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Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Holding Hands!

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Holding Hands!

Lily Collins holds hands with rumored new boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower as they head to a local cafe together on Monday (July 9) in Toronto, Canada.

The 23-year-old actress and Jamie, also 23, are currently up north filming their latest flick The Mortal Instruments together. The Mortal Instruments is set to be released in August of next year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lily Collins

Last month, it was announced that Jamie split from fellow Harry Potter actress and his fiancee of one year Bonnie Wright.

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lily collins jamie campbell bower hold hands toronto 02
lily collins jamie campbell bower hold hands toronto 03
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  • Carrie


    Poor Bonnie.

  • speaktruth

    Did she break up Jamie and Bonnie Wright?!


    Well we saw this coming. thats why jamie and bonny called of the engagement. so these two can start with there fake relashionship. when will hollywood understand that this PR trick is getting old. We are not buying it.

  • Lily

    Now we know why they split. Nobody moves on this quickly especially if he was going to get married.

  • Ana

    he left Bonnie for Lilly Collins’s eyebrows, that doesn’t have any sense!

  • BEAN

    Wow he moved on quick

  • kayla

    ew! wtf. Odd couple.

  • sam

    I thought Jamie was heartbroken over his breakup with Bonnie. I would never put these two together. Weird.

  • t

    ……wow, just wow.

  • Real

    Call me sceptical but thier body language doesn’t look at all couple-y in these pics. Just like their grabbing hands in a couple of pics to get each others attention or something but in all the others they just look like friends having laugh.

    Also I usually love Lily’s style but I love everything except those boots.

  • Carrie

    She’s an opportunistic dater. Whatever guy gets her attention and publicity, is the guy for Lily. Eww, I really don’t like either of them anymore.

  • Jo Pley

    The PR romance begins. I’m so glad Bonnie dumped him.

  • Goose

    omg I knew it as well. Though I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. They are desperate. LOL

  • James


    He was really “heartbroken” lol what fake asshole

  • woohoo

    he has a thing for co-stars. the two will be in the new mortal instruments.

  • nina

    I’m sorry, but to say that he broke up with his fiance just in order to be able to do PR with Lily is ridiculous! Who are you people who just sit around calling every Hollywood relationship PR? I don’t get it. What do you get out of that?

    Anyway, isn’t TMI really popular? Why haven’t I heard anything about the movies up until now?? Strange.

  • speaktruth

    I used to like Jamie because of how cute him and Bonnie were. Now I realize what a dick he is! No one moves on this quickly from an ENGAGEMENT!! What an ass

  • R U sure

    I’m doing cartwheels for them.

  • Kary

    At least they look happier than robsten

  • Lisa

    Yeah, people said Miley and Liam were PR, and Rob and Kristen. Both couples are obviously not, so not everybody is… just some.

  • Karma

    The people of this movie lily is doing is puting sky high hopes that this franchise is going to be the next twilight. are they that dumb. i mean seriously this movie isnt even going to go not even a little bit near the fame twilight has. and lily can’t act and everybody knows that. so we can olready see where this is heading and its a FLOP

  • Xo

    She seems like a sweet girl, idk about talent cause I’ve never seen her in anything, but she does seem like an opportunistic dater.

  • Lisa

    Lily is so A W E S O M E

  • Streetcar Named Desire

    He is such a skeeze.

  • lili

    gross.. they have just ruined the movie for me!!! He seems like such a social climber now. These two had to be going out while he was engaged, that break up was like last week!! And if they think they will be the next Rob n Kristen, think again?? I was so looking forward to the movie too, now he just seems wrong . And what is with he and the constant co-star dating???? GROSS

  • Angel

    First she tries to further her career by being a beard for Taylor Laughter and now she’s gone so low as to have an affair with someone who is engaged. How horrible is this girl? Jamie is a complete and total ass for dumping Bonnie and then showing off only a few weeks later with the fame whore. They both deserve each other.

  • Fart


  • C

    Slutty Snowhite.

  • Mary

    LMAO, heartbroken my ass! What an asshole. Bonnie deserves so much better. He’s a PR cheating douche.

  • Plese have a shower

    He looks like he doesn’t shower. like ever. i bet he smells like fart.

  • SaadGKhan

    darn, home wrecker, another reason to hate Lilly Collins… defiantly Jaime found more richer girl to shag with now..

  • Hermione

    Am I the only one who feels like people are reading too much into the pix? They don’t look like they are dating. One thing I have noticed about Jamie is that he is a really touchy-feely guy so I think that’s why he is all up in her space in some pics. And that’s the least couple-like handholding I’ve ever seen. Anyhow won’t believe it until I see kissing/hugging pics or something.

    Fans knew that Jamie/Bonnie broke up months ago but they only announced it recently.

  • maggie

    so happy she is no longer a beard for Efron!

  • Yohji

    I get douche chills whenever I see this guy. Seriously, that hair. This isn’t going to look good on Phil’s daughter.

  • Mary

    @Hermione: I’m sorry, but this just screams fake PR relationship. I doubt they’re really dating, but they’re playing the PR machine. He just broke up with Bonnie less than a month ago, claimed to be heartbroken… and is now holding hands with someone else. He’s an ass, plain and simple. I liked him before this, but no more.

  • Mdga

    Don’t give them hits guys. nobody cares.

  • Bart

    Lily you fu*king sl*t

  • Beardo Weirdo

    I thought her next boyfriend was going to be Chace Crawford, so at least her bearding days are behind her. Now she’s into her homewrecking skitch faze.

  • Bart


    please will you shut the fu*k up. every time same thing. we know you are lily herself. well guess what your not.

  • Wilhemina

    This girl is gross.

  • Karen

    she’s so beautiful

  • Anna

    I thought he was better than this. Very dissapionted.

  • Anna

    @Plese have a shower:
    Now, like poop.


    wow another fake pr relationship for her….lol

  • l0l

    i bet phil collins and jill tavelman is really proud of there little girl.

  • lara

    People are calling this PR because Lily has a history of conveniently hooking up with co-stars or just generally latching on to guys to make the gossip rags. And Jamie was ENGAGED. Douche.

    This movie will not be the next Twilight if that’s what they’re hoping. So if this is supposed to garner interest, well good try I guess?

  • Lily collins

    Dad are you proud of me now?

  • me

    @kayla: Not really. They are in a movie together.

  • Mary

    @lara: It garnered them gossip, but not the good kind. I was actually a fan of his but now I think he’s a giant douche. Don’t care about her, but I’m so over him.

  • My 2 Cents

    Lovely couple! Lots in common.