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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: West Elm Shoppers!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: West Elm Shoppers!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen keep it casual as they step out for a little shopping at West Elm on Friday (July 6) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress and her 31-year-old boyfriend stayed cool by sipping on icy drinks.

Hayden is set to begin work soon on a new movie called The Diplomat. The thriller follows the story of junior diplomat Brent Forbes, who is thrown into a violent conspiracy when his daughter witnesses the murder of the US Ambassador to Ireland. The Diplomat is slated for release later this year.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson shopping at West Elm…

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hayden rachel west elm shoppers 01
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 02
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 03
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 04
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 05
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 06
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 07
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 08
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 09
hayden rachel west elm shoppers 10

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  • Steph

    Her bag is perfect.

  • tina

    Really cute and sweet looking couple.

  • KC

    Hayden and Rachel were in Cape May NJ last week. They look like they dressed alike, how cute! Love them!

  • saralee

    There’s enough space between them for a whole extra person! It’s like they’re taking a stroll with the invisible man! Must make talking to each other difficult. Maybe Hayden doesn’t like being hit with Rachel’s bag when they’re walking. Looks kinda goofy….but…shucks, folks is folks as my da used to say!

  • juno

    are you serious??? NOBODY CARES ABOUT HER!!!!! Jared.

  • Laira

    I think their height difference is really cute! I love seeing couples that don’t fit the “norm”.

  • Florence

    that is a power bag if I’ve ever seen one! I want it now.

  • OneillNatalia

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Nobody cares about him either. Who’s making this movie?? I mean the movie shoots this week and it’s released later this year??
    Love how these 2 are trying to cause a buzz by walking seperate. Maybe Brad & Angie should try that to keep the paps at bay!!

  • tweet

    JJ is not posting the other pics where they are walking side by side, smiling. Rachel fan site has them.

  • sara
  • Rita

    Wow, you guys are right about the other photos of them walking together on the Rachel website, LOL! It looks like they went into another store and came out again, and they are walking side by side. Why post those when you can cause a stir with them walking apart, I guess? The Versace photos of them sitting in the audience have some really cute photos of both of them.

    @ lexy hates bilson

    It is obvious you care enough about both of them to come and bash them here, plus you have Rachel as part of your user name, so you must really care about her. At one time you used to wish Hayden well, you sure changed your tune. When are you going to grow up and take the “hates bilson” out of your name? Your user name sounds like you are about 13 years old, LOL!

  • just me

    @Rita: You need to grow up as well. You can’t tell nobody what to do. Its their right to show waht they want or say what they want. No one consider Hayden as star anymore. Its a story about him not doing nothing but hanging around rachel all the time. Why other actors are doing work he’s hanging around her. There is no need to get mad. His other site don’t show him doing nothing with Rachel at all anymore ok. Hayden used to not go for all this attention with rachel now he does.All we see rachel do is be with him all the time. Not with her mom or friends like she said she does. Rachel called the paps like she always do and you know this.Rachel is not that good girl like you think she is. No other guy don’t want to be with her at all and you know this too. They are not super stars like other people ok.So jared got pictures are them before so what? its does matter to people that anymore.Both need to stop playing this silly games.Rachel still running behind him. She didn’t spend no time with her family at all during the 4th. Guess no pictures to see where she really was at. She is the one that wanted this relationship back on with hayden. People are saying they don’t do interviews just take pictures. Just to make up things about them being together with each other. Hayden never said that he was back with her at all. After all those guys turned her down she had to get back with her ex -boyfriend. Other women hang with their ex one time not all the time. Rachel can’t get another manto be with Rita. Don’t you see this? Wonder when we going to hear a break up story on these two as well?

  • sterling

    Hasn’t somebody ever thought of hooking-up that midge(t) chick up with *Tom Cruise*?!
    The two have so-o-o-o much in common! She’ll sacrifice herself on the Scientology throne just for a shot at anything remotely resembling a Hollywood movie career (that her lazy… err… long-time-ever bff miserably failed to give).
    Those Scientology matchmakers aren’t looking in the right gutters for a willing victim… err (again)… I mean life mate for their most loyal & precious member.
    Well that is… if TC is into some midget/homely hacktress now…

  • a fan

    Rachel and Hayden are with each other , why some of you guys want them to hook up with other people?

  • Karina

    Hayden and Rachel look so relaxed, happy, so cute together. It appears that when they are together they are just so much happier. I think they must really be good for each other. Hayden is such a hunk and Rachel is so petite. I love them both and love them together – just such an absolutely gorgeous couple!

  • crapshack

    I ‘bet’ that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth would soon be married then would get a divorce after a few years… yet these two would still be single while walking a kilometer space between them during photo-ops; coz they’re still waiting for their careers to hit stardom… but star-doom always responds.

  • AJ

    @ JUST ME

    You should call yourself “The Pretender” because you pretend to know everything Hayden and Rachel say and do. I read on here you are a grandmother and you said you have a daughter you should spend your time with them. You are one crazy old fan girl thats for sure. I said in another thread like Hayden cares what any of you crazy fan girls think of his relationship with Rachel. People don’t spend five years of their life with someone unless they are in a very serious relationship especially after breaking up and getting back together again. Grow up yourself and get over them already!

  • KC

    @ just me

    Hayden Fan News has the information about Hayden and Rachel being in Cape May the week after they were at the Versace fashion show in Milan on the fansite twitter page. That’s how I found out about it, the website has all kinds of information on them when they are together all the time in the twitter section. So you are wrong about not seeing information about them on Hayden’s fansite, there is alot of information on both of them on Rachel fansites, too.

  • unreechy

    What?! HC(sic) is set to shoot a movie soon and that said movie is slated for release later this year?! What is that – a very short & budget film or more like just a guest spot at some TV sitcom?!
    As that was an obvious baloney – just like their careers.
    Why dont you write up his latest lawsuit against USA Network. Y’ know, he still has to sue though he cant act… he had to figure out hard some way/s to get any kind of paychecks since he can’t get an acting job as gracing paparazzi & opening-of-the envelope shows every now & then dont do that much.

  • saralee


    Oh gosh, I read your comment and took a look. You’re so right. They were walking together, chatting and smiling. Kinda peed that JJ didn’t think to include them. It’s like the site is deliberately playing coy with the fact that Hayden and Rachel have a normal, loving relationship.

    If we went by the pics JJ has on them we’d be thinking that they weren’t happy in each others company when they totally are!

    Why, JJ, why? Why you want to do this? Why make ppl who come to your site think that these two aren’t in love? Show us all the pics, please.

  • screwed

    Duh?! There’s such a thing called fansite w/c is run by their own PR peeps w/ complete set of their latest photo-ops of the day – damn such tweentard/s!

  • crapshack

    And as of the latest…
    KStew got Balenciaga fragrance,
    Blake Lively got Gucci fragrance,
    Jessica Chastain got Yves Saint Laurent fragrance
    and then…
    Crapchel (just/still) got a “dollar cost Ice Cream bar”!

  • dooliloo

    I’m still trying to figure it out.. were they ever engaged? did they really break up at some point? what is the deal with these two??

  • whatever

    @dooliloo to answer your question:

    Yes they were engaged for about 18months, they broke up-called off the engagement for 2 months, got back together, been together ever since and have been together for just over 5 years in total.

    @just me—your still nuts and your posts make no sense at all.

  • Steve

    Will the movie be any good though? Mr. Christensen’s acting ability does not inspire most audiences. Although I thought he was actually quite good in Vanishing. Much better than I had hoped for. Not brilliant, but def competent and believable.