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Katie Holmes: Lawyer's Office for Divorce Negotiations

Katie Holmes: Lawyer's Office for Divorce Negotiations

Katie Holmes keeps it cute and casual in a sunny yellow dress as she heads to a lawyer’s office on Saturday morning (July 7) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress, who is currently going through a divorce from her husband Tom Cruise, kept a low profile behind her sunglasses.

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Katie and Tom are trying to avoid going to court, according to TMZ. The couple’s lawyers are reportedly negotiating child custody, visitation, child support, and a property settlement.

FYI: Katie is wearing Current/Elliott’s The Snap Jacket.

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54 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Lawyer's Office for Divorce Negotiations”

  1. 1
    Keeparme Says:

    Jeez – calm down….she probably hopped out of an SUV straight into the building. Hardly enough time to feel the heat you are talking about. Plus wearing a jacket isn’t so crazy especially for a business meeting.

  2. 2
    just so Says:

    I have been glancing at Connor Cruise’s twitter. He tweeted something about family forever. Someone tweeted “and when have you last seen your mom Nicole?” He deleted it! So much for Family Connor.

  3. 3
    CF98 Says:

    For Suri’s sake I’m happy however I admit I wanted an epic public divorce battle.

    I think Katie will get full custody because in the end its not Tom’s kid after all.

  4. 4
    Michelle Says:

    As long she is in the public’s eye, she is safe. Some people were not celebrities and the scientologists harassed them. She is courageous to do whatever she is doing. I think she wants full custody cause she doesn’t want Tom to alienate her daughter like he did with his first two children (they barely want to see Nicole…).

  5. 5
    Vikious Says:

    I think she’ll be better without him

  6. 6
    hmmmm Says:

    so much for her caring about tearing down Scientology…
    Why negotiate with him if she is so against Tom, Scientology and facing threats by the organization..wouldn’t she want to expose them in court?

  7. 7
    CF98 Says:

    You can never tear down a Cult like Scientology but all she cares about is that her daughter isn’t in it.

    As long as they have tax exemption it can’t really fall however it will cause people to look at it with watching eyes now.

    If she gets her kid away from them that’s all she wants in the end. She can’t really control much else.

  8. 8
    joel Says:

    wow that is one ugly dress. She bought new boots. Must smell better than the old ones. she’s showing cleavage and boobs since the divorce announcement

  9. 9
    Kane Says:

    Katie has played this perfectly. She had about a year before she married Tom to find out what she was getting into. She knew about Scientology then. She was elevated to A-list status, given movie roles, a Broadway part, a fashion line, all that money could buy. And now that the marriage is over, she’s using Suri to get more than she agreed to in the pre-nup. Suri has been damaged by the constant pap exposure, but in the long run she’s better off with Katie than with Cruise and the cult. The poor little girl is the true victim – of both parents.

  10. 10
    ? Says:

    I am confused. I believe they had a 5 year contract, so if everything was preplanned, I don’t really get this “battle” and her blindsiding him. I also don’t believe Suri is Tom’s bio kid, so I’m doubly confused by all of the custody stuff. She can simply threaten to expose the truth about paternity to get full custody.

  11. 11
    lurking 2 Says:

    Only 9 or so comments.

    I thing people are getting tired of this already. And to be honest. without Tom or Suri is there really that much interest in Katie. Tom may be nuts, but he made her interesting. Walking around NYC with Suri is not going to last regarding getting attention. And yes Katie wants attention. These daily outings. Trust Tom is not stalking her. It would be too obvious.

    Katie may get money, but as far as her acting is concern she has never been that talented. So when this is all over she better do something great on the screen. Otherwise she will go the way of every other divorcee..

  12. 12
    CF98 Says:

    You really think she knew how bad it was? Doubt it . I mean if all she wanted was a come up she could’ve just stayed in the marriage or dumped Suri with Tom but she wanted the kid.

    Did she benefit with Tom? Sort of I guess but really marrying him was a bad idea.

    Leaving him OTOH makes her look better.

  13. 13
    CF98 Says:

    That’s my point there is no contract the whole thing was too bitter for me to think that.

    And I think that’s why Tom won’t fight her for custody because its not his kid.

  14. 14
    Maggie Says:



  15. 15
    lurking 2 Says:


    well Katie sure didn’t have much of a problem with the older kids not seeing much of their mother now did she. She was calling them her children and letting them call her Mom. That was very disrespectful of her to Nicole. Now that it is her child it’s different. She should have been more of a woman and not just went along with that. I lost respect for her when they did that interview with Oprah.

  16. 16
    Janekay Says:

    @lurking 2: i couldn’t agree with you more….i can’t believe how gullible the American public is to buy into all this one is stalking her, Tom didn’t have her and Suri locked in a basement only feeding them bread and water; she has been up and down all over the place with the kid, same as she has done for the past five years…she wanted out of marriage, because like most marriages, they probably grew apart, come on, he is hardly with her, away working, she probably realised that he has a life and she doesn’t…all this nonsense about Tom being crazy, what has he done that makes him so crazy? people can be so ridiculous…and trust me after this is all over, no one will be interested in her, just like they never were before Tom Cruise…and they will share custody of the kid like most divorced couples do…

  17. 17
    CF98 Says:

    Or maybe she did when she realized the truth later on. I mean people would think she’s full of crap if it weren’t for all these Scientology stories coming out over how f’d up these people really are and people supporting Katie to get Suri out of there. Maybe she realized Nicole didn’t have much of a choice after all.

  18. 18
    Janekay Says:

    people r acting like he is a mass murderer or something, just because he has beliefs that they don’t…his other two kids were raised by him and they seem like normal kids…isabel reportedly lives with a boyfried, Connor is all over the place being a DJ at celebrity parties..nothing strange or abnormal about them at all…i just don’t get how the public has turned this into Tom Cruise, the big bad wolf vs poor defenseless Katie Holmes who is fighting to rescue her kid from the evil scientologists who wants to brain wash them…will smith is a scientolgist, he and his family seems pretty celeb normal, why is Tom Cruise so crazy all of sudden?

  19. 19
    Frozoid Says:

    How can she stand to be in hot and sticky NYC day in, day out during the summer?

  20. 20
    cal Says:

    @Dear New York: the jacket makes sense because she’s going from air conditioned car to air conditioned building and they actually get chilly.

  21. 21
    cal Says:

    @?: hey maybe they planned this “battle” too, as an excuse to just get it all over with quickly and sweep it under the rug. this whole thing could be over soon, imagine that.

  22. 22
    CF98 Says:

    Well considering Tom looks incredibly bad here I’d say no this wasn’t planned.

    He probably figured she would never leave or that he’d be the one with the upper hand.

    Yeah clearly not.

    So I don’t think the battle was planned at all at least on his end.

  23. 23
    ju Says:


    Because she wants to be normal? Most Americans are in hot and sticky weather this summer. She isn’t special.

  24. 24
    Michelle Says:

    @Janekay: I am not american. Second, they don’t only stalk people but psychologically harass them so that the victims break and give up fighting against them and/or talk about them negatively. You can’t picture this unless you saw it or lived the situation. It’s extremely scary to know that people are capable of this without any consequence. Plus, victims that get trapped into these organisations are psychologically vulnerable (since they easily believe what they are being taught) and when they realise what they are up against, these organisations do everything to make them go nuts. I don’t think you realise the type of brainwashing entities they are. The frightening part is that scientology is based on a simple fictional book. I am tired of some “americans” saying she knew what she was up against. She was in love, her fantasy became reality and now she’s thinking out of the box. Sometimes it just takes time to admit you were in a wrong relationship, especially when the whole world watches you and says that this cult is just no good for you or anyone. We are human after all.
    .@CF98: Agreed.

  25. 25
    miapocca Says:


    me too me three….

    I think they are both crazy….

    Katie changed one controlling man for another , then went back…Katie is not smart enough ..she come across as mentally stage this

    Her father of course is behind all this..notice how they have managed to hide out of sight yet we can be sure that they are in her apartment supporting her…

  26. 26
    Frozoid Says:

    She wears those boots to hide her cankles.

  27. 27
    Frozoid Says:

    @Keeparme: Believe me, the heat is blazing. NO ONE IN NYC IS WEARING A JACKET.

  28. 28
    Frozoid Says:

    @cal: No it makes no sense. Even in air conditioning today, NYC is broiling.

  29. 29
    Frozoid Says:

    @ju: Celebrities hightail it out of NYC in the summer, as the streets stink of garbage and urine.

  30. 30
    Hamlet Says:

    Show me, #3?

    And you know that how, #4?

    Kidman had joint custody and could have seen her kids whenever she wanted, #5.

    Holmes never had an interest in tearing down the Church of Scientology, #7. That was the critics’ wishes.

    There was no contract and no matter how much you want to deny it, Cruise is the biological father, #11.

  31. 31

    She used him, plain and simple. I am so sick of people acting like she was a victim. She got lucky and married one of the biggest movie stars in the world and now she is bored and wants out. I think people should look at what kind of a mother she is. She lets Uri wear make up and heels and then carries her like a baby all the time. WTF?

  32. 32
    Shannon Says:

    @lurking 2: Katie Holmes made Tom interesting , she is a very talented actress and we will finally get to see that again!

  33. 33
    Shannon Says:

    @TWPUMPKIN: Lucky? That’s got to be the most funny thing I have heard in a long time! You sound like someone he could marry and be happy with!

  34. 34
    rikki Says:

    can i just say you people are insane? i always read comments on here about how “big” katie holmes’ legs are. but i’ve never really cared to look at her posts. but now that i see her — i’m disgusted that ANYONE would call those “big legs.” she is tall and has nice legs… ladies, get over your jealousy, it makes you even more ugly than you are.

  35. 35
    Manipulated Says:

    Now though, Scientology is about to act. Beginning next week anything Katie has ever said in auditing that is controversial is going to come out. I would not be surprised if news leaks that she was cheating or has had some kind of mental issues. Tom can’t just leave things as they are because no one will ever join Scientology again if this is allowed to continue. It is not about Tom’s movie career which has never really reached pre-Katie heights, but about the damage done to what he considers his church if a year of pro-Katie publicity about COS is allowed to go on. The argument inside COS is whether to go full blast against Katie or to just send out test signals to see what works. Some leaders were upset at Tom because he did not let them do or say anything while he was away and the divorce is all anyone is talking about at COS.”

    - from crazy days and nights.

  36. 36
    just so Says:


    Fortunately I made a copy of this for fun. As I said, Connor deleted it.

    amuel Sila ‏@SamuelSila
    @Jonoislife don’t you miss your mom, nicole


  37. 37
    Sadsadtom Says:

    The divorce petition stays in NY.

  38. 38
    jonny rocket Says:

    only in america. we care what a celebrity wears to a lawyers meeting.

  39. 39
    Lane Says:


    That blue jean jacket for a business mtg ? Yuck!

    More like trying to start a tacky fashion trend. She has horrible fashion sense…its laughable.

    Same old snotty smirk and it looks like she bought more of those boots to stink up,

    Still a bimbo.

  40. 40
    Lane Says:


    And U know this? How.?

    Full of crap as usual.

  41. 41
    Lottie Says:


    Gt your fact straight!
    Tom never raised his adopted children. His sister did!
    They lived with her for a very long time. Tom took them out a couple times a year to look like he was Dad of the year! Like a good il brainwashed sino, they accepted the life he gave them.

    The only right thing you even posted is “the evil scientologists who wants to brain wash them” jeez that is true!

    I guess Nicole did have joint custody ” SHE THOUGHT” not so with sino BS planted in them ..

    She has never spoken so how the heck would you know if they are NORMAL . There are no Normal sinos. Listen to TC speak. It is scary!

  42. 42
    Jedi Says:

    What happened to her she is absolutely repulsive now. Yuck.

  43. 43
    Just My Opinion Says:

    Here is Katie AFTER meeting with her lawyer today. The article says she looks like she’s in high spirits. I think she looks tired, worn out, like this is going to be harder than she thought. Cruise will probably pay her child support but she’s gonna have to give up something too. The
    picture of her walking into her lawyers office this day Saturday appeared
    on Just Jared about 11:00 a.m. PST which means she was in her lawyers office very early in the morning (EST). She probably wants to put all this behind her and move on. Cruise doesn’t have a movie coming out until Dec 2012 so he has time. Katie is getting her fashion line ready for Sept 2012 to be part of Fashion Week in New York plus look for a school for Suri and find a new nanny and housekeeper. Running a household and taking care of a child on her own is new to Katie.

  44. 44
    miapocca Says:

    Scientology has different rrules for celebs especially for thier cash cow Tom

    What others experience..tom or katie have not

    So to think that Katie is getting out because is Scientology is wrong

    Even with visitation Suri will be sucked into scientology and when she becomes a teenanger, she will pack up and move in with her other siblings

    Katie holmes made the worst mistake of her life when she was parading on high on tv and everywhere else with her new found love

    I would think that by now, celebs will keep private private considering they have a higher rate of divorce than most…because we know no matter how high you jump , the divorce will come sooner or later

    If she is the primarry parent, then we should all be afraid,…because really look at Suri and her behavior…never seen connor or bella behave so rudely

  45. 45
    ^.^ Says:

    @CF98: What makes you so sure that Suri isn’t Tom’s kid? Do you have a DNA test result to prove that? It’s so annoying when people like you make stupid assumptions!

  46. 46
    Interesting article on Tom Says:

    From MailOnline–Tom’s first manager speaks:

    Run Katie, run.

    Some excerpts:

    ‘By the time I met him, he had decided he could be a star,’ she said. ‘He wanted to be treated like a star and he acted like a star. He would walk around my house in a little G-string strap and nothing else. I had a mirrored wall and he would stand in front of it, flexing his biceps and admiring himself.

    ‘I was a bit embarrassed but he liked to show off his body. He had a great pride in it.’


    ‘Every time I saw him, he would be with a girl, but I never saw him with the same girl twice. It was almost like he had to prove he was wanted – or maybe he wanted to feel loved.

    ‘I wasn’t surprised Katie broke up with him. I was just surprised it lasted as long as it did. I was surprised when he married his first wife, Mimi Rogers, and I was surprised it lasted ten years a second time, with Nicole Kidman.

    Tom was moody and would get angry in a snap of your fingers. It was like something was smouldering and it would boil up and explode.’


    Another time, a row broke out when Mrs Berlin gave him a surprise birthday present – an album in which she had pasted photos of him from fan magazines. Mrs Berlin said: ‘He screamed, “I didn’t want to be in the teen mags.” He threw the album hard at me and it hit me on the cheek.’


    I think Tom was the perfect candidate for Scientology,’ she said.

    ‘He didn’t believe in therapy but he obviously needed help. He just couldn’t have a relationship and I think that was because you have to open yourself up and he’d been too hurt by his father to do that.

    ‘The world sees this good-looking guy, worth millions. I still just see this little boy.’

  47. 47
    moonstarr Says:

    Katie Holmes is a GOLD DIGGER. What better way to secure your future than to have the child of Hollywood’s most successful actor, take him for all you can via the gist of child support??? Very shrewd Katie…your Daddy must be proud. Oh…and don’t think for one minute she (and her parents) haven’t been planning this escape for years. She knew EXACTLY what she was getting into with Scientology….26 years old with lots of experience in Hollywood and a divorce attorney father…oh yea…she knew exactly what she was doing.

  48. 48
    dani Says:


    What an incredibly ignorant statement. Have you ever bothered to read up on Scientology? Everyone who leaves tells you that YOU DON’T KNOW what you are getting into! They suck you in and then WHAM they show their true colors. Just like in an abusive relationship. At first the guy is really nice and then once he knows your his (or vice versa–female) s/h starts showing their true colors.

    I don’t like either Katie or Tom, but the first months of their relationship thru about the first year–their smiles and looks were those of a couple in love. I think the lust or newness wore off and each was left with the “What was I thinking?” thoughts.

    Tom should have stayed with Nicole. She loved him and would have stayed with him no matter what he did. Katie grew out of that love.

    And Moonsstar–ify ou are going to leave the cult, you have to PLAN YOUR ESCAPE (and that is the word ESCAPE) for months, for years. If she was a non-famous person, she would be persecuted by them which would include bribery, blackmail and more. And if she had left kids or a spouse or parents she would be unable to ever see or speak to them again.

    This is the man and cult you defend? How proud your parents must be of you.

  49. 49
    CF98 Says:

    The kid doesn’t look like Tom to me and in the end that’s Katie’s trump card if he doesn’t give her sole custody.

  50. 50
    janekay Says:

    @lottie: i know they are normal the same way you know they are not! and regardless of if his sister raised them or not, the point is, he was their primary guardian and they have turned out no worst for wear…i wonder how you know who raised them??? Nicole was married to him for 10 long years, she seemed to have survived just fine…my point is no one knows what really caused the break down of their marriage and all this nonsense that people are going on about, is just that NONSENSE! she obviously changed her mind about her marriage, the religion etc.. and she is entitled to do so, its her life but lets stop making it out like Tom Cruise is crazy, he held her captive and she had to make this daring escape in the dead of the night, because its really ridiculous!!!

  51. 51
    African Girl Says:

    @just so:
    People are so mean!! What a question to ask!!
    I’m glad he had enough sense not to respond to bullies.

  52. 52
    ladyantistupid Says:

    @just so:

    Exactly what we thought after he tweeted that!

    I’d like to know if the Department of Labor is going to do an investigation on the Scientologists who work for Tom for only 50 bucks a week.

    I’ll never pay to see any of his movies again. I can think of many other male actors much more talented than he.

  53. 53
    annie Says:

    i read that katie stopped everything scie about a year ago.
    there probably is more to it than that, but this person said that all their arguments were about suri and scie, and to have planned the escape, like this, i think she knew, that just telling tom she wanted out was not going to work, or maybe she even tried it and failed.
    if the marriage was over 6 months ago , things must have been not so good for a while.
    just like , i don’t think you wake up one morning and say to a person, i don’t want this marriage anymore, like in NK’s case. i think it simmers inside for a long time, before you take action.
    tom seems like a very intense man, he brings that to the screen, the methodical and exact way he approaches his movies, i’m sure that spills over in his private life.
    these past couple of years they havn’t been together too much, he’s been away a lot filming, her going for weekends here and there , it seemed less and less tho as time went on, maybe she thought why bother being married, and suri didn’t see her dad that often either.
    somewhere along the line it turned sour for katie or maybe for him too, but still don’t believe he didn’t know she was unhappy, i think maybe he thought she wasn’t strong enough to pull off leaving him, but i do think he controlled her, sometimes the way he held her arm/ hand was scary. i don’t know how many times those pics were annalysed by language experts , and pyscologists.
    those comments in the Elle interview seemed very telling…..she knows who and what she is and what she wants……in other words i know exactly what i don’t want anymore.
    i believe tho that they did love each other a lot, and had a beautiful little girl together, and it would be sad to think, that peoples religous beliefs can contribute to the breakup of a family unit.

    i don’t

  54. 54
    annie Says:

    sorry .disregard the i don’ t bit, don’t know how it got there.

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