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Nina Dobrev: Funny or Die Bikini Rap!

Nina Dobrev: Funny or Die Bikini Rap!

Nina Dobrev shows off her rockin’ bikini body in this hilarious new video from Funny or Die!

The 23-year-old The Vampire Diaries star rapped in the brand new vid titled SPF alongside The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Nick Braun.

Nina Dobrev and Nick Braun‘s summer jam gets you all lathered up with some lotion music,” the caption of the video says.

“Buy SPF on iTunes and protect yourselves from harmful rays today! HAPPY 4TH HAVE FUN! ;)” Nina tweeted on Independence Day.

Check out Nina and Nick in the hilarious Funny or Die sketch below…

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  • sarah

    God this chick is so freakin annoying. Loves having her picture taken. Used to follow her on twitter (I don’t anymore) because that show she is on was good. All her tweets are, “I’m travelling here/there”, naming designers to get free clothes, telling fans to vote for her. She is such a kiss a-ss. Over her.

  • Dave Franco

    Vancouver Grizzlies. hahahahaha

  • jules

    @sarah: I feel you girl. You won’t believe the things that are said about her in general. She’s really not what seems. one time in Paris I was with my friend and my friend’s little sister. And she was a fan, so she asked for an autograph and nina said ” sorry I don’t sign autograph during my vacation.” How rude and my friend’s little sister had a broken arm at that time. I really lost all my respect for her.

  • Pattycake

    @jules: What’s her problem? Having a private time in her life that inconvenienced you!

  • Keke

    Lmao; Love Nina & Nick!!

  • jules

    @Pattycake: No, I don’t want to sound rude or mean. It’s just that my friend’s little sister (she’s 9) asked for a single autograph. No pictures, no hug, no nothing… it was just an autograph. She could have been a bit nicer that’s all. I lost my respect for her after that because people don’t talk to children like that, and are not rude. Like she was.

  • Liz

    @jules: I understand your friend’s frustration with her little sister not getting an autograph but celebs have to draw the line somewhere. Signing 1 autograph turns into signing 20. Nina got harassed by fans wanting autographs when she was in Paris this year. They chased her down the street and cornered her against a building. If I were her I would be wary of stopping too.

  • don’t get it

    Funny or Die? I guess I’m dead. This song/vid just isn’t funny. It’s more like a commercial geared towards pre-teens who need to learn about using sunblock.

  • Tina

    Nina is not obligated to sign autographs during her vacation. Celebrities are normal people, they deserve their privacy.

  • Karen

    I stopped liking her long time ago
    oh and that sh*t is NOT funny at all

  • Illyria

    I like it and I do think it’s funny. Not rolling-on-the-floor-funny but I had to smile a few times.

  • Kailo

    @Liz: @Tina: I understand that it is not easy to sign autographs and and taking pictures all the time BUT I don’t feel bad for them and the money they are making. I mean, she is 23 and she has more money that I wouldn’t make even after 300 years….

  • sarah

    @Tina: She’s NOT that big of a celeb to be saying no. I remember seeing pictures of her and Ian going through the airport. The pap’s were snapping pictures and taking pictures of Ian. Nina walked by the camera and looked right in and smiled. The paps just kepted going. As for her “holiday” gimma a break the vampire show she is on spends more time in Europe promoting than in the US. She should feel lucky to have a kid ask for an autograph. Nina thinks her sh-it don’t stink. As anyone who visits the Atlanta set or is an extra. She loves that people kiss her a-ss.

  • The Muffin Man

    I like Nina Dobrev i tihnk she is a beautiful girl and love her in the vampire diaries but i did not laugh even once in this video, it was just not funny at all and i wont pretend i like it just cause i am a fan of hers.

  • couper

    Her rapping makes me feel uncomfortable. This one and the Rachel Bilson one are so awkward and pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

  • BOJI

    She’s gorgeous, super talented and has a hot body. A secret fan of hers.

  • jules

    you see I lost my respect for her because she could have said something like “sorry sweetheart not today maybe next time” or something like that. I would have completely understand but she was really cold with her. She didn’t even smiled or anything. My friend’s sister is only 9 and she didn’t even freak out when she saw Nina she just wanted an autograph. It wouldn’t have taken a lot of her time. I just founded it more than anything plainly sad. Because she’s not what she seems. But oh well.

  • Truth

    EVERY time there is an article about Nina or Nian, I know there will be People saying things about her or them. I will never understand,some people.If you don’t like a person WHY would you wach their videos or interviews,and post a comment.WHY waste your time.Go and follow people that you like #justsaying.Anyway I love Nina and Nick too,<33.

  • Youn

    @Kailo: So what? Just cause yoou aren’t an actor doesn’t mean you can’t make that kinda money. Just because she has money and on TV doesn’t mean she is obliged to sign autographs just cause someone wants one. As for the money if you are determined enough you can make it, the richest people aren’t actors they are business people, take it from experience I’m 25 and I’m making a bucket load already just 2 years outta University. My boss is 33 and literally a millionaire and he isn’t even a head executive, he even said he was in my place a few years ago, so i think to clarify you don’t have to be in the media to be rich nor should you have obligations to fans.

  • JustMe

    great song! they make a great nina and nick

  • Patty Maria

    I – DO – NOT – LIKE – HER – AT – ALL !!!

  • stephanii

    Why you all talk so bad for Nina.She’s a great person.How she could give you an autographs when you all french fans run after her when you see her ? There’s a video in youtube how a croud of french fans running after her and she’s trying to in her hotel.. and then you said she don’t sings an autographs .. how she could ..

  • so true

    Nina is a nice preson?gimme a break! She is a stuck up bi!txh and wannabe free be famew!ore!!! What she is except rumored Ians bedsheet?PPL from Atl even tells that man has a dignity to not toch her ever, at all, just in case b/c that hypocritic selfcentred Dive is hysterical as dog during PMS 24/7! Ppl who belive she is nice are delusional

  • This is stupid

    Look I don’t want to cause trouble but my friend told me about this article so I want to say a few things. I don’t personally know ms. nina but I’ve heard some mess up things about her. I don’t want to repeat them because it’s not my place. But I want to share my story. I saw her in LA maybe in april or may I don’t really remember in Starbucks. I saw her and I didn’t ask for an autograph, I just went up to her and said “Nina I really like your show, everyone is really talented” She didn’t say anything back. At one point we were standing there looking at each other and she looked at me up and down. Then she said, “I know” and she smiled and then rolled her eyes and left Starbucks. I really didn’t know how to react to that. My mother was with me and said “wow that was rude” I told my best friend and that was it. Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe she wasn’t. Maybe that’s her personality. But until you personally know her don’t judge her. But I must agree with everyone here. She seemed cold and sort of mean, which was surprising. If you guys are in denial ask people who have gone to conventions and stuff where she was. They would tell you things about her personality with everyone. Including the staff and crew of TVD. But I also agree that things like running after her is not cool. Like the paris fans. If you guys want an autograph ask her nicely. Maybe it was just to me. But again people are not what they seem.

  • macintosh

    @this is stupid ….. Based on experience I believe you!! Shocking!! I’ved been reading comments to those people who met her personally and all of their experience on her are the same … Being famous really change attitude!! I don’t think she’s big celebrity like others once the series end .. Its the end of her career also.. Good luck!

  • Teyla

    Love Nina’s Funny or Die video! She is adorable! Obviously they had a blast filming this video. Too cute!

  • River

    What a cute Funny or Die video! Goes right along with Nina’s sweet fun loving personality. This young lady has a tremendous career ahead of her. It is no wonder she won the People’s Choice Award for favorite actress. Not to mention Nina went from a “write in”, to the ballot, to the WIN! Beautiful young woman inside and out!

  • princess

    @This is stupid: I had a bad experience with her too! Met her last year and she was very moody and bitchy! So sad because I really liked her at the beginning

  • This is stupid

    @princess: You see a lot of people always say she’s in a bad mood. I wonder why that is?? life is beautiful you know?? now people here are going to start saying we’re jealous or something. Which is not the case, we’re only saying our experiences with her. But what happened to you with her last year?

  • stephanii

    you all say that she was rude with you, but in the end of may she was in Bulgaria with here mother.. one girl told me that she saw Nina in Sofia,Bulgaria and stop her for a photo and an autograph.Guess what Nina do .. she give her an autograph, make a photo with her and she talk with her about a few things.That girl said that Nina was so kind with her.And that’s not the only girl that’s saying the same .. other girl and boys that met Nina in Bulgaria said the same .. so I don’t think that she is moody.. She so adorable

  • Victoirre

    Hahah I like it :) and I think it´s funny as well :) I like when i see celebrities can do jokes on theirselves :D
    btw sorry for my english i am not american -_- :D