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Blake Lively Kisses Shirtless Ryan Reynolds at Family Party!

Blake Lively Kisses Shirtless Ryan Reynolds at Family Party!

Blake Lively wears a polka-dotted bathing suit while her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds shows off his shirtless physique at a family party last week in upstate New York.

The 24-year-old actress and the 35-year-old actor shared a sweet kiss and also both took turns sitting in a dunk tunk.

The happy couple was joined by Blake‘s sister Robyn, who brought along her husband, High School Musical actor Bart Johnson, and their adorable kids.

Later in the week, Blake and Ryan joined the family while boating on a lake.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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  • shahad

    did she gain some weight or what ?

  • puke

    anything with blake i feel like puking

  • Dan

    I think leighton is way prettier

  • Leni

    She is normally gorgeous and thin, but this isn’t the most flattering suit on her. They both look really happy though!

  • sarah

    most unflattering suit ever

  • Steph

    I think the swimsuit dosen’t look good at her.

  • Kate

    As much as I enjoy his body he needs to hike up those shorts! Kind of funny she is in such a modest suit and he’s a blink away from losing his.

  • MKhay

    They look really cute.

  • Logic

    I’m surprised at her body type, but she’s still beautiful!

  • somali girl

    I don’t know nor care for the tranny he is dating, but what the fu%k happened to him? He let himself go. Gross hit the gym fat ass. YUK!!!!

  • Delphine

    I like the idea of a retro swimsuit, but that one just isn’t flattering. I don’t believe she even knew she was being watched. Kinda creepy.

  • V

    I don’t really like Blake (I think she is a horrible actress and her looks are overrated) but I am sick of reading comments from women policing other celebrity women’s bodies! Enough already!
    You really are your own worst enemy.

    You spew negativity on women’s bodies and then get angry when you get that negativity back and you say how unfair it is that men can be as fat as they want while you have to be thin – Well, gee I wonder why!! Stop shooting yourselves in the foot.
    I think Blake has a great body and she is nowhere near fat or even chubby.

  • eddie
  • Natalie

    You people can be so mean. She looks great, they look happy, they are spending time with family and kids somewhere that obviously isn’t that fancy, when they could just be at a Ritz hotel somewhere in the world. Doesn’t it make you feel good when you see people that are so down to Earth? Being normal? I don’t get it, people always find something nasty to say, instead of seeing the positive side of things… they could be ditching the family so that they could be rich&famous somewhere, with paps all over them. Instead, they chose family and normality. Kuddos for them !

  • Frozoid

    @Leni: New York Post has another photo of her, and she’s definitely packed on the pounds.

  • Frozoid

    @somali girl: Oh, come on, he’s in better shape than 99.99999999 % of American men.

  • Kat!

    Great couple!

  • laly

    Most boring couple ever.

  • A

    @Dan: Who?

  • Kaylee

    Lovely body, great figure UGLY suit. she has stylists, shes supposed to be some fashionista and THATS the suit she chose?? no idea how to dress herself when away from the cameras evidently

  • Hana

    I don’t want to sound rude, but she looks like she put on some pounds.. Maybe its the swimsuit :S

  • Yaya

    Everyone is paying attention to Blake’s body, what happen to Ryan. Ryan has been ripped for years and now he’s just in shape. Is this what Love does to you lol

  • Sabrina

    I like the swimsuit. There, I said it!

  • suuuure.

    @Dan: What? Come on, that girl is so boring. Lively is definitely better.

  • somali girl

    Frozoid I gave you thumbs up. I agree he has better than body than most guys but now…. looks flabby moobs. Maybe its the love weight who knows. Still I prefer not to see him top less now.

  • RR & BL

    That really looks like a materinty bathing suit. Is she pregnant? They make a great couple. A little Ryan or Blake would be great.

  • Gigi

    @somali girl: are you kidding me?!?! are we looking at the SAME person? he’s cut – abs and perfect groin-area muscles. I don’t see any moobs. he needs to pull his pants up though! :)

  • Gigi

    PS – Blake has never been a stick thin girl. She’s always had “curves” so if it’s a surprise that she may have put on weight cause she’s happy, then so be it. a little shocking to see cellulite on her though even though her body is rockin’

  • @14 and #1

    #1 What do you look like in a swimsuit?

    #14 Celebrities aren’t anything special, so no I don’t find it cool or down to earth that they’re not at a Ritz. More celebrities need to stop being so self important. They are grossly overpaid for being playing dress up and pretend for a living.

  • She seems more human now.

    Now, that I see her here, I like her more because she seems more human and not overly concerned about herself like some actresses. You all know who I”m talking about.

  • Gia

    What’s with all the ugly bathing suits? she has access to some of the best designers in the business! where are the cute bikinis??

  • aa

    she looks pregnant… or just had a really good and plentiful meal.

  • lucas

    they look happy and in love… like normal people, plus Blake is beautiful and her body is on point, if she was skinnier the same people who are saying she’s above weight would be claiming she has an eating disorder or something, hypocrisy anyone?

  • Todd

    I guess he is taking some time off from the gym – yikes!

  • nudeshop

    That’s my grandma’s bathing suit. Her hips look wider.

  • Lia

    Suddenly I feel much better ! She is like everyone else :)

  • scarlett johansson

    Ryan Reynolds needs to go to the gym some more. I mean he still looks good but not as good as before. Maybe he’s doing that for a movie or something…

  • Stale news

    These pics are old
    They’ve both gained weight. Yuck

  • rach

    I am no fan of Blake, truly, I think she’s all hype and no talent but theres absolutely nothing wrong with her weight, her unfortunate choice of swimwear yes, but not her weight. More importantly, how did the paps find out about a family party? Someone has a big mouth.

  • Stunna

    @V: Wow, best comment ever. VERY WELL PUT. Thank you!! =)

  • Ha

    Well thank you, Blake, for making me feel better about my body…
    Do you guys remember the nude pics that she took from her phone like a year ago? They must have been fake because her body does not look like that in these pics…

  • c

    Haters gonna hate but I think she looks great! Healthy, womanly figure. No matter what, people will bash someone for looking too thin or looking too fat. Leave woman alone and learn to share the love peeps.

  • @Ha

    Well if they were/are fake, how did she take them? Logic defies the haters

  • Racy

    Is this woman a bit broad in the beam?

  • Black-Dahlia

    So that’s why! Scarlett was just too classy for Ryan.

  • Gossip Girl

    Hey there Upper East Siders,
    Looks like Blake here has some fat thighs and a bloated stomach. She seriously needs to hit the gym or she won’t be able to fit in her couture clothes for my show.

  • Lin

    Blake looks like my aunt (she’s 54). Sorry.

  • Patricia

    These pics are so intrusive…imagine you’re enjoying the weather in your back yard with friends and there are men in the bushes outside taking photographs of you…so weird

  • ahah

    It’s not that the swimsuit is unflattering it’s that there seems to be a bump under it!!!

  • livvyloo

    Who cares about Blake? Her sister is Teen Witch! Top that!