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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Release Joint Statement on Divorce Negotiations

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Release Joint Statement on Divorce Negotiations

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri make their way into the Children’s Museum of the Arts on Monday (July 9) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and her estranged husband Tom Cruise have just released a statement regarding their divorce negotiations and care for Suri amidst the proceedings.

“We are committed to working together as parents to accomplishing what is in our daughter Suri‘s best interests. We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents,” the couple said in a statement to via their reps.

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  • Delilah

    Go Suri, go! You can do it! One more step…yes!! You see? You can walk!!

  • Stable Isotopes

    What Tom ment to say was that Scientology is suffering bc of this and he needs to make it go away as soon as possible. Katie sure played her cards right. Good for her but I hope she doesn’t let him bully her.

  • eddie

    please there be a katie and pacay moments soon.

  • awww

    poor(rich) little suri

    adorable kid.


  • Gloria

    Are they not divorced, yet??? lol! I’m ready for it to go away. Hope TC gets custody of those tacky suede ankle boots that Katie wears constantly! He needs them worse than she does.

  • nimeiya

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  • arlyssa

    Private? Katie’s people has managed to keep all of this open to the public. I’m sorry but she knew where he stood about his religion before they got married so I don’t pity her that much. Even though I don’t agree with his religion, I also don’t persecute him for it it because we all have our own beliefs. There’s something about katie that still seems immature to me. Even AFTER she filed for divorce she still hangs around with a 6 year. What happend to going out with your girlfriends and not parading this child around town everyday in front of paparazzi?

  • Jean

    @Stable Isotopes: #2

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Manhater.

  • Jean

    @arlyssa: #7

    They are not divorcing because Tom is a Scientologist. The marriage just did not work, just like millions of marriages in this country.

  • yeah.

    Oh, no. Suri brought the blanket to the museum??? The other kids will laugh at her. K really needs to put an end to the blankie thing for Suri’s sake.

  • Anna


    It’s not a “religion”. It’s a cult.

  • CF98

    Katie will let him save face but Tom won’t be in her life anymore beyond preapproved photo ops because in the end its not really his kid.

  • arlyssa


    Hmmmm maybe you should talk to Katie’s camp about that. I think they are playing the media in another direction :-)

  • LORI

    that statement was such a mistake on Tom’s part. it sounds like his voice, and sounds like he’s trying to control her again. the press and public will eat that up and it will play further into Katies hand. I have a whole new respect for Katie and her ugly boots now!

  • deb

    @yeah.: #10

    How much you wanna bet she is still on the baby bottle? Just a few months ago she was photographed with a baby bottle.

  • Waaaaaa

    Joint statement? sounds like joint custody to me.

  • danni

    She should try protect that kid from the paps. Poor little girl, photographed every darn day

  • joel

    did they go with a TAXI?

  • deb

    @arlyssa: #13

    She married him knowing he is a Scientologist, and they did not divorce because of it. 60% of marriages do not last. Get it?

  • deb

    @CF98: #12

    Tom is the one who let Katie save face, by letting her file first.

  • Jess

    @LORI: #14

    How sick are you. You have a whole new respect for her because she is a divorcee? So she had to be a divorcee to get respect. SICK!

  • Pippa

    Thank goodness they settled!! I wasn’t looking forward to seeing this battle play out in the media for the next year. Everyone, MOVE ON.

  • Pippa

    Oh, and one more thing . . .just because she is divorcing Tom, don’t expect Katie to become a better mother. Taking Suri out to late night dinners, carrying her all the time, not properly dressing her for outings, and eating ice cream daily have NOTHING to do with Tom. She made all of those parenting decisions on her own, when Tom was thousands of miles away. Regardless of the control her had over her, there’s no way he could control whether she carries Suri or let’s her walk.

  • One day

    One day…just give me one day with Suri. It’s called DISCIPLINE!!!!

  • miri

    In regular divorces, the parts do not usually put that statement about Respecting “beliefs”. Tha alone tells me that scientology does play an obscure part in this.
    I do think NK’s children were alienated from her. Time will tell us with Suri. I hope she and her mother stay close.

  • ozzie

    i just hope Suri doesnt get left too much with her crazy father

  • Momoftwo

    I would much rather see a mother out shopping with her daughter than out partying with girlfriends. It’s her child so if she wants to baby her then it is her business. Some people really need to know what a good mother is. Katie has always been a good mother in my eyes.

  • Suri comes in second

    No it means that Scientology has nothin g to do with it. Thst is the point?
    She has not publicly said anything just sources..He could really care less
    About Suei ! Katie already hired a nanny for when she goes back to work
    Next month! Ao give mea break neither cares about her. Just using her
    As a pawn! Glad it is over now Tom is free now and does not have see
    Her (Suri) if he not want to! Now Katiie can leave her with the nanny !
    Problem solved… Tom could care less about Suri it won’t be a top priority

    When he has to have the nanny and bodyguards with him supervised!

  • Blair

    I bet that Tom and Suri will spend the time it will be showed off her terribly, because he wants to succeed as a good dad he is not.

  • nancyw

    I think that Katie is going to have her hands full with Suri! I am sure that when she is with Tom, he will let her do anything that she wants. Katie wants to diciplin Suri, which has not been a part of her current life!
    Also, I think that the blanket and stuffed toys should be left at home! She is getting to be too old to carry those in public. There is nothing wrong with a 6 yr. old taking her blankie to bed, but carrying it around in public is a little too much! Just my own opinion!!

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    I think this is the first time I see Suri getting out of a New York taxi. Gone are the big, black SUVs and team of bodyguards. A new life begins. Next thing on the list to do: Suri’s dependency on blankets and stuffed animals when she’s out in public. And why cover the face? Suri needs to get over herself. Yes, its intrustive but probably in her little mind she feels she is something extremely special.

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    And if Suri can travel by Taxi so can Cruise. Get over yourselves, a false sense of grandiose and importance. Yeah, you are wealthy but so are a lot of New Yorkers.

  • SusanC

    I’m very surprised Katie and Suri are using PUBLIC transportation!! I would think they can afford a driver. And, does Suri have her own bodyguard?? I didn’t see one with them. This is quite a change because Suri is still Tom’s daughter. Comments welcomed.

  • someguy

    Jean = Scientologist.

  • Marlow

    They are getting out of the taxi cab! Lol.

    No more of tom’s moola.

    Guess she did not get any of tom’s moola

  • CarDav

    It seems like Katie is a terrific mother. She could be out, running around with friends, partying it up. Instead, she is being a very attentive, very involved mom. More mothers should be like that with their kids! Instead, they are wrapped up in their own little worlds while someone else is raising their child. Kudos to Katie!