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Alexander Skarsgard: LAX Arrival with Lucy Griffiths!

Alexander Skarsgard: LAX Arrival with Lucy Griffiths!

Alexander Skarsgard and his True Blood co-star Lucy Griffiths make their way out of LAX Airport on Sunday (July 8) in Los Angeles.

It was just announced that the 35-year-old actor’s summer flick Battleship will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 28!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The Blu-ray disc will include many special features, including an alternate ending, a behind the scenes look at the visual effects of the film, a tour of the USS Missouri, a look at the actors in their military training, and much more!

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167 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: LAX Arrival with Lucy Griffiths!”

  1. 1
    Hanna Says:

    It’s not a mystery woman, it’s his co-worker Lucy Griffiths (true blood)!

  2. 2
    Lyn Says:

    FYI Jared that’s not a “Mystery woman” that’s Lucy Griffiths who plays Nora on True Blood. And Alex was coming back from Sweden while Lucy was coming back from London. They’re friends.

  3. 3
    awww Says:

    Im jealous

  4. 4
    Rebecca Says:

    The “mystery gal” plays Nora on True Blood.

  5. 5
    ladybug Says:

    Oh for the love of the flying spaghetti monster JJ!

  6. 6
    Din Says:

    Mystery Woman
    haha :D

  7. 7
    ladybug Says:

    JJ’s become a relationship troll.

  8. 8
    DeeDee Says:

    Hmmm Alexander was in Sweden, so they both flew back from Sweden together?

  9. 9
    BEAN Says:

    I hope they are dating!! Chemistry and she is sooooo pretty

  10. 10
    Lilla Says:

    @ladybug: You know he can’t have female friends. :)

    I guess he’s back for Comic Con, then he starts filming in Canada right?

  11. 11
    RHONYC Says:

    that Lucy Griffiths sure did have one of the toughest 1st scenes on TB.

    all that kissing & sweating w. Skarsie must’ve been real ‘hard’ work! lol ;-)

  12. 12
    Lilla Says:

    @DeeDee: He was flying back from Sweden (via London) She was flying out of London. They were on the same plane from London.

  13. 13
    Scarlett Says:

    Lucy Griffiths came back from london….. Saw the video of them on YouTube. Looks like they went their separate ways. Cute friendship though!!!!

    The video of them

  14. 14
    Rebecca Says:

    Love the quick article title change!! Maybe JJ staff should do a little fact checking before publishing their stories….

  15. 15
    lori Says:

    He like boys anyway. that’s the only way to explain 2 years with Kate Bosworth!

  16. 16
    Rachel Says:

    Hmmm so he flew out of his way (not flying directly from Stockholm to LA as usual) making an extra stop-over so he could fly with Lucy from London to LA…??!!
    I smell round two of the dating rumors.

  17. 17
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @13- Do believe she caught a flight from London but don’t think they went their separate ways. AS’s good ole MO of talking in his hand giving instructions to separate is alive and well I see. LOL. This guy. It’s ironic though in this video he seems to be the more animated one and Lucy seems more like sullen Alex when he was with KB. Talk about role reversal.

    By the way I enjoyed the Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric vampire scooby thing alot. :)

  18. 18
    annagotohim Says:

    he’s too dreamy for words.

  19. 19
    Scarlett Says:

    Lol I doubt. He has been seen at the London airports before. Lets not start getting the crazies starting shall we. Anyway what ever happen to anne or whatever? I thought people were fixed they were dating.

  20. 20
    @19 Says:

    You usually take at least one stop. That be hell if you dont.

  21. 21
    Rachel Says:

    Awh but the crazies are so entertaining LOL.
    Btw, Last nights episode of TB was the best I’v seen in a long time.

  22. 22
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    There will never be a mystery woman as far as AS is concerned. His fans will research until they find who it is. Look at today took a whole of maybe 5 minutes to get the title changed.LOL.

  23. 23
    bonnie Says:

    He’s beautiful, but has he lost some weight?

  24. 24
    maria Says:

    i remember another fly he went back from sweden and firts go to london and them come back to LA. with stephen moyer.

  25. 25
    Delilah Says:

    Oh yeah. This movie was so poor that only the inordinate amount of “special gifts” can help this.

    I still can’t believe that he – being a pretty good actor – decided to play in it.

  26. 26
    Strange Says:

    Loved the show last night . Can’t wait to see the next . True Blood has the best cast to me on tv. Loved the barking scene . Now this is the Sookie i like . Alex still hot as hell.

  27. 27
    Disney Villainess Says:

    @Scarlett: Um the Looney Tunes battalion have already f*ckin’ started, and the morality police will be here any second now, LOL.

    By the way, Helloooooooooooo Skarsy, lookin’ as fine as you wanna look.<3

    @hmmmmmmm: “There will never be a mystery woman as far as AS is concerned. His fans will research until they find who it is.”
    LOL, Hell yes, they’ll Google and Bing up that heffa within a nanosecond.

  28. 28
    rach Says:

    Maybe they are dating but why must every actor be dating every woman they’re seen with. Don’t people have co-workers or friends of the opposite sex anymore?

  29. 29
    Lyn Says:

    @Rachel: No he always has a stopover in London. There are no direct flights from Stockholm to LA, unless you’re on some private G6

  30. 30
    Scarlett. Says:

    @Disney Villainess
    They are freaking creepy. So lets enjoy the little quite time we have. hahah @Rach.
    Don’t feed into the crazies. haha but agree. They are just walking out the airport. ohh boy. Anna Paquin and him have done this before. Doesn’t mean their is a steaming affair going on.

  31. 31
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @Disney Villainess – heya. I confess I have googled for a sec and done my fair of search but just for sec. LOL. Hey, I mentioned on my post 17 that it seems like AS has done a role reversal. Lucy looks so sullen ( I am like at least give him a nod or smile) and he’s trying to be all talky. Dont know why I got the thumbs but you know forget it I know why. LOL.

    He losing his bulk but he is still his lanky cute self.

  32. 32
    Scarlett. Says:

    Going to switch topics here. How did everyone like last night episode? i like how they are going with this season.

  33. 33
    Lauren Says:

    wtf is she wearing? My gran had shoes like that in 1980.

  34. 34
    ghshdhf Says:

    @31 She problem tired doesn’t feel like taking you know?
    @27 I must stand to same i have definitely done my share of stalking.

  35. 35
    karl Says:

    well duh ofcourse they came together, they are a couple…

  36. 36
    Lilla Says:

    @Rachel, when I worked in LA, I always had a layover in London.

    I really liked last nights show. The scene in Sookie’s kitchen was so funny!!

  37. 37
    Lyn Says:

    @hmmmmmmm: You can see in the video she’s not used to the paparazzi and is keeping her head down. He’s learned how to ignore them.

  38. 38
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @34- I don’t know with AS talking I could give a tired smile but maybe he was talking her ear off on the plane and she like ugggh. Some people on planes are not talky types. LOL.

  39. 39
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @37- Yeah it could be nervousness.

  40. 40
    ghshdhf Says:

    @38 I am with you. I could be on my deathbed but still will push a smile out. She looks tired plus what @37 said. The paparazzi. but she looks like she wants to tell him cape a lid on it. hahaha
    I like it was funny. one of my favorites.

  41. 41
    Lucy is great Says:

    With all due respect Lucy had a long flight then to get off The plain have paps shoved in her face. Alexander making polite conversation paps asking stupid question to alex
    yeah I wouldn’t feel very talkative even if Alex was next to me, or maybe alex talked all the way on the flight and just wanted get away and go home,
    and notice she kept well out of the view of the camera distant herself from alex when they were walking to there cars.
    She has no interests in the paps or getting any dating rumors started I say good for Lucy.

  42. 42
    mforman Says:

    Poor AS this man is not allowed to have women that are friends and/or co workers, it is ridiculous.
    AS has done the same thing more than once with Anna P, flying home from Londo with her, that has always heen his stop over. I believe he has even done the same airport arrival with Stephen M.
    Seriously, just leave him alone already.
    Now he goes to Comic Con and then to Canada to film The Hidden.
    It was so nice to see how relaxed he looked after being home for even a short period of time.
    The funny thing is the trolls just live for this stuff. There is no back up, it is completely innocent, yet they are going to jump on this like crazy. This could have been just a girl walking along side him in the airport and they would have started their usual crazy rumors, it actually is getting funnier and funnier, I mean seriously, according to their rumors, when does this poor man eat, sleep and work. They truly are a scary bunch.

  43. 43
    Scarlett Says:

    @Lucy is great
    Not to be weird or anything but i love this comment. And i 100 percent agree. Lucy seems nice from interviews. And i have in and out of Alex’s boards. People are freaking crazy. Calling people below their names just because of a rumor and their creepy obsessions. Shes feeling uncomfortable. Quite obvious she doesn’t want to be there.

    Where have you been? You could of crushed a whole a lot of crazies dreams and hopes.

  44. 44
    Airport Says:

    but how did he know that she was at the airport at the same time? apparently they stay in contact all the time cause they’re dating.

  45. 45
    Macy Says:

    LOL whatever man, you’re were saying you had inside info on Ann V, etc etc. You change your opinions and “info” like farts in the wind.

  46. 46
    Scarlett Says:

    @Airport @karl
    Please stop right there. Before you two embarrass your self even more.


  47. 47
    karl Says:

    who is anna v?

  48. 48
    Astro Says:

    TRUE BLOOD, Alexander Skarsgard Dating Adam Levine’s Ex Girlfriend, Anne?
    Who is True Blood hottie, Alexander Skaarsgard, dating now? If rumors are true, the sexy Vampire has latched on to Adam Levine’s ex girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsnya. Ouch, that’s got to hurt for the Maroon 5 singer.

    Born under the sign of Virgo, Skarsgard, can be a very picky guy when it comes to love. Recently spotted partying at Roosevelt Hotel, the sexy Vampire was alone. Although a “handful of girls” approached the True Blood hunk, he spent the evening “mostly under the radar.”

    Most recently, Alex was romantically linked to Victoria Secret model, Anne Vyalitsyna, who’s a Pisces girl. Is this just another hot fling or a perfect cosmic love match?

    For Skarsgard a Virgo, he’s the polar opposite of Anne. He’s smart, sexy, and independent. With a wicked sense of humor, he definitely has a bad boy streak to him. For Anne, she’s definitely romantic and feminine. She knows how to wrap a man around her pretty little finger, she presents an exciting challenge for him.

    Astrologically speaking, Anne Vyalitsyna reportedly split from ex boyfriend, Adam Levine,  because she wanted to get married. Unfortunately for our girl, she’s latched on to another commitment phobe, Alex Skarsgard. Born under the sign of Bachelor, mixed with being Swedish, marriage doesn’t rate high on his list for things to do. Astrochicks chalks this up to another notch on his bed post. What a lucky girl.

    When it comes to love, Astrochicks predicts Alex will opt for a live in love situation, and becoming a daddy. Most likely, we think he will choose a girl from Sweden, who understands his moods and will give him the freedom he needs. Our astrological prediction is that Skarsgard will be ready for a more serious commitment in late 2013. For now, he’s single and ready to mingle.

  49. 49
    joy Says:

    Yeah. They just happened to run into each other. Cmon look at her pants. They’re destined to be together. Just kidding but they’re very cute together.

  50. 50
    @lucy is great Says:

    every actor/actress likes attention and so does lucy. all this avoiding paps thing and not liking to get papped she’s doing it on purpose because she knows that alex likes that kind of women. i actually think she’s a down to earth type but a little bit is intended because of alex.
    even if thery’re not a couple or dating whatever i think he really cares for her cause in every video he is touching her in some way.

  51. 51
    ugly lucy Says:

    her outfit is awful!!!!

  52. 52
    @50 Says:

    Totally disagree. Even when she was in Robin Hood. She was hardly photographed. Only on the red carpet. Shes uncomfortable. Lets not play stupid.

  53. 53
    This HW Says:

    Come on people this is HW it’s all about THE BUZZ, THE TALK THE GOSSIP. Clearly this was arranged. Alex did arrive the last time the same day as Stephen but not the same flight. I am sure Alex would have known when Stephen would be flighting if he wanted to fly together but that never happened. Now LG this is obviously a different story for what ever reason maybe to get Lucy some buzz, I am sure even if she Pretends to not like the attention. Please she is a new actress in HW she needs the buzz, plus since TB is out and whatever they want their client to get more jobs. Her character on TB is a dead bolt anyways.
    So how to create buzz than simply place two co workers coming from the airport looking innocent but room for gossip even JJ said mystery woman. I am going to go with that they slept together too there is something between them I am sure of this. It’s not like when Alex approach any of his other female co workers. Something happened between I am going to go with they slept together or are FWB and Alex calm it down since he is loving being Single and linked to so many different types of women. LG is just in the dust and he or his manger. I mean their mangers are sending some crumbles her way.
    Either ways this is no coincidence people, This is HW.

  54. 54
    Another one ! Says:

    Another fame@***** …… Pretending to be disinterested in AS and distant herself a bit keeping her head down and not talk to the paps because she knows alexander doesn’t like paps… Trying to be his girlfriend .get her name out there,…….. Cleaver gurl …………….

  55. 55
    Scarlett Says:

    @This HW

    That awkward moment when no gossip site are reporting on them.

  56. 56
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @41- It seems she does have no interest in becoming fodder for the cameras because they didn’t even say goodbye she just kind of drifted away to probably meet him at the other side away from the cameras. Can’t blame her if it was her decision to do so.

  57. 57
    @54 Says:

    i totally agree with you.

  58. 58
    ladybug Says:

    @This HW: Dude, the full moon was last week. Also, lay off of the glue.

    @Rebecca, I don’t JJ really fact checks when puts up a post, but they do read the comments and often update the post, as he did here.

    @Lyn, I thought that SAS had tried a direct route ages ago, but dropped it fairly quickly. So, yes, despite the crazies and their conspiracy theories, he’s going to have to stop somewhere between LA and Stockholm, he apparently prefers London.

    To the people who think they’re dating, so why weren’t there any sightings of them together in Sweden? Or of him with Anne V?

    “even if thery’re not a couple or dating whatever i think he really cares for her cause in every video he is touching her in some way.”
    Um, he’s very touchy-feely (well except with the last gf), he’s that way with fans as well, so I really wouldn’t read to much into that. I’m sure he likes her, but ‘really cares’ is probably a stretch.

  59. 59
    This HW Says:

    STFU get a life bug. All you do is take possession of JJ threads. Do you have any friends or life you are on here all the time. ALL THE TIME. Do you live here? How is the rent? You should get off the glue like now you’ve been on it far too long, you still can’t let go of KB too just let it go. I am just telling you how I see it.

  60. 60
    ugly lucy Says:

    everybody knows the kind of girls he likes, K.Bos change her style and looks annoyed when she was papped with him ( but we know that she loves it!) so lucy change her attitude as well to trap him like K.Bos did.

  61. 61
    Scarlett Says:

    @This HW
    Shutup. No need to so defensive. Gosh who cares. At the end of the day we are all sitting in front of a computer screen. Can we just change the subject and talk about the show last night? Gosh

  62. 62
    ladybug Says:

    @This HW: So, you know I’m all the threads all the time how? Because you’re on them?
    Do you understand the term ‘projection’?

    As for the ex, um, do you really think that has anything to do with him? So is that why you troll over here? You think it’s ***-for-tat?

    (puts self in corner for responding to troll)

  63. 63
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @61- Can’t really change the subject with that kind of headline and picture.LOL But I will say this concerning LG’s Nora. I think Nora is being played by Salome.

  64. 64
    rose Says:

    He says he’s single, and I believe him. He’s always rumoured to be with so many women. How does he find the time? I will say that as well as being gorgeous, he seems like such a nice, humble guy, and any woman would be lucky to have him.

  65. 65
    Whycantipost Says:

    @@This HW:
    #59: Very funny how you know Ladybug is on here all the time.. How do u know this? Are u here all the time too? Do you stalk her? Questions, questions, all the mysteries..

    On topic: I once saw photos of Anna and Skars arriving at the same time, also at LAX (must be his special ladiesmeetingspot!). I think we can conclude this means Skars is her babydaddy, because Behhhhlll was nowhere to be seen at that time. Or he is the father of one of her babies. Or both. Or the babies are a mixture between Behllll, Skars and Manjello. Since the almost s.eksi scene from last night looked ‘omg soooo real, I saw almost 1/3 of a peen’ I am sure it was Manjello who impregnated her. True story. Oh Anna, you dirty girl!

    Think it’s just coincedence they arrived at the same time. Most planes from Sweden make a stop in London (I know this because I am a jealous, very fat Skarsfangirl, and planning how to kidnap him and crash a plane on a deserted island to repopulate together). Since they probably had to be at the same TB-event soon they left their hometowns at the same time, and voila, same plane.
    I do find her cute though, and godawfully pretty. I almost consider giving up my spot on the Skars-deserted island to her.

  66. 66
    liz Says:

    They are probably just co workers and friends. It’s not uncommon for him to have friends who happen to be female. But if they are more, she is definitely an improvement from Kate Bosworth.

  67. 67
    ladybug Says:

    @Lilla: Comic-Con’s not until Saturday, I’d thought he’d stay in Sweden until Thursday or Friday.
    Even though TB’s wrapped primary filming for the season, I wonder if they both aren’t doing some post-production stuff. Or maybe she was just trying escape London’s weather.

    @hmmmmmmm: I think that Nora’s being played by Salome, who’s being played by Lillith-or the character showing up who will be claiming to be Lillith.
    Eric’s probably a little surprised that his vamp sister appears to be the vamp equivalent of a religious fundamentalist/true believer.

  68. 68
    Mia Says:

    Lucy seems like a very sweet girl. Does anybody else think she has amazing skin and looks stunning in these pics with what appears to be no makeup? Alex looks hot as ever. Glad we finally have a new post :-) Looking forward to ComicCon.

  69. 69
    Lilla Says:

    @ladybug: Maybe he wanted to get over the jet lag? I got back to NY 2 days ago & I’m still battling it. Or, like you said, they still may have things to finish up on TB.

    Anyone else think that Salome is the one that released Russell? I don’t think it was Nora.

  70. 70
    Mia Says:

    @Lilla: Welcome back to the U.S. Lilla ;-) I think it was Salome. The way she moved gave it away in my opinion. She definitely has a hidden agenda. And since you are back in NYC, can you confirm Eric’s comment that it smells like pee and the people are rude? LOL

  71. 71
    Texas Swede Says:

    @Mia: I think it was Salome as well. I based my opinion on the position of the pendant. Nora wears hers higher than Salome does.

  72. 72
    Macy Says:

    Now you’re going to pretend like you don’t know who she is? You were yapping on another thread about her, about the skydiver, about a married woman at the pool with Alex, etc. Give it up already, nobody believes anything you have to say.

  73. 73
    ladybug Says:

    @Texas Swede: Some of the other TB related sites have thought it was Nora because of the mole, but now they’ve realized that Salome also has moles there as well.

    Another site pointed out that this vamp was able to dig out Russell without help, so would indicate and old and powerful vamp, which also points to Salome.

    @Lilla: five days to get over jet lag? His age is catching up with him! :)

  74. 74
    maria Says:

    glad to see a new post of alexander after a lot of days without one. i like the last ep. but i think was slow to the firts and goes better to the ends minutes. and skarsgard look much more thinner, maybe dont go to the gym in sweden,i think.

  75. 75
    Amy Says:

    Not a fan of the character Nora. I think the character is boring and predictable. Hopefully this is her last season. I bet Lucy is a nice person, but Nora is a character that should be taken out by Russell.

  76. 76
    Trolls are out Says:

    In full force today

    Well there is comic con saturday if Lucy is going to be there? and you trolls can examine all the evidence of Lucy and Alex from Insiders gossip, fan eye witness encounters to pics
    and of all the other women Alex interacts with at the parties from actresses to models,to unknowns beauties strolling in his domain
    Pop candies always have the best vids happy full report hunting trolls

  77. 77
    ladybug Says:

    @Amy: I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric takes her out, actually. But I also don’t think most of the Authority is going to survive to the end, so perhaps they’ll all start staking each other around the conference table.

  78. 78
    Lena Says:

    OMG, her shoes!!! And the ‘pants’… Horrible outfit :(

  79. 79
    ladybug Says:

    @Lena: The shoes are moccasins/moccasin style, very comfy, especially for long flights. The leggings pattern isn’t what I would have chosen. But, she dressed for comfort, not to be papped, so good for her.

    @Trolls are out: She’s not listed as being part of the panel, which doesn’t mean she won’t be there.
    Michael McMillian isn’t part of the TB panel either, but he’ll be there for his other stuff, so hopefully he’ll do some photobombing, perhaps ‘crash’ the panel.

  80. 80
    ladybug Says:

    “Yes. And the flatness of the chest where the mole is matches Salome more. Nora’s mole lays at the rise of her breasts. This is really crazy that we’re looking so closely at these women’s chest. :PP

    LoL what we do for this show :D

    Do we have a picture of Nan’s chest?

    Sorry, I am sure we do somewhere, but … this made me laugh out loud. :))

    And of course Lilith but we haven’t met her yet. We were talking about this on AP today. LOL. Comparing chests and all. Though I did notice the necklace is hung higher in the flashback. Closer to the neck. Could someone get a hold of an Authority necklace perhaps from a dead Authority Rep too? Just saying. I’m not ruling Jessica out quite yet.”

  81. 81
    Lois Says:

    I think that Russell is Salome’s maker. It makes sense since Russell is 3000 and according to the Bible, Salome requested the head of John the Baptist (who baptized Jesus) and which would put her at 2000+ years.

  82. 82
    chelle Says:

    OK it’s really really really bad when I can’t even enjoy new Skars post…. I’m missing hubby so bad right now all I can do is cry.

  83. 83
    ladybug Says:

    How many more months of deployment?

  84. 84
    Lilla Says:

    @Mia: Tussen tack! It’s good to be back! Two of my brothers flew back with me (pray for my sanity), and after they watched the show, they said Eric’s wrong, at least about the smell! I told them to go experience the subway. I haven’t met anyone really rude though. Before I came to the east coast I was warned that people were rude, but I personally haven’t experienced it in NY or Philadelphia. I like it here.

    Yes, the way she moved was what gave her away for me too! That & the close up of Nora’s pendant, it was too obvious, you know?

    Lois, that is a really good theory! I never even thought about that.

    Chelle :(

  85. 85
    ladybug Says:

    @Lilla: Another site pointed out that vamps do have an increased sense of smell, so would smell the urine.
    I think it was funny that it was Eric who had that line, knowing how much Alex loves NYC.

  86. 86
    Lois Says:


    Then Eric should be able smell the pretzels, hot dogs and…well, the vomit just as easily as the urine ; 0

  87. 87
    I wonder why Says:

    @hmmmmmmm: I’ve always thought how he’s so active and energetic after flights. It’s weird

  88. 88
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: 4 more months then I am chaining him in a basement!

    I’m actually liking this season even Tara (don’t hit me!) In the preview Chris Meloni is looking pretty fine in his polo! Please tells me that King Russell rips out Sookies throat…. that would shut her whiny ass up!

  89. 89
    Lilla Says:

    @ladybug: Good point about the heightened senses. I know, first the IKEA reference, then NY. He has great lines, I wish he had more air time.

  90. 90
    chelle Says:

    @Lilla: people weren’t really rude per say but I did get tired of people asking me to talk to them (southern accent ) and definitely got tired of being asked if we wear shoes in the south… I mean really???

  91. 91
    Macy Says:

    I’ve wondered about Russell being her maker too. Clearly he’s a sanguinista so I wonder if he was the one who turned Nora and the kid vamp onto it. If he made Salome, then Salome would have trusted him to be around Nora. Salome clearly has another agenda and she may even be a sanuinista herself, but hiding it better.

  92. 92
    Lilla Says:

    @chelle: Are you serious? That’s, well I have no words. I get asked to speak a lot too. My parents said that I sounded American when I spoke English, but I guess I still have an accent when I’m here. It’s thick now because of being home.

  93. 93
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @87- I don’t know he’s looked tired and jet lagged in pics too. I guess it depends how much rest you get before or how long is the flight. I just don’t get too deep with analyzing things like that to be honest.

    @Lois- I think you maybe on to something with Salome and Russell. Nora could be payback for Talbot. We’ll see.

    Oh and I really the famewhore tag is used so easily when it comes to any woman AS is linked to. Not cool.

  94. 94
    concerned Says:

    @chelle: the one time i was in nyc i had drinks lined up on the bar for everytime i said ya’ll so i can understand the sentament…

  95. 95
    ladybug Says:

    @Lois: That wouldn’t have been as much fun! :)

  96. 96
    lafamepoma Says:

    i want to watch what maisie knew, when it is gonna release, i think it would be a really charm movie

  97. 97
    ladybug Says:

    @hmmmmmmm: Hasn’t he said he has a hard time sleeping on flights? And here he’s all chatty and she’s: I just spent 9 hours on a plane. Why are you so bloody energetic and chatty?” :)

    @lafamepoma: The only movie with a release date is Disconnect, and that’s next April.

  98. 98
    Mia Says:

    @Lilla: I totally missed the IKEA reference. In what episode did Eric refer to it? I love IKEA, by the way. And yes, I agree, we need more Eric airtime. Just can’t get enough of the guy! ;-)

  99. 99
    Strange Says:

    The first episode when Nora was trying to help Eric & Bill escape his alias name they gave him was Ike Applebaum . The first 4 letters Ike A.

  100. 100
    Mia Says:

    @Strange: Ha! I didn’t even think of that. Clever. Thanks!

  101. 101
    emilia Says:

    oh we have askars and lucy shippers

  102. 102
    Shippers Says:

    We have
    Alex and Elizabeth Olsen shippers
    Alex and Charlize shippers
    Alex and Rhianna shippers
    Alex and Lucy shippers
    Alex and Anna v shippers
    Alex and mystery blonde shippers (chateau marmont )
    Alex and any other mystery women shippers.

  103. 103
    Texas Swede Says:

    @Shippers: Can we all chip in, buy em a boat, and sail it to another gossip port?

    I wanna talk anything Alex except possible gf’s. I am enjoying TB so far this season. Loved the Sookie/ Alcide moment of truth. LOL The walk of the woman who dug up Russell is the only thing that has me undecided between Nora and Salome. I wonder if Nora is an older vampire than Eric? Could she be Salome’s blood sister or daughter? I think Salome is behind it and charmed Nora into something. But I think Nora realizes now she was lied to and used.

    Let’s put some deep thought into it folks. What do you “really” think is up?

  104. 104
    ladybug Says:

    @Texas Swede: I don’t think I’ve seen an age for Nora (unlike Roman), but I’m under the impression that she’s much younger, though still several hundred years old.
    I don’t think Salome is ‘related’ to Nora, but they’re very, very close. Is it possible that Nora’s behaving as if she’s a Sanguinista when she’s not? Absolutely. I still think everyone on the Authority is playing a game with each other, and are not to be trusted anymore than the Sanguinistas.

  105. 105
    FFS Says:

    @Texas Swede:

    Since when do you dictate what people discuss? Its a gossip site. Get over it. There are lots of very nice regulars on here but you are not one of them. For the record, he’s probably seeing a whole bunch of women. So what? People are still allowed to comment on it. You are not a moderator.

  106. 106
    ladybug Says:

    @FFS: Since when is she dictating what people discuss? Asking and dictating are two different things.

  107. 107
    mforman Says:

    @Texas Swede—I agree with you, please everyone lets just talk about how great this season is and all the great storylines.
    I think Salome is behind everything. I think she let Russell out and I think she is like Nora’s mom, especially since Nora lost Godric and was always around Salome. Wasn’t it interesting Nora gave up that kid vampire, not with torture but when Salome went to her and asked. I think Roman is getting played the fool because he really trusts Salome.
    This is definitely by far the best season that TB has had. I loved when Sookie got sick and Eric says, “Alcide you really know how to show a woman a good time.” That was great, and when Sookie starts laughing like crazy at the table and Bill and Eric just follow her with their eyes, and don’t say a word, their faces were so funny, they said it all with just looks.
    The whole authority could be under Salome’s influence, she is one of my favorite biblical characters, and I am so glad they are giving her such a juicy storyline.
    Each time we get to see a clip for the following week it looks better and better.

  108. 108
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    We have ( with comments added by moi)
    Alex and Elizabeth Olsen shippers – that ship is in port for now
    Alex and Charlize shippers – that ship had sailed I think
    Alex and Rhianna shippers – that ship may have been a port in the storm
    Alex and Lucy shippers – this ship is presently docked. Have to wait and see
    Alex and Anna v shippers – this ship may have wrecked?
    Alex and mystery blonde shippers (chateau marmont ) – another port in the storm
    Alex and any other mystery women shippers – fleet’s in!!

    I say SHIP AHOY!!!! I wonder how cute Alex looked in his sailors hat when he graduated.

  109. 109
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @ladybug- I think when Lilith come into play we’ll see more of what’s drives some in this whole belief and politics thing going on with the vamps.

  110. 110
    Lilla Says:

    @Mia: It was when Nora was giving Eric & Bill new names. Eric was going to be Ike Applebaum. I’m not sure what episode it was, but it was so funny.

    I really like the Tara/Jessica scenes this week. This is the first show in the whole series that I didn’t hate Tara. The one thing that bothers me about this season is the whole ‘vampires killed Jason & Sookie’s parents’ thing. That really annoys me.

  111. 111
    FFS Says:

    @TexasSwede, Ladybug and the ever-present MForman, this post was all about how he got photographed at an airport with a woman, so of course posters will want to speculate if they are more than friends. Texas Swede and her passive aggressive directives leave me cold.

  112. 112
    Texas Swede Says:

    @FFS: Not dictating just trying to get a little conversation going about something other than his possible lovelife. Sorry to have rocked the boat.

    But let me be as straight forward about this as I can. I don’t want you to mistake me for being passive/aggressive at all. If you don’t like what I have to say…either ignore it or get over it. Your really showing your hag by your post.

    What does FFS stand for anyway?

  113. 113
    Texas Swede Says:

    I am loving your maritime report.

    I have seen a pic of him in his fatigues and he looked great. Sweden’s Naval dress uniforms are niceeeeeee. I bet he looked wow.

    Yeah I got this thing for men in uniform.

  114. 114
    Texas Swede Says:

    @Texas Swede: And just to let you know, I have no problem discussing a girlfriend of his. I am just over folks trying to hook him up instantly whenever there is a pic taken with a woman in it. They were seen leaving the airport at the same time. No one knows if she was flying in from London or not. Remember the post started out as Alex and a Mystery Woman? He was returning from Sweden. See what I mean. Post subject is kinda dull and cloudy. I like discussions with gumption in them.

    And that does not mean I have to slam folks to have it.

  115. 115
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @Texas Swede- Well the post subject does have AS and ends of a exclamation point so that’s enough gumption for me. LOL.

  116. 116
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    oops-self grammar correction should read ” ends with a exclamation point. ”

    Me sleepy. Time for bed I think. :)

  117. 117
    Texas Swede Says:

    That is a lot nicer than what I was thinking…LOL.

    I agree. And Sweet Dreams to ya.

  118. 118
    ladybug Says:

    @FFS: This sort of thing happens all the time: commenters ask other commenters to: stop trolling, stop feeding the trolls, stay on topic, get off topic, stop discussing personal things, etc.

    And yes, the post is about Alex arriving at the airport with Lucy, and as I pointed out in one of my first comments, JJ was being a relationship troll, since he didn’t know it was his co-star. Frankly, the endless go-around of whom Alex is seen with can get boring very quickly.

    Texas Swede, passive-aggressive? No. But then you act like a regular who is using a different name to post under, so that I’d call being closer to being passive aggressive.

    @Texas Swede, FFS is probably For F**** Sake.

  119. 119
    Tess Says:

    I just love this guy….compare him to that *** Joe Manganiello:( Well you cant really. Manga cant act is up himself but Alex is beauitful inside and out. Hope he hits it off in more ways than one with Lucy!

  120. 120
    what's up Says:

    Just saw an interview for E! Kristen did and it was sooooo nice. They asked her something about Alex and she said he was better looking , sweeter and funnier in person. Awwwww

  121. 121
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @Tess- I think Lucy will be at Comic Con and my bet she’ll be sitting next to Alex. Maybe you’ll see some hits there.;)

  122. 122
    Update on Anne v Says:

    This is so laughable this Anne is getting desperate to date Alex or her PR team are working overtime to keep her in the news Didn’t a poster say somewhere on here I think , were going to get another article once Alex is back in LA. Well here it is kudos to that poster who predicted it.


    Anne’s Already ‘Serious’ About Alex
    True Romance! Victoria’s Secret Angel Anne Vyalitsyana is still aflutter over True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, 35, who she started seeing in June. “She’s in that nervous, waiting-for-him-to-call phase,” a source says of the model, 26, who ended a two-year relationship with Adam Levine in April. Adds a second pal, “They don’t have a title, but she’s ready for something serious!”

  123. 123
    penny Says:

    @Update on Anne v: I’m sure Alex doesn’t appreciate her spreading these stories all over the place. Not sure she will last, especially if he learnt his lesson from KB and wants to remain a private person.

  124. 124
    ladybug Says:

    @Lilla: The ‘vamps killed the Stackhouse parents’ storyline is strange. It’s either false-and the Fae are lying to Hadley for their own agenda. Or, it’s true and perhaps related to this:

    “Somebody that we always thought was very good is going to be very bad,” he shares after much thought, careful not to divulge any more than that.

  125. 125
    Whycantipost Says:

    @what’s up:

    Even hotter in person? Is Kristin trying to kill us? xD
    For the Anne V. story: *sigh* That’s all.

  126. 126
    misty Says:

    @Whycantipost: I agree. I’m convinced Alex is not of this world. He just seems so perfect :)
    Also for the stupid Anne V thing, double *sigh*

  127. 127
    mforman Says:

    This Anne V is the one of the most ridiculous and desparate women around. I mean she or her people, whoever is feeding this nonesense to USWEEKLY needs to stop, because it is truly just making her look foolish and a little bit like a stalker (sound familiar).
    The funniest thing about all this nonesense they keep printing, is not one sighting, they are usually not even in the same state or country when these crazy articles appear.
    This Anne V is really a famewhore and is trying any and everything to get attention and she knows his name gets that attention.
    I loved the Interview Kristin did on E NEWS, you can tell she just adores him. I am sure now people will start saying she is sleeping with AS, even though she is married. It doesn’t stop them, he is not allowed to have friends that are women, especially co stars. It is truly starting to become just a joke.

  128. 128
    Krey alor Says:

    Alex currently has a thing going with a very rich married Malibu real estate developer.

  129. 129
    Texas Swede Says:

    @Krey alor: And you know this how?

  130. 130
    Datalounge Says:

    E!News just reported that Alex is supposedly off the market with co-star Lucy Griffiths. Kristin Bauer von Straten wouldn’t comment one way or the other. Hmm…your move, Anne V.

    @Krey alor, Malibu real estate developer? Really. And he’s living in the mansion they used to film Queen Sophie Anne’s home. You’ve been listening to the trolls at the data lounge, haven’t you? Next time try retrolling something a little more current and preferably something David Ehrenstein wouldn’t point and laugh at.

  131. 131
    mforman Says:

    @Datalounge—Seriously, ENews, said it was rumored and supposedly they were just going off this ridiculous photo and the video. That was why Kristin made it very clear, that she only finds things out from ENews, like that is true, she was being sarcastic.
    Come on guys, when does poor AS sleep, eat, work, go out with his friends, I mean come on already. Men and women and especially coworkers are allowed to be friends.
    So I guess since they where on the same flight, him from a completely different country, makes no difference to anybody. Just a YouTube Video, with her looking miserable and acting extremely cool to him. I am sure she might have been tired, but she could have made small talk like he was doing, I don’t see why she had to act the way she was, to me she looked kind of rude. The only person she sought of talked to was the guy rolling her luggage, did she really need that, she couldn’t push the cart herself, I mean come on. AS was talking, just making small talk and she really is totally ignoring him. It is one thing to be tired and then another to be just rude.
    It would have been quite hard to keep this relationship secret, look at how fast we knew about him and Rachel Evan Wood, I mean really, that took no time before there were photos from just fans, that had seen them around. Pap photos you can sought of prevent, but when it comes to camera phones, that is another story.
    I am so glad that after Comic Con, he goes to film The Hidden, maybe all this nonesense will die down.

  132. 132
    Datalounge Says:

    @mforman, I agree with you. I think it’s just rumours too. I think all the gossip outlets scramble for whatever they can grab when it comes to Alex. They just can’t seem to get a fix on him. He’s like a slippery eel! I bet he sits back and laughs when he hears about some of this stuff.

    My point was that this kinda makes Anne V. look like bigger fool, if that’s possible. Lol! I guess she’ll be trying to get herself papped with Alex next. Start stalking him at his hang outs so she can make us believe? Oh wait, someone else already tried that, didn’t they? We know how that worked out. Helloooooo, Hobbit!

  133. 133
    ladybug Says:

    At least tomorrow night we’ll have the TB panel at Comic-Con.

    And Kristin will also be a panel tonight:

    4:15-5:15 Entertainment Weekly: Powerful Women in Pop Culture (aka Women Who Kick Ass!)— Fan-favorites Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood), Sarah Wayne Callies (Walking Dead), Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and the Beast), Nikki Reed (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2), and Anna Torv (Fringe) open up about the power and privilege of playing characters that have redefined the rules for women. Basically, a discussion with women who kick ass. Moderated by EW’s Lynette Rice. Ballroom 20

    @mforman, I can’t say I blame LG for being grumpy, it’s a looong flight, and some people are better at hiding their grumpiness, some aren’t (I’m not one of those that hides it well). Not the situation I’d be making small talk, even to someone whom I knew. Possible also that since she’s a coworker and knows him she’s doesn’t feel the need to be ‘nice’ and that he’ll understand. Also, she was being papped, and that’s probably a bit stressful for her, since it doesn’t really happen to her much (apparently not even back home where she’s more well known).

  134. 134
    Rock of ages Says:

    I doubt most people would want to talk about the panel it will be who Alexander was seen flirting and hooking up with is she his new GF ? with pop candies vids and fan witness encounters including lainey gossip giving her take on who Alex was seen with and rumoured GF like last year comic con 2011 It takes up most of boards.
    It’s a shame really comic con tb panel goes straight out of the window let’s talk about the girl Alex was seen with bla bla bla then the trolls are out giving there Insider knowledge that they were getting serious. Lol

  135. 135
    mforman Says:

    @Datalounge —–I agree with you that the gossip sites are getting frustrated because he wont back down and discuss things he said he wouldn’t, they would just rather make up this nonesense get what they can out of it and then when it dies down, they wait to strike again. The only thing he can do is laugh at all this ridiculous reporting (if that is what you can even call it).
    You are so right about the strange one known as Anne V, with each and every little post she or her people feed US WEEKLY or Life & Style, she looks more and more crazy, and quite foolish, I find it funny no other gossip outlets or magazines have even bothered mentioning this nonesense, maybe that is why Anne V., keeps trying to add more and more information everyone knows isn’t true, to each crazy post.
    You are so right she should see that crazy stalking and fake gossip postings just do not cut it.
    Poor AS, if she ever turns up somewhere where he is, we will probably see photos of him running, or his friends putting up a fence around him, she seriously scares me, even in some of her photos she looks a little off.
    @ladybug—-As I said I am sure she was tired, but come on, she didn’t have to be all smiley and happy, but seriously just a little small talk would have done no harm. I do not think even you after a long flight would act the way she was if someone was talking to you, even if your answers where just yes or no. Truthfully the paps were really talking to AS, not her, they didn’t even approach her. Sorry she is famous, I am sure she is used to being fillmed by the paps, but they really were ignoring her. Even if you know someone and work with them, and are friends with them, her behavior was just awful. I mean she was okay to talk to the man pushing her lugguage cart, I mean seriously. I really am shocked each time I have watched that video, she is just plain nasty and very cold.
    AS had the longer flight and he was shaking hands and thanking that fan that came up to him, of course he ignored the paps as he usually does, but he must have gotten into his car and said, “what is her problem.”

  136. 136
    Curious Says:

    Mforman did you notice towards the end of the video heading towards there cars LG and AS went there separate ways nither of them said buy to each other or see you later.
    They just went there separate ways. Maybe it was because the paps were there that lucy was uncomfortable and just wanted to get the hell out of there with no fault or nothing to do with Alex
    carnt say I blaime LG she seems like a nice person but as a Brit if I new someone and parties ways I normally would say see you soon, or see you later not just walk off.

  137. 137
    aaa Says:

    I think Lucy didn’t want to be photographed by paps. Perhaps she and Alex agreed on that if they were paps she goes the other way and wait for the car elsewhere because Alex wasn’t even surprised, he smiled so nicely when she blown off the road.

  138. 138
    'kay Says:

    Unless Lucy came with no luggage, that porter was carrying all the.bags to Alex’s car. He’s quite pretty but very dumb to continue sh*tting where he eats. He’s too old and immature to keep dating his co-stars.

  139. 139
    ladybug Says:

    I think Eric is trying to make sure that Alcide’s not interested in Sookie:

  140. 140
    Kay Says:

    Did Lucy have car waiting for her ? If she didn’t and was with alex why go the other way? to avoid WHAT? any dating speculation? that they were getting into the same car. Why would that even bother Lucy or alex there’s nothing to hide ?? there not dating no need to go separate ways just to get into the same car that is silly children playing games. Just ignore the paps get into the car and go SIMPLES ..

    Celebs gotta love em !!!! what would we do with out there silly ways lol

  141. 141
    Wet paint Says:

    Are Alexander Skarsgard and Lucy Griffiths Dating? You Ask, We Answer!
    Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) and Lucy Griffiths (Nora) may play a brother and sister who don’t mind ******** each other (ew!), but are the two True Blood hotties an item in real life?

    Last we heard, A.Skars was hooking up with Adam Levine’s ex, Anne Vyalitsyna, but recent pictures suggest that Alex and his on-screen sis could be more than just co-stars.

    The pretty pair were spotted arriving at LAX on July 8, and while it’s entirely possible that the actors were just catching a flight together for a True Blood-related event, we can’t help but notice the way Mr. Skarsgard is eyeing Lucy.
    If we didn’t know any better, we’d say the sexy Swede has love lust in his eyes!

    Plus, Lucy recently revealed that filming the sex scene with Alex was “fun,” so we wouldn’t be surprised if these two were engaging in some extracurricular activities… if you catch our drift.

    Do you think these two would make a cute couple in real life?

  142. 142
    mforman Says:

    @Curious—–Yes, I did notice that, since it was obvious as we should expect they each had their own car. Since they went on separate trips to different countries, and just had a connecting flight home, I was thinking that AS just didn’t want to talk to her anymore and be ignored the way she was ignoring him. We have all read how he gets along famously with his co stars, so of course you would expect him to say, “see you later”, maybe he thought, forget this, she is really cranky and is just going to leave me hanging here like a jerk. I don’t blame him.
    There is no way getting off the plane with AS the paps weren’t going to swarm, but they did leave her alone and concentrated on him as usual. We saw the paps jump when he did this trip with Stephen M, I think twice and then once again with Anna P, he even waited for her until Stephen M got to her side with his daughter.
    There was no way she couldn’t have expected what happened.
    LG has been an actress long enough to just deal with the paps, even AS is just started to deal, it is easier than fighting them, since they are not going to go away.
    I cannot help saying this again, but her behavior was really horrible, I do not care if she was tired or uncomfortable with the paps yelling things at AS, she completely left him hanging in a short conversation, that thank heavens it was a short walk.
    I was so happy to see that fan come up and talk to him and he truly looked happy. I cannot help saying it again her behavior was awful.
    @’kay—What proof do you have he is dating a co star (Lucy G.), would you be saying this if they met outside a store and stopped to say hi, it was his connecting flight, come on and give the poor guy a break.
    He wants to work and make great films. How come AS isn’t allowed to be friends with any women. Even when things are proven false, the trolls just keep forcing the issue. They would not have been able to keep it this private, remember all those fan photos of him and ERW, I mean come on.
    Seriously guys lets just enjoy one of the best seasons of TB and soon will we get his release dates for his up and coming films.
    I hope we get some photos from the set of The Hidden.

  143. 143
    mforman Says:

    @Wet Paint—”Love Lust in his Eyes”, oh come on guys now stop, he is wearing sungleasses, can they see through his sunglasses and tell that.
    Now this is just getting too funny.
    I love they leave out that AS had the connecting flight in London from Sweden (which is his standard route) and was headed back to LA and that LG was just coming to LA from London.
    How come they leave that little bit of information out, is it because they know that will shoot down all these silly rumors, that are just nonesense.

  144. 144
    buzz Says:

    It’s funny how Alex cannot be seen even walking with a member of the opposite sex without dating speculations. He has many female friends.
    It’s not uncommon.

  145. 145
    lena Says:

    He’s coming to my neck of the woods for filming “The Hidden.”
    I’m excited that he will be so close! I can’t wait for photos :)

  146. 146
    Macy Says:

    Well considering Ann V has been in NYC for the past couple of days, I seriously doubt she’s been getting with Alex.

  147. 147
    Anna v on JJ Says:

    Yeah just jared has a post on some exhibition in NYC and she looks less tarty wearing a simple long black dress, light makeup looks decent here.
    So I guess the old dating spec can be put to rest, very doubtful in the first place they had anything going just Anne v hoping to get something serious with Alex and become MRS SKARSGARD MY a**

  148. 148
    Texas Swede Says:

    @ladybug: Glamouring is a nice perk for a vampire.

  149. 149
    ladybug Says:

    @Texas Swede: And the Fae (Which I wouldn’t be surprised if that came into play later this season). Or for the Men In Black, with their neuralizer.

  150. 150
    PPL Says:

    mforman+datalounge=same person. You really are crazy Mforman. Still talking to yourself.

  151. 151
    The Real Winnie Says:

    All that Alex is doing is “playing games” with his fans. He is not being nice abou it. You folks should consider if this is a person you want to admire/crush on when he uses such passive/aggressive tactics for P.R. purposes.

  152. 152
    Texas Swede Says:

    Is passive/aggressive the latest buzz word? It seems to be used quite frequently of late. I have seen it used by a person on another social site and now it is finding its way here. And it really is a moronic phrase.

    I make a statement that I want to talk about something and am accused of being passive/aggressive about trying to moderate this thread.

    Now everyone is talking about the subject of the thread and all of a sudden Alex is accused of being passive/aggressive with his PR tactics and playing games with his fans.

    Alex has nothing to do with the rumors about his dating life. He has always said he likes to keep it private. It is the women who have commented {or friends of the women, if you believe the articles} about having a thing with him. And one has come forward and denied anything other than knowing him. How is he doing anything here?

    I love the hit and run posters. They are really showing their hag on this thread. They should stop changing their sign ons and just use P/A.

  153. 153
    ell Says:

    i hope that he isn’t dating LG.

  154. 154
    mforman Says:

    @PPL (#150)—How come if two or more people have a similiar opinion, we have to be the same person, it just doesn’t even make sense.
    I know I have posted on AS’s threads before but this is the first time I recall seeing @datalounge here, and of course you have to add in that I am crazy.
    I am curious though, were are the usual fat, never leave home, have no life and of course jealous comments, why didn’t you throw those in like you ususally do, because that is all you can come onto these threads with.
    @Texas Swede (#152)—I know I will now get accussed of being you, but who cares, you are absolutely right. Poor AS can not walk near a women or have any women friends, now these fly by night trolls, who just come on here to stir up trouble are saying he is the one that arranges this. Come on already.
    All the majority of us want to do is talk about what a great season of TB this is.
    @ell (#153)—-He isn’t dating LG, they shared a flight home from London and JJ after checking his facts finally made this a top post, which it didn’t need to be. I am sure next week somehow rumors will start about AS and Kristin, especially after how she spoke of him on ENEWS. It doesn’t matter she is happily married and in love with her husband, these gossip sites don’t care, whatever gets them read online or if they are Life & Style and in print. It is such a joke.
    SInce AS doesn’t play their games, they go after him especially hard, it really is ridiculous.

  155. 155
    ladybug Says:

    @Texas Swede:”Is passive/aggressive the latest buzz word?” I’ve used p/a for years, but apparently it’s this week’s troll phrase.

    @mforman: But we’re all the same person! :)

    Alex at GOT party last night:

  156. 156
    mforman Says:

    @ladybug—Thank you so much for the link, I was hoping to see some photos today. As always he looks amazing and relaxed, he really likes Comic Con and the whole cast seems to always have a ball there.
    I cannot wait to see the video from the panel.
    Now if the trolls will leave this, “passive/aggressive man” alone, all will be right in the world. That was my try at being funny, using passive/addressive, even I feel it didn’t sound right, it just doesn’t fit the situation. Come on trolls really just back off and leave him alone.
    @Texas Swede (#152)—You are once again right, I have no idea how the trollls started all this, but they are running with it.
    Your idea was a great one, let us just talk about each weeks amazing episode and leave all of this other ridiculous nonesense behind. There was absolutely nothing wrong in what you said.
    These threads have gone totally crazy with what they are printing, they aren’t even trying to make it look like they are fact checking. They just want to gets us riled up and get the trolls going.
    The thing I find the funniest is that AS is probably the one actor in HW, who doesn’t play games with his fans, he doesn’t do the typical PR schemes the majority of actors do, but yet somehow he is now getting blamed for doing them.
    I do not think one troll could name one actor, that treats his fans the way AS does. He appreciates all he has.
    Once again you are right, him and/or his friends never, ever comment to the press on anything, especially his personal life. Lately it is the friends of the suppossed hook ups or the hook ups themselves that are calling in these crazy articles, and there is no proof behind them.
    I mean honestly, I have said it before it is like they are doing this to him on purpose because he has certain ways he likes to do things and he isn’t going to change. The best part is, that they are just going to ruin it for themselves and when he does want to maybe say something they are going to be completely out of luck.
    Thank goodness after Comic Con, he heads off to begin filming The Hidden, you know only if he can fit that in with dating every single female in HW.
    I am sure @Texas Swede, they will say I am you and the usual troll nonesense, but you know what who cares about them.

  157. 157
    Disney Villainess Says:

    Y’all, y’aaaaallllllllllllll, we gonna have so many Skars pics and videos today. I’m so excited and I just can’t f*ckin hide it baby! :D

  158. 158
    ladybug Says:

    @Disney Villainess: That was playing in the grocery store this afternoon-double earworm!

    New TB trailer for ComicCon:

  159. 159
    Datalounge Says:

    @PPL “mforman+datalounge=same person”

    Yes, because I’m sure mforman is a gay man who’s a regular at the data lounge. Did you fall and smack your little head on the pavement? Nice try, asshat. I spotted a dl troll and called them on it. We like to keep our trolls corralled. I guess I didn’t throw in enough references to caftans or earrings for you. Oh and by the way, you type fat. Better?

  160. 160
    PPL Says:

    So this is how you prove that you are a “gay man” by posting this” I guess I didn’t throw in enough references to caftans or earrings for you”.
    I am a actual Gay Man and I don’t need to reference stereotypical phrases to prove this. You are trully pathetic! I think you fell before you posted that nonsense and smashed your big head on the pavement.
    I never posted that you are fat,you did. However, you still are crazy.
    BYE BYE A.S.S.H.O.L.E.S.

  161. 161
    Krey alor Says:

    It doesn’t matter “datalounge”. Alex is still a PIG.

  162. 162
    The Real Winnie Says:

    I didn’t realise that “passive/aggressive P.R. tactics” was a latest buzz word. I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular. If you think this way. You seem very egotistical. I haven’t been posting on AS boards for a very long time.
    I have to handed to you. You remind me as to why I stop posting here.

  163. 163
    Texas Swede Says:

    @The Real Winnie:
    I never said you posted anything about me. Someone else did that. So who is the egotistical one?

    And the phrase is, “I have to hand it to you.” Not, “handed to you.”

    So many people showing their hag lately. So much hate in the world. It is the biggest thing I won’t miss.

  164. 164
    The Real Winnie Says:

    You have only proven to me that I am right instead of me being wrong. I would be fine if you have made a valid argument about me being wrong.
    .”Is passive/aggressive the latest buzz word? It seems to be used quite frequently of late. I have seen it used by a person on another social site and now it is finding its way here. And it really is a moronic phrase.
    I make a statement that I want to talk about something and am accused of being passive/aggressive about trying to moderate this thread.Now everyone is talking about the subject of the thread and all of a sudden Alex is accused of being passive/aggressive with his PR tactics and playing games with his fans”.
    This huge statement says that you believe that I was posting about you. Just to clarify, I have not been on any social sites for a loong time. So there is no way I would be posting about you.
    ” I never said you posted anything about me. Someone else did that”. Who is this “someone”, what are you posting about?
    “And the phrase is, “I have to hand it to you”. Not “handed to you”. Now you are correcting me. Egotistical much.
    “So many people showing their hag lately” I agree with you. Just because you have proven this to me. You seem to be someone who has to have the “last word”. You got it. Good Luck to you.

  165. 165
    Texas Swede Says:

    @The Real Winnie:
    ” I never said you posted anything about me. Someone else did that”. Who is this “someone”, what are you posting about?

    I was referring to post 105 of this thread.
    “And the phrase is, “I have to hand it to you”. Not “handed to you”. Now you are correcting me. Egotistical much. Smart ass..yes. I figure if you are going to insult someone you should get it right.
    I knew you would understand the ‘hag’ thing. All I said in the beginning was I did not like a phrase and it was the women playing the games. I also stated did not like hit and run posters.

    Now 2 women have shown the rumors are not true. Anne V. and the skydiver. And if you are not a hit and run poster why did the post of mine upset you so much. If you are not a hit and run poster then it was not you I was referring to.

    So tell me, did you really get so upset because I don’t care for the phrase ‘passive/aggressive’?

  166. 166
    The Real Winnie Says:

    I am fine. I think you are the 1 that is upset.

    “WOW. I can feel your anger from here. I feel for you. The hate you have would make anyone miserable and angry…<You should practice what you preach.

  167. 167
    Texas Swede Says:

    @The Real Winnie: Sorry no anger here. Just curiosity.

    That quote came from another thread completely and was aimed at someone who insulted a friend of mine. But it was done out of pity not anger.

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