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Demi Lovato: 'Good Morning America' Concert Series Performer!

Demi Lovato: 'Good Morning America' Concert Series Performer!

Demi Lovato belts her heart out at Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series on Friday (July 7) in New York City’s Central Park.

“I’m doing really good. I’m actually not tired, I get so much energy doing this stuff!” the 19-year-old singer and X Factor judge said when asked about her busy schedule. “I’m straight from tour to X Factor, to you know, everything!”

At the concert, Demi performed her hits “Give Your Heart a Break”, “Skyscraper”, and “Unbroken.”

Check out “Give Your Heart A Break” below, and click inside to check out her performance of “Skyscraper”…

FYI: Demi‘s outfit is by Topshop.

15+ pictures inside of Demi Lovato performing in Central Park…

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demi lovato summer concert series 02
demi lovato summer concert series 03
demi lovato summer concert series 04
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Credit: PNP; Photos: Wenn
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  • Elli

    LOVE HER HAIR! Gorgeous!

  • Mika

    Ummmm… something seems off with this outft.

  • Nano

    Such a tacky outfit!

  • solecito

    The hair is awful, but she has pretty legs.

  • Alexandra

    Yayy!!She so talented,we are so proud of you Demi!! Brazil Loves u *-*

  • tina

    she has Bigs legs :/ a la katie holmes

  • Teri

    The hair, tacky outfit and lip stick through everything off
    why do you do this Demi, your so gorgeous!!!

  • http://none Jen

    Her legs are so thick and stumpy.. I never realized how short they were. Girlfriend needs to exercise some more, or wear clothes that are flattering to her body shape…

  • Audrey

    OMG, this blond hair is HORRIBLE for her. They are trying to make her a new Britney…Disney, rehab, blond, not bad if you want a career like this!:/

  • Ana

    One of the things I like best about Demi is that her legs are like mine and she is not afraid to show them off. She’s the proof that you don’t have to look like everyone else. Thank you Demi! <3

  • the truth

    Funny how no one comments on her actual performance which she totally aced. She is a singer, judge her on her SINGING ability. Outfit and make up should be secondary, ffs.

    The chorus for Give your heart a break was AMAZING. Love the way they changed it. Great performances once again by Ms Lovato.

  • lo

    Her hair looks amazing <3

  • lo

    @the truth your right! her performance was amazing. demi is a very talented singer <3

  • it doesn’t care

    Here you go… you guys are horrible people! Demi’s adorable and beautiful. Go to your comments full of hate to another place. Haters disgust me

  • luisa

    what the f*ck is she wearing?

  • luca

    did anyone else cringe when he said “will you please give OUR hearts a break?” lol that was the worst thing to say ever.

  • Becca

    This outfit is just horribly unflattering. There are styles that flatter every body type but Demi seems determined to wear outfits that match her pre-rehab figure. The fact is, she’s gained weight and stuffing herself into tight, revealing outfits is not going to help promote her “healthy life-outlook.” It just makes her look like she’s desparate trying to fit in to a mold that she can’t. She should use some of that X-factor $ to hire a new stylist who can work with her figure.

  • Becca

    BTW, Demi’s having a serious wardrobe malfunction in the first picture in this set. Seems her skirt was too short. Might want to take that down b/c nobody wants to see that.

  • Carrie

    why would she wear dominatrix underwear to perform on a morning show?

  • wam

    @the truth: I TOTALLY AGREE. People always tend to talk so much shitt about her but never want to admit that she actually can sing. they call her a druggie, fat, disney star but never admit she has talent.

  • aimee

    she looks like an 80′s barbie doll gone wrong…

  • Black-Dahlia

    Holy Mother of Big Legs o.O

  • lil

    Guys she had an eating disorder, she gained weight because she stopped cold turkey and now it takes time for her to be healthy and work out, and lose it again. Give her a break and leave her alone! This is what drives young girls to eating disorders, you idiots talking about how big this or that looks. Shes a normal human being.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the first outfits that I’m liking on her. :)
    And she has talent. BOY, does she have talent. Her vocals are so amazing.
    And fat? PLEASE! Demi Lovato is gorgeous!

  • soi

    I love her all around.

  • everly

    “she has big legs” or “she need to exercise more”
    please get the fuuu out of here and go eat your salad
    some people don’t look like kate moss and don’t want to so get over it
    my god she’s not fat, she’s beautiful, look at that smile! She hurt her because of comments like this

  • soi

    Great personality, great singer and beautiful to boot.

  • Brandon Hilton

    check out the music video for my new single #FROZEN here: give an Indie pop artist a chance

  • JEM

    she is 19? wow she looks 29 to me

  • Stacy

    @the truth:
    She is an amazing singer, without a doubt but when you wear something ridiculous its kinda hard to focus on that
    I mean look at that hair :/ its not even full blonde, half pink
    That dress, the top is great but the bottom, it looks like s rubber skirt and that denim jacket
    pink lipstick, it doesn’t suit her skin color nor goes w/that outfit, she should have opted for a darker color
    She is beautiful. One of the most gorgeous smiles I have ever seen!!! but lately her style has been going off :(

  • Healthy Hair?

    Pink hair on her is fine. What worries ME is that she is changing her hair color so incredibly often. Isn’t it unhealthy for your hair to always be using coloring products on it?

  • Ashley

    And this is why she went to rehab. People need to stop being so mean…not every celebrity has to be a size 2 skinny and fit. I actually aplaud Demi for having an average sized body. Let’s be realistic people. Granted her choice of clothing isn’t very flattering in general, but let’s look past appearance for once. Her voice is amazing compared to many singers out there that are her age.

  • Arg


    I have the same sentiment. The girl had an eating disorder. Give the girl a break. Her body is in recovery mode. Also, she has the same “tree trunk” legs that I do. I work my butt off at the gym but it doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll still always have thick legs like these unless I develop an eating disorder.

  • Damien

    Hair looks amazing actually and I like her body now, looks healthy!

  • shez

    she look exactly like Ursula

  • http://hotmail tania

    owwwªªª!! love it! .. Big Legs !!! sexyy!!

  • Jeanie

    She just keeps getting fatter and fatter. And word is she’s just as messed on booze and drugs as ever.

  • famousa

    chunky monkey!

  • Lilian

    LOL,I bet you’re a size zero,BITCH

  • Labia

    Is it just me or is that her you-know-what hanging out in the first picture?


    Tip for Demi: wearing black hose (opaque preferably) with a black skirt will create a longer-looking leg while slenderizing your figure. Nude legs contrast with the black skirt, “cutting off” the flow and making them look shorter. You want to wear a single color from the waist down.

    Otherwise, the outfit is quite flattering on her.

  • Bella

    @Jen: How about you shut up and leave this girl alone. You can not exercise against everything. Maybe some people should just accept the way they look and she seems more happy with her body right now then she used to. And i even think she can live with this more, than other girls. Just because you have a problem with her legs, she doesn’t need to have one.

  • jessie

    Just, amazing has ever ♥

  • jessie

    please, shut up, shes a Teen, and she dress like one, who is in stage!, now, some OLD singer ho are call “queens” and suff have to learn that THEY’RE NOY TEEN ANYMORE.
    and all of you are talking about her clothes just for dont admit that she have AMAZING VOICE and a Giant Talente.

  • jillo

    u guys should stop talking about how she looks, how fat you think her legs are, how tacky you think she is….. listen to that VOICE! god, most comments are just plain stupid -.-

  • Anna

    She sounds awesome, but as of late her style is AWFUL. The blonde hair looks so bad on her, and her outfits just make her look larger than she really is, she a pretty fit girl.

  • Sunny

    All these neg comments are horrible, I was at the show and Demi was great and she looked beautiful, smiling and talking with the fans. This hate needs to stop, she’s a singer – and a great one at that – that is the only thing she should be judged on.

  • MJ

    Good job Demi. Keep on going because you have talent. Try to show it to everyone that you don’t have to be F***able to stay in Hollywood, talent does. You have talent Demi. You can sing, you can act in a serious roles, you are a good comedian and you are also a song writer. The combinations of your talent are very rare in Hollywood. Just ignore the haters and do what you love. Do what you love is the best therapy. So, good luck.

  • sara

    God, I am glad to be living in Europe, where woman don’t have elephant legs like this poor girl.

  • anna

    why did she dye her hair blond? it looks awful and now she’s just another blond “singer”..