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Katie Holmes: Early Morning Market Visit

Katie Holmes: Early Morning Market Visit

Katie Holmes tries to beat the crowds as she goes for an early morning Whole Foods Market run on Friday (July 6) in New York City.

The 33-year-old newly separated actress, who was joined by one security guard, walked back to her apartment with a bag of groceries in a reusable tote.

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The day before, Katie took her daughter Suri to an educational children’s museum for a day of fun!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes getting her shopping done early in New York City…

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82 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Early Morning Market Visit”

  1. 1
    Tam Says:

    It seems that Katie isn’t going to get rid of these boots any time soon.

  2. 2
    evie Says:

    She’s so happy!

  3. 3
    LMFAO Says:

    those boots are her new Tom Cruise

  4. 4
    lady love Says:

    I am very glad KAtie is divorcing that creep Tom Cruise. I Am glad she is having a public divorce so we can find out what is going on. She needs to protect her daughter more though. If I were her and photographers were stalking and scaring my child I would go public with it- go on talk shows, show pictures to everyone of the child scared and hiding and crying and say to the world- stop scarign my child! I would put my daughter or child first and their protectio foremost- she seems to be caught up in some wierd ting where she just lets it happen- lets her daughter essentially get abused by the crowds and lights and scary men- I don’t respect her for that one bit.

  5. 5
    LMFAO Says:

    @evie: really is she now? cos I don’t see it all I see is a desperate woman milking her newly separation everywhere.

    not that I care abt her or Tom but people need to stop making TC look like the bad guy here because this woman knew what she was getting herself into before marrying him so why r people bashing TC for her stupidity?

  6. 6
    KC Says:

    Her father always wanted her to go to college, so now would be the perfect time for her to go.

  7. 7
    Danuuu Says:

    Please stop feeling sorry for her, she’s milking this separation for all its worth, enjoying every minute of it.

  8. 8
    Hannah Says:

    She has been out and about almost everyday since the divorce announcement. Its all PR and I’m sure its going to backfire on her.
    I hated seeing pics of Suri distressed yesterday.

  9. 9
    becky Says:

    Seriously, is it necessary to go grocery shopping every day!!! LOL Photo op…she’s addicted to media attention. Has anyone seen TC prancing around everyday for the last week? No! Give it a rest Katie!!!

    Not a TC fan or a KH, but I believe KH used TC from the start, Not the other way around. Big $$ signs in her eyes!!! TC probably got the shock of his life when he realized he got suckered.

  10. 10
    joel Says:

    time to divorce those stinky boots too now.

  11. 11
    Clueless Says:


    Smug not happy.

  12. 12

    I see she still has those fugly boots. I guess she can’t blame her poor taste on TC. I wonder what she is smirking about.

  13. 13
    jane-lee Says:

    Whatever she does, good or bad
    Her gestures and comments are always criticized because she’s a famous person
    I think katie is a woman who tries to do the best
    As each woman and mother of this world
    Only we, in our life, we have some people who judge us, while there, there are the media, the world of celebrity, people….

  14. 14
    LOL Says:

    Please stop with the daily photo op! We know you’re happy. Ok? Enough is enough! LOL

  15. 15
    lady love Says:

    she is not doing pr attention she is going to the grocery store down the street from her apartment- thank goodness she at least left her poor hcild at home I hate seeing photos of her looking so scared

  16. 16
    Tera Says:

    Maybe Tom hated those boots…hence.

  17. 17
    Pat Says:

    I love those boots…We all have something special we love to wear. Give her a break. On another note, she looks like the old Katie, with the weight of the world lifted off her shoulder, i.e., 5 feet 5, 180 pounds.

  18. 18
    maria clara Says:

    she belongs to joshua jackson
    love them together

  19. 19
    wishful thinking Says:

    they were lovely together

  20. 20
    CF98 Says:

    I think she’s doing this as a message to Tom he can’t control her anymore.

  21. 21
    Meme Says:

    Im absolutely loving Katie right now! I dont care if she is milking sympathy. Anyway all these things are whispered by sources, so its all gossip. Until she makes all those statements herself, you cant judge her for walking to a store. Anyway, I am desperatley hoping she reveals something juicy about scientology. Those people are creeps. They were smart to target celeb support or else they would have been shut down long time ago!

  22. 22
    Meme Says:

    And btw, she needs to be show that she is a resident of NY, duh. So for now she is gonna be in our face. I dont mind, whatever it takes to get Suri away from those creeps!

  23. 23
    Emma Says:

    I can’t believe she’s actually going outside. What an attention *****.

  24. 24
    lol Says:

    Shut up. Everyone takes chances, and overlooks when their inlove, you live in the moment, that’s what she did, you have good times, then you have bad times. Being stuck in bad times is not good, you do what makes you happy. Everyone’s entitled to change their minds to be happy. Unlike some people stuck being that’s who I dont feel anything for, is a helpless man or woman stuck in a miserable marriage. Your human, you’re allowed to change your mind to be happy. Some people seem one way, and as time goes by, they act, or become someone way more than what you expected. Life is beautiful. If you can enjoy it with that one person for the rest of your life…great! If not, its life to enjoy, five years with someone, tens sour, then enjoy it with someone else, its a cycle of happiness. Not a stuck in a rut forever see. Lol which some are living. Sucks to be them. Do something and be happy!

  25. 25
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    I like the location of this apartment. It reportedly has underground parking and there seems to be a Whole Foods market very close by, I think literally next door which is gonna be good for Katie and Suri. Also, its in Chelsea which means its blocks away from the gym Katie usually takes Suri for exercise. There also seems to be a park nearby. I think its normal for Katie to go to the market again. She just moved into a new apartment and there are probably little nick nacs she gonna find she suddenly needs. Because of the location of the market she was able to get dressed and walk right over. I’m glad she left Suri in the apartment, no need to distress her again today. With time there will be less paps following them around and that will be a good thing. I’m betting IF this is where Katie plans to live for awhile at least until the divorce and her settlement is finalized, Suri will be going to a nearby private school come Sept. Ever since Katie moved to New York in 2008 when she appeared in the Broadway play “All My Sons” she appears to be happier when she’s in New York than when she was in Los Angeles.

  26. 26
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    - Its gonna be a hot day today in New York. I hope they stay indoors and keep cool. I’m glad they both came out this week so that anticipation to get Suri’s pictures didn’t build up. People saw them, photographed them, and saw that life goes on and they go on. Also,noticed Katie carrying her own grocery reusable shopping bag. Before the bodyguards used to carry everything for her and now she’s carrying her own bag. Surely she’s got the Internet hooked up to her computer and is able to see the photographs and statements made in the press. Cruise’s lawyer statement “that they are milking the media as much as possible” probably didn’t sit well with her. Well, she settled now in her new apartment with Suri and already went out to show the public they are alive and well and proceeding with life. Next, we’ll see who blinks first, the media will keep us up to date. But until then, good luck to all the people involved. Be as happy and purpose filled as possible. Life is short.

  27. 27
    ang Says:

    She is milking this for all its worth, and i find it disturbing that she continually takes the kid out in the public eye with all the paps to get that attention. shame on her as a mother for using her daughter for publicity.

  28. 28
    wow Says:


    She is smart to show the Scientology Cult that she is not afraid of them and that they won’t change her life. Katie is especially smart to get away from the nut case Tom Cruise – he is such a Scientology Clone and does not seem real. All his actions and his wierd laugh – he is just plain creepy. Katie was young when she met him & I’m sure she knows much more about that creepy Scientology Cult now.

    Good for her & Suri. I pray for their safety and well being.

  29. 29
    lol Says:


    You are right, and that creep who is the head of Scientology & Tom’s BEST friend has some shady doings. His wife has not been seen since 2007 when she made some decison without that creep’s approval & some speculate whether she is even still alive. These cults are wierd – watch out for the Kool Aid (Jim Jones style).

  30. 30
    siennagold Says:

    She’s obviously showing the paps that she’s happy after the divorce. On purpose of course.

  31. 31
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    I’m not on anyone’s side but as far as the boots she is wearing are concerned, she is surely wearing them because they are comfortable. Good for her. The one obvious thing that is gonna change with Katie (I think) is that she was always wearing DIFFERENT sunglasses. I mean it made me wonder if she was getting them delivered to her residence and then sent back because she must have worn at least over 100 different pairs. I always noticed that about her. Her accessories (expensive handbags, shoes, sunglasses) were a constant change in her wardrobe. If she kept them, they take up space. Also, little Suri always had different stuff animals everytime she went out. Unless they threw them away or donated them (with the exception of that huge Angelina doll), those stuffed animals take up space. I am betting Katie is gonna want to work with whatever development issues Suri might be experiencing, if any, and ween her off the stuffed animals and blankets, and IF Suri does have any issues probably even get her into medication (horror for the Scientologists), and bring her up to speed with her age group. Good luck to them.

  32. 32
    blair Says:

    Katie looks VERY happy, and it is most important! I hope that from September suri pujdzie like a normal child go to school.

  33. 33
    blair Says:

    Tomorrow is to be in Chelsea (where Katie lives) 39 ° I hope that in this weather come from somewhere Suri for a walk

  34. 34
    nellie Says:

    I don’t get it. I know Scientology is a weird cult and all that but Katie knew what she was getting herself into when she hooked up with him. People and friends warned her about it and as a result – she dropped them like a hot potato – this was 7 years ago when she started dating him.

    Now, she decided she doesn’t like it anymore so she does it again, she drops everyone and again and does what she fancies – with no regard for others whatsoever. Her friends from Ohio and Dawson’s Creek wondered why she stopped talking to them – google Joshua Jackson’s interview about her just disappearing when she hooked up with Cruise.

    It seems to me that this is a woman who can just so coldly leave everyone behind if things doesn’t suit her anymore. This is a person so capable of just cutting people out of her life. She doesn’t have an ex BF who she’s still friends with. Her friends from Ohio, one of them, Meghan Birie, she dropped her when she met Tom.

    The least she can do is be cordial and civil to Tom. Regardless of what is was, he made her famous after all. Without Cruise, she would have just been another C list TV actress. I mean, she ain’t Michelle Williams.

    I hope she will keeps things amicable for her daughter.

  35. 35
    LG Says:

    @lol: I love your comment! I make your words mine. Exactly. People should live more in the present, take risks that seem to be right at one precise moment in life without thinking too much about the future. And everyone’s entitled to change their minds. People should try to live their lives fully and be the happiest possible, and that means… change over the years. It’s better for the couples and also for the kids.

  36. 36
    Waaaaaa Says:

    Katie fired Bella from her job working at Katie’s design label. Bella would have left anyway since Katie is now an SP.

  37. 37
    Thanks keep up with Katie Says:

    Yeah just like the catholic church the pervert priests who keep boys in the basement! Like Scientology they have a bad rap ! So shut up
    About Scientology when you see the last year that this family has not
    Been affected by the church ahe has not been treated like a robot,
    Happy as ever..and what does his have to do with Nicole Kidman is
    In hiding because of this divorce! Really after Nicole came Penelope
    Cruz is y not harass her instead she the one that lived in Katies present
    apartment building not Nicole? So y go after Nicole top left?

  38. 38
    SusanC Says:

    Lets move one people from all the “boots” comments. Who cares if she wants to sleep in them. There are alot more things on her mind than weather or not she’s wearing the same pair of boots !

  39. 39
    uh? Says:

    That Schmirck of hers is too fake for a picture.
    It never worked Katie. Stop that idiot smile of yours.

  40. 40
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    I don’t think the problem is that Tom is always filming movies. He’s a working actor just like Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Mark Walberg, and Adam Sandler (all married men and currently working actors), to only mention a few. I’m not defending Cruise but there are plenty of unemployed people (including actors) to complain about someone that is working. He had the luxury to be able to afford to take his family with him when possible. I’ve seen many interviews where Katie is saying they travel a lot but it wasn’t a problem. Something happened that we may never know about that changed Katie’s decision to stay in the marriage. From the public’s view, the Scientology conversion, the travel around the world, the closeness of his mother and sisters, etc., I think Katie knew about all of this beforehand. She accepted everything including all the career opportunties that became available to to her thanks to her association with Cruise. I don’t think Cruise is Suri’s biological father but he has been her financial provider the six years of her life so that makes him her father. I would not be surprised if Cruise gives Katie full custody but LESS child support for her to not come after him for more money. I don’t see Katie backing down and giving Suri to Cruise but I do see him backing down because I don’t think Suri is really his. In the end, he doesn’t have another movie coming out until December 2012 (5 months) so he’s got about 5 months to repair his image. The bottomline in Hollywood is if you are a good earner and he’s a good earner. Katie Holmes has not made it to the big leagues and I doubt she will. In 2008, when she made Mad Money with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah she had a shot at getting into mainstream movies but that money bombed. The rest of her movies did not do well. I saw her on Broadway in All My Sons in 2008 and she was okay but certainly NOT the big star of the play, that was John Lithrow and Patrick Wilson and Dianne Wiest. It was exciting to see Katie because of the mystery and controversy that surrounded her during that time. But TOMKAT has been put to rest. Even blogs like Just Jared will eventually not get as many hits as it did in the prime of TOMKAT which was from 2007 thru 2010. They were most popular in 2007 when Cruise was in Germany filming Valkyrie before it along with Lions for Lambs bombed. They will both move on to other partners and this merger will be like when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married or other couples that were together, got their names coined into one name and then split up.

  41. 41
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    The good thing is that thanks to this new apartment’s underground parking, Suri will be able to go to school and Katie will be able to go about her business and we won’t always have to see them coming in and out of their apartment. The paparazzi will eventually stop camping out in front of their building because they won’t be able to photograph them coming in and out of their building. Surely, Katie hasn’t hired someone yet to do the groceries, pick up the cleaners, cook the meals, clean the apartment, a new nanny for Suri, etc. I am betting with time the interest in Katie and Suri will begin to fade. As much as Suri appears to not like the press, hopefully she is not going to miss them when they stop taking her picture. When Suri was hiding her face from the paparrazi yesterday as she was walking with the two other children, who appeared to tolerate it, it made one think that maybe Suri thought she was special because she was hiding her face and thinking stop taking my picture. I am betting one day the paparrazi will stop taking her picture and I hope Suri doesn’t feel “what happened, am I not special anymore?” All that attention as scary as it is probably also makes one feel special, like people are staring, falling over she other to get to me but the reality is, the dynamics of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and the “is she Cruise’s daughter or not, who’s the father? is what struck an interest in Suri Cruise. So far she has not unique talent that we have seen like Shirley Temple, she is a small child that is photogenic and sometimes dressed in designer wear, but not always, well the interest in her may fade out. I think the interest in Katie will definitely fade out. I hope she is prepared for that day.

  42. 42
    annie Says:

    katie is still going about like she’s always done, but now she’s doing her own grocery shopping.
    hope everything turns out alright for her, i rememmber saying that she started to remind me of the old katie, but i couldn’t put my finger on it before, she looks good, there’s probably a sense of relief there.
    I don’t think that she’s milking anything, katie has a few things to fear, i’ve read a few things that have begun making sense ,this last week, there are things that i’m sure have katie scared concerning suri, but you can’t live a life you’re not happy in either. once those rose coloured glasses came off, it probably hit her.
    can’t believe TC didn’t know about her unhappiness, if the marriage was really over and done with 6 months ago, it was in strife a long time before that. she and suri were always on their own together, nothings changed.

  43. 43
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    According to this link that just appeared in People magazine’s online
    edition, today Friday, July 6th Katie visited her lawyer’s office:
    “Casually dressed in white jeans and a yellow top, the actress, 33, arrived with four bodyguards in a Mercedes with black-tinted windows about 11:30 a.m. at the midtown Manhattan building housing the offices of Aronson, Mayefsky and Sloan. Daughter Suri, 6, was not with her, observers say.”,,20610047,00.html

    I’m so glad they described what Katie was wearing because the
    paparrazi did NOT get a picture of her going out of her apartment
    because it has underground parking. Good for her. I hope the
    same happens when Suri starts attending school and going about
    her daily life. The only time they might snap a few pictures of Katie
    and Suri is when they are walking about New York but I think the
    interest in them will wane and they’ll be able to live a more normal
    life without the intrusion of an aggressive papparazi.

  44. 44
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    Look at Jennifer Gardner and her daughter Seraphina taking a walk in Santa Monica. You don’t see hords of paparrazi hounding them. They are celebrities and and have a fan base that wants to see pictures of them but in a friendly manner not a child in distress. A normal looking mom shopping with her daughter who is walking on her own. This looks normal. I think Jennifer Gardner is a great mom. Her kids go to daycare, walk on their own and sometimes are being carried but they behave normal for their age. No excessive amounts of stuffed animals or blankets or bottles, I hope this happens for Suri.

  45. 45
    just so Says:


    I think the marriage was over, but TC probably wanted to end it on his terms like he did with Kidman. She beat him at his own game. There are stories out there of his controlling ways with Kidman and in a couple of interviews after the divorce she alluded to them. Kidman was much younger when she married Tom. I think Katie at this point in her life is stronger than Kidman was and she is taking on Tom in order to protect Suri from something. I read that while she was in China Tom had her and he had people she didn’t know from the cult babysitting her. Maybe that was the final straw.
    I realize Hamlet always defends him and says he has to work to support their lifestyle. But Tom is worth well over half a billion dollars. When is enough enough? When he and Kidman were married they alternated movies so one of them was always with the children. I thought he said he and Katie were going to do the same thing. Obviously they did not.
    I haven’t cared for Katie, still don’t, but am liking her strength to take on Cruise.
    Hey Tommy girl–how does it feel to get blindsided, like you blindsided Kidman with divorce papers??? Do you know what you did? And how does it feel–to know you may lose custody of Suri–just like you did Kidman? Karma is a *****.
    Go Katie.

  46. 46
    mya Says:

    if there wouldn’t be paps all around, that woman would live a normal life as everybody around. That’s what paps are showing. Good luck to Katie. The divorce won’t be easy.

  47. 47
    Shannon Says:

    @LOL: if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

  48. 48
    annie Says:

    and for people who say that she married TC for fame and fortune are so wrong
    Katie had a merc that she swapped for a mini cooper, never saw her dripping in diamonds, or anything over the top expensive and when asked what TC gave her for her birthday , he said she wanted a sewing machine. that’s really a fortune hunter!
    if the money was so important, she would have stayed, had her own life, he would have a separate life, alls good.
    life with a 45 yr old would probably have been a lot different than to a 26yr old (CK).
    maybe it’s nothing more than her wanting to get out of the marriage, but the way it was done, she got rid of everybody , old staff, security even, it’s like she’s saying…this is my life now!
    honestly i don’t want to see suri, not in her dad’s life, because he seems to love her so much, and he is going to try to get her, make no mistake or at least joint custody, but also it’s scary to think that maybe she might be manipulated or brainwashed, gradually against her mother , if that is their practice.
    I hope that tom goes about this from his heart, and not be swayed by anyhing else around him, and that goes for katie as well.
    i think her dad , as a divorce lawyer, will tell her what she needs to do, in a good and fair way, if it’s deserving.
    suri is extremely close to katie, you don’t always see all the pics on this site, but when they were having icecream the other night, suri always sits on her mums lap, she wants her closeness, with her arms around her , a lot of the time, she fiddles with katies earings touches her face.
    i also have a feeling that TC was not Mr Holmes favourite person.
    i sincerely hope things are not going to get awful, at least for suris sake.

  49. 49
    American Dreamer Says:

    I live in the Chelsea Mercantile (the building where Katie is renting an apartment) and her presence in the building has turned my home life upside down.

    There are police barricades facing every entrance to the building (even the parking garage) and I had to fight my way through a crowd of 100 people lined up at the front entrance when I returned home from work on Friday night.

    Plus she has security guards all over the building.

    I have as much empathy for Katie as everyone else and I’m glad she is running as hard as she can from those Scientology nutjobs but I think it was stupid of her to try living in a high end luxury building which isn’t suited to her brand of celebrity. She should have moved to the Time Warner Center or the Trump Tower or any other high end building that is better suited to protecting celebrities from the media. Our building isn’t equipped for it. I’m desperately praying she moves out soon.

  50. 50
    Just My Opinion Says:

    To #50 American Dreamer – I think Katie moved to your building because according to some reports her monthly rent for a 3 bedroom apartment is $12,500. Katie doesn’t know what her settled will be or how long it will drag out. She needs to budget for this apartment and the new security team she has hired. Trump Tower apartments are more expensive and Katie or whoever advises her probably thought of the places they frequent which is Chelsea Piers where Suri exercises and Cruise’s other apartment where they will be sharing joint custody of Suri is a few blocks away from this building. To move to Trump Tower would be going all the way to the Upper Westside of Manhattan. I think the person that advised Katie was her father. She reminds me of someone that is NOT very detailed. Based on the way Katie dresses, sometimes really nice, and then average, and then looking worn out means to me she carries her heart on her sleeve, nothing like Victoria Beckman at all (who is very disciplined in her grooming). I remember reading when Dawson Creek’s ended she had a $200,000 townhouse in North Carolina that needed to be sold and her father helped her sell it. I also remember reading when she hooked up with Cruise she used to drive a BMW and it was really messy inside and Cruise had his people wash and clean it up for her. I think she mentioned that Cruise helped organize her life a bit more. Cruise reminds me of a person that is very disciplined materially like military type disciplined, although his weight fluctuated when his career went downward, I think because of his money he was able keep his envirorment organized and clean. I think when Katie moved in with him she moved into an enviorment that was always clean and organized. The LAST TIME Katie lived on her own she was single. Today, she is ALMOST SINGLE AGAIN but this time she is NOT ALONE, she has a child who’s gonna live with her for several more years and who used to be cared for by a nanny or a small team of nannies and housekeepers. Even if Katie took care of Suri, she always had nannies as a “backup” because Katie has also been busy working. If you look at her IMBD or WIKIPEDIA in the time period of 2006 thru the present (6 years) she has been very busy appearing in television shows, a Broadway play, supporting movie roles, designing a fashion line, etc. All of those projects take preparation. Who do you think was cleaning, feeding, teaching, and watching Suri? The nannies of course. In this new phase Katie is living she is going to have to go through the process of hiring a new staff and that is going to depend on her settlement from Cruise. This is probably stressful for her because as much as she probably resented the Scientology staff, they probably took care of a lot of things that she didn’t have to think about. That is all going to change now.

  51. 51
    Just My Opinion Says:

    Here’s a picture of Adam Sandler taking a break on location with his two daughters and their nanny. Notice how there is really no agressive interest in his daughters like there is for Suri. Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller are always working and writing screenplays and producing movies and acting. They work a lot and take their families with them. I think the dynamics surrounding Suri (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) and the whole question of “Who is Suri’s real father?” was what initally drew the public attention to Suri Cruise. Then she would appear photogenic and cute in the pictures and people wanted to see more pictures. But that question “Who’s Suri’s real father?” always followed Katie and Tom Cruise because in the industry people always speculated that he was gay. Is he? Who knows but that is why people became interested in Suri. The public didn’t buy the HARDSELL of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s lovestory and love child Suri Cruise.

  52. 52
    boo Says:

    same old smirk and stinky shoes.

    nothings changed.

  53. 53

    She used TC. She knew what his beliefs were before she married him. She was a “B” actress when she met him. Everyone tried to tell her to slow it down, for which she replied “I don’t care, I love him, he is amazing, he is my man!” Now we are suppose to feel sorry for her? Oh please! Suri is a spoiled little snot around Katie. How many other famous couples kids do you see acting like a one year old and shopping every day with mommy. Katie sticks her out there in front of everyone all the time and then Suri acts all mad. Then Katie can tell everyone “Oh the paparazzi just won’t leave us alone!” When I do see other kids of celebrities they do not act like Suri. Say what you want about Tom but he is a great Dad. How would any of us like our kids taken away because of our beliefs! Suri needs her mom and dad. I am sick of Katie and her smirk. Get the divorce and move back to your mommy and daddy’s house.

  54. 54
    Shannon Says:

    @TWPUMPKIN: how much did someone pay you to say that?

  55. 55
    lennie Says:

    For once in my life I do have some respect for this woman. When she married Tom Cruise I wondered what was she thinking? She apparently has always been far from being a naive and dull girl, and I think she is intelligent and educated enough to know where Tom Cruise and his crazy so-called Church would lead her life. But I guess at that time, being Mrs Cruise was what mattered and no matter how hard it would be, she was all about digging that gold.
    But now she is a mother, and guess what? A (good) mother doesn’t care about money, a mother doesn’t care about fame, and a mother doesn’t care about Tom Cruise is she feels that her child’s safety is at stake. Mrs Katie Holmes is doing what Nicole Kidman shoud have done, or what she couldn’t have done to her children, anyway at least unlike Kidman, Katie Holmes is trying. Who knows how all this stuff will end, who knows if Tom Cruise and evil team will win at last, but I respect Katie for standing out as a mother, for not giving up on Suri. I wish her good luck, she does the right thing.

  56. 56
    Byebyetomtom Says:

    @lennie: Katie has a layer who usually wins. Tom is very sad for he knows he is played. She was planning this for a while and putting up a game face.

    You go girl!

  57. 57
    Byebyetomtom Says:

    Lawyer…I hate spellcheck.

  58. 58
    Manipulated Says:

    Nicole kidman is laying low. Tom and his friends probably threaten her and her family. Maybe she will be forced to say positive about Tom due to COS. Would any normal woman say positive about a man who took her kids away by manipulation.?

    Be strong.

  59. 59
    As it is Says:

    compare it with Ellen Pompeo grocery shopping at WF in Cali that was the real one. this is one is something else…lay low Katie u r becoming annoying!

  60. 60
    As it is Says:

    Ellen Pompeo vs Katie Holmes:

  61. 61
    lucy Says:

    to Maria Clara

    you do know that Joshua is very much in love with Diane Kruger who he’s been with since 2008.

  62. 62
    paleezzzzz2 Says:

    No apartment anywhere should cost 12,500 or more a month. That’s crazy. Who’s paying for it? Just buy a house far away that has privacy for Suri.

  63. 63
    geez Says:

    Everyone is saying Katie should have known what she “got into”…When you fall in love, you don’t think the worst of anyone…You want to believe in the person you love. I honestly don’t think Katie “knew” the worst of Tom and Scientology when she married him…She’s done so much good by leaving Tom to raise her daughter outside of this cult. Think about it…Nicole stayed quiet and lost her children and didn’t bring to light the horrors of Scientology…Katie is shining a light on this so-called religion. If just one person stays away because of all of this publicity, that’s one life saved…

  64. 64
    WhatATool Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her and I don’t think she wants a pity party like JA.
    KH knew this contract was about to end but she is not as dumb as everyone thought.
    She has to expose the SciFi Nuts and protect her daughter

  65. 65
    geez Says:

    Scientology is probably calling the shots for Tom…
    They are likely saying “settle out of court” so we can stop the media blitz…
    it’s all about damage control now..

  66. 66
    Lauren (BestTrendz) Says:

    Nice and relaxed outfit to go for shopping

  67. 67
    paleezzzzz2 Says:

    Kim Basinger fought Alec Baldwin for custody of Ireland saying he was verbally abusive. He even called his daughter a little pig. Now all you see are photos of Ireland hanging out with her father. She seems to love his Hollywood lifestyle. Kim stays private. So Suri could still eventually choose Tom over Katie since he will still be in her life and can influence her.

  68. 68
    blondie Says:

    What do I think, you ask?

    I think that this “fake” break up
    would be a wonderful diversion
    from Tom’s latest hit movie called “Rock Star,”
    which I loved and I laughed all the way through…
    HEY MAN!!!!

    Kate, imo, loves her man
    from top to bottom, and I think that he
    adores his family. There is no WAY
    that he will let them slip through his fingers….

    NOOOOO way.
    I think that they both
    bow down and worship the very ground
    that they each walk on….

    You just watch and see!!!

  69. 69
    just so Says:


    Well you must live in LA–lala land. This is no publicity stunt with the intent to get back together. Even if Tom still loves her do you honestly think a man that proud, that much of an egomaniac, not to mention the tenants of Xenu–would accept her back—even if she groveled publicly, privately and offered him full custody of Suri? NO NO NO.

  70. 70
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    #65 – I agree with you, the Church of Scientology is orchestrating Tom’s response and does NOT want to get blamed for this divorce. I’ve noticed a few spin doctors / media outlets saying “Scientology had nothing to do with the divorce, the blame is that Tom was too controlling.” I think this time around the Church of Scientology is gonna sit back allow themselves to take more hits. In the past few years they have taken several negative hits by former members leaving the church and then holding press conference or writing books.

    For example, look at this article from the Daily Mail:

    I bet Cruise is MORE CONCERNED that the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY doesn’t take the fall for this divorce than anything else. It will take years for them to recover if it does.

  71. 71
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    Correction: I think this time around the Church of Scienotology is NOT gonna sit back and allow themselves to take any negative hits regarding Tom’s divorce.

  72. 72
    Mey Says:

    Love her boots!

  73. 73
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    Sat, July 7th – Here’s Katie visiting her lawyer’s office this morning. She managed to leave her building unnoticed. The paps didn’t get a photo until she made it to her lawyer’s office. Probably the garage was closed on Saturday morning. Note she is wearing the same pair of sunglasses as two days ago. Since she hooked up with Cruise she would always wear a different pair. Sign of things to come: normality.

  74. 74
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    This is the REAL Katie Holmes, unglamourous more of a jeans, low maintanance in dressing type of gal.

    When she was walking around Paris a few years back dressed to the nines shopping, she was playing a role, Mrs. Tom Cruise (someone that was trying to emulate Victoria Beckman).

  75. 75
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    Here’s Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckman in Paris a few year back around 2007. I bet the Scientologists were salivating thinking they could convert the Beckmans into the Church of Scientology. And at the time they had their “new” starlet Katie Holmes as their new convert
    eager, excited, being interviewed saying that “Scientology was bettering her life.” Wow! Can only imagine the expense they ran up
    on the travels to Europe and staying at the beautiful and prestigious George V Hotel.

    Today you don’t see Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckman together.
    Eva Longoria will be Victoria’s daughter’s Godmother.

  76. 76
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    No matter what is said and done after this divorce, Katie’s marriage to Tom Cruise took her on a big, luxurious adventure throughout Europe’s finest hotels, restaurants, opened doors to her career on Broadway, Hollywood, and television and even in the fashion industry. At one time she was hanging out with Roberta Armani the niece of Giorgio Armani who designed her bridal dress and the entire wedding party to Tom Cruise. I seriously doubt if Katie Holmes had married Chris Klein (whom she lived 5 years with) or Joshua Jackson her co star from Dawson’s Creek would she have gone on the same adventure she went with Cruise from 2005 through Jan 2012 (when according to Katie the marriage was irretrivably broken and he had completed the press junkets for Mission Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol (which was his big comeback box office speaking). According to reports they are currently undergoing the divorce settlement. I hope they come to an amicable agreement and not make this into a nasty public divorce. I’m on no one’s side but I doubt Katie will have a successful A list career. And according to People magazine she is planning to bring her Holmes/Yang fashion line to New York’s Fashion Week in September 2012. I hope she has something other than this fashion line up her sleeve because this and that movie The Seagull are NOT going to launch her into A list status. Good luck to all involved, especially Suri Cruise.

  77. 77
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    I AGREE : Here’s how it’s gonna play out. Katie will sign an additional confidentiality agreement and in return get a bunch of extra cash. Suri will be raised catholic and in return Tom will have get joint custody. The end. Note: Katie was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic school (a lot of help that did to her) she still converted to Scientology and then back peddled. That conversion probably horrified her mom who said Katie was head strong as a child (probably spoiled because she was the youngest one). Guess what? Karma is a bitc* Katie. Suri seems to be head strong. Hope she doesn’t pull the same thing on you like you did on your mom and dad. Time will tell.

  78. 78
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    And Katie will release a statement saying “Scientology had nothing to do with her decision to divorce Cruise. She left for other reasons that will remain between her and Tom Cruise.” Note: Tom Cruise said to the press about Nicole “she knows what she did.” End of story for now. The Church of Scientology does not want to get any bad press over their divorce. Watch. Someone will spin the story like that “Scientology had nothing to do with her decision to divorce Cruise.” No one wants a long dragged out divorce only the media and the divorce lawyers.

  79. 79
    Hamlet Says:

    Quit comparing kids, #44. You don’t know any of these families.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #45.

    Cruise is actually one of the least busiest movie stars around. From meeting Holmes to the divorce announcement, Cruise had only released seven movies. And it isn’t like Holmes wasn’t bust herself.

    Tom Cruise isn’t gay and Suri Cruise is his biological daughter, #51.

    Why would Kidman let herself feel threatened, #58?

    Or maybe Cruise is nobody’s puppet and is settling to spare his daughter and ugly divorce, #62?

    But you don’t know what kind of man he is, #69!

    So what if she wore the same sunglasses, #73? There is nothing abnormal about that.

    Make up your mind! Whenever she WASN’T dressed to the nines, you critics said she was depressed!

  80. 80
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    # 79 – Hamlet – Exactly, there is nothing wrong with wearing the same sunglasses all the time. When she hooked up with Cruise she wore a different pair everytime she went out, (NEVER the same pair), along with other accessories. Made one wonder where does she have the space to keep all those sunglasses. I am betting she will now be wearing a select pair of sunglasses, shoes, handbags repeatedly like a lot of women do.

  81. 81
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    - About the DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES EVERYDAY – I am betting Suri will also NOT be getting a new stuffed animal everytime she goes out. I am betting Katie will try to get help for her (whether its because she is stimming or needs medication) or has anxiety, she going to try and ween her off the having to hold things in her hands to not stim like stuffed animals and excessive blankets and bring her up to her age range development. I think the gymnastics was a part of her exercise but also some kind of therapy for Suri to feel stronger and more relaxed.

  82. 82
    rikki Says:

    she’s got a lot of natural beauty to her. most women get to their 30s and start wearing pounds of makeup

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