitty

    Why in the last tweet with a pic of Zac and his friends the names are not matching who is there, mistake?

  • R U sure

    Lots of actors shave their chest when they get ready for a movie

  • ace11

    the question is

    Did he do the deed with Demi Moore or not?

  • Tony

    Lot of dudes shave their chest and pubes when they’re going to get some ACTION. And I don’t mean action in front of the camera. Bet there’s lots of action taking place on that yacht and in the hotel room at night.


    He gets hotter and hotter with the age ;)

  • Lisa

    i wonder which one is his boyfriend.

  • Sugar Sugar

    @Looly: and how many dudes…cause we all know he swings both ways.


    HIS BF!!!



  • Anna

    @THE TRUTH that is his host Mo Al Turki.

  • R U sure

    If true I wish I was his BF , but I don’t believe it.


    @kitty I saw it I think your right must of been a mistake.

  • Licker

    I would lick his hairy chest if I have the opportunity, if he wants I can lick even his furry armpits, you don’t need to shave to me Zac

  • Marion

    @Kitty @TIMMY what pics are you talking about