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Diane Kruger: 'Farewell, My Queen' Screening with Joshua Jackson!

Diane Kruger: 'Farewell, My Queen' Screening with Joshua Jackson!

Diane Kruger steps out in style for a screening of Farewell, My Queen held at the Museum of Modern Art on Monday (July 9) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress, in Azzedine Alaia, was joined for the showing by her longtime beau Joshua Jackson, in rag & bone‘s Ellington suit.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Farewell, My Queen, where Diane portrays the iconic character of Marie Antoinette, will hit theaters for a limited release in America on July 13.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at a screening for Farewell, My Queen

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin, Justin Campbell; Photos: Getty
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  • Carl

    WTF is going on with Josh? He looks greasy, gay and a European want to be. She looks malnourished idiot with a big head. Once again she isn’t smiling, she’s trying to hide her age. When she smiles we see her yellowing teeth and her wrinkles, she will soon be 36. Her acting has ruined this movie and poor Josh. Run Josh, run!

  • pachi

    this girl has some weight issues

  • ha ha

    she’s so fake

  • fern

    Can’t stand this couple, they are everywhere.

  • Anon

    Once again we see the Marion Collitard want to be, minus the wonderful arm candy known as Guillaume Canet. She will always pair in comparion to this woman. Marion has an Academy Award, the BAFTA Award, the César Award and the Golden Globe Award for best actress. She made film history by becoming the first person to win an Academy Award for a French language performance. In 2010, she received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in the musical Nine.

    Poor Diane, all she has is plastic surgery scars and a poor mans excuse for a partner.

  • Jessa

    She looks really glamorous.
    Josh is hot but in this setting he looks like a hobo next to her.

  • this woman has a face German and was one of the reasons for their participation in Inglorious Basterds as well as Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire, although he has more talent than her, directors of Inglorious Basterds gave preference to her appearance more than his talent and thenceforth she is capitalizing on this film as if it were a great actress if was not for by fashion show or by your relationship she would not be known for his low-budget French films.

  • Kimber

    Youd criticize her if she got Surgery and looked plastic and you criticize her when she’s natural and has wrinkles.

  • Gia

    Guillaume is hot, I’ll agree with that.
    Marion not so much.

  • Babi

    please! don’t more compare Marion Cotillard with this trash

  • Sped

    These two are always where the paps are, why aren’t they working? I understand that she is at least getting acting gigs, but what about him. Is he a male gigolo? She may not be the best actress but at least she is trying, he is completely comfortable being known as her arm candy. Diane, why don’t you find yourself a real man? He should try expanding his wings, there is more to life than being her boyfriend. I am feeling really sorry for this man.

  • Duh

    Dear Sped: Joshua Jackson has had a TV series for 4 years, he is on summer hiatus. Try learning the facts before shooting your mouth off, ‘kay?

  • NancyyV!

    please do not compare this airhead airhead who’s only obvious German feature is her stiffness to the beautiful and talented Marion Cotillard.
    Diane Kruger is not only what i would call a skinny bitch (something that has to do with her austere facial features and body,example : kate moss) she is also an incredibly UNtalented “actress” with a poor sense of style and a shallow taste for fashion.
    as for Joshua Jackson,he needs a soap bar for oily skin and a new TV show.

  • Louise

    @Anon: That was so cruel!!! Too much! Even though I do think Marion Cotillard is extraordinary and Guillaume Canet is definitely a “wonderful arm candy” besides quite talented too.

  • Daniee

    Huh, why do people hate her again? Cause she could gain 7/8 pounds? She seems harmless.

  • Jessie

    Josh,please help your daughter. SURI NEEDS YOU. Who cares about Katie, save your daughter! Tom gave in too easily, he knows that she’s your child, help her!! We all know that there was a time back in London when you and Katie produced a child, don’t let her down.

  • Audrey

    Pacey and Joey 4eva!!!!! Josh and Katie may no longer be lovers, but they will always be Pacey and Joey. I hope they can find their way to being friends again, I’m one of the idiots who believes that Suri is actually a Witter/Jackson.

  • Sidney

    I don’t find her truly beautiful and she definitely don’t have charisma is also a crummy actress.

  • cookie

    I’ll never get the hate Diane gets.
    first of all, yes, she’s skinny as hell, well guess what, she has been a supermodel for years before acting. whether it’s natural or not, I don’t see why would you all trash her for that.
    secondly, I haven’t seen her whole filmography, so I can’t really judge her acting, but she was far from terrible in inglorious basterds, even for someone like me who speaks little german. was it too hard to keep up with the subtitles or what?
    and finally, I’ve read so many people calling her icy, cold and whatsoever. how come? because she doesn’t go around smiling like an idiot? and what’s about her not being charismatic? do you even know her?!

    you people need to find a hobby, being bitchy on the internet won’t do good to anyone.

  • Marieme

    Love them both but yeah she needs to gain 6-8 more pounds. She’s verging close to Kate Middleton thin. Quite excessive.

  • Shannon

    Dreamy Josh. He is the real star.

  • heh!

    I’m not so keen on her hairdo or his V neck with that outfit, but they look stunning.

  • lucy2

    Audrey and Jessie….I’m right there with you!!!
    Why do so many people not get what Tom did? He had dated several women after Nicole and tried to get a contract with any H’wood up and comer. Katie was a dream opportunity when he met with her and found out she was already pregnant.
    That’s why everything had to move so fast(couch-jumping…overshadowing the Batman events in Paris).
    Josh may not be able to do anything until at this point since Cruise worked so hard to build the “Suri born in April” story and timeline…fake bump from Feb-Apr 2006. Katie probably can’t say anything due to the contract. Only time will tell on this one.
    I was hoping that at the very least Katie would keep Suri out of the media for a bit. Too sad.

  • Bella

    She’s looking really bad here. That hairstyle is making her forehead look huge as well as her whole face. She used to be so beautiful, but she looks miserable. Try smiling more often.

  • Ariela

    he’s an opportunistic who follows she like puppy in search of attention and publicity.

  • CF98

    I don’t think you’ll see Suri that much anymore I find it interesting he and Katie are both in NYC at the same time though. Right on the same date as her divorce is settled. I don’t think there was a contract I do think Katie won’t spill because well she went along with the lie like Tom did.

  • Jenna

    Can’t help it but I think they make a truly gorgeous couple!

  • Annon

    She’s so ridiculous, it’s a screening not the Oscars. What’s with the gown? Her face is really starting to show her age. What is he thinking by wearing that shirt? I thought they had an agreement that he was only to wear clothes approved by Diane. Grow some balls.

  • joshua, THE STAR of fringe

    oh, joshua, i love you so much!

    cant wait for comic con this week.
    without you on that panel, is just boring like hell. your fellow casts are trully boring without you. nobody has the charisma like you do. nobody makes the people laugh on the panel like you do. joshua YOU ARE the one and only true star of fringe.

  • diane kruger french actress

    to all the people who were saying that diane doesnt make movies, i say :
    i told you so.

    again, just go to imdb and you will see for yourself that diane kruger makes 2-3 movies a year. and again america is not the only country that makes movies.

    hate on her as much as you like, but meantime she has an appartement in paris, living next to karl lagerfeld ( you can imagine the luxuary of that place) AND she has a house in LA.

    all the designers are begging her to wear their clothes, she has endorsement deals. she is worth milllions.

    and above all that, she has somebody who ADORES her. and that my haters,makes her even more riche in life.

    love is everything and josh and diane have found each other. it’s true what they say: opposites do attract.

    i bet those haters here cant even make their man throw the garbage away. LOL!

    deep down you ALL want somebody like him, come on just admit it!

  • kayla
  • layla

    I love this chick. She’s 35, holding down a killer career and figure, she’s made the transition from fashion to Hollywood A-list and has the cutest relationship in the biz.

    Diane was a perfect choice for Marie Antoinette in Farewell My Queen. She has a regal beauty, speaks fluent french and shares a birthday with the last Queen of France.

  • layla

    hought they had an agreement that he was only to wear clothes approved by Diane. Grow some balls.
    maybe he’s one of those perfect guys… Nice guy in the day, mean guy in bed… Lol

  • Get

    is so sad that Joch is called of Parcey,even by journalists and beside her. he look a idiot

  • jk

    none here said that she doesn’t make films, Josh also makes film, only that his films, as well as his, are totally forgettable and of low budget and that she is a mediocre actress and uncharismatic.

  • layla


    most of those journalist are females and used to watch dawson’s creek and drool over pacey. i cant blame them, who wasnt at that time?

    but generally, he is called by his name. his relationship with diane helped him a lot. people start to see him as joshua jackson instead of pacey.

    and he looks YUMMY! are you blind? he is the most stylish man in hollywood all thanks to his lovely lady. i salute her!

  • jk

    Karl Lagerfeld look so bizarre how much she, these two seems like a joke

  • jk


    first this woman is far from beautiful and elegant
    the premise of elegance is simplicity and discretion in how they dress and behave not is a griffe dress that makes a person be stylish,by the way none of two truly are respected in Hollywood. journalists call his of Parcey as a way to show how he is insignificant.
    PS is the journalist who wrote the article is called Marcus

  • farlk

    these articles on the fashion world makes me want to laugh and vomit are so ridiculous and superficials must show how she is empty and superficial

  • Daniee


    Katie was living with Josh HARTNETT when she disappeared and suddenly became Tom’s fiance. Not this Josh.

  • CF98

    No she wasn’t living with Josh Hartnett at all. I heard they had dinner together but that’s about it.

    She visited Josh Jackson in London in Late March 2005 then weeks later got with Tom.

    Whether he’s Suri’s father or not is speculation but I do see a resemblance.

  • Eonyk

    They look great! And they make each other laugh and smile – love them.

  • Daniee

    I’m sorry but she was. Ask people living on their block and who was at the awards presentation.

  • heh!

    @farlk: And yet here you are…

  • CF98

    I think it would’ve been a bigger story if she was.

  • Niniqw


    Then care to explain why you are on this page then?

    Btw, josh is going to COMIC CON to promote fringe and will start filming fringe on July 18th.

    So SPED and every single person on here…just shut up all right?

  • r

    ah, I think I understood all these weird people hate Diane Kruger (this gorgeous woman and excellent actress) because of this series Dawson, because they fantasize with Joshua and Katie Holmes, or because of Fringe, because that ‘they fantasize with Joshua and his co-star? In both cases they are absolutely ridiculous.