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Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Holding Hands!

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Holding Hands!

Lily Collins holds hands with rumored new boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower as they head to a local cafe together on Monday (July 9) in Toronto, Canada.

The 23-year-old actress and Jamie, also 23, are currently up north filming their latest flick The Mortal Instruments together. The Mortal Instruments is set to be released in August of next year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lily Collins

Last month, it was announced that Jamie split from fellow Harry Potter actress and his fiancee of one year Bonnie Wright.

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163 Responses to “Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Holding Hands!”

  1. 1
    Carrie Says:


    Poor Bonnie.

  2. 2
    speaktruth Says:

    Did she break up Jamie and Bonnie Wright?!

  3. 3
    PR GURU Says:

    Well we saw this coming. thats why jamie and bonny called of the engagement. so these two can start with there fake relashionship. when will hollywood understand that this PR trick is getting old. We are not buying it.

  4. 4
    Lily Says:

    Now we know why they split. Nobody moves on this quickly especially if he was going to get married.

  5. 5
    Ana Says:

    he left Bonnie for Lilly Collins’s eyebrows, that doesn’t have any sense!

  6. 6
    BEAN Says:

    Wow he moved on quick

  7. 7
    kayla Says:

    ew! wtf. Odd couple.

  8. 8
    sam Says:

    I thought Jamie was heartbroken over his breakup with Bonnie. I would never put these two together. Weird.

  9. 9
    t Says:

    ……wow, just wow.

  10. 10
    Real Says:

    Call me sceptical but thier body language doesn’t look at all couple-y in these pics. Just like their grabbing hands in a couple of pics to get each others attention or something but in all the others they just look like friends having laugh.

    Also I usually love Lily’s style but I love everything except those boots.

  11. 11
    Carrie Says:

    She’s an opportunistic dater. Whatever guy gets her attention and publicity, is the guy for Lily. Eww, I really don’t like either of them anymore.

  12. 12
    Jo Pley Says:

    The PR romance begins. I’m so glad Bonnie dumped him.

  13. 13
    Goose Says:

    omg I knew it as well. Though I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. They are desperate. LOL

  14. 14
    James Says:


    He was really “heartbroken” lol what fake *******

  15. 15
    woohoo Says:

    he has a thing for co-stars. the two will be in the new mortal instruments.

  16. 16
    nina Says:

    I’m sorry, but to say that he broke up with his fiance just in order to be able to do PR with Lily is ridiculous! Who are you people who just sit around calling every Hollywood relationship PR? I don’t get it. What do you get out of that?

    Anyway, isn’t TMI really popular? Why haven’t I heard anything about the movies up until now?? Strange.

  17. 17
    speaktruth Says:

    I used to like Jamie because of how cute him and Bonnie were. Now I realize what a **** he is! No one moves on this quickly from an ENGAGEMENT!! What an ass

  18. 18
    R U sure Says:

    I’m doing cartwheels for them.

  19. 19
    Kary Says:

    At least they look happier than robsten

  20. 20
    Lisa Says:

    Yeah, people said Miley and Liam were PR, and Rob and Kristen. Both couples are obviously not, so not everybody is… just some.

  21. 21
    Karma Says:

    The people of this movie lily is doing is puting sky high hopes that this franchise is going to be the next twilight. are they that dumb. i mean seriously this movie isnt even going to go not even a little bit near the fame twilight has. and lily can’t act and everybody knows that. so we can olready see where this is heading and its a FLOP

  22. 22
    Xo Says:

    She seems like a sweet girl, idk about talent cause I’ve never seen her in anything, but she does seem like an opportunistic dater.

  23. 23
    Lisa Says:

    Lily is so A W E S O M E

  24. 24
    Streetcar Named Desire Says:

    He is such a skeeze.

  25. 25
    lili Says:

    gross.. they have just ruined the movie for me!!! He seems like such a social climber now. These two had to be going out while he was engaged, that break up was like last week!! And if they think they will be the next Rob n Kristen, think again?? I was so looking forward to the movie too, now he just seems wrong . And what is with he and the constant co-star dating???? GROSS

  26. 26
    Angel Says:

    First she tries to further her career by being a beard for Taylor Laughter and now she’s gone so low as to have an affair with someone who is engaged. How horrible is this girl? Jamie is a complete and total ass for dumping Bonnie and then showing off only a few weeks later with the fame *****. They both deserve each other.

  27. 27
    Fart Says:


  28. 28
    C Says:

    ****** Snowhite.

  29. 29
    Mary Says:

    LMAO, heartbroken my ass! What an *******. Bonnie deserves so much better. He’s a PR cheating douche.

  30. 30
    Plese have a shower Says:

    He looks like he doesn’t shower. like ever. i bet he smells like ****.

  31. 31
    SaadGKhan Says:

    darn, home wrecker, another reason to hate Lilly Collins… defiantly Jaime found more richer girl to shag with now..

  32. 32
    Hermione Says:

    Am I the only one who feels like people are reading too much into the pix? They don’t look like they are dating. One thing I have noticed about Jamie is that he is a really touchy-feely guy so I think that’s why he is all up in her space in some pics. And that’s the least couple-like handholding I’ve ever seen. Anyhow won’t believe it until I see kissing/hugging pics or something.

    Fans knew that Jamie/Bonnie broke up months ago but they only announced it recently.

  33. 33
    maggie Says:

    so happy she is no longer a beard for Efron!

  34. 34
    Yohji Says:

    I get douche chills whenever I see this guy. Seriously, that hair. This isn’t going to look good on Phil’s daughter.

  35. 35
    Mary Says:

    @Hermione: I’m sorry, but this just screams fake PR relationship. I doubt they’re really dating, but they’re playing the PR machine. He just broke up with Bonnie less than a month ago, claimed to be heartbroken… and is now holding hands with someone else. He’s an ass, plain and simple. I liked him before this, but no more.

  36. 36
    Mdga Says:

    Don’t give them hits guys. nobody cares.

  37. 37
    Bart Says:

    Lily you fu*king sl*t

  38. 38
    Beardo Weirdo Says:

    I thought her next boyfriend was going to be Chace Crawford, so at least her bearding days are behind her. Now she’s into her homewrecking skitch faze.

  39. 39
    Bart Says:


    please will you shut the fu*k up. every time same thing. we know you are lily herself. well guess what your not.

  40. 40
    Wilhemina Says:

    This girl is gross.

  41. 41
    Karen Says:

    she’s so beautiful

  42. 42
    Anna Says:

    I thought he was better than this. Very dissapionted.

  43. 43
    Anna Says:

    @Plese have a shower:
    Now, like poop.

  44. 44

    wow another fake pr relationship for her….lol

  45. 45
    l0l Says:

    i bet phil collins and jill tavelman is really proud of there little girl.

  46. 46
    lara Says:

    People are calling this PR because Lily has a history of conveniently hooking up with co-stars or just generally latching on to guys to make the gossip rags. And Jamie was ENGAGED. Douche.

    This movie will not be the next Twilight if that’s what they’re hoping. So if this is supposed to garner interest, well good try I guess?

  47. 47
    Lily collins Says:

    Dad are you proud of me now?

  48. 48
    me Says:

    @kayla: Not really. They are in a movie together.

  49. 49
    Mary Says:

    @lara: It garnered them gossip, but not the good kind. I was actually a fan of his but now I think he’s a giant douche. Don’t care about her, but I’m so over him.

  50. 50
    My 2 Cents Says:

    Lovely couple! Lots in common.

  51. 51
    Carrie Says:

    If Lily never dated Lautner or Efron, the obvious nature of this attention grab wouldn’t be so obvious.

  52. 52
    Phil Collins Says:

    @Lily collins: yes, babe. I’m gonna write another song about you just to show the world how proud I am.

    LOL, not really. I only know this girl as the spermatozoide (sorry, I don’t know if I write it ok) of P. Collins that actually win.

  53. 53
    Lily collins Says:

    i am INNOCENT i can do no wrong . i am an ANGEL. got it an ANGEL!!! I am PERFECT and i am FLAWLESS.

  54. 54
    Phil Collins Says:

    @Lily collins: @Lily collins: I think is Sperm the right word… Sorry :D

  55. 55
    what?? Says:

    Are you kidding!!!!! These two are disgusting! I was rooting for him as Jace when all the haters thought he was wrong!!! This seems so slimey and opportunistic. Good thing he never made it to the alter, sad for Bonnie now but better in the long run for sure. Talk about made for each other though ( for about 5he time it takes to film and do PR)….hope their next co-stars( and Fiance’s) take notice.

  56. 56
    Whaaat Says:

    @lily collins shut up you bi*ch

  57. 57
    LOL Says:

    I just hope she changes the crust in her panties!

  58. 58
    V Says:

    This is serious: I think Lilly Collin is lesbian and she doesn’t want people to know it that’s why her team always call the paps to take pictures with ”her” boys. There’s nothing wrong with that (being gay). She can go out of the closet, it would be great.

  59. 59
    Tin tin Says:

    Why do hollywood think that making two people fake a pr relashionship will magicly make people go go watch the movie. if the two leads are atractive then maybe it could work but these two look like kim kardashion’s *ss not hot at all. this is not gonna help the movie. jamie isnt that atractive that girls would start fantasizeing about him. he is no R patz.

  60. 60
    from mars Says:

    Famewh*re alert

  61. 61
    James Says:

    @Tin tin:
    Doesn’t help that he JUST broke up with his fiance a week ago saying he’s “heartbroken.” Yeah he looks really heartbroken. What an *******.

  62. 62
    z Says:

    Lily, you homewrecker!

  63. 63
    HPFAn Says:

    WTF?! Are people really dumb enough to think they are actually dating or that this has something to do with him and Bonnie breaking up months ago when they’ve been on opposite sides of the world until a couple of days ago? Did Lily and Jamie charm each other via Skype! LMAO!

    From the pictures they clearly get on well and being seen together doesn’t hurt so they probably don;t care but they are soooo not a couple.

  64. 64
    Anna Says:

    It’s his modus operandi: dates a girl for a couple of years,preferably a fake/natural redhead, then dump her for another fake/natural redhead. Sick.

  65. 65
    dizzy Says:

    What the hell happened to Ginny Weasley? I must have missed the news when they broke up like last week. Such a douchey thing to do: start “going out” with someone two weeks after you called of your engagement. He’s a loser and can gtfo! As for Lily, I never go the hate for her, but now…gurl, you can gtfo too. Bonnie’s awesome, these two are lame.

  66. 66
    Lily collins Says:

    I am sooo in love with jamie cambell bower. we were made for each outher in PR heaven. and he’s amazing in bed(not better than me though) he is the hottest guy ever. i love him sooooo much. and this is not fake. not fake at all.

  67. 67
    Glamourous Jujube of Nairobe Says:

    Celebrities are so dirty and cheap. They move from one celeb to the next like animals. They are all doing the rounds with each other, they are like Meercats in their Manor doing the dirty with each other, and then turning around and getting it on with another celeb.

    Lily colins is a dirty little home wrecker. She is hopping on different actors poles to get to the top, first it was Tay Tay, then its Zacpoo, and now it is Ginko the raggity taggity street elf. I hope she gets checked for STDs regularly, because Tay Tay is probably giving her all the bugs hes picked up from his lovers on the gay scene.

  68. 68
    sweetness Says:

    Nice guy (*sarcasm *) he dumped his gf Bonnie for this one….shallow very shallow..and mean spirited.

  69. 69
    Lisa Says:


  70. 70
    MutHafuKar Says:

    They both can go and suck each outhers d*cks now. and yes lily has a pe*is. she’s actualy a man. no girl can be that hairy

  71. 71
    Effy Says:

    Stop blaming Lily! This is totally the PR promoting their new Mortal Instruments movie.

  72. 72
    Kim Says:

    She burns through guys fasting that T. Swift, didn’t think that was possible.

  73. 73
    JordanBaker Says:

    Why are people talking about cheating? Bonnie and Jamie ended things months ago-even though the news only announced a few weeks ago-so I’m not sure why people are blaming Lily

    Lily and Jamie haven’t even been in the same country as each other until these last few days.

    Jamie got together and rushed into an engagement with Bonnie only a few months after breaking up with Zoe Graham who he had been dating for ages so the chances for the Jamie and Bonnie relationship wasn’t good from the outset.

    Don’t know if they are dating, just friends, real, fake or whatever but they are both grown and single and can do what they want.

  74. 74
    what?? Says:

    @Glamourous Jujube of Nairobe: that made me laugh out loud!!!!!

  75. 75
    what?? Says:

    @what??: well the ginko the elf part! ….the rest…. not so much!!

  76. 76
    okay?? Says:

    @HPFAn: there are pics of them at a party last month and others at the same party weeks before!

  77. 77
    Michael Says:

    @JordanBaker: They broke up in early June! That’s not months ago! Jamie is a serial dater though, he doesn’t remain “heartbroken” for long! Ass.

  78. 78
    JordanBaker Says:

    Can I just say the best thing about this is I didn’t think Lily, Jamie or Bonnie had enough fans or haters who would care enough to make such a big deal about this? Who knew? ROFL!!!

  79. 79
    MutHafuKar Says:

    @JordanBaker: We are not there fans. we hate them . we all knew when jamie and bonnie broke up these to were going to be a couple we saw it an we are so happy that it came true. and from your comments it seems as though that you are a fan of them. good for you couse all of us aren’t we hate them. talentless famewh*res.

  80. 80
    JordanBaker Says:

    @ Michael: I’m pretty sure they broke up in April according to their fan’s detective work. That’s when they stopped living together.

  81. 81
    JordanBaker Says:

    @MutHafuKur: What are you talking about? I don’t hate them or love them. I’m just being rational and laying out the facts.

    I don’t care about their private lives. They’re not my friends, family or significant other so I’m not really fussed as it doesn’t effect me in anyway. Just thought the reactions here were hilarious :-D

  82. 82
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    I think Jamie loves noone but himself. He has always been so full of himself and then this boho chic street homeless style that he is sporting only adds to my impression of him as someone who pretends to be somebody he is not. I get it on Pete Doherty but Jamie this is too much…At one point I had a crazy thought that he might be trying to create River Phoenix vibe but he’s so pretentious…I ain’t surprised he has started dating Liliy within weeks after breaking up with Bonnie. And I am not a fan of Bonnie by the way but I think she’s lucky this thing didn’t get serious

  83. 83
    Pi Says:

    @JordanBaker: none of them have enough fans. There’s some Harry Potter fans, some Zac Efron fan (or I don’t know. I used to love him in hsm when he was skinny and talk like a girl and all haha)… Lilly Collins has 3 fans (two of them are her parents) but Bonnie seems like a lovely girl and everybody loves Ginny. That’s why there are so many comments.
    And there’s people who already think that Lilly Collins was a fame-*****.

  84. 84
    M Says:

    Man he moves on really fast.

  85. 85
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    And it’s interesting that Lilly isn’t a redhead considering Jamie’s obsession with redheads he’ll probably make her change her hair color or let’s wait until he meets Lindsay Lohan at a party

  86. 86
    shame Says:

    Dear Lily you suppose to upgrade not downgrade girl get back with Taylor or get your Zac on,don’t waste that **** on Jamie Bower!

  87. 87
    Michael Says:

    @JordanBaker: No, they were still living together in May. Bonnie and Jamie were even spotted at an event then. And she tweeted about him on her LBL account in mid-May. They did not break up until June. He either cheated or he’s fake PR dating. Both of which are stupid.

  88. 88
    MutHafuKar Says:

    @WAlterBisho[: She will dye her hair red for her role anyday now.

  89. 89
    HPFAn Says:

    @ okay??:

    The only event they attended recently at the same time was the Glamour Awards in London but they only posed for a few pictures, didn’t arrive or leave together and Lily flew back to the US the next day. Lily was still seeing Zac Efron at the time and Jamie and Bonnie had already split up.

  90. 90
    Goose Says:

    Yep what Michael just said. It wasn’t until June they broke up. It was made public a week ago. Which again shows Jamie is a douche. Heartbroken HA

  91. 91
    okay?? Says:

    @HPFAn: what??? not arrive n leave together??? r u kidding? Leaving out diff doors happens all the time. All i am saying is that to say they have not been in the same place for months is false. True or not that they were together before, they were in the same place many times.

  92. 92
    JordanBaker Says:

    @Michael: If they split up May or June it’s still at least a month and there’s no evidence of cheating so why make that assumption.

    Jamie apparently likes to move on fast if he and Lily dating is true even though I don’t think it is. He did the same thing after that Zoe girl he dated. I wonder how she felt when he and Bonnie got together and then announced their engagement so fast?

  93. 93
    Alexandra Says:

    I thought Jamie was “heartbroken” according to JJ…. Oh well

  94. 94
    Wth Says:

    wait, didn’t the break up with Bonnie just weeks ago and he’s already dating? Gosh, I’m so glad Bonnie is not going out with him anymore. What a dirty @#@ Is that for real or just for the movie?

  95. 95
    kami Says:

    ok, i’m starting to feel sorry for lily collins. she comes across as desperate for media attention and doesn’t care how she gets it.

  96. 96
    Vivian Says:

    So THAT’S why the engagement is over! Guys are such ********!

  97. 97
    kami Says:


    according to all the info leaked by either zac or lily’s pr team said that zac and lily ended their “not really together relationship” back in april.

  98. 98
    MutHafuKar Says:

    Lets make it to 100 three comments to go

  99. 99
    famewhore Says:

    Lot of people commenting on this thread knowS lily as the girl zac went to few dates with. all of us know lily will do anything and everything for fame. and we knew these two will be a couple (to get the buzz going) when this film goes to production nobody commenting here is a fan of lily nor a fan of jamie we are just enjoing the moment here. lily working hard with her famewh*ring ways. its kind of funny couse everybody saw this coming . its like tom and katie’s divorce. and another thing nobody commenting here is gonna watch the movie thats for sure. this movie is crap you can just say that by looking at the two leads. who are ofcouse lily and jamie.

  100. 100
    koolkicks Says:

    Does anyone know who makes his shoes? I couldn’t see any markings or anything but they are kinda cool.

  101. 101
    Bleeding in my pussy Says:

    The next ‘IT’ couple of hollyweard
    Lily + Jamie = Lamie = LAME

  102. 102
    Michael Says:

    @JordanBaker: It just proves Jamie is a douche and moves through girlfriends fast. He’s not a good person and only in it for fame. It’s obvious this is just PR, but it makes him look like a douche. Seriously, this entire thing has made a lot of people hate him. **** move.

  103. 103
    Andini Says:

    I thought he was heartbroken, apparently not

  104. 104
    Black-Dahlia Says:

    So that’s why! Oh, I hate you Lily Collins!

  105. 105
    mm Says:

    It’s funny when you all talk about them like you actually know them. You have no idea what’s on their minds. Besides they are young and allowed to date whatever they want! I think they are cute couple!

  106. 106
    Brian Says:

    You guys dont get how hollywood works. they aren’t faking it becouse they want to but becouse they are said to do so. the studios and producers and directors know what sells with the odians. when the main leads are dating it helps to raise up the profile of the movie. the studios want money . so the big people make them fake date. and if the actors would say no to it then they could get dropped off from the movie. and no actor would ever do that. they want a career in hollywood. and if you want to be succsesful then you need to play the cards. so dont blame them for faking it .they aren’t doing anything wrong. they are doing whats good for there careers.

  107. 107
    Michael Says:

    @Brian: T@Brian: This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard.

  108. 108
    Brian Says:

    Well you guys believe what you want but in some cases this is true.

  109. 109
    Claire Says:

    I think they are awesome and he’s sooo hot. Also when couples actually break up and when announcements are made, is not necessarily at the same time. chances are they broke up a while back and kept it quiet before the media got involved. Love them!

  110. 110
    Michael Says:

    @Claire: This is still pathetic to do since they just barely broke up and Jamie claimed he was heartbroken — hah, as if. Also, you’re obliviously naive if you can’t tell this is the fakest of fake PR stunts that ever faked.

  111. 111
    Black-Dahlia Says:

    He left his previous girlfriend for Bonnie pretty quick as well

  112. 112
    Bells Says:


    Leave alone this two guys! They have to do a movie together!

  113. 113
    nudeshop Says:

    I think he’s pretty gay

  114. 114
    not u Says:

    he kinda reminds me of vanessa hudgens´ beau austin butler.

  115. 115
    YUi Says:

    actually very disappointed in Jamie, I thought him and Bonnie were lovely together, now I’m just glad she’s free of that douche. Now I’m waiting for him to propose to Lily as it obviously means nothing to him!

  116. 116
    claud Says:

    He looks like a woman! Eww

  117. 117
    Julie Says:

    PR team for this movie need to be fired ASAP and re-think their next PR move! You’re making your leading man look like a douche, getting loads of hating and this is laughable at the best, but for a source material that’s plagiarized, I guess you guys can sink that low.

  118. 118
    Julie Says:

    Ooops, sorry YUi, I meant to thumbs up you! Loving what you said.

  119. 119
    R U sure Says:

    @HPFan In her and her PR teams dreams she was dating Zac Efron. His heart was elsewhere

  120. 120
    ellis Says:

    i love lily, but everyone is her new rumored boyfriend lol

  121. 121
    Tin tin Says:

    @ R u sure what do you mean his heart was elswhere?

  122. 122
    GracyBell Says:

    This makes me laugh so much. Especially the comment where somebody said he left Bonnie for Lily’s eyebrows :DDDD
    Somehow I don’t give a damn about these two, Jamie can drawn in these werewolf’s eyebrows :DDDD

  123. 123
    Giuseppe Sallo Says:

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The GREATEST CITY iN CANADA. Yeahhh buddddy

  124. 124
    Dave Franco Says:

    Doesn’t she look like Nina Dobrev alittle? or is it just me?

  125. 125
    R U sure Says:

    @Tin tin Concentrating on his work, and getting out of L.A for awhile.

  126. 126
    ella Says:

    @Kim: lololol good one

  127. 127
    diana Says:

    This is so PR! Poor Bonnie, she was really in love with Jamie.

  128. 128
    Amna Says:

    O my,is lilly ex was zac efron.and jamie was engaged.its totally hilarious.i dont like this kind of couple.its just for publicity.robsten miam and nian r real true loves.i dont hate or like lilly.she is a newcomer.she dated zac.taylor.just 4 publicity.suck that.

  129. 129
    Johisy Says:

    how is it RUMORED its either shes fugging him or shes the girlfriend. learn how to report jj. who’s paying you….

  130. 130
    Iz Says:

    You move on really fast Jamie. What a douche!!!
    Im sure Bonnie is going to find someone better than him.

  131. 131
    Gabby Says:

    WTF?!?!?!!? When did he and Bonnie split? And he’s already with someone else? What a douche?! Plus, I thought Lily Collins was supposedly with Zac Efron!

  132. 132
    Bret Says:

    @R U sure Nice save there . Why don’t you tell Tin Tin the truth?

    @Tin tin What R U sure wont tell you is Zac was seen with his beautiful boyfriend with the blue eyes enjoying St Tropez & Monte Carlo

  133. 133
    P. Herondale Says:

    Oh Gee, I’m sorry but how is THIS any different from Rob and Kristen, Brad and Angelina, Emma and Andrew, Miley and Liam, or any other couple who got together because of a movie? The whole reason why these people are cast is because of chemistry…
    PR or not, doesn’t really mess with my life or the quality of the movie…

  134. 134
    C Says:

    You people might as well stop talking about it. They touched each other (as shown above) and now they’ll be in a movie with one another no one can change that. If people are so f’ing ballsy on here about Jamie’s breakup I’m sure he’d love to here from you personally on his official Twitter account. So you Bonnie skunks I dare you to whine your complaints to him rather then hide out here where you comments don’t count.

  135. 135
    Dan Says:

    C- Stop talking about it on a gossip blog designed for talking about celebrity gossip? Yeah, thanks…but no.

  136. 136
    C Says:

    Sure, little puppy. You can stop, it’s called you have a choice to not talk about it. I like how my comment got to you. One day this gossip blog won’t be here with all the other trashy gossip sites


  137. 137
    C Says:

    they just look too cute tho

  138. 138
    Martha Says:

    @C: Hon, I doubt most of these people are Bonnie fans. They just see it for what it is, which is a douche move.

  139. 139
    Whatever Says:

    Sorry, but this guy is so unattractive. Does NOT look like a man. Not sure WHAT he looks like.

  140. 140
    Victoria Says:

    I have no idea he and Bonnie split…. sad, i like them together

  141. 141
    C Says:


    For all we know he may have never been in love with Bonnie that itself could have been fake no matter what people saw. That could be why he has a devil may care look to him with Collins because the other never really meant anything so it’s easy to flip flop to another girl.

    Tiger woods sleeping with a gazillion women that’s douchey.

  142. 142
    yesiam Says:

    Well, he moves on quickly. He started dating Bonnie not very much after his previous break-up. Seems like that’s his pattern of behavior.

  143. 143
    Carly Says:




  144. 144
    kami Says:

    wow, lily collins must be in heaven, getting over 140 comments on a post about her. oh, maybe not since most of them are not good comments.

  145. 145
    aquarius64 Says:

    If this PR dating, then Collins needs to fire her team. She is starting to get a rep; she looks like she’s been in more beds than a hotel breakfast tray.

  146. 146
    sid Says:

    he’s KNOWN for moving on quickly. Everybody here’s talking about Bonnie, but EXCUSE ME, he dated Zoe Graham for FIVE YEARS, and started dating Bonnie less than a month after he broke up with her.

  147. 147
    Lightwood1 Says:

    I know it’s probably fake, but since the movie is so far away, at least we fans of the books get a glimpse of Clary and Jace <3 which I love

  148. 148
    R U sure Says:

    @Carly I have no idea what Bret is talking about. Zac has a lot of friends with blue eyes.I don’t think on this trip though. This is a stupid story that has been around for years. Only since the middle of last year it has gotten out of hand. Then When Zac started seeing Lily Collins , some gossip monger who is no longer around did blind vices on him. Presto he was real Everytime somone sees zac with someone they don’t know rumors start.

  149. 149
    Claire Says:

    How is it naive? They haven’t even started filming yet and the movie isn’t out til next year, surely then would be a better time to start a PR stunt as it will be hard to sustain a FAKE relationship for a year. Also Jamie’s PR people would never have pushed a fake romance this soon after Bonnie if he was still heartbroken and fans aren’t gonna appreciate it. It’s real – get over it!

  150. 150
    protector Says:

    That’s just for the movie! Jamie is going to play Lilys love interest and the pictures have been taken for a sample purpose.
    chill down.

  151. 151
    victor Says:

    she dumped zac efron good for her
    his fans can be happy actually he is spending his time with some models in france lily is tooooo classy for that again good for you lily

  152. 152
    R U sure Says:

    @victor Yes Lily is to good to hang with models, she hangs with actors who just dumped someone. What is your point. BTW The way I read things Zac dumped her.

  153. 153
    Almira Says:

    I love Lily… But! Everytime I see that she looks like Vanessa. Come on her new boyfriend looks like V’s Austin. On this photos especially!!!

  154. 154
    victor Says:

    R U sure
    oh really zac dumped her yea you clearly changed my mind about him yea he dumped her and he is right now spending his time with some models with his rich friends so what changed ???

  155. 155
    victor Says:

    R U sure
    and by saying lily is too good for this i meant she is too good to be with a DOUCHE aka zac efron you can go to his new ***** twitter the model who he is with her right actually that what he deserve

  156. 156
    not you Says:

    Man this girl gets around!!

  157. 157
    jj Says:

    You would think the guy to guy stuff would scare the boys off. Well prob is scarring off the good ones. Deuche Mcgee here seems to be perfect for her.

  158. 158
    R U sure Says:

    I know what you meant, maybe this time Lily wont be rude to this ones fans.

  159. 159
    Lisa Says:

    @sid: Then he’s always been a giant **** if he moves on that fast. Good lord, why would anyone like him.

  160. 160
    LOL Says:

    @Claire: You are delusion sweetheart if you think this is real. LOL.

  161. 161
    God Says:

    I don’t know why I hate this guy so much… but I do.

  162. 162
    R U sure Says:

    Happy Couple

  163. 163
    ick Says:

    @JordanBaker: it was in june moron and great morals!! “Do what ever they want” Ya you can but don’t expect people who actually think when you ask someone to marry them it should mean something. I shouldn’t be an excuse to just use them till their Harry potter pr is over…. odd that!! Movies done.. I’m out …overly flirtatious loose new co-star = more pr +benefits … I’m in!!
    Yuck.. So un-Jace, i’m out.

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