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Rihanna's Dad: 'Chris Brown Has Matured a Lot'

Rihanna's Dad: 'Chris Brown Has Matured a Lot'

Chris Brown gets into his car after leaving Hyde Nightclub with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Tuesday (July 3) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old singer recently received some positive words from his ex girlfriend Rihanna‘s dad, Ronald Fenty.

Chris has matured a lot. I think everybody has to put the past behind them. And they seem to have done that,” Ronald told Grazia Magazine.

“Being a couple is all up to her. Every decision is her decision. I just wish her the best. I hope things will work out. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake. Her fans are hoping it will happen. They see them as a perfect couple,” he added.

20+ pictures inside of Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran leaving the club…

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rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 02
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 03
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 04
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 05
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 06
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rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 17
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 18
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 19
rihannas dad chris brown has matured a lot 20

Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • algernon

    What? He has not matured one bit! Look at his twitter feed.

  • bahha black sheep


  • *star

    He’s still a total douchebag, abuse aside. Her father is just as blind.

  • The Brain

    Another idiot heard from. No wonder Rihanna is too stupid to know better. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

  • Lori

    Wasn’t R.’s dad a wife beater too? This makes me ill that a father would want even, encourage his daughter to be with a known abuser. Sick.

  • ugh

    There really isn’t anything i can ‘say’ that wouldn’t insult her father or chris brown and i don’t want to talk about a parent… but didn’t her dad struggle with alcohol and drug addiction when she was younger?? i guess he’s trying to justify it because he did the same?? dunno.. but i cant imagine my dad excusing a guy who beat me. Infact i’m pretty sure chris brown wouldn’t be around if he did. And please don’t start with the ‘everyone makes mistakes’ bullsh*t. Abuse isn’t a mistake, its a reason to be put away for life.

  • hap

    No wonder Rihanna’s so f***ed up. Her father is ridiculous, poor thing.

  • electlady1

    Chris isn’t with Tran with the pictures that they are showing on this article he didn’t open the door he was to busy on the phone with who. And she is walking alone like shes not with him they are like homeboy and homegirl.
    Then somebody is sitting in the back sit of the car they trying to make this a relationship that is not real and not exciting its boring shes boring with Chris and plain jane. No sex appeal at all she doesn’t push Chris up she doesn’t lift him up with class. And Rihanna dad is just a person that forgives and he wants his daughter happy and he knows people do change and he is nobody to judge because he ain’t God like so many of you are trying to be. But in the end u don’t have a heaven or hell to put Chris in because he is going to have to answer to God for his action and your going to have to answer for your action. So be like the man in the mirror look at yourself first and get yourself together because nobody is perfect but God we are striving to be perfect but we do fall short but we repent and dust your self off and try again….

  • k

    @electlady1: congratulations on being an ignorant child. Please don’t procreate and spurt your useless knowledge onto a child. No one needs to know that abuse is forgivable because it isn’t.

  • TMI

    Gotye rox

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  • Bella

    And his daughter? Just asking….

  • gillian

    the guy beats his daughter up, and he’s talking about them being a couple again? Is he serious?

  • Jpda

    lets face it, for some people it hurts so good

  • Jpda

    besides Its not really up to her if they get back together, its up to him.. he has all the power..she gave it to him

  • speaktruth

    I’m sorry but what fan is hoping for them to get back together? True fans know that Chris beat-her-face hasn’t changed one bit and should be kept far away from her.
    It confuses me that he even brings up the fans bc he should just be primarily and solely focused on his daughter. Guess we know the truth…that he isn’t.
    Hope her mom is the one talking some sense into her.

  • DD

    She needs to stay in the Valley where she belongs…super weak style haha #shame

  • Selma

    I wonder if he beats or has beaten Karreuche as well? I hope she gets the hell out of there if he does.

  • as

    Rihanna’s dad the crack addict and divorcee is giving relationship advice?

  • Anyway

    @dd your right no style at all for karruche she has a pretty face but she doesn’t even try when it comes to dressing, I mean damn you could look a lil better. I think Rihanna dad is talking out of his ass I would never tell my daughter to go back with a abuser. And I am a fan of both but lately not so much of Chris he is starting to look real dirty now….

  • nika

    how stupid is his gf, really?! even Rihanna’s own father talks about possibility of them getting back together plus they’ve been hooking up all over the world and he got into fight over Rihanna with Drake. She probably stays for her 15 minutes of fame because why would you want to date a guy who is clearly still obsessed with his ex?

  • dobbi

    Define “matured”.

  • gege

    @Lori: Too bad Chris Brown is not a “wife beater”.@speaktruth: HOW DO YOU KNOW that he has not “changed”?! Do you know him?Just bc he stands up for himself on twitter sometimes doesnt mean he is the same “person” he was when he was 19. He is 23 now…can you get a grip please?

  • sdf

    Who the hell is her stylist??? They need to be fired!!

  • Mary

    Must be horrible for Karruache to have the father of her bf’s ex talk about how they might come back together. That girl is so being used.

  • shannon

    What kind of father talks about the maturing of his daughter’s abusive boyfriend? That just doesn’t seem right

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Why does everyone ignore he has a girlfriend I mean she never leaves his side you would think it would be impossible to…having said that Rihanna’s father sound LOCO!!!

  • omgz

    if it really happened it’s a bought and probably edited interview. chris didn’t really mature. he’s still a big kid. maybe he tryna sell his biased daughters thoughts that chris still a good guy. and why’d he think they’d still couple nicely? guess he’s stuck in his own world, beating his own wife, tryna make it look better, that it could still work?! sometimes it does not.

    following the lines to where his dad is keeping him on the career. he seems wiser to say to stay off that unhealthy relationship. btw chris has a girlfriend. she might not be as polarizing than rihanna but she fine. and seems to be good for him.

  • bren

    Yeah….Mr. R. Fenty, everyone is entitled to make a mistake, even if it involves serious issues like that….i mean it’s like hiding your ugly sisters and showing off your lil’ cute bro, lolololllloool

  • Cassie

    Karrueche is super cute and I love her outfit esp the shoes. And Rihanna and her dad needs to have several seats…that is all!

  • Chris

    Sounds like her dad was a wife beater too.

  • shi

    how does karrueche stay with him with all this getting back together talk??? Oh and especially since they met up a few times. She’s being humiliated and it’s her own fault. probably wants to stay in the spotlight as long as she can at whatever cost

  • dd

    Hmmm…between this and Oprah’s comments, I’m wondering if there is a bit of reverse psychology at play here. The dad giving Chris his blessing might actually be the thing to repel Chris away, oddly enough. I mean think about it…everyone seems to be gunning for a reunion and gushing about this couple’s love, EXCEPT for Chris Brown. Looks like the ball’s pretty much in his court now, and the most he’s done is presumably hook up with Rihanna on the DL and then publicly cop to a ‘friendship’. While she’s running around telling everyone who will listen how IN LURRVE they are. Maybe all of this will force Rihanna to buy a clue: the only person Chris Brown loves here is HIMSELF!