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Angelina Jolie: Sarajevo Arrival!

Angelina Jolie: Sarajevo Arrival!

Angelina Jolie waves hello as she, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh hit the tarmac on Saturday (July 7) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The 37-year-old actress attended the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival, where she opened the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus and spoke to a crowd of about 100 young filmmakers, directors, screenwriters, producers, and critics from 13 countries.

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Angelina has recently been working on her upcoming fairy tale flick, Maleficent. She plays the title role in the re-imagining of Disney’s classic tale, Sleeping Beauty.

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  • lina

    wooooooooow, just love her, such a beautiful women

  • Richard P

    I love them
    Go Angie

    My love forever

  • Kiss my ass

    She dresses awful

  • Luiza

    I would like to see her pregnant again.

  • Lara

    Such a wonderful honour for Angie, and so well-deserved.
    Great to see her and Pax, Zee and Shi.

  • a lurker

    Zahara is also there.

  • Yeah!!

    I love Angelina and great to see her with Shi and Pax.

    On a side note, I do have to say I am not loving her dress, it’s too matronoly for her beauty. Yet, it is probably hot there or something maybe that’s why she is wearing that dress. Anyway maybe we will get more pics of her today or over the weekend.

  • Eva

    Is there going to be a red carpet today?

  • Emma

    a sus hijos no le asusta como se viste la vampira de su madre, Dios ella es simplemente patetica, con sus tunicas como vampiro ocultando su placida figura, Angelina tienes 37 vistete acuerdo a tu edad pareces una anciana!

  • 123lol

    Gorgeous mom and beautiful children! God bless the Jolie-Pitts! :)

  • Lora

    Angelina la vampira, te vistes como una vieja y apenas tienes 37, patetica bruja.

  • Fan


  • TP


  • Mey

    @lina: Reyna del mundo? Cuan patetica eres, seguro no tienes vida si no la de ella, no eres nadie mas que pendiente de lo que la zorrha de angie haga, eres Nadie!

  • Sonia

    Oh My God She looks so beautiful!!!!!
    but isn’t it hot there? I mean wearing black would that make it more hot for her?? oh who cares she looks amazing,been a long time since I seen her face on here <3

  • Cassie

    Zahara is there too. Shiloh and Zahara go every where together…they are like each others best friend…

  • Sarajevo


    You need glasses

  • CoffeeAnnan

    Spray her green and she’s good to go as Elphaba.

  • fyi12

    bdj, thank you very much for this link with new Angie pictures.

    Angelina Jolie opens the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus

    Actress and director Angelina Jolie kept her promise and returned to Sarajevo as guest of the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival.

    This time, Jolie visited Sarajevo to support the young talents, participants of the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus, proving once again her determination to work with and support the young talented artists.

    Jolie held a lecture on Saturday to the Sarajevo Talent Campus participants, which officially opened the 6th STC. About 100 young talents, directors, screenwriters, producers, actors and film critics from 13 countries of the region attended the lecture.

    This was an opportunity to present this extraordinary artist, dear friend of our city and a humanitarian worker with a special recognition, Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo.

    After the lectures at the Sarajevo Talent Campus are completed Sarajevo Film Festival Press Office will make available additional information, Angelina Jolie’s statement, photographs and video materials which could be used free of charge.

  • BambooShoets


    You know you don’t actually know these children, right?

  • woman spanish

    beautiful mother and beautiful children!

  • Cassie


    Not sure if you meant it as a complement but I love wicked so I am taking it as one :)

  • lurking 2

    She looks great.. and the kids are super cute. Hope to see more pics. So Pax is the big boy carrying the bag.

    I guess it is nice that they have been able to be so undercover. Brad and Angie are great at protecting their children.

  • eyda

    Sarajevo Film Festival <3 Angelina <3

  • CesarPortugal

    hello, to all

    Today i wake up with this good news that my dear Angie and her kids are in Sarajevo. she his smiling and appear to be in a good spirit.

    Angie will be personal recognized and honored with a prestigious award of Citizen of Sarajevo. She have been distinguished with this kind honor by others city’s in the last years.

    It´s impressive her work and the impact that she get always in any place in the world. She is like a Queen when she go out to other country. Every person want to see, and talk and touch her. she is like a powerful magnetic and charismatic world leader arriving to be honor. Like a true Queen that she already his.

    Angie his become a true and real Citizen of the world. probably the most important and recognizable in the actuality. I admire her grace, charm and positive spirit dealing with this incredible attention from the people, media and world.

    I´m really happy to see her today with her kids. it will be a memorable day for her, because the connections that she have with the city and people after the beautiful, but hard movie that she have done.

    The kids are old enough to understand a little more why her mom are there and why she will received this honor. It will be another lesson to the kids. They are learning by direct example from the actions that Angie and Brad are doing every single day. it is the best school for this amazing kids for sure.

    Hope Angie could enjoy this honor. she deserve and all world love her and her family. kiss

  • awwww

    Thanks for the article, you can see the ring at the site. I am looking forward to the videos.

  • hopeso

    LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!!!!

  • African Girl

    I know it’s been said several times but Shiloh is gonna be TALL!!!!
    My goodness look at her. . .she is almost taller than her older siblings.
    Awww, look at Pax being all “I’m the guy here, lemme handle business” with the bags, Lol!!

  • naturegirl


    Thanks for the pics. Gorgeous as always……..
    There is no one else like this lady
    God Bless you & yours Angie…

  • 2Park5

    Gorgeous Pictures #20….

    SHE looks good in skinny pants!!!!

  • me Me ME!!

    I LOVE this lady!!!!

    Nice, Angie, Nice.


    @African Girl:
    Lol, awww look Shi has her mama’s long slender longs. She will be tall.

  • The Original Miami D.


    Thanks for the pictures up close she looks beautiful as always and the Ring, the Ring…

  • dawne

    Bet Brad missed the kids and Angie so much and he gets to chill today with Mad and the twins……perfect Saturday. Angie, who worked all week jets off to another country for her day of rest…….she really is tireless or has a tireless spirit.

    I am shocked at how tall Shi is……wow…….growing like a literal weed.

    Angie looks so fab with the hair up, Jackie O shades and the ‘flying’ comfort gauzy maxi.

    Maybe she could have worn boyfriend jeans slung over her ‘low’ hip……thrown in a few pounds of hair extensions, had a major peel and took three weeks to heal the burns…..

    ……………oh, but when would she have time for all this prep to look desperate to be relevant as a sex symbol………

    ……………no wonder she has black recyclable clothing chosen with comfort in mind because clothes are simply to cover her body while she does the real acting and the real mothering and the real humanitarian work,

  • andu
  • hopegirl



    Gorgeous images.

  • Young at heart

    She looks very elegant. Most women in hot countries do wear black. I don’t know the reason why.

  • CesarPortugal


    thanks for the link

    i just see the photos and Angie his gorgeous, really beautiful.

    She is each year and each day more and more amazing beautiful.

    Every single person are glazing and looking to her with admiration and satisfaction to be in front of such incredible women.

    She must be a great person to talk. always polite and friendly, showing her magnificent smile to every one. Grace goddess.

    The jealous haters are hopping that she will not show the Big Ring that her love give her. well …..ha.ha,ha… she his proud to show that magnificent Ring to all World. Love her.

    Angie is a Queen. lovely and amazing lady. kiss


    Beautiful bb Angie wearing her bb’s big azz’d beautiful ring.

  • who

    Beautiful Angie with three of the adorable JP kids.
    Is that Brad’s hat on Shiloh’s plush toy? Gotta have daddy with them even if he can’t be there in person.
    Angelina looks really happy in the new pictures, and her ring is just beautiful.

  • andu
  • also

    Yup- Shiloh is a tall little girl. She also has GREAT posture, just like her mommy. I remember even as a little girl she had that graceful, dignified walk (or run!).

  • Kilem

    Wow…..2 seconds and my comment is hidden soon. point proven.

  • Dakota

    dawne #35

    Agree with you. Angie is not interested in beauty regimes or clothing. She is an intellect and articulate humanitarian. If we had more persons like her in this world, it would be a kinder place for all people!

  • a zimbo

    WOW Mrs Pitt-to-be I am loving her dress and the peep-toe wedges looks sooo cool ,billowy and comfortable all at the same time..she looks soo classy dare i say regal :) am really really loving all her blk maxis and my summer wardrobe is imitating as best as i can ..nice one AJ..and of course her awesome threesome are there with their mommy !!!Ill bet now Mad is 10 and like she has said before he’s really into being arnd daddy and doing big guy stuff :)

  • Passing Through

    # 20 fyi12 @ 07/07/2012 at 1:46 pm
    Jolie held a lecture on Saturday to the Sarajevo Talent Campus participants, which officially opened the 6th STC. About 100 young talents, directors, screenwriters, producers, actors and film critics from 13 countries of the region attended the lecture.
    This is why I love Angie – she more than walks her talk and more importantly she doesn’t whine that people won’t give her opportunities to do the things she wants to do or make the movies she wants to make. She makes her own opportunities. Or as Brad put it, “You go make the things you want.”

  • ali

    I love that Shiloh covers the stuffed cow’s face so it doesn’t have to face the cameras. so cool, sweet.

  • ladys

    LOL, you know — I love her dearly, but I swear to G*d, I get heat stroke just LOOKING at some of her outfits. (Especially on a day like today, where it’s 104°F outside.) How is she not sweating herself into a freaking pavement stain?

    Loving the black peeptoes, though. Want them!

  • BW

    I think Shiloh got that toy from Japan when the whole family was there for Moneyball Japan premiere.

  • fyi12

    A few more pictures at link.

    This link is to the google translation for the above link.

    Angelina opened the sixth lecture Sarajevo Talent Campus
    In the long black dress, dark glasses is a Hollywood actress cheerfully waved to photographers at the Sarajevo airport. Little Shiloh in her arms she held a toy
    Saturday, 07
    at 16:35, last modified 12 minutes ago By: Marko Peric
    The actress has opened a sixth Talent Campus
    The following figure

    Upon arrival in Sarajevo, Angelina Jolie with the kids sent to the Hotel Europa where he will be placed during your stay. After a little with the nanny left the hotel, came to the cinema Meeting Point, where he opened the sixth Talent Campus for young talents. Jolie also gave a lecture the students, which was officially opened in sixth STC.

    The lecture was attended by hundreds of young talent, directors, screenwriters, producers, actors and film critics from 13 countries of the region.

    – Sarajevo Film Festival is a very significant event that draws the attention of the public to art, music and great talent throughout the region. The festival also recalls the tremendous healing potential of art and you have a film. Every time a great pleasure to come here – Jolie said at the opening of Talent Campus.

    This time it was delivered, and in particular recognizes the ‘honorary citizen of Sarajevo’.

    In Sarajevo, they met with Angelina Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko and his girlfriend, mankenka Amra Silajdzic. Football was full of positive impressions after the meeting, writes .

    – It is beautiful. So glad that you simply have to love. I would like to thank her on behalf of all citizens of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina is making us re-visited. Its presence in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina do we mean – he said.
    Angie came to Sarajevo with Shiloh, Zahara and Paxom

    Private plane in 15:45 Angelina Jolie (37) from Shiloh (6), Zahara (7) and Paxom (8) arrived in Sarajevo, where he will visit the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival, writes . With them has not arrived and Brad Pitt (48) with the rest of the family. The actress after landing waved to photographers gathered at the airport and the limousine headed to the Hotel Europa in the center of Sarajevo, where they will stay during his visit to BiH. Dnevni Avaz writes that the actress and her escort reserved the entire hotel floor.