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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Still Together!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Still Together!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still going strong!

The 18-year-old singer and the 19-year-old actress have been reported to be going through a rough patch and on the verge of breaking up, but they are trying to make their relationship work.

“They’re still together,” a source close to the couple tells “They had a pretty big fight but made it through.”

Justin and Selena were spotted together this past weekend enjoying popsicles in a park and having lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

ARE YOU HAPPY that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still together?

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Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • doodle

    WOW AMAZING!! Oh lesbian lovers

  • Emma

    can these “sources” shut up!! we should not hear about their problems. that’s their own personal business. leave them alone!

  • ColinG

    Sorry Ellen, there is another Lesbian couple in town!

  • ugh

    @Emma: Then why do they give permission (or at least their PR team do) to post these pics and information??? — anysnooze, now that everyone is OK in this relationship let the world continue to worry about Syria. Unless of course the beebs has some insight?!?!

  • Pete

    they actually broke up months ago. She is just a cover up, he’s gay. He was sucking my d*** last night

  • bahha black sheep

    Selena is a lesbian…congrats

  • Ricki

    First off, Justin isn’t gay. Just because he didn’t hit puberty until he was older doesn’t mean he is gay. Selena isn’t his cover up. Anyone who says he is being pathetic and should relise he could get any girl he wanted. Besides that, I love Jelena and just because Selena is dating your celebrity crush doesn’t mean you should send her death threats, it’s wrong. Get iver your jealousy problem.

  • well

    @Pete: the best to both of you!

  • amanda

    @Ricki: you have a problem with gay people?????

  • Destiny

    you guys are idiots for saying he’s a girl and he’s a lesbian he is OBVIOSULY not it’s pretty pathetic that you guys still make fun of him with the same lame joke you guys have been using for like what? 3..4 years now get over it and go hate on some one else

  • Destiny


  • retards

    Clearly nnbody cares

  • LOL

    @Destiny: he could have both parts. You never know. Actually ask pete, He’d know.

  • Jared

    I am sick and tired of people trashing Justin Bieber the way they do. They are just jealous that he is famous and they’re not. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GROW UP!!!

  • Scarlett

    What do people expect? They’re still young. Gonna have some fights.

  • ….

    i hope bieber is gay.. i think he’d make an adorable pocket lesbian.

  • WOW

    whoop de do.. must be his sucky record needing more PR

  • what

    jared, miley cyrus just unfollowed patrick schwarzenegger and taylor swift on twitter. is miley jealous of patrick schwarzenegger’s new romance with taylor swift?

    if you’ll recall, patrick schwarzenegger used to have a crush on miley cyrus. even though, miley’s engaged to liam, maybe she’s jealous tat patrick schwarzenegger is over his infatuation withmiley and has moved onto to taylor. is that what prompted miley to unfollow taylor swift and patrick schwarzenegger on twitter?

    investigate and post a story about it.

  • Paulie

    I heard he’d been asking Selena for “Eggs Danny Thomas style” but she kept insisting she’s useless in the kitchen. He finally explained it to her and that’s what the fight was about. They’ve worked it out and she’s now on a high-fiber diet.

  • Effy

    What is this, high school? Who cares if they are still together or had a fight. This isn’t news, Just Jared, this is just a way to fill up space.

  • gio

    i love the question in the end : are you happy for justin and selena still being together???
    Do i care about those teenager money makers? they can go f*** themselves

  • Jared

    @what: Whatever. All I’m doing is just giving my honest opinion.

  • Maryam

    JJ nobody cares.

  • Kim

    @Ricki: “he could get any girl he wanted”

    FALSE, he could NEVER get me. ;)

  • hannah

    @Kim yes he could if he offered you millions.

  • sam

    @Destiny: That’s right he’s not a girl……. He’s a woman now!

  • minah

    You mean Justina Bieber & Selena Gomez, cause all i see are two females.

  • diana

    Selena can do so much better.

  • trent

    aw cmon people the kid is not gay just because he has an all male crew and he’s got ellen’s look and he named the tittle of one of his song’s boyfriend and the fact that one of the rapers of his label came out of the luxury closet and the fact…. never mind. the kid is a young butt pirate I’m convince now.

  • retards

    Justin bieber has a vagina. and he knows it

  • Retards

    That should say va**na

  • FrG

    Honestly i can smell very far Justin will have soon or later a kind of Chris Brown violence problem.

    Since a few months we can see so much evidence he’s becoming agressive without valuable reason. it’s not normal to be like that when you have everything you want (fame, money, success, family). Its not normal.

    The video that shocked me a lot, when he responded to his fans agressively at the airport… (they are not paparazzi, they are the one that he can buy all those cars, that nourish him, they are the reason he wins millions…!!! I think in that case Justin should take upon himself. Otherwise it’s a lack respect when those people make you win millions…!

  • Bob

    he can do better she is more into him than the other way around.

  • Retards

    Only 34 comments oh how sad. As i said before nobody cares.

  • just me

    Jared you can’t.make them happy when they are not. Both are still young and go through things. You do that with rachel and hayden to. By posting
    All those pics last month.knowing. it was unnecessary to do so. Hayden has not worked in three yearss and Rachel only use him when she wants to be seem. Not like justin . Everyone has a rough patch. If they about to break up let it be. Ok. You can’t.keep them together. Like Rachel and hayden. She can date who like so can hayden. Hayden and Rachel don’t suppose to be seen together anyway since the engagement. Call off and the break up last year. That’s why people don’t notice them anything anyone. And so should you stop posting them!

  • peony

    Who cares? She’s a closet tramp and he’s a laughable little goof. Soon she’ll be off slutting it up with whoever and he’ll be back to being a 2 stroke joke with some ugly groupie.

  • jkb

    Jared please post stuff about these 2 on JustJaredJr NOT here! thanks.

  • jessica

    Yesss!!!!! world’s cutest couple!!!!

  • Jared

    @jkb: No.

  • Vity

    @Ricky is totally right Justin isn´t gay!!! I have a HUGE crush on Justin but I am happy if JB is happy!!! I <3 Jellena they ROCK toghether!!! That´s it @Ricky your right!!!

  • Vity

    You guys know what, STOP bothering Justin Bieber he´s just a boy!!! Let him have SOME peace of that gay thing!! Honestly I HATE when people do that and if they fighted what did you expect they are still young!! Haven´t you had a boyfriend or a girlfriend ,you never fighted???I can´t believe people don´t stop teasing Bieber allready passed more than 4 years people are doing that come on!! Don´t act like babys!! GROW UP!! He´s 18!! Its SOOO ridiculous the way people act with that stuff… And everyone who thinks Bieber is gay: YOU ARE ACTING LIKE BABYS!! This is just a little about what I would like to say to you people who think that Bieber is gay!!! Justin I never thought you were gay because you Rock Selena 2

  • ian johnston

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    hair will be auctioned off at omega auctions in the uk england this september, to the highest bidder,
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