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Katie Holmes Talks Tom Cruise in 'Elle' Magazine's August Issue

Katie Holmes Talks Tom Cruise in 'Elle' Magazine's August Issue

Katie Holmes opens up to Elle magazine’s August 2012 issue, which hits newsstands on July 17.

In the interview, the 33-year-old actress spoke about Tom Cruise, and reportedly hinted at the possible impending divorce papers. Here’s what she had to share:

On Tom Cruise: “He has been Tom Cruise for 30 years, I know who I am and where I am and where I want to go, so I want to focus on that.”

On starting fresh in her 30s: “I feel sexier. I think in my 20s, it’s like you’re trying too hard to figure everything out…I’m starting to come into my own. It’s like a new phase.”

On being her own person: “Things are not handed to anyone. If anything, you work a little bit harder when you’re in such visible circumstances.”

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FYI: Katie is wearing a Tom Ford tank top and Holmes & Yang trousers and suspenders.

Bigger cover inside…

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Credit: Carter Smith/Elle magazine
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  • lauren

    this is what katie should say about tom,

    Sc*** you

  • ek

    she did this before her divorce obviously — But more importantly i’d like to know what Suri’s burn book has to say about this

  • Sara

    OH PLEASE!!!!

    She was 27 years OLD WOMEN WHEN she married him!

  • karl

    america in a nutshell, you divorce someone and you become a superstar…

  • CF98

    How you are at 27 vs how you are at 33 are two different things. Plus she may have seen something sinister

  • somali girl

    Something fishy about their divorce. Before the divorce he had a movie out which flopped. Because nobody was interested in them. Now that he has another movie they divorce to genarate buzz not only that but don’t people who divorce or breakup keep away from the media public. They are promoting something.

  • SusanC

    I think it has become quite apparent, as in many divorces, famous vs non-famous, that ALOT of terrible things were revealed to Katie during this five year marriage that were totally unacceptable to her. Maybe we will or maybe we won’t find out how bad it got between them for Katie to feel so threatened that she had to resort to such drastic measures to secure her saftey from this totally control freak of a man ie. Tom Cruise. She’s not the first, and won’t be the last wife who has to escape in the “middle of the night” from a very sick marriage for her own sake as well as for their daughter. This situation is going to get alot worse before it ever begins to get remotely better. IMO

  • Rap*LovesJesus

    I agree SusanC.

    But im so produ of her for just doign it and finally doing her thing. Ill pray for her. GO katie

  • Bernie wall

    @Sara: I agree. She knew what she was getting to.

  • SusanC

    I heard Tom Cruise is supposed to be a guest on “The Jay Leno Show’ tonight…………..that should be GOOD!!!

  • solecito

    She kind of gave away the divorce with that answer. She’s acting like a total b*i*t*c*h* by not letting Tom see Suri. You can say whatever you want about Tom, but he’s a great father. She won’t get away with the “sole custody” nonsense. She’s no innocent victim here, she knew who Tom Cruise was very well before marrying him. I think the fault goes both ways for the demise of their marriage.

  • Nathan

    Look at those cheekbones!! such a sexy face!! you are one hot sexy women Katie. :)

  • CF98

    Well she could get sole custody if she busts open the Co$ or it turns out that its not his kid biologically

    Now imagine the fireworks on that one

  • Suri is stimming

    Cringe! What’s up with Kaka Homely’s breasts?
    What’s up with that fringe? This getup, is it supposed to be sexy? NOT.

  • just so


    She has not said Tom is a bad father. I think it is more keeping her out of CoS’s clutches. If you read about what happens to kids in CoS, then you’d know why she wants legal custody and soul residential custody. CoS would be like staying in an abusive relationship and letting your child be abused.

  • Jpda

    @nathan sexy cheekbones and nose job courtesy of a celeb plastic surgeon dear.

    I don’t have a problem with Katie but if she is causing this much of a stir, I hope she can bring it in her next films or something cause bish cannot act that good.

  • Rosie

    Why do you people care? Do you hate Tom Cruise and Scientology that much that you see the divorce as an opportunity for more bashing? I find that disturbing. People call Cruise crazy. I find the attitude of the people commenting on the divorce as practically insane . . . and possibly bigoted. I don’t like Scientology. Then again, I don’t like any of the other organized religions on this earth. I don’t believe in the need for rituals in order to believe in God. But I don’t get all worked up in a negative frenzy over a celebrity who practices a religion I don’t approve of. If I did, there would be a great deal of celebrities that I personally dislike.

  • Rosie

    ["I think it has become quite apparent, as in many divorces, famous vs non-famous, that ALOT of terrible things were revealed to Katie during this five year marriage that were totally unacceptable to her."]

    In other words, this is an opportunity for you to bash Scientology and Cruise. You don’t know what happened between them. Stop pretending that you do.

  • Lori

    Rosie, people on here don’t dislike TC because he “practices a religion they don’t approve of”. They dislike him because of his insane behavior and spewing of judgmental, insane, rude comments all in the name of Scientology. In fact, HE is the bigot. He is the one who percieves the rest of us non-Scientos as uneducated, unevolved, lesser-than, pathetic people. NO WONDER he is not liked!

  • Rosie

    ["Rosie, people on here don’t dislike TC because he “practices a religion they don’t approve of”. They dislike him because of his insane behavior and spewing of judgmental, insane."]

    I suggest that you take a long look at yourselves. Really.

  • Xiolablu

    She’s longing for Josh Jackson, I can’t say I blame her.

  • http://gmail sesa

    Can’t say their divorce will be nastier than some non celebrity ones I’ve known about. Just more public.

  • WAlterBisho[

    Even though I do realize that marriage to Tom Cruise wasn’t easy for Katie, there are things that still prevent me from regarding her as a victim she wants us to believe she was. I live far away from Hollywood, in another country, but even in the place where I live there is hardly anybody who doesn’t know that Tom Cruise is a devout Scientologist. And it started before he even knew Katie Holmes existed..Then this highly publicised divorce from Nic Kidman .. if even those ppl who are not living in Hollywood knew this all along about Mr Cruise, how can it possibly be that Hollywood insiders didn’t know about this???Katie Holmes although not an a -lister (and she’ll probably never be) should have known that..You say she was soooo in love, but c’mon there must have been a feeling that smth wasn’t right, when she was walking down the aisle and saw all those Scientologists behind Tom as his best men?Didn’t her Roman Catholic parents try to talk some sense into her? Then why on earth are ordinary ppl cautious when they are marrying someone outside of their religion for example a Christian marrying a Muslim?? Why is she suddenly an exception? Speaking of Suri and their disagreements over her upbringing- didn’t she hear the bell ringing (and it even was before she was officially married to him) when she gave Silent birth to Suri as it was reported in the press???There have been so many things that should have rang the bell in her head!!!I don’t think it really took her 5 years to figure that out – any normal person would have figured that out if he was in her place… if she did -why it took her five years????the whole TomKat seems like a set-up to me from the beginning so I don’t feel she’s that innocent and unfortunate. She proabbly was with him for money

  • miapocca

    1: Tom is a religious fanatic..5 years ago and he hasnt changed

    2. Which 27year old sane woman without her own agenda jumps into a CULT day one of meeting creepy Tom midget

    3: Have you seen connor and bella? Have you seen Suris behavior…seems Nicole and Tom have better parenting skill than this chica

    4: I hate scientoloy but in Holmes case she wholeheartedly embraced from DAY ONE!!

    5: She may have been some post mordern catholic…because the contradiction of having a catholic father who is a divorce attorney and running off to join a cult the first day she is approached is a bit weird

    6: She keeps giving stories to people and Tom keeps leaking to TMZ…
    these two people are mucho sick and that child is doomed

    7: Used the media to leak stories about filing for emergency hearing..when public opinion started crucifying that move, her lawyer just released a statement retracting it

    8. Scientology is a cult , it is sick..Katie Holmes is not that naive..she went in for fame and it backfired so now its suddently evil

    girlfriend get a number!

  • SusanC

    @SusanC: it was a repeat…….darn!!

  • Hamlet

    Why are you sure that Cruise is the villain in this story, #7?

    Right, #11 and #17 and #18.

    Those comments were made seven years ago and he apologized to those people he hurt, #20. Just admit you don’t personally like the guy.

  • viva

    I don’t care about the divorce but she looks so good on this cover!

  • boo


    ha. we all know you are part of TC’s team.

    Either you are a stalker/creep or part of TC’s weirdo team

  • justine

    I thought what Katie did was shitty. Her and Tom both looked unhappy
    during their last outing, so maybe divorce was the right thing, but the way she went about it was selfish and cruel. She didn’t even have the guts to tell him in person, she told him over the phone four days before his 50th birthday. I don’t know anything about scientology, but Katie owed Tom some respect. No matter what happened, he’s still the father
    of her child — a man she spent nearly seven years with, but she just tossed him aside like the marriage was something she wanted to cross off her to-do-list. I think Tom has conducted himself with enormous dignity and restraint given the situation.