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Katie Holmes & Suri: Sunday Shoppers!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Sunday Shoppers!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri out of their local Whole Foods Market on Sunday (July 8) in New York City.

Little Suri, 6, brought along her very own reusable bag that read “Suri‘s Shopping Bag” on the front!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie has a busy few months coming up. It was just announced that her fashion line with partner Jeanne Yang, Holmes & Yang, will be presenting at New York Fashion Week in September to display the Spring 2013 collection, according to WWD.

FYI: Katie is wearing Goldsign “Seville” High Rise Relaxed Bell jeans in Brenda.

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# 1

That is just sickening, carrying that 6 1/2 year old like and infant, with an infant blanket. Katie is the worse parent.

# 2

@Jack: #1.

That is just sickening, carrying that 6 1/2 year old like and infant, with an infant blanket. Katie is the worse parent.
That little girl is going to be effed up when she grows up. I have never seen anything like it before, in my life.

# 3

Katie and Tom are both NUTS

# 4

7/3 katie
7/4 suri & katie
7/5 suri & katie
7/6 katie
7/7 katie
7/8 suri & katie

7/9 maybe only katie

# 5

One thing I don’t understand is why she’s carrying around here daughter ALL the time…

# 6

@grr: #3

But Katie is nuttier. I never saw Tom carrying Connor and Bella in his arms wrapped in an infant blanket when they were 6 1/2.

# 7

@savannah: #5

I just hope the Cruise’s are preparing for her extensive psychological counseling when Suri grows up.

# 8


You forget this is Tom Cruise you are talking about. Scientology does not believe in such things.

And who are the “Cruises”? Katie will probably get full custody after the divorce is final and that’s that. Suri will be raised with normal childhood of privledge.

# 9
African Girl @ 07/08/2012 at 3:19 pm

My God!!
What has made People so mean? Is it the heat?!!

boy look at the face on Suri..she’s gotten uglier. iwhat happened.

Katie is using this child for a pr campaign of being doting mom = FAIL.

let that child walk, is she mentally challenged?

….btw it’s 100 degrees in NYC and feels like an oven, why is Suri holding a blanket and wearing a sweater????

Katie doesn’t want Suri to be overrun by the paps. Too scary for a 6 year old. That’s why she holds her for a bit. But it’s just a bit. Suri walks.

Piperwest12 @ 07/08/2012 at 3:25 pm

While normally I would say no to carrying a six year old around, we have to remember that this is a child going through a serious maybe traumatic upheaval in her life. Her parents are divorcing, new apartment, new security personnel and new nannies. Everywhere she goes there are dozens of paparazzi flashing cameras in her face. I live in NY and have seen these paps in action. They run after celebs, screaming their names and rushing at them to get reactions. I believe Katie carries her more for Suri’s safety and comfort than anything else.

There is definitely something wrong with Suri developmentally. There is just no other reason why she would need to be carried and bring blankets and toys to the grocery store. Katie even has hired help to carry the shopping bag so that she can carry Suri. Maybe it’s autism. I would not be surprised if that is the case and a big reason why K&T are divorcing. With a special needs kid, special help is critical, and of course Tom would not allow it. Maybe that’s why K wants full custody, because it’s the only way this kid can get treatment.

if she wasn’t married to Tom Cruise no paps would ever follow her around.

My advice to katie..

Go somewhere like the hamptons. This is not a good time to be in the city and since wholefood delivers to your building , there is no need for you to be in the media

Her single mother plan is going to backfire.
In winter that child wears summer clothes summer she is carried in a blanket.

I remember when she was about 2 years, the were rumors about Tom sending her to parenting classes..

Martin holmes, overexposure will ruin your plan. We know you are in the apartment, why dont you go for the food whatever it is.

Now that the tide it turning against her, she will dissappear next week

The only time we see Katie and Suri is around the paparazzi. The paparazzi are monsters, and if I was Katie I would be carrying my daughter for protection as well. I highly doubt Katie carries Suri when they are safe (when we don’t get to see the photos of those moments). Mothers are supposed to protect their children.

Piper, Katie and Tom have ALWAYS carried Suri, it’s not just because of the paps. If Katie was really concerned about the well-being of her daughter, she would not drag her everywhere and sacrifice her to the paps.

Look at that mean-girl face Suri is giving.

i belive Katie wants the best for Suri but I don’t think it’s right to expose her daughter around NY amid all the chaos of the divorce.

awww I love those pouty lips

I sincerely hope there is nothing wrong with the child..

jett travolta died because of his parents belief in I sincerely hope not

=========== @ 07/08/2012 at 3:36 pm

@lisa: There’s nothing wrong with Suri. There are videos on youtube where she speaks and walks normally. People who have met them say she’s very polite. Katie is just being over protective. She should lay low for a while until the divorce is over. Why is she subjecting Suri to this mess? .

Katie is the one mentally challenged. Carrying a 6 1/2 year old around with a blanket in a heat wave. WITH a sweater on the child.

Regarding Suri, prepare for the psychiatrists couch with that one.

Speculate all you want. This is Katie and Suri is HER daughter. Like someone mentioned just the other day Suri was walking but today she want to be carried a little. Suri has been the little fashionists full of life in all the paparazzi pictures. She’s been carried off and on but when katie files for divorse suddenly her carrying Suri means she’s developmentally challanged? Even when days ago Suri was overheard tellling everyone that the day spend with her mom and friends had been the best day ever? Yeah Okay. Next – - – - – - ->

I really don’t like to talk negatively about children but Suri really looks like a spoiled little girl. And I don’t put the blame on Tom for Suri’s behavior and being spoiled the slightest bit. It’s Katie’s fault 100%

It will be interesting to see how will be Katie’s collection, as her own style is disastrous and yet she has decided to become a fashion designer. Ha!

I bet Tom hates those boots and Katie wears them as a passive aggressive F-U to him, lol. There is no other explanation for her wearing them daily, even in sweltering heat.

Those long legs wrapped around Katie, she is almost a tall as Katie. It looks ridiculous.

I seriously think Tom was the sane one in this relationship.

Katie Holmes is just playing the media as she has since day one. If she wasn’t she would take the child on a private vacation till the media storm blows over.

@Iona: #31

I seriously think Tom was the sane one in this relationship.
I think so too.

I think she’s doing this to annoy Tom. He’s always been private. You never saw his older kids growing up. When he’s not promoting (and some photo op from time to time) he’s hiding from the paps. I believe Katie is parading Suri to get back at Tom. He sees these pics for sure

Katie is selfish and doesnt really love Suri but herself. I think Katie was given a really spoiled education too.

lurkersville @ 07/08/2012 at 3:50 pm

So what if Suri is spoiled?. I’m spoiled but that doesn’t make me a bad person.

Katie is just going about her business. She is very very busy these days with so many projects coming up, a precocious little girl and now add a divorce to a man who is like in the top tier of an organization that’s suspect. Oy a headache but ya know that’s life and Katie is living it and handling it.

I’m not a Tom hater. He’s weird but so are many Hollywood people. He needs to reevaulate his life. Enough with these contract women. When the mainstream media is discussing this and even suggesting women for a 4th wife, well you know you’ve become the butt of jokes. Why can’t you just fall in love with a woman sans contract? And if you can’t, why pretend with the whole wife & family man image? Who are you trying to impress? Cuz after this no one will believe it. dam…..

@lurkersville: Nobody says ‘I’m a bad person’. And you said so you would correct, apologize and explain why you did the things wrong. Because everything has a reason.

lurkersville is that psycho annie.

Suri needs to walk and Katie needs to cut her hair.

Its obvious that Suri doesnt like the paps, but look at the Affleks, Jolie-Pitt kids among others, they dont get carried arround like that! Its quite sad to watcth really… You see Suri wearing high heals and lipstick but she cant walk herself?!?!?!?! I feel very sorry for that kid!

Oh no I hope Tom Cruise doesn’t marry for a fourth time. It’ll be a fuking circus again. NO.

Truthhurts @ 07/08/2012 at 4:05 pm

Suri can do whatever she wants to. The only thing she hates are the paparazzi.

@Ann: #40

Its obvious that Suri doesnt like the paps, but look at the Affleks, Jolie-Pitt kids among others, they dont get carried arround like that! Its quite sad to watcth really… You see Suri wearing high heals and lipstick but she cant walk herself?!?!?!?! I feel very sorry for that kid!
Also look at Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor. She does not act like that. And she is always being photographed.

We can all say Katie learned a hard lesson by marrying Tom Cruise.On the news last week there was discussion of her contract. It didn’t get her any more famous, no bigger roles (Tom didn’t want her doing some of them) no romance. If she wants out why should she stay? Tom did the same to Nicole.

Katie Just Go Away @ 07/08/2012 at 4:14 pm

I bet Suri misses her dad, but he crazy mamma has Suri under control….ironic since Katie complained Tom had her under control.
So one can only imagine what malicious things she saying to Suri about her dad.

I don’t feel an ounce of pity for Katie Holmes, she’s a rich whacko who thinks Hollywood is going to open all kinds of doors for her. She’s a fashion designer. Is anyone here following or dressing like her ?? Crazy. Unlike her fellow Dawson Creek cast mate Michelle Williams who is a marvelous actress Holmes as an actress no one cares about. She’ll need to play victim to cash in on the divorce.

I’m going to love Suri way too much. Geez


siennagold @ 07/08/2012 at 4:17 pm

I don’t see a lot of paps hounding them so why is she carrying Suri again? Let the kid enjoy walking those two legs. Good grief. This kid will have serious issues when she grows up.

Seriously, put the child down, dress her appropriately for the weather and leave the blankie and stuffed animal at home. This child is being treated as and acts as a 3-4 year old. If one is a celelbrity and knows the papparizzi will be lurking, have a discussion with the child about how to behave and what to do. I see photos of Jennifer Garner taking her kids all over. Her 6 year old doesn’t get carried and doesn’t carry a blanket eveywhere. It is my understanding that scientology believes a parent should always let the child make his/her own choices and a parent never tell a child”no”. SioI guess Suri makes the decisions and chooses when she is and is not carried. I hope Katie comes to her senses soon and does some corrective parenting. If not, this child is going tha some serious developmental ans social issues.

Austistic? @ 07/08/2012 at 4:18 pm

Suri’s is stimming and her jaw is all messed up because she still drinks from a bottle.

Truthhurts @ 07/08/2012 at 4:22 pm

@siennagold: Do you see any pictures of Suri protesting because she’s being carried? I think she asks her mom to be carried because she hates the paps and doesnt want them to take a picture of her.

Truthhurts @ 07/08/2012 at 4:28 pm

This woman is educating her child on the other way round. Give her love and tell her off when she misbehaves. You can neither give only love or only hate.

NYC is a HORRIBLE place to be in the summer. Streets stink of urine. Everyone escapes, especially on the weekends. I am so glad I don’t have to be there.

Another Question @ 07/08/2012 at 4:32 pm

Do you think that Tom shunned Suri because of her developmental issues and Scientology’s beliefs on the subject? Maybe Katie actually wants us to know about suri’s condition. Maybe her camp is video documenting it via the media.

I think its going to take alot of time and support from Katie’s Mom and sisters in helping Katie get back on track when it comes to ‘parenting’ little Miss Suri. She’s been coddled for 6 years, its going to take alot of patience and discipline to get Suri to become a bit more independent than she’s had to be in the past. When she starts school and is around other 6 yr olds, I’m sure she’ll put away the blanket and probably refuse to even hold Katies hand when they walk down the street!! (We can only hope!)

Question @ 07/08/2012 at 4:22 pm #51

Why is a seven year old in the baby seat?

She wears those funky stinky boots almost everyday.

Tom is glad to get rid of her crazy behind. He told her to file for divorce.

I’m disgusted by all the mean-spirited comments in this board. People need to just STFU already. None of us live with them so we don’t know the truth. STOP judging and speculating and get a life.

I’m NOT surprised Katie is grocery shopping everyday. I also think she enjoys buying her own food for her daughter and herself for a change. I wonder if Tom Cruise dictated what they ate at their apartment!! Maybe Katie will gain alittle weight now that she can shop for her own food and even cook for herself.Sometimes its the littlest things that tend to make us the most happy.

A few of the posters here finally get it. It will not be remotely surprising when we find out that Suri has some level of autism. Yes, there are definitely photos of her that look “normal” but there are many more where she is seen stimming, or reacting poorly to outside stimulation– noise, temperature, etc. It’s very obvious to those who know about autism and I don’t know how Tom and Katie have kept it suppressed in the media for so long. It may even be that Tom has distanced himself from Suri/Katie because of this issue– if katie has sole custody, Suri may have a chance at getting the help she needs. Fingers crossed.

I knew this was going to happen, I knew it. The backlash has started and it is just the beginning.

Katie left Tom and the world rejoiced. Not because of Tom Cruise.. But because of Tom Cruise/Scientology. Everyone thought Katie’s behavior regarding Suri was all about crazy Tom. Now people are pointing the finger at her. At Katie. At first everyone was all on her sided. Go Katie.. stick it to Tom. Tom has been silent and out of sight. But as someone noted we are getting daily pap shots of Katie and Suri. We are seeing a young child’s whose world has been destroyed. She has not seen her father. She is living in a new place. Her routine is different. She is not seeing her older Brother/Sister. She is now surrounded with people she doesn’t know.
That is traumatic for anyone. Not to mention a small child. She doesn’t know what is going on. She just knows that things are different. And it doesn’t matter what Katie says about I love you so much, this child had a family that is no more. That is sad.

now if this is Katie’s strategy then to me the cost is too great. Suri needs to be away from the crazy. Away from prying eyes and gawkers. That is the thing. Katie may need to take her away and give her time to get use to her world being different. Shopping and toys and riding in a grocery cart won’t fix it.

paleezzzzz2 @ 07/08/2012 at 5:30 pm

At this point, there is no reason for Katie to be dragging Suri out in front of the paps. People have been talking about her divorce for over a week now and the media is very focused on Tom’s “religion”. She’s safe. She made her point. Now she needs to let Suri have some peace or that child will have some serious emotional problems later on. This could backfire on her if she keeps it up. The courts will think she’s tramatizing Suri who obviously hates this. I really believe Katie loves the attention and will continue this even after the divorce is final.

jaspisgirl @ 07/08/2012 at 5:32 pm

mhhhh bet miss suri has the ,,say” at home. stop carrying her.i mean it was cute until she hits the age of,it looks disturbing . i am not american,but are there no places around n.y. where you can stay and not being followed by the paps by every step you take?????

Katie homey as ever @ 07/08/2012 at 5:32 pm

Yes and she is dressing like Jen Garner in her ***** jeans and cheap
Tops! Her bags are from the dollar store! Seen there! She is soo
Low class since the break up maybe this is the real Katie Holmes.
The high life style is to stifling for her! Get a look At the pocket of her
Jeans huge! And her top one piece of fabric where does she shop
What is the difference if she is out every. Day! Whippe just let us know
When the divorce is over! Ohhhh we get Suri catalogue from last year
And see no difference

this girl is retarded?
Why is Katie carrying her on his lap?

Who is Suri’s biological father?

I’m so happy everyone is on Katie’s side. Tom has showed disrespect to women by using them to pretend. Yeah they go along with the program but to even think of them in that fashion is nasty.


Yeah well welcome to the world. USA has over 50% rate of divorce. She isn’t the first child of divorce. Ask Bella & Connor.

Just My Opinion @ 07/08/2012 at 5:47 pm

#14 & #62 – I think you hit it on the nail. I think Suri has autism and her ballet and gym classes were to help her exercise and relax, but also learn techiques to overcome anxiety especially when the paparrazi are lying in wait to take her picture. I think Katie and Tom Cruise knew there was a development issue and Cruise tried to ignore it the same way John Travolta did with his son Jett. His committment to Scientology would not allow him to medicate her or probably seek the help she needed. I think Suri’s autism (or whatever she has that makes her stim) is something Katie has recognized and is going to deal with and not ignore it. Katie knew she had to leave Cruise and take Suri with her to help her deal with this. Who knows if something happened in private that made Katie realize she could no longer ignore Suri’s development issue. I think its pretty clear when we see her acting as if she’s 2-3 years old when she’s already 6 years old going on 7. And of course the fact that Suri does not have a lot of boundaries or structure in her life does not help. No, I don’t live with them but there are tell tales everywhere. This is the age of the Internet, you can goggle everything and come up with images, videos, and articles. Everything uploaded is there forever.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 07/08/2012 at 6:08 pm

She is carrying Suri is because Suri is still not used to with the papz. I don’t think Suri likes the papz. Look a this photo. It doesn’t look like Suri likes it.

Sweaters in the summer….skimpy dresses in the winter for that child. Being married to Tom has really messed up this actress.


and how does that change anything I said. Just because it happens a lot doesn’t mean the affect on a child is understood.

Being married to Tom has messed Katie up. Thank goodness she has her family and fans as a support system.

Tom lost it years ago. He was glib.


She is always carrying this child. She has legs let her walk!!! She does not have to worry about the paps with 4 body guards around.

i think they are trying to prove that she has a permanent residence here -for her court case-
otherwise, like you said, they deliver!

LOL all i know is. that i was chasing girls when i was 6, not sitting in my parents arms…

the walk is around 10 yards from her door so the sweater may be from a/c in their apt and the store is frigid.
it does look ridiculous to carry a child that size, and the bodyguards can certainly protect her-but it’s also so that the paps can’t shoot her face, shot is worth a lot less without suri’s face.
one thing, katie is definitely not an absentee mother-she is with that kid all the time. tom is almost never with her anymore. always the mother…

not true. everytime tom is in nyc he walks right out the front door and gives a wave and a ‘hello’ to the photographers. always a photo op.
even at the minetta lane theater when he visited with suri-he walked right up the block hand in hand with katie. he loves it. so do the paps!

hopefully now that scientology will be out of the picture katie will let the kid start acting normal. even if she is a little girl, dressing up like a princess everyday with pumps and lipstick is not normal! put some shorts and sneakers on and go play in the dirt with other kids on a playground. even if you are a celeb kid you need to develop social skills. that’s why suri looks so weird all the time. well that and 100 cameras shoved in her face every minute lol look at gwen stefani, angelina and garner kids. they look ‘relatively’ normal! beckhams too. spoiled yes, but they do normal kid things too.


yeah because that was toms doing, putting on make up… give it a rest all thinks weird about that kid, is coming from her mother, not the father… as people say, she is always carying her…

funny factoid–seen katie over 50 times and she has never uttered a word! that funny smirk on her face. doesn’t seem to ‘enjoy’ the attention, but doesn’t shy away either. odd woman–never poses or waves either.
like a stepford wife. let’s see what happens, to be continued..

just saying @ 07/08/2012 at 7:18 pm

Who cares about all this? Katie Holmes will be divorced from Tom Cruise then he can go along his merry way jumping on couches over the next “love” he’s found. I want this divorce to happen quickly


I think u meant……brat.

@lol: #63

She does see her father. And her world in not turned upside down.

TIM GUNN - TEAM KATIE @ 07/08/2012 at 7:29 pm


The routine Scientology practice of “disconnection” is kept secret.

If you are not a Scientologist or leave the cult, then all other Sociologists are indoctrinated that you are an SP, a “suppressive person” AKA a sociopath.

They can never have any contact with a SP. That is what they did with Nicole Kidman. The judge granted her joint custody, but Tom won on schooling within the cult. The children were sent away to the desert for indoctrination. They only saw thier mother a few days a year. This is done with all cult children. Further, the cult insists on home schooling and young children being sent to their Base Camp in Hemet, CA. Katie would have had no choice. Suri would have become a stranger programed to despise her and cut her out of her life.

The Camp has a detention center where members have languished, “missing”, for years. There is a guard tower and a frightening INWARD facing razor fence.
Google image of razor fence Camo Hemet. You’ll be terrified. You are not allowed to quit or leave. They throw you into the “hole” for months if you try to escape.

Kidman’s children were brain washed against her. Katie must win and she will win. Why?

If they take her on, she can easily destroy his career and his cult.

Now we know why we see Katie so often leaving Cruise’s old building, she was creating her evidence that she lived in NYC. It took her two years to achieve jurisdiction before she filed. No wonder she has appeared so haggard.

Amazingly, a moment after she filed, she moved to a building with a private underground garage. This building has a Whole Foods on the first floor. Her daily outing for staples and to show Suria normal life, grocery shopping.When this is over, you will see much less of the child.

For now, the press is necessary, they guard her from the Scientologists on the corner waiting to snatch the child and place her on a jet to Cruise and his base camp. This is what happened to Kidman’s children, they were there for years as she fought for visitation and failed. The trick: If you or she ever says one word agaisnt the cult, she will be banished and the children will never ever take her calls again. Some say this happened a few years ago.

This is all be handled quite brilliantly by Holmes team.

The child is carrying her security blanket out of fear of a huge paparazzi presence.

Caveat: Holmes COULD comb the child’s hair.


Katie has been living alone with Suri for years.

@SusanC: #61

Keep up. Katie and Tom have not lived together for years now.

WEIRDO! That’s what Katie is. Tom told her to file for divorce first, so she could save face.


She already has serious issues among other things.

She is also coddled way too much. It does not help to have a bimbo mom and a weird dad


Agree totally Mr. Gunn. People who say that xenu is just a religion, just don’t get it. This is not a religion it is a cult. The only reason this cult has tax exempt status (and you can google it) is because they filed law suit after law suit against the IRS and the IRS was so busy fighting them all that they caved. And oh, it didn’t help that they, Xenu, dug up dirt on congressmen, IRS officials etc. and threatened them. For people that say that Katie knew what she was getting into–she didn’t know the totality of it. Her every move was monitored and watched and reported back to someone. All help at Cruise’s homes etc. are sci-cult members. And it is a cult that encourages tattling. Kidman has been very circumspect about the cult and with good reason. I saw her once with Bella and Connor going to a park and I know she loved those kids with all her heart. And I’m sure Cruise didn’t care one iota that he broke her heart by taking those kids away from her. As long as the great alien in the sky was happy, Cruise was happy.

I don’t care for Holmes, but I am, on this TEAM KATIE all the way.

when will she decide Suri is old enough to walk by herself? when she’s 20?

Piperwest12 @ 07/08/2012 at 8:02 pm

@jan: And there have always been paparazzi around when they are arriving her which is why we see them carrying her!

Piperwest12 @ 07/08/2012 at 8:03 pm

@ras: She has to establish residency because of the divorce being filed in NYC she can’t be anywhere else.

@Piperwest12: #96

She has been living in NY, alone with Suri for years.

Scienetology @ 07/08/2012 at 8:30 pm

WHY ARE YOU BABYING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? I am sure she misses Tom, no doubt, but she can walk, if she doesnt want to, TOO DAMN BAD, WALK! You are spoiling her! *breathes*

Jane Patton @ 07/08/2012 at 8:34 pm

@Piperwest12: #98

Katie has been living in NY for years, with Suri alone. Tom lives I California.

Jane Patton @ 07/08/2012 at 8:34 pm

Edit: Tom lives ‘in’ California.

@Piperwest12: #98

Tom and Katie have been separated for years, since Katie moved to NY.

Katie homey as ever @ 07/08/2012 at 8:45 pm

Katie and Tom lived in New York and LA for years! Not just Katie!
Please he owns the condo that they lived in for years! Not her! HeLived their before he met her! Why is it that she lives in New York when
You look at the archive photos and see that she was In LA and New York .. Mostly LA.. So give it up! So sick of this ohhhh she lives in
New York both Tom and Katie did up until the divorce announcement!
She moved I to her own condo weeks before her announcement. So that
Is why it is time to put all the poop away! And say that she is leading
A normal life! Fall out of love like most couples do ! Not religion not
Controlling husband nor anything else

Suri is adorable looking; it’s sad that her father is Tom Cruise, he doesn’t even pay attention to his other kids.

Green Girl @ 07/08/2012 at 9:17 pm

Its so weird to me that people can’t empathize at all with the mind of a chold and the fact that K atie might be HOLDING her to give her a sense of SECURITY and COMFORT.

Did you, as a child, have any idea what its like from a 6 year old’s perspective to be SWARMED by paps every time you go out with your mom? To have strange men yelling your name and your moms name and crowds watching you and snapping pictures like a fish in a fishbowl???

Rich people such as Katie Holmes don’t need to go shopping for groceries. When she just moves into a $12,000 apartment..YOU hire people to deliver your groceries. And she can clearly afford to do that.
This witch is crazier than Tom because she doesn’t mind parading her child in front of paps. A pap was in the supermarket taking pics..and that’s normal?

BTW, how come no Hollywood celebs are rallying around her..because they all see that she’s the manipulative one in this divorce taking advantage of Cruise love for his child.

Katie homey as ever @ 07/08/2012 at 9:51 pm

Suri has been photographed since she was born! So the strange men
Are not a threat to her. Since the divorce guess Suri has been more
Clingy and her cousins did not help much! So tired od blaming the church
Having sources saying stuff when Tom has not been near the church or
talked about it. He has not been to scientology event that Kirstie Alley!
Was at promotes it too!

Katie homey as ever @ 07/08/2012 at 9:54 pm

Katie got a Whole Foods employee Fired!

Love The Shoes @ 07/08/2012 at 10:07 pm

@Sachet: Thank you! I have caught hell for saying as much but come on, it’s been Katie all along that Suri is constantly with and the child almost acts like she’s LETTING her dad in her presence only because her mom is allowing it. Katie is no angel here and if anything, she’s possibly the real nut.

Love The Shoes @ 07/08/2012 at 10:14 pm

@Green Girl: There are plenty of other celeb kids in her shoes and they thrive. yeah, you see an instance or two when they stick a tongue out or frown or shake a finger but for the most part, they’ve learnt to try and get on with it. Some just don’t want to see that Suri’s so totally Katified and just not a kid who’s been allowed much social interaction with peers or even other adults who aren’t her mom or security guard. It’s not the kids fault at all but it’s naive not to see that Katie is setting this kid up to be the next Huguette Clark if she’s not careful.

Yes… Leave them alone. This is truly traumatic for a six year old to go through. It was bad enuf that her psycho father prevented her from
having friends, and she probably has been subjected to his incessant profanity 24/7 as well as being up all hours at plays all over New York .

. This precious child has gone thru a great deal. Ok her mother carries her. So what. thank God she has Katie to calm her fears. Would you rather her be reading the occultic ‘Lyin-tology” material instead?

I know that the media follows these two around a lot but seriously, why is she still carrying the kid? I get that that can be scary for a child but she will have to deal with this for the rest of her life. Is Katie going to still be carrying her a year from now? Two years? How about until she is a teen? I can understand holding her hand and hugging her but carrying her and with a blanket is just strange. Better for her just to get use to the public attention!

American Dreamer @ 07/08/2012 at 10:49 pm

Is Katie Holmes getting paid a fee by Whole Foods to be seen walking in and out of their store all the time???

Or maybe she’s just spoiled, #14. Stop with the dumb speculating.

You mean out in public in broad daylight, #19?

And that’s any of your business how, #27?

Don’t believe everything you hear, #44.

Quit comparing and psychoanalyzing kids, #48.

That child is not autistic no matter how much you want her to be, #62 and #71.

Suri Cruise does normal kids things too, #82. Quit telling others how to raise their kids.

You sound like an idiot, #93.

How can you say something so false, #103?

You don’t know anything, #109.

Prevented his daughter from having friends, #110? There are plenty of photos showing her having fun with other kids her age.

I think we have a lot of paid Scientology loons on this post!

is that” the” TIM GUNN team Katie or just somebody using his name.

It does not bother other celeb children. Suri is just a brat.

@Katie homey as ever:

Tom might own the condo, but he does not live there. He lives in California.


And you hamlet are a scientologist. Everything I posted is true. Google it and find out for yourself. Oh, I forgot, you like others to do your work for you. However, many others over the course of the last five or so years have provided you links to the cult’s abusive ways, but as usual you ignore them. You deny being a xenu member, yet you defend this cult inspite of irrefutable evidence that they are abusive, money-grubbing lunatics.

No one is fooled Hamlet.

Suri is one angry child in that one photo

Go Ask Alice @ 07/08/2012 at 11:55 pm

OH COME ON!!!!!!
I was waiting for someone to say, well, with hoards of papapzzi around snapping and calling out kaite’s and Suir’s names,…blabblahblah, it is so scary for a child blahblahblah…IS NOT LOGICAL!!!!!

Then, if this logical now, by what you say, then Kaite will ned, same reasons, to carry Suir and her her blankey, and ther comfort crap when Suri is 7 yrs.old year. oh wait, how about when she is 8 yrs. old in two years.
The snapping and shouting papparaiz are NOT going away.
THEREFORE, Kaite should take her little child OUT of the paparrazzi’s view. Enter via underground grarage to mueseums. Backdoors. . Take her to Ohio. Buy a home in CT and let her be free.Build a life there.
Send her out with a nanny.
Move back to Hollywood/Beverly Hills and let her be free in their backyard, swimming and playing with friends. Get her enrolled in school and allow her to be a CHILD and go to playmates ‘ homes.
Take her out of the paps ‘s view. Kaite and Tom have worn this child like a watch or some accessory from day 1. Late night adult Broadway shows, late night eating binges, hanging around movie sets when she should ahve been at home with the nanny going on playdates and in nursery school, Pre-K, K, etc. Craz-zee!!!!

Don’t bring up how she has to be scene in public for her safety because of the CofS. REALLY, Kaite cann NOT keep Suri from her fahter, Tom Crazy Cruise.
She can have full custody. Custody over Suir’s schools, location, health decisions, everything BUT she cannot keep him away from HIS child. He is not a criminal, molestor, etc.
Tom Cruise will have visitation with his child and alone , without Kaite , with his child. kaite ahs made a deal with the devil, TOm’s lifestyle and she cannot get out of it. Suri will be influenced by him, his life, regardless.
Tom is not going to go like Nicole did.

If Kaite wants to take Surimout of Toms’ life, this child will really be damamged. Tom will fight and win, as he should. their divorce and private life will be a big money maker and Kaite’s biggest role.

Point blank, this child needs a home base where she can have privacy, not traveling like a vagabond as she has done all her short 6 yrs., school, stability, proper clothing for the weather/season, LOL, hair combed, proper food and Cof S diet, LOL, and NO ACCESS to the papparrazi.

Kaite shpuld request that , that Suri be outr of papz when with her fahter and with her too. No more putting this child on parade.

So, if Katie is getting a lot more money to keep everything hush hush, then her team should also add the condition that if any ill will happens to her, everything will be open in a tell all.

Go Ask Alice @ 07/09/2012 at 12:14 am

seen that should be and pardon my spelling typos.

Just My Opinion @ 07/09/2012 at 1:01 am

Here’s the Whole Foods Store 250 Seventh Street where
Katie and Suri will be buying their groceries.

Katie and Suri live at 255 Seventh Street which is literally next door to buy something. She could jump on the elevator and go down stairs and buy whatever she forgot. I’m loving it. Hopefully they have a nearby cleaners, shoe repair, park and a CVS or Duanne Readers (comprable to Rite Aid for Californias), and most importantly a school that Suri will love and make life long friends.

In this picture you can appreciate the CLOSENESS of Katie’s new apt and the proximately of Whole Foods Store (to the right side of the picture). Its so convienient. And after time when everything cools down and their less paparrazi after her she could also enjoy the subway system and really become a New Yorker. I love New York.

Just My Opinion @ 07/09/2012 at 1:11 am

In this picture you can appreciate the CLOSENESS of Katie’s new apt and the proximately of Whole Foods Store (to the right side of the picture). Its so convienient. And after time when everything cools down and their less paparrazi after her she could also enjoy the subway system and really become a New Yorker. I love New York.

Whoever recommended this apartment for Katie hit a home run. Its so convienient. Underground parking and a Whole Food store literally at the corner.



just shut up Hamlet.


Hamlet is the only one fooled. We’ve seen the proof! LOl

Go Ask Alice @ 07/09/2012 at 1:30 am


Unfrigen beleivable!!!!

Sorry people did not not give me any +’s, but I am right and you know it and still, it is wht it is , WEIRD!!
Kaite carrying this child and her blankey and other comfort crap like a 2yr. old is crazy.
Kaite has Suri riding in the baby seat in the shopping cart buggy is crazy.LOL!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Surir needs to off stage. Exit stage right. Leave the cameras view. Stop being used like an accessory by kaite and Tom.

Tom will get custody time with his child , Suri. he cannot be denied visitation with her. kaite can have full cusodty, etc., Tom is not amolestor, criminal, etc.

FREE SURI FREE SUIR let her live like a normal child now and in privacy.

@<a href="/2012/07/08/katie-holmes-suri-sunday-shoppers/@Just My Opinion: comment-page-5/#comment-23740495″>Just My Opinion: #125

We have CVS in California, too.

Poor kid already looks brainwashed.

Lots of creepy CO$ trolls running around here I see. Hopefully folks who possess the freedom to think their own thoughts (unlike the brainwashed cult creeps) see what’s really going on here and will disregard this transparent little hate campaign. CO$ is in big trouble, just a matter of time before that cult is completely exposed and all it’s evil doings are public knowledge. Wonder what will happen to all the weak-minded CO$ trolls then? Join a new cult?


Paid? Naw. Their only reward is to not be starved or beaten or locked up or treated like lepers. They are on these sites because they’ve been ordered to come on here and slag off Katie any way they can. Remember, people in CO$ are very weak-minded, inadequate humans, it doesn’t take much to make they obey like dutiful dogs.

@Katie homey as ever:

You are an excellent example of the quintessential CO$ troll. Very poorly educated, unable to apply logic to your thinking, completely ranting and nonsensical in your thought process. Go on back to your troll hole now.


I think it’s psychiatry, rather than psychology, that they’re against.

@Go Ask Alice: #128

Tom does not use Suri as an accessory, we never see him with Suri in public.

Look at that face in the close up of Suri. That is a mean little girl. She looks like the bad seed.

One thing these photo prove. Katie is sick. Carrying that big@ss girl like she is a baby, with baby blanket and all.

@Green Girl:

the holding and spoling and foolishness was always present..its did not start after the divorce

Scientology is a cult

Katie and Tom are not exposed to the bad aspects of it. If you read about those who defect you will realise that celebs like Tom sometimes dont get to see the horrible side

Katie does not seem to be leaving scientology, she is leaving TOM CRUISE

If she is leaving scientology, she will take a more active role in parenting the child and we wills ee changes in that child other than what we have always known

She and that child need to be somewhere safe and secure and away from the media glare..if she insists on NY, the hamptons is only an hour away ..her lawyer can always come to her and I do not know anyone who shops for groceries every single day in this stinky NYC

Shut up people! Katie carries Suri because I can’t stand little paparazzi! I think it shows that, as there is no nearby paparazzi a girl walks normally

I wonder why that child never is able to walk….Katie let her grow up..she’s six years old!!!!!

WICKED WENCH @ 07/09/2012 at 8:24 am

I truly hope Katie will take Suri on an extended vacation outside the city to a location that will also allow Katie to continue working and filming. Suri needs to learn and understand what “normal” (or non-Hollywood) is; she needs to go to school with non-celebrity children her own age so that she can experience normal, progressive emotional development that will allow her to successfully integrate into society without becoming one of those spoiled, elitist HW kids.

If Katie loves Suri, loves her more than herself, her work or anything else in the world, she will do that.

And she’ll keep her away from the Scientology goonies…

From the pictures its obvious that Suri has some developmental issues, some sensory processing issues. I hope Katie will realize and get help that is needed. I work with children with autism, they extremely loving, caring and clever individuals but socially they appear different from other children.

I can’t believe how such a dangerous organisation like Scientology can be allowed in the U.S. Katie is doing the right thing by getting divorced, because Suri is reaching an age where Scientology will take control over her. Tom Cruise is a douchebag and idiot for not realizing what he does to his family by using methods of Scientology on them. Scientology just wants his money and uses his fame for their good. Poor family!!!

i just want to scream and shake her to put the kid down and leave her at home sometimes. that child does not need to be with her 24/7 in the limelight. i think thats the only reason she does carry her around, to get noticed!!!! this woman needs help and while i am no freakin fan of tom neither, he needs to step up and this behaviour needs to end already.

really wish katie would stop carrying suri,she is 6 years old not 2.she can walk

Go Ask Alice @ 07/09/2012 at 4:48 pm


Not recently because he was promoting Rock of Ages , a flop, and he is working on another movie.

He and kaite ahve been having this child tag along like a piece of luggage for years.
Google the pix to see.

not telling her how to raise her HAMLET, just observing
not claiming to know everything like you are


All true and well and good, but as you see today, Katy caved and all the fancy wording in the world can’t change the outcome.

TC will never let Suri go. Scino need her for publicity for TomCat same as always.

The same thing will happen to her as happened to Bella and Conner Cruise. it may be hidden in words right now, but the outcome remains the same .

Katie is a mother protecting her daughter from the photographers. Any good mother would do that. I’m sure Suri wanted to be held. She may have gotten scared. Katie Holmes is a very bright, strong woman. I left a controlling man & it is not easy. I’m proud of her. She did it with dignity.

DEB GUARINO @ 07/10/2012 at 9:24 pm

LOVE Katies bag she keeps carrying, it is like an orange colored mesh tweedy fabric hobo,,,anyone know the brand???

Ok for those justifying this huse girl being carried around with a closet of toys bc they are followed by paparazzi realize that many times katie among many others calls them paparazzi!! Thousands of celebrities live in ny and manage to do so unbothered. How do they know exactly when to be at her apartment?: People have witnessed her team arranging these photo ops and also witnessed her when she chooses to be more discreet. (which she manages to do very well when she wants to!) So Im not sure the “poor suri” response is appropriate. There is an enormous amount of calculation and purpose that goes into their photo ops (we see a new pic everyday for weeks on end, and then there are months therIe is nothing). PR PR PR…BS BS BS and finally, suri is extremely rude to them and she is constantly egging them on by staring at them instead of ignoring them like most kids do, and by reacting to them and playing games with them etc…and then acting all angry at them with her clenched jaw “angry” face…disturbing. I hope the articles that say holmes is disciplining her more are true. I also wish they would be less public bc I am so angered everytime I have to see that privileged (yet so unappreciative) girl’s face every day all over the internet. Btw some of the comments on this site are hilarious!

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