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Zac Efron: Tiffany Thornton Baby Shower! - Exclusive Pictures

Zac Efron: Tiffany Thornton Baby Shower! - Exclusive Pictures

Zac Efron and Wilmer Valderrama come out to support pals Tiffany Thornton and Chris Carney for their son-to-be KJ Carney‘s Rock N’ Roll Royal Baby Shower held in Beverly Hills on Saturday (June 30).

“@ChrisGCarney + I had the most amazing and beautiful baby shower ever yesterday!” Tiffany tweeted after the baby shower, which was held at the home of Royal Order Jewelry designer Cheryl Rixon Davis. “Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of it!”

Also in attendance were KJ‘s godmother Cassie Scerbo, Debby Ryan, Logan Browning, Francia Raisa, Mitchel Musso, Mason Musso, Allen Evangelista, Skyler Shaye, Chris Galya, Savvy and Mandy, and Tiffany‘s So Random! castmates Allisyn Arm, Doug Brochu, Matthew Scott Montgomery, and Damien Haas. Guests enjoyed treats from Wonka Candy, gift bags including Palmers Cocoa Butter, and drinks from Hansen Soda, Padrino Tequila, and Ciroc Vodka.

Zac gave KJ a slew of gifts – including a DVD of his 2009 flick, 17 Again. Ha!

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Check out some exclusive photos from the baby shower below!

20+ pictures inside of Tiffany Thornton‘s baby shower for KJ

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zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 01
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 02
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 03
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 04
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 05
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 06
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 07
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 08
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 09
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 10
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 11
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 12
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 13
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 14
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 15
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 16
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 17
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 18
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 19
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 20
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 21
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 22
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 23
zac efron tiffany thornton baby shower 24

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  • alex

    zac please shave that stache.

  • R U sure

    You are really nice Zac. looking good.

  • Vic

    about time you covered this! i’ve already seen it on like 20 sites. either way i think tiffany looks lovely pregnant :)

  • Selma Kacha

    Lauren ? Where are you ? Zacky is waiting for you leech :)

  • Wes

    I know because he’s short and little boy like he tries to look older and rougher but the stache just looks cheesy and like Halloween!

  • veronica

    maybe someday zac and his partner can adopt a baby. like ricky martin.

  • kami

    who are these ppl? guess i’m totally be out of the “in crowd” loop. i do know who the wilmer valderrama guy is from that 70s show and his dating every girl in hw, including lindsey and demi. never heard of any of the others except zac. and who’s the biker dude?

  • ADAM

    get out of the closet already so these delusional B.I.T.C.H.E.S stop annoying the S.H.I.T out of zac have the most anoying 3 fans in the world.

  • nat

    he totally have the john travolta sendrom,he will probably marry a woman to cape getting jobs

  • Fassdong

    This Rock n Roll theme makes this baby shower look TRASHY

  • http://Peggy Sue

    Okay why is he gay please what proof do you have. Just a question

  • francesca

    @Sue: he is on the downlow,open your eyes if you can’t see it.then you probably had a gay boyfriend pretending to be straight

  • http://Peggy Sue

    No I did not and you do not have to be rude. I will ask again where is the proof that he is gay because I don’t see it

  • Wilmer Valderrama is a loser

    Wilmer Valderrama is such a LOSER!! Does he ever hang around someone his own age? Such a pathetic douche bag.

  • ADAM

    @Sue: then i will be rude you are F blinde if you cant see it

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @ADAM: No I am not blind. And no I do not see it. Again where is the proof not the words because anyone can say anything but it does not make it true.

  • R U sure

    @Sue there is no proof . Zac is straight and always has been straight

  • ADAM

    no one had prove tell lately that john travolta is gay,you can’t get a prove taylor lautner is gay but if you know gay people and how they are you know he is gay,the same for zac eventually they will come out or maybe not.but they will still be gay.

  • allessia

    @R U sure: you are delusional

  • http://Peggy Sue

    I know gay people I work with some and I have some who are friends. Nothing that I have seen of Zac makes me think he is gay. People really need to let him alone if he is so what but I do not believe he is.

  • gonzo

    Zac will be next recruit for Scientology buddy up Tom Cruise & Travolta

  • lauren

    Funny how you ppl hate zac yet to contune to comment.


    @R U sure: You can’t prove Zac is straight and you can’t prove Zac is gay – it’s not like sexuality is reducible to the scientific method:

    Hypothesis: Zac is gay.
    Control group: straight dude.

    Method: Put Zac in one room and straight dude in the other and measure heart rate, body temperature and pupil dilation while presenting them with pictures of nearly nude beautiful men.

    If Zac is gay, his blood pressure/heart rate will increase and pupils will dilate. Control group will remain uneffected.

    Results: Zac’s body temperature went up, and heart rate increased and pupils dilated – oh yeah he’s gay!

    But wait, so did the straight dude’s. What are the implications of the results? Is the straight dude really gay, or are both of them straight and there’s a third term accounting for the results? Must retest….

  • Marianne

    Tiffany’s husband looks like such a douche.

  • kami

    i’ve never got the vibe that zac is gay. i think he’s always had a wild side to him when he’s not working, which a lot of ppl didn’t pick up on till lately (since he’s been single), but the dude is into women not dudes. and a lot of ppl come on here and say he’s gay, not because they think he is, but to piss off zac fans.

  • Sarah

    @kami what do u mean he has a wild side?

  • ab

    these photos can go in the ‘awkward family photo album’ for her kid —– did the guy in the cover pic have to throw up his peace signs?

  • Gay

    I am gay and don’t get this “gay vibe” from Zac, and 5 years over exposed in the media, there would be at least SOME evidence, TMZ would have discovered and exposed it for a long time, if he is gay, he don’t have an active gay life for sure, and he is young, beautiful and don’t seems frustrated with these impediments

  • Zac Efron

    I think people don’t call me gay because they really think I am homossexual, it’s because they think this is “offensive” to me, is actually a very cruel bullyng, this hurts me a lot, I am crying rigth now on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, wiping my tears on $ 100 bills

  • lauren

    Oh look its zac. K

  • Athena

    I don’t like her husband…

  • well

    @Gay: i absolutely get the gay vibe from him. And his PR team would pay a lot of money to keep certain pictures out of a TMZ website.

  • The New Trend

    “Zac is gay” is the new “Zac is hot” on JJ

  • Gay

    @well: TMZ always trying hard make a scandal with Zac, he just don’t gets into troubles at all, this information would be pure gold for the site

  • speaktruth

    I’m sorry, but this kinda looks like a classier version of a white trash party.

  • lol

    @speaktruth: truth^^^

  • R U sure

    @Zac Efron I would believe you but you are not in St . Tropez . Your a sly dog to sneek away like that.

  • TRP

    This looks like a Frat Party not a baby shower. Again, who?

  • Victoria14

    I don’t get why people still commenting to Zac Efron post if the only reason is to say STUPID things about him . They wasting their time to say stupid things . That is so pathetic .

  • bla

    @Victoria14: how is calling him ‘gay’ stupid? i think it’s positive. nothing wrong with being gay. Also, this is a blog, and it’s everyone’s right to have an opinion. dont like it, get yourself a tumblr

  • kk

    if MTV’s 16 & pregnant ever had a combined spring break/baby shower party this would be it. (and props to the girl in the cropped top – nothing says baby shower like minimal clothing and booty shorts)

  • tay

    @kk: lolll and the guy wearing just a blazer with his gut out holding a plunger

  • Sarah

    she is the typical blonde. naive and overated. and the guy looks like a f**ked up retard. why the hell is she holding the belly in every pic. like she’s the only woman to get knocked up. and this doesnt look like a baby shower but rather a frat party where everybody is looking to get some. sad this baby is going to be a spoiled brat.

  • R U sure

    @bla There is nothing wrong with being gay. What is wrong is calling someone gay when they are not. Zac is not gay.

  • Sarah

    That should say re**rd

  • bla

    @R U sure: you his P.R team leader?

  • sam

    Was the theme of this baby shower Royal Trailer Park Trash? Everyone there, including Zac looks low class. And the plunger kind of enforces that theme.

  • My 2 Cents

    Lots of Haters and insecure people. I guess the heat of summer has alot of you frustrated. I do agree that people are calling Zac names to aggravate the Zac fans. Well we fans know he is straight he was in a relationship for five years. Now he’s been dating (not seriously) just having fun, and working. There is no scandals no pics. I just think so many are jealous because he’s so handsome, rich and he really is a nice person. I think it was sweet to go to this shower of friends.

    @ R U sure you should be in Zac PR Team , your a good fan.

  • b

    @My 2 Cents: not everyone here is american, you know its not summer in every country, right?? — And gay people have beards. Ie: katie holmes — Good luck with your ignorance.

  • R U sure

    @My 2 Cents Thank you for that , you are a good fan too.
    @bla I wish I was on hiis PR team