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Kate Bosworth: Hugo Boss Berlin Fashion Show!

Kate Bosworth: Hugo Boss Berlin Fashion Show!

Kate Bosworth rocks a little black dress at the Hugo by Hugo Boss Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week runway show held at Erika-Hess-Eisstadion Mitte on Thursday (July 5) in Berlin, Germany.

The 29-year-old actress was joined at the presentation by CEO Claus-Deitrich Lahrs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“@HUGOBOSS has my back. On the way to the show!” Kate tweeted, along with a picture of her outfit!

“July 4th, today I walked the remains of the Berlin Wall. This is painted there.” Kate wrote on her Twitter the day before, along with a picture of an American flag mural on the wall.

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  • Lois

    She has got to be one of the most useless, pointless creatures on this planet. Nice dress, though. Would have looked great on someone less wh*re like.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    I always wonder if these paper doll actresses (Diana Kruger, Camille Belle, Emmy Rosum and whoever else) actually concentrated as much on their profession than being party girl paper dolls maybe they’d actually earn respect in their professions.

  • Lois

    She twats the most stupid lame @ss things. So she had to show a picture of her back when she twatted this:” @HUGOBOSS has my back”

    Captain Obvious and her life partner must be beyond stupid that they need pictures for trite attempts at humor and cleverness. Each time I see things like that it just makes me shake my head that someone could have wasted over a year in her company. It has really devalued that person greatly in my eyes.

  • cyrianne

    @Twinkle: At least Emmy Rosum has shameless^^

  • Lois


    Emmy Rossum and Diane Kruger are well respected and actually get good reviews. Both of their careers are doing fine and if they show up at some events, so what? At least being party girls and clothes hangers are not the only things they’re known for.

  • Rachel ()

    She has been doing much better lately. Her hair looks good.

    Did you guys know KB was a candidate for Tom Cruise’s wife search? Interesting. Judging by personality Kate seems like the scientologists did get a hold of her. Vacant stare, speaking only in mind-numbingly lame cliches, generally bad fashion sense…omg, and looking more and more like an alien!!

  • Actually…

    She really needs to stop wearing backless dresses, she just doesn’t have the back to pull them off. Although maybe if she stopped posing like that it would look better. How about she just stops doing both?

  • Anon

    I actually think she looks quite pretty here.

  • amy

    why can’t she ever show her teeth when she smiles? After a while the “pouty smile” look gets old and less appealing, maybe she should try to be genuine instead.

  • Lois

    This is how intelligent I think KB actually is:

  • diana

    funny how she’s call an actress when I never her in any movies that I watched my entire life since I’m a movie geek

  • diana

    @Twinkle: what do you mean by diane kruger? I think her movies are pretty cool

  • Rachel ()

    @Twinkle: Diane Kruger is respected. She was in Inglorious Bastards, an Oscar nominated film. Being connected to Oscar worthy material gets an actress tons of respect, always. And her fashion sense makes KB look like the lamest “fashionista” ever.

  • Lois

    @Rachel ():

    If she could be Tom Cruise’s next Robo Bride I guarantee the life partner and his ring would disappear faster than a blink.

  • Nice

    The dress looks great on her. I love the look.

  • Lois

    No pictures of PDA with the life partner? Nevermind, he’s probably off to the side holding her purse.

  • Kinnamanfan

    Ohhhh, I like that dress! Her hair looks horrible, but that dress is sharp!


    truly , she has much in common with Diane kruge.

  • sian

    Well, say what you will about her, but she does have a great ass.

  • ladybug

    @FERNANADA: Well, she’s getting a bit too thin, but Diane can actually act. And seems to not need call the paps and have gratuitous PDA’s with her bf.

    Rachel (): I’ve heard that rumor before, but it’s one of those I’ll have to take with a really large grain of salt.

    I like her shoes, and her poses seem less drunken giraffe than is her usual. I’d like the dress better if it went past her knees.

  • ladybug

    @sian: Dieter, is that you? Because you still need glasses, she has no natural ass, if it appears to you that she has one in this dress, it’s the dress, not her.

  • Rhia

    Her tweets are so lame, like high schoolers. She and Molish seem like the dullest,most vapid couple. And yeah, kind of hard to imagine what would someone around for a year or more. Blackmail? LOL.

  • Oh Kate

    Even the dude here don’t wanna touch her skanky body even for a pose

  • sian

    @ladybug: Yeah, I know it’s annoying that some people can just be skinny in the right places, and others can’t. Get over it.

  • Actually…

    @sian: Yes *some people* can. Kate is not one of those people.

  • ladybug

    @Rhia: I think he’s really, really into her.
    Yeah, they’re dull, and they think they’re being clever with their tweets. But I really think he’s really into that and thinks it’s wonderful. Bless his heart.

  • DeeDee

    She actually looks very pretty here, and she’s at a nice weight.



    both are mediocre actresses,
    both appear more in fashion events than in his jobs as actresses,
    both exposing themselves with their boyfriends for appear in gossip sites,
    both are a famewhore willing to do anything to get herself seen.

  • Effy

    I wouldn’t mind her if she actually did some fundraising for charities instead of attending pointless parties.

  • amy

    I just can’t believe she ever dated Alex Skarsgard, so glad he came to his senses.

  • mforman

    I have read quite a few articles regarding her and Tom Cruise, it seemed he had a list of actresses that he wanted to get set up with after the divorce from Nicole Kidman, but it seems after one date with the creature he moved on.
    Only in HW, could you see her if that had worked out, oh my goodness.
    The fact that these two self serving, useless voids actually went to Berlin, which I cannot beleive actually had a Fashion Week, shows they are the two most desparate people on the face of this earth. They truly have nothing and I mean nothing to do.
    You would think they would take this time and do charity work, maybe go to countries that are in desparate need of some attention, but instead they just do these stupid things to try and get themselves attention.
    This is probably why they get along so well, they only care for themselves and nobody else what a disgrace.
    From now on what we can expect to see from these two famewhores is them walking red carpets, that they buy tickets too so they get invited, those stupid JM commercials (until JM puts a stop to it), going out to lunch and dinner and clinging and hanging all over eachother, of course making sure those stupid rings show and that will probably be it. Boy oh boy, I am sure their parents are so proud of them.
    I loved how little miss honor student takes a photo of the Berlin Wall, MP probably had to explain it all to her, she probably didn’t even know what it meant. I mean come on, the two of them scare me.

  • FFS


    Sweetheart you need to get a life. She’s not dating Skarsgard any more. You are obsessed with her and anyone else he’s supposed to be dating.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: ” loved how little miss honor student takes a photo of the Berlin Wall, MP probably had to explain it all to her, she probably didn’t even know what it meant.”

    What I’m about to say is not a defense of her. But, she was just shy of 7 when the Wall fell, 8 1/2 when the USSR collapsed. And if she didn’t go farther than what was taught in her American HS history textbooks, she probably really doesn’t know much. Just like most Americans her age. Heck, alot of Americans MP’s age don’t have much memory of it.

    @Oh Kate: Somebody actually hugged her:

  • Texas Swede

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall when they were shooting her on the red carpet so I could have heard what made her mood change so dramatically. She started off with her “I’m so pretty and everyone loves me smile”,. Then her expression and mood changed drastically.

    I can think of a couple of questions that might of done it:

    Now, who are you again?

    Oh you are an actress, what movies do you have being released?

    Are you a celebrity’s escort. I don’t recall ever seeing anything you were in?

    Check out the full sized pictures and look at the difference. Even with the amount of talent she has she cannot hide her anger with something that happened on the carpet.

  • Actually…

    I take back what I said; Her back is fine, it’s just her posing that’s making it look weird. She really needs to stop doing such an exaggerated backwards lean. It makes her boobs look smaller, her stomach look big, and when she has a backless dress on it makes her back look lumpy. Please just try standing vertically for once.
    normal back (from when she’s inside the show):
    red carpet back:

  • Jeannie

    @Effy: I agree with you, but that would require her to care about something other than herself.

    I like the dress & shoes. I really wish she’d cut her hair.

  • Oh Kate


    Poor women somebody probably told her don’t forget to hug Kate bosworth lol lol

  • chelle

    @ladybug: I feel sorry for him cuz seriously being with her is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway…. makes u wonder what the hell others were thinking and really really makes me question sanity… LOL!

  • Actually…

    @ladybug: Kate’s manic expression that lead up to/followed the hug (it’s hard to tell which since the pictures seem to be out of order) makes me suspect that either Kate was SO excited that they were getting along for five minutes or that the woman was just trying to calm her down.
    oh those eyes:

  • WTMF
  • ladybug

    @Oh Kate: It looks terribly awkward.

    @Actually…, maybe the other woman was try to hold her still so they could shoot KB with a tranquilizer dart. Kate’s all “I’m at a fashion show!! In the front row!!!”

    @Jeannie: But she cares about the oceans!

    @chelle: I think MP is in it for the long haul. And I think KB’s happy to be with someone who think she’s funny and witty. And who doesn’t mind taking pap walks. But there are times when I wonder if if she’d dump him if she were able to snare someone higher on the food chain.

    @Texas Swede: I wonder how many of the paps actually know who she is and why she’s papped.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: And the free trips that come along with caring about the ocean! I agree, I think he’s really into her, but I also wonder how quick she’d get out if someone more well known was interested in her.

  • mforman

    @FFS—First don’t call me Sweetheart, second, I never mentioned AS in my post. I have disliked this creature since Blue Crush, she is a self serving, waste of space, who cares for herself and nobody else.
    I have been a fan of his for quite sometime, because he is an amazing actor, but believe me I am not obsessed with her, I am completely disgusted with her. She is a pariah, who is box office poision and there is nothing to be obsessed with.
    @ladybug (#33)—Sorry but that sounds like a defense of her. I do not care how old she is, that is why we have books, so people can learn and better themselves. The problem with her is, and it is so obvious, she doesn’t want to improve herself, because she feels she is perfect.
    @Texas Swede—-You are so right, what happened on that carpet that her whole mannerism changed. It was like someone turned off her switch.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: I don’t think there is anyone left… Hobbit is scraping the bottom. I think someone else was just naive at first then was more or less stuck when the reality hit…. of course just assuming that so I don’t think he is a complete idiot… LOL!

  • Broadway Baby

    Were any real celebrities there? Or are they still in Paris?

  • ladybug

    @mforman: @ladybug (#33)—Sorry but that sounds like a defense of her. I do not care how old she is, that is why we have books, so people can learn and better themselves. The problem with her is, and it is so obvious, she doesn’t want to improve herself, because she feels she is perfect.

    I can assure it’s not, it’s American reality. She was too young to really know about it, and if she didn’t have an interest in it, wasn’t going to learn more about it, except what she learned in crappy HS textbooks. As an American of a certain age who paid attention to these sorts of things I was unusual, and sadly apparently still am, whether it’s my generation, or the younger generation.
    Most of my fellow Americans don’t really pay attention to the rest of the world, and haven’t paid attention to the rest of the world.
    I may hate it, and wish that it weren’t so, but KB is no different than the average American in terms of her probable ignorance of world history. In this case, as in most cases, she is neither special nor unique in that regard.

    @Jeannie, she must love the free trips. Never mind that all that travelling helps contribute greenhouse gases. Or that when she gets papped at the grocery store she’s using plastic bags. It’s all about the charity that she can use as a tax write-off.

  • Eresyn

    I really like the dress, but not on her starved body…and what’s with the non-smile thing??? i’d rather see her smiling than doing that stupid smirk of hers…
    And everytime she poses it reminds me of this, she really must think what it says in the pic!!!!LOL

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: But she’s so into protecting the environment! Oh wait, that was just when she was dating OB.

  • Sersei


    It definitely looks better when she stands straight, but she doesn’t have any muscle tone. Girl needs to work out and stop starving herself.

  • huh