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Adrien Brody: Shirtless Yacht Ride with Girlfriend Lara!

Adrien Brody: Shirtless Yacht Ride with Girlfriend Lara!

Adrien Brody and his girlfriend Lara Lieto can’t keep their hands off each other as they take a shower on a yacht on Tuesday (July 3) in Saint-Tropez, France.

The 39-year-old actor went shirtless in a skimpy bathing suit as he dove in the water to cool off.

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Adrien is currently in pre-production on the upcoming flick 1942, which he will star in with Tim Robbins. The film is about a deadly drought in 1942 that takes its toll on central China’s Henan province during the war against Japan.

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  • doodle

    He actually doesnt look too bad in these lol

  • Guy

    Im all for showing affection and everything but this picture is not very flattering. When you go to the beach and especially if your are being photographed (or not) I don’t think you should have your hands sown some guys swim trunks….just saying. That’s what the hotel room is for, not everyone wants to be involved in your relationship….

  • Laurel

    WOW. How awkwardly sexual are these pictures! lol
    Adrian still looks gorge, though.

  • K

    Ummm, girl, get your hands out of his pants you are in PUBLIC.

  • Sugar

    nice to see that guy get a hot girl, there is hope for us big beeked geeks out here

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Surely they are playing up for the camera.

  • Kate

    Super awkward, but it says they are on a yacht. So unless they were sitting among a group of boats they may not have known they had an audience.

  • LG

    @Guy: I think you’re being too prudish. Her hands are sown, yes, but not that down. And surely, you didn’t grow up near a beach….

  • Gilmore

    Just don’t buy her castle..

  • Guy

    @LG: Well maybe I am but it’s just awkward to me that people would be just all over each other in public. Not saying they are bad people but there are some things that you just keep between yourselves (behind closed doors) that’s just my opinion.

  • ab

    bla bla people are dramatic.. they have no problem with 40 yr old men taking photos of ‘celebrity’ children but this is awkward?? whatever.. adrien brody is so freakin sexy. I don’t care how ‘unique’ his look is.. im not into the chris hemsworths? of the world.

  • ColinG

    His face does not do his body any justice

  • Lou

    @ab: I agree. He doesn’t have a pretty face but he’s quite sexy in a sort of edgy way. He’s one of my favourite actors.

  • Izzy

    Jared.. Is that really necessary to post ? Not respectful nor classy to your site. Not cool

  • uh no..

    @Izzy: but post underage children. no worries

  • LG

    @Izzy: I guess these comments come from Americans. I have a great respect for the US, in spite of some war-related mistakes it has been involved in during the last decade, especially because, in a certain way, it is still a country full of opportunities for people with big brains and science. But, you can really crack me up regarding sex. I grew up going to beaches in France, Spain and Portugal, where as a child I saw couple hugging and caressing under the sun and in the sea and where doing topless o the beach was a common thing. I don’t remember seeing anything shocking though. I always found it normal between couples and I have become a sexually healthy person. You find this too much, you ban adverts because of a nipple (like the one with Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein) but than you have bands for teenagers, like the Pussycat Dolls, that for me look like whores and pass a terrible message to young women. I don’t get it!

  • ab

    @LG: i am not american. don’t lump is together.

  • ab


  • LG

    @ab: Ups! Sorry :-/.

  • sea

    Adrien is so sexy and I love his face too. Non conventional beauty but much more interesting than, let’s say, Chris Hemsworth.


    You know what they say….”Big Nose… Big Hose”!

  • oh

    @TWPUMPKIN: lets hope :)

  • Domino

    Lucky woman! I hope he’s happy. Last thing he needs is another wh*re like “Putaky”.

  • Ana Ljunghill

    That´s part of what couples do so what´s the big deal? They were in a boat having a nice time and not in public. It´s not their fault that everybody´s so curious about what celebrities do.

  • Ford

    @LG: very well put!

  • pffff


    a private yacht is not a public place.

  • brenda

    @Sugar: Only if you have his money. Sorry.

  • Thanks!

    @LG: I’m a middle-aged American, and I totally agree with your post. Much healthier attitudes about sexuality in other parts of the world. Hopefully some day we will catch up.

  • Eresyn

    Love him!!! he’s incredibly sexy and so talented!!!. Lara is a very lucky girl ;)

  • solecito

    He has a beautiful body, thin and lean. Unfortunately, the girlfriend’s body looks very much like his, not womanly at all. Though I don’t blame the girl for trying to grab his stuff, the man is hot!

  • sam

    @Guy: And somehow you still clicked on this article and looked at the pictures. Just an observation.

  • Stable Isotopes

    I don’t know either of them but if I’d put my hands like she did around my husbands shirts he would have had a bone in 1.2 seconds. Just sayin….

  • Stable Isotopes


  • Anon

    @LG: In these photos, I see nothing wrong. They are on a private yacht together and should be allowed to touch each other all they want… BUT when it comes to doing this stuff in a store, on a street, or on a beach filled with people I think it’s sleazy and unnecessary. Save that for home.

  • peony

    These pics are just gross. Seriously, WTF???? She’s picking at his and grabbing at his dick, and he’s bent over like he’s hoping she’ll pull out the strap on. YUCK.

  • AnnC

    i want her body. wow


    A friend mentioned a movie this guy was in so I had to search it. When I did, I came across these pics. Seriously! And this guy has an Oscar? Sure not classy on both parties….and sure not good-looking. And who’s the pervert taking the pics of two ugs getting it on? And Chris Hemsworth is SO much better looking than Gonzo and his gf, Olive Oyl. LOL

  • ShesYuckyNGross

    I’m betting she enjoys going down alot. As for Mr. Hemsworth, now that’s a man! I’m betting Mr. Pianist fashion boy doesn’t watch the awesome very popular Avengers since one of the superheroes has made a baby out of his ex-golddigger.

  • urclueless

    What you do not seem to realize is that they thought they were having a private moment. You are criticizing them for being intimate in public but they are on a private yacht having their privacy violated by a pervert photographer.